New product review: The Chuck Chuck bracelets Interchangeable charms

​Just before New York Fashion Week, I got my new ​Chuck Chuck bracelet in the mail.

It’s a leather band that you can snap interchangeable charms onto. You pick the ​band color (yellow, black, red, blue, etc…) and then peruse different ‘chuck’ categories to decorate it with.

I got 6 chucks, and I stuck to a floral motif. I have always favored a grungy/punky style so this actually fit into my aesthetic. It could go with denim jackets, or rough up a pretty dress. I really got into picking my chucks and making the right combination before I felt the house. I ended up wearing my Chuck-Chuck bracelet to Lincoln Center for the Desigual aw 2014 ​runway show, The ​Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop, and just to hang around and write up stories.

Yes, I even instagrammed it. Repeatedly. The Chuck-Chuck comes in a black, heavy  plastic case that you can keep your chucks in and it looks cute on your vanity table. The only problem that I had with it was my fault: I lost a chuck from taking my jacket on and off while I was covering NYFW.

An extra added benefit is that you can email artwork to them and they’ll make personalized chuck, god for fundraisers or gifts to those special people in your life. Chuck-chucks for besties!

IMG_20140207_183830The  leather band with 3 chuck-chuck ‘placers’ (like giant snaps), retails for $25.00 and the chucks are $14 to $20 each. However? My readers can get a special FIFTY percent (yes, 50%) discount by using the  coupon code faith1 on the Chuck-Chucks  website.

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(They won all the prizes)Mercedes Benz Fashion Week GIVEAWAY! (yayyyy! free stuff!!)

(These really quick typing girls scarfed up all the prizes. Winners will be announced March 1st, which is my fault because I thought it would take longer for people to answer.)

So I was lucky enough to get some Fashion Week invitations. It was amazing, and I’m super grateful that I got a chance to experience the tents at Lincoln Center, the spacious studios at Pier 59, and the new retail/show space on 17th Street for LAUNCH NYC. I even went to a show in a church! The shows are complete spectacle, with music and beautiful models, and you can see the care that goes into the hair, the makeup, the’s a real work of art.

One of the perks of doing this is that you sometimes get goody bags. It could be a tote with liner notes, or it could be a few presents left on the seat( Desigual did laptop covers and phone cases). Either way, a lot of times you get thanked for showing up this way.

Because I am the sassy Ethnic Bohemian and have known good times and bad, I remembered to snag extra for you. Don’t worry- people will often leave (yes…LEAVE) their goody bags behind if they’ve been at multiple shows from one collective, or if they think what they got just wasn’t them. So people, I looked out for you, and here is the result:


I put together 3 MBFW packages full of fashion week souvenirs.

Here they are… all you have to do to win is answer the question below the image.


GONE! Package 3: the Casual Fashionista– contains a copy of WWD, T Magazine (Phoebe Philo cover), Mercedes Benz Fashion Week poster and listing of shows, a copy of the Daily, some Arizona Iced Tea mix, a Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume roll-on sample, and a cute little Desigual spring 2014 catalog all wrapped in a ‘Design Your Life’ thick natural cotton tote bag from Samsung.

The Question: When did Fashion Week Start?


THEY WON! Package 2Stylishly Challenging: Contains a copy of WWDMercedes Benz Fashion Week poster and listing of shows, two copies of the Daily, a sample of El Voyage coffee, a Desigual iphone case, and a tube of Udderly Smooth handcream all wrapped in a ‘Design Your Life’ thick natural cotton tote bag from Samsung.

The Question: Where is El Voyage coffee grown? The correct answer has been received: Guatemala. (all winners will be announced march 1st, 2014).


THEY WON!!! Package 1: I Want To Be in Fashion FOR REAL: contains two copies of WWDT Magazine (Phoebe Philo cover), Mercedes Benz Fashion Week poster and listing of shows, a copy of the Daily, a copy of the Modem Fashion Guide (they give them out in the tents…if you’re REALLY serious about having a career writing about fashion- you desperately need this), the actual line sheet from the Desigual aw2014 runway show, a bottle of Ruby Wing color changing nail polish, a tube of Rusk Haircare Wired styling cream, a Kusmi tea ‘Detox’ sample, and a Desigual laptop case that can double a  a clutch (yes, people did leave these behind and I was lucky to get to this before it was snatched up).

