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In which I receive an Influenster Jolly Vox Box


So, like a lot of things in my life, I randomly got picked to receive a Jolly Vox Box from I signed on with them in November, and I did something right because they picked me for the free gift. (see above). After freaking out, and watching my email for the arrival of my present, I made myself promise not to get too excited.

When I finally got my cute little red box in my clutches, it was better than I had expected. I got a NYC Color HD eyeshadow trio in Long Beach Sands, a tube of Rimmel Show Off lip lacquer in Celestial, a box of Skinny Cow Candy, a mini roll of Duck Tape, and a packet of Puffs tissue.

skinnycowcandy rimmel    nycolorhdtrio puffsjollyvoxbox

The first thing I did was eat some of the Skinny Cow candy. I think everyone should have guessed that right off the bat.


There were 6 packets of 3 slim chocolate candies. The flavor was  amazing! The thin chocolate shell was filled with peanut butter cream. It tasted like a really good mouthful of hot chocolate. I’m mad at myself because I gave some away, thinking it was selfish to eat 18 pieces of candy. As a result, I only got to enjoy 15 pieces.

I played with the lip lacquer, but it wasn’t that great. I wiped it off with the Puffs tissue, and then put some Duck tape on the front of my Asus netbook. Then I played with the NYC Color eyeshadow, and loved it.


I only have my netbook camera right now, so it was a little hard to capture the exact details of my look. I just wanted to do a natural looking smokey eye thing. I used the 2 lighter shades in the trio as a base and then used the darker, warm toned to outline the crease of my eyelid and the outer corner of my eyelid. I lined with black eyeliner, and finished with Sephora mascara.

nychd nychd2 nychd3

I would definitely wear this and work it into my eyeshadow wardrobe.

I’m still not sure what I’ll do with that Duck Tape.

(Happy New Year! And I promise- the next post is really, truly about that leopardskin cardi!)