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procrastinating, looking at pics of Michelle Obama

I’m supposed to be editing a Gift Guide and instead I’m looking at jobs on linkedin and planning my future ‘big bucks’ wardrobe. It’s half laziness and half being sick.

My whose plan was to do a Procrastinator’s Last Chance Gift Guide, and I did all this research and I have a pile of notes and ripped out photos and a folder full of downloaded images and I’m so woozy from having  cold I can’t collect myself enough to get started.

This is so bad!

I thought I might do a little something, get started- but I found myself on linked in and started looking at jobs in cities other that New York. I made a choice, and it seems that there’s a healthy demand, and that I have some qualifications so then I started daydreaming about whet I would wear to an interview, and that’s how I came to this:


Michelle Obama– c’mon, this outfit rules!

I love the color grey, this is an outfit that you can wear any season, the BOOTS!!!!! You can always add a bright red belt or something for color. And I’m growing my hair out, so I may be able to pull off this hairstyle in the foreseeable future.

So much for that Gift Guide…

However- I did do a story about where to find Exotic Gifts for ‘Him’ so that’s something. And you can see gift suggestions on my Lucky Community blog. And I wrote about the cool Origins discount (find products and promo code here) So it’s not a total wash.

There are still 5 more days to Christmas, right? I’ll totally work on that Procrastinator’s Last Chance Gift Guide tomorrow.