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In which I randomly win a social media contest


Yes, that is ME on the step and repeat- not the sea otter fur hat, floral trousers and combats..

So I was minding my own social  media business when I saw a tweet in my interactions that stopped my whole day: PR company Deborah Hughes had chosen me to attend an event at NYC’s Paley Media Center!Yes folks, I was gonna go see ‘The Beatles on Film’ with a panel of Beatles experts …and Grey Gardens documentarian Albert Maysles (this man actually breathed air with Little Edie!)


I actually do have a soft spot for the Beatles, since their music was constanly playing through much of mu childhood. I credit some of my sunny disposition to them. I means seriously, how can you not bounce along to Yellow Submarine? Or feel totally moved by the idea of ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’? So I was extremely flattered to be picked and couldn’t wait to get there.

DSC01312 DSC01296  DSC01302 DSC01304



It was AWESOME!!! Tanqueray cocktails (I had a Basil Smash? Tasted like lemonade, really. Which I liked. ), they passed scrumptious hors d’oevres (deviled eggs, salmon on crispbread,  scallops fresh from the pan, and a tiny quiche-y type thing. DElish!).


We then headed downstairs to watch never-before-seen footage of the Beatles mostly shot by the Maysles team, as well as photographs by official Beatles photographer Henry Grossman.