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The mohair sweater

I just went on an obsessive search for photos of rock stars in stripey mohair fpr a Lucky Comunity post and am now wondering if I imagined the genius photo of Adam Ant (or was it Billy Idol) scantily clad in unraveling jumper.


DSC01243 DSC01206 DSC01208 DSC01209 DSC01210 DSC01242

inspired by:

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In which I randomly win a social media contest


Yes, that is ME on the step and repeat- not the sea otter fur hat, floral trousers and combats..

So I was minding my own social  media business when I saw a tweet in my interactions that stopped my whole day: PR company Deborah Hughes had chosen me to attend an event at NYC’s Paley Media Center!Yes folks, I was gonna go see ‘The Beatles on Film’ with a panel of Beatles experts …and Grey Gardens documentarian Albert Maysles (this man actually breathed air with Little Edie!)


I actually do have a soft spot for the Beatles, since their music was constanly playing through much of mu childhood. I credit some of my sunny disposition to them. I means seriously, how can you not bounce along to Yellow Submarine? Or feel totally moved by the idea of ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’? So I was extremely flattered to be picked and couldn’t wait to get there.

DSC01312 DSC01296  DSC01302 DSC01304



It was AWESOME!!! Tanqueray cocktails (I had a Basil Smash? Tasted like lemonade, really. Which I liked. ), they passed scrumptious hors d’oevres (deviled eggs, salmon on crispbread,  scallops fresh from the pan, and a tiny quiche-y type thing. DElish!).


We then headed downstairs to watch never-before-seen footage of the Beatles mostly shot by the Maysles team, as well as photographs by official Beatles photographer Henry Grossman.

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Hanging out with Peter Williams: Mile End and Folli Follie + the Cut glam shopping party (Part 2)

The Cut blog had a party at Folli Follie last week, and I asked my friend Peter Williams, the fur guy from Alaska, to hang out with me. I don’t usually bother going around with people, but he has such a happy vibe that it made me happy, and who doesn’t want to be around cool, happy people? Also, he was gonna give me a hat., so there was that as well.


Peter and me (with my new hat!) at the Mulberry Street library. 

I was trying to catch up on some photo editing and also trying to write a press release for my new PR/Event Planning internship, and Peter was nice enough o meet me at the library where I was slaving away. I had just gotten my new Cat Footwear ‘Corinne’ boots, so it was a banner day already. Getting an incredible distressed leather and sea otter fur hat was a big occasion.


So gorgeous! I whipped out my Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick in ‘Fiery‘ (I got it at the Birchbox Local Lounge during NYFW) and turned myself into Sassy Ethnic Duckhunter Boheman.


NYC Duckhunter! Madewell cardi, Modclothe tshirt, Cat Footwear boots.

Peter took the photo of me on the street. So for once I get to see my whole outfit…

DSC01144  1390752_710406578987739_582039041_n(the waitress took this photoof us)

We went to Mile End deli, one of the nicest and best places to eat in Soho.  Peter got me fries (thanks!) and then we went over to Folli Follie.

DSC01159DSC01165 DSC01158DSC01166

 Follie Follie’s party with the Cut blog, Peter and Veronica Gledhill.

I looked around, and sipped on a mini-bottle of prosecco, and looked at bags and jewelry. Kelly, a Foli Follie saleswoman, showed me several styles, and I got to try on some cool rings and bracelets. Peter tried on some watches and just as we were getting ready to go this pretty, dark haired girl with an ivory tusk in her ear walked up and started talking to Peter and then she said she liked my hat, which I told her Peter made.

Guess what?! She turned out to be Veronica Gledhill, Senior Fashion Market Editor at New York Magazine Online. Talk about jaw-dropping moment! She seemed really interested in talking t Peter about his pieces, which was super cool.

What?!?!?! Too amazing. Just remember that you read about the fur guy from Alaska here first.

Then, being me, I asked how I could get a job at the Cut. Because I have NO SHAME.  Just none.

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Hanging out with Peter Wiliams, the fur guy from Alaska (Part 1)


Peter Williams at the Cat Footwear Party at Kings County Distillery

So I went to the Cat Footwear party, like I told you guys, and met this person who looked different from everybody else. At first I couldn’t figure out what it was, then I realized that it was his vest (also he looked happy, and people are usually too busy projecting ‘i’m cool at these things).  I went up and touched it and it turned out to be made from harbor seal in the front and sea otter in the back. Not only that?  But he actually made the vest from animals that he had actually hunted.


A fur and distressed leather hat by

It should have sounded weird, but with all the DIY characters hanging out on Etsy, how could I judge? I mean, Erica Domesek might be a DIY queen, but does she pick the cottone and weave the clothes? Not so much. So he immediately became the most fascinating person ever to me. I got his card and we ended up hanging out so i could find out more about what he does.

DSC01048 DSC01042


Illamasqua Lily-Rose lipgloss, on the left. Cute with bronze accents. 

