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Wore my fur hat, sorting my samples…

So today was kind of nippy so I wore my hat from It’s super comfy and warm, I just have to remember to put on a little more eye makeup when I wear it since it focuses attention there. I also wore my Escada jacket (I layered up underneath- besides, it’s warmer than it looks), Uniqlo jeans, and Cat Footwear Corinne boots.

DSCF3635 DSCF3637

I was feeling pretty special because I’ve been using my Origins samples all week and my skin feels really soft and doesn’t have any pimples showing. I almost can’t believe it was so quick, but I admit to jumping in and using everything I grabbed at the party. 


Now I have a routine: Modern Friction  cleansing facial, Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, Drink Up Intensive overnight moisturizing mask, then Make A Difference rejuvenating treatment (not to be confused with the Make A Difference rejuvenating hand treatment) in the morning. Seriously- my skin is clean and smooth, no blemishes. I LOVE Origins!


I’m currently plotting how to ration my samples so that they last all winter…

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I wanted the big box… Birch Box/Folli Follie event 11/21

So I got this awesome invitation, and I was all psyched because I THOUGHT I was gonna get this bigass box of goodies and I was super excited. Like wet my pants excited… but I only got a little one. Which is ok…

Unless you see the big one and set your whole heart and soul on it. I’m like that. I get excited, and carried away. Next time they better give me the big one!

Look, admit it- you want it too…




See?  Limited edition from with Cynthia Rowley makeup and jewelry and gilded earbuds and a golden eyelash curler…and some warm relaxing tea.

This is what I got…(and I know I should be grateful but compare for yourself):


Just sayin.

(I got to see my friends, and make some new ones- which I will tell you about later… but I’m thinking on that box situation right now. )


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Women Helping Women- Selita Ebanks wants your money.

Now, it has been a pretty exciting week, what with working on racing events and book promotion and HollaDay Gift Guides, and then going to the Origins #SmilesGuaranteed party at Peels on Monday…


But today broke some kind of barrier.

I was invited to the Women Helping Women fundraising luncheon by Deborah Hughes Inc. Now at first I said I didn’t have any money (I don’t) but then they said, no- come as media so I said yes. Who wouldn’t? I know that I’m god at telling stories and reaching eyes, so it was a win-win. I didn’t expect to meet model Selita Ebanks, nor did I expect to be moved to tears about her passion for bringing clean water to sub-saharan Africa.





So. Here are 2 pretty photo of Miss Ebanks wearing a Carlos Miele jumpsuit. Hopefully this photo will motivate you to make an angel’s wish come true…

DSCF2849 DSCF2907

Please support the Voss Foundation, and help women and children get fresh water to drink. It’s sooo simple. All you have to do is got to, or email

Water is Life, support the efforts to bring clean water to women and children everywhere.

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Escada jacket and sweatshirt combo, 2 giveaways (a watch and a bracelet)

DSCF2173 DSCF2175 DSCF2176  DSCF2180

So Saturday I was supposed to go to a blogger event, but decided I just didn’t feel like it (they were charging for food and drink, I think love should be free, so that was the end of that). HOWEVER- I had already gotten dressed in full Sassy Ethnic Bohemian regalia… so here it is.

I figured that this would be the last appearance of the SEB headwrap, but I twisted it Janelle Monae pompadour style instead of tying the usual bow. This was also to make up for the fact that I lost my fake glasses. Faces are so basic, it’s fun to add stuff like glasses to change your look. I also wore that Stila liquid lipstick in Fiery and some Lia Sophia stud earrings.

I went for my super colorful Escada jacket with the soft black velvet collar and big brass buttons. I scaled waaay back with an LOFT sweatshirt and Uniqlo jeans. Add Cat Footwear dogtag, Forever 21 tusk necklace, and LOFT bead and silver necklace. Finish with beat up Steve madden combat boots. Done.

I ended up walking around taking pics with the camera Fujifilm sent me, like this one:


The Brooklyn Bridge, by me! Taken with the Fujifilm X-M1.


Ok, so let me tell you about these giveaways.

1. opensky-exclusive-sterling-abstract-wristlet-by-yasujutaro

Get this gorgeous leather wristlet from YasuJutaro on Open Sky by doing these 3 things:

1) Follow YasuJutaro on Open Sky

2) Like YasuJutaro on Facebook

3) Tweet the hashtag #WrapMeUp

Winners must complete all three steps. We’ll choose a winner this Thursday, November 7 and notify winners via Twitter!

You can read more here: but hurry- because the contest is over TODAY.

2. Get a brand new watch from Nooka! You have until Friday on this one- just follow the directions on this gorgeously designed flyer:


I’m going to have another contest post involving formula racing driver Luca Forgeois soon…  so stay tuned (and click the link to check out his video)!

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i am sincerely in love with this scarf… AND i got free stuff from Ojon

DSC01377 DSC01411

I was running to work and spied this insanely cute scarf in the window of the Gap. LOVE! Why? The black and white woven pattern is cool enough? but the bright red/orange at the ends is tres chaude. It’s a cheer-up every morning.

The best things come in the mail lately! I got two bottles of hair product from Ojon (and this crazy flashdrive with the product specs on it).  They’from the re the new ‘rare blend’ oil line. I got the rare blend Oil Rejuvenating Therapy (for fragile hair) and the rare bland Oil Moisture Therapy ( for dull, dehydrated hair). They’re both $35, and on sale at Sephora and through the Ojon website.


I found out this week that people are making watches out of wood.  This is an actual thing…



One of my co-workers wearing the cutest little belt from Keggy. I love how the little ruby enamel cubes of the buckle work with her morn print sweater. Adorbs.

I didn’t take any pictures of myself this week. I just didn’t. I have to step my little game up…