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Flashback: my first (fashion) year in NY- 2010


Cute little Bushwick gypsy in um…Forever 21,and H&M.

I just got an email from someone that I knew in Chicago asking me what it’s like to live in New York. I answered, but it got me thinking… what have I been doing for 4 years?


3 faces of weave…and yes- that is THE Dior tshirt. 

When I first came, I stayed at the Chelsea Hotel for 2 nights and then moved over to this place called the La Semana. My ex-bf had given me some money (think Mr. Big and Carrie, but scale it down about 100 notches and you have that relationship all figured out), but I had to find a place and a way to live all by myself. Alone. In this massive city. By myself.


It was a floral thing: steel necklace and Calvin Klein dress

There are easier and less expensive ways to break up with someone, I’m just sayin. But my forst year in New York, I got to spend without worrying where the money was coming from.


NYC look: jacket from R.A.G, Forever 21 necklace, Steve Madden boots

Eventually, I found a room and a job at Buffalo Exchange. I had already finished an internship at modaCycle and had moved on to The Fashion Spot. I never wrote about myself, just other people. So, these are actually the first time I’m posting these photos.


Styling- first on me, then for a test shoot with model Heidi Gaudet

I was constantly shopping, but also styling more aggressively. I modified this Guess dress, work here with a Nicole Miller leather jacket. I think the dress looked better on my model, lol! I wasn’t blogging or anything, but I was always in my little room taking pictures of myself. After my frumpy Chicago days, I was ready to dive in and wear all the fun things I hadn’t had a chance to wear in Illinois.


The closet, the rack, the shoe corner- Bushwick 2010 

I loved how easy it was to get a hairweave. I loved how easy it was to pick up designer clothes cheap. I loved going to Housing Works and looking for bargains.


My Abatha bag…

But I also loved splurging…I actually got on the LIRR to go to Southhampton just to buy a Brahmin bag. I just did it. I got my hair done at an expensive salon, and got my mani/pedis at Bliss.


Everyday was a style challenge. 

It made me realize that I would rather just be myself. so after all those weaves and clothing changes? I ended up looking like this:


Velvet label tshirt from Scoop NYC., hair by Amoy Couture Hair

These days, I have to  take care of myself so I don’t have tons of cash to spend of things like that. Looking through these pics, I see that what I bought and who I was with didn’t make me happy. I I love clothes, but I love the idea of being valued and doing something worthwhile with my life even more.

I loved me more, when I gave myself some credit for being ok alone.