Being the amazingly stylish person that I am (not), I jumped up on Sunday morning not knowing what to wear. I ended up wearing my Uniqlo cotton/silk sack dress with a Chico’s shawl vest. It was just cool enough fr my $1 socks from Jacks on 40th Street (honestly- massive amounts of socks, wide range of colors and lengths- $1 per pair! And the old-lady Aerosole wedge shoes that I’m in love with. I know. Genius.

DSC01056 DSC01057

We went to church and then headed down Flatbush Avenue, setting in at Dao Palate for a nice long chat.  I was really curious, and he told me that because of the Marine Mammal Protection act and Peter’s status as a Yu’pic Eskimo, it’s legal for him to hunt and skin the sea otters…as long as the proceeds are only sold domestically. It’s kind of crazy.

He sees his relationship with the animal as a spiritual one, and his work with them are an extension of the global belief in sustainability and green living. It was really eye opening to be sitting across from someone who doesn’t just think of clothes or fur as something for status- but an extension of himself and the culture that he’s a part of. It was really intense, but he’s so chill and fun to talk to that I could see him ending up being a world famous designer.

And then he promised me a hat and I nearly died of happiness.

Next up: Peter Williams and I meet Veronica Gledhill at a party in Soho

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I got new boots from Cat Footwear today!

Actually, they arrived on Tuesday, but I was too busy to go pick them up. So this very morning, I got up, ate breakfast, put on my little bit of makeup, and went to get the mail. I found these waiting for me:


The Corinne, $200

Cat Footwear gave us all coupons in our goodie bags, and after careful deliberation I chose the Corinne style, mostly because it has that outdoorsy, ‘duck hunting’ feel.

DSC01131 DSC01129

Today I’m wearing it with my favorite ugly thrift store skirt, my orange Madewell cardi, and the Modcloth tshirt that my daughter gave me. You know, that ONE TIME that she gave me a present ( no, so not bitter). Anyway, it’s my absolute favorite tshirt.


I also got a dogtag that says “What Did You Do Today?’ It’s part of their earthmovers campaign celebrating extraordinary people. For my ‘earthmover’ activity I’m volunteering to teach kids about Lego Robotics, but it’s also a way to teach special needs kids social skills.


I gt these particular boots because they look waterproof. I have terrible luck with boots, snow, and rain. I tried getting wellies from DSW once and the sole split from the bot and rendered the whole exercise useless. I have a great pair of high leather boots- not waterproof. My combt boots? Not waterproof. My feet ended up soggy all last winter. Cat has such a god reputation for making quality, durable goods that I figured I couldn’t go wrong, whether they were free or not.

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Ilamasqua ‘Swarm’ rocks!

So as I told you, I went to an Illamasqua event at Bloomingdale’s on Friday and in the goodie bags was a bottle of what the Brits call ‘nail varnish’. It’s actually a top coat called ‘Swarm’, that has sequins and stuff in it.

I am NOT a nail art person, ok? NOT AT ALL. I used to color my nails with sharpies in highschool, ok? Nail art was something for people who were trying too hard, or had too much time on their hands. In spite of that, I was intrigued by the texture of the goop in the bottle and decided to try it out.


I got out my Sephora cuticle remover and my adorable Candy Dot Isaac Mizrahi/Tweezerman nail file and got to work . I used Sally Hansen’s ‘Hard to Tell (100)’ on my left hand and Nars ‘Orgasm’ on my right. I wanted to do a warm hand/cool hand thing to see which I liked better.

I brushed on ‘Swarm’, noticing that in addition to the octagonal sequin bits there were tiny little floaties that did indeed make it look as if something were swarming on my nails. I went kind of heavy on the left hand…

nails5bLeft: Swarm and Hard to Tell

nails6bRight: Swarm and Orgasm

I ended up liking it! It’s different from what I would normally do, but I love that it’s my own creation. Thanks, Illamasqua!

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Illamasqua comes to Bloomingdales (and I got some cool new lipgloss)

Yesterday I ambled over to the Soho Bloomingdale’s to check out the Illamasqua beauty launch and to see Creative Director Alex Box perform a fantasy makeup transformation.


Kate Spade on the 2nd Floor at Bloomingdale’s Soho

The Master Class was up on the 2nd floor and after checking in, I just ran up there and managed to get a good viewing/photo taking spot. This is Alex’s table, pre-performance.


When she arrived, it was to great fanfare in front of a packed audience of bloggers, and makeup artists and fans. Illamasqua is a hit with people who love theatrical looks.


Creative Director Alex Box and Director of Product Development David Horne.


BJ, who works for Illamasqua, the posters, and a fan in the audience.

I even got a chance to take a photo of Miss Fame NYC of Dark Beauty! I had to stand on a chair, but whatever. This was my David LaChappelle, Interview magazine cover moment:


I am turning into a makeup fan. In the last 2 months I’ve gone out more and gotten so many new products that it’s completely changing my habits. I don’t wear much, but I recognize that a little eyeshadow and mascara, a little lipgloss, can take you a long way. My mom was right.


Wearing my new Illamasqua lipgloss in ‘Lily-Rose‘.