For this, there are THREE questions:

1. Who started the Desigual company and what was the first piece that they ever designed?

The Correct Answer: Thomas Meyer, jean jacket from old pants.

2. Who is the EIC of  T magazine and what newspaper is it connected to?

The Correct Answer: Deborah Needleman/New York Times

3.  What year was the first issue of WWD published and what does ‘WWD’ stand for?

The Correct Answer: 1910/Women’s Wear Daily.

Winners will be announced on March 1st, via twitter.

Good luck! and Happy Valentine’s Day!


The LAST Chance Procrastinator’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Ok. Yes. Here we are and Valentine’s Day, that day of romance and snuggling, is right around the corner. I mean it’s 4 days away!

I have a tendency to forget V-Day (and birthdays, and holidays, and really anything except dinnertime and where I can get coffee). But I realized that that’s kind of selfish. Someone else, like your child or friend might think that they deserve some chocolate.

A person who thinks that they like you ‘that way’ may be pouting over not receiving a card. In any case, if there are people in your life that you have some affection for, February 14th is a good time to do something about it.

So this is what I’m doing…this gift guide is my Valentine to YOU.  (I got some help from someone who actually has some romance in his soul, just keep reading).

1. Get some chocolate for people:


Valentine’s Day is so associated with chocolate candy that you shouldn’t have a hard time finding some to give away. The best chocolate comes from Teuscher Fifth Avenue. my first real grown-up candy gift came from there and I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful taste and texture of my first chocolate truffle. (Also, you can kill two birds with one stone by doing the flowers and chocolate option)

2. Buy some jewelry:


For the ladies go to Joey J Jewelry, pretty little trinkets that won’t break the bank. Because maybe you procrastinated to wait for your paycheck? These are really pretty, but not ostentatious. Prices range from $88 to $250. If you need jewelry for men just get a watch; it’s the best bet. I like the ones from Armani Exchange, but I’m like that.

3. Get some spa time in:


Go to Bliss Spa and get some rub down action going on. Not like that. They have several amazing packages that will relax and beautify you, and services are for men or women. You could get the Carrot and Sesame Oil Body Buff $170, or the Elemis Lime and Ginger Salt Glow $130, or maybe just a mani/pedi. A Hot Cream Manicure is 30 mins and only $25. I love Bliss. You sincerely do come out ‘a higher state of happy”. 


Now, since I am not really romantically inclined, I sought out some expert advice. Mike Haracz is one of my favorite internet friends. He has a an amazing food blog called Nerdsteak, where he writes about sublime things like making bacon chips. He is a man who knows things. So I asked him what are 5 good things to do to make Valentine’s Day special. He almost made me want to get hooked up.


Anyway-here’s what Mike had to say:

1. If you are making a romantic meal, pick something that can be easily made a head of time and finished quickly so you can spend more time with your Valentine.

2. At this point you should know your valentines tastes, preferences, and food allergies. Try not to cook with strong lingering flavors like garlic or chile.

3. Layer your Valentine’s favorite fruit in a Champagne or martini glass with yogurt, pudding, flavored whipped cream, or even Nutella.

4. Station food and drinks to where you want the evening to go…dinner at the dinner table, Champagne on ice next to the bubble bath, chocolate on the nightstand…

5. The dishes can wait!

I think you guys get the drift.

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well, it’s here (NYFW)


I admit, I got a few invitations and I’m gonna go check out that Marc Jacobs social media pop-up shop. I get to go downtown and to Lincoln Center. I get to see new designers at Launch NYC and Nolcha Fashion Week.


I actually got invited to see Desigual’s show- which shocks me (how do they know who I am? ), but I have actually shopped there, so it’s on message for me. I bought a pretty white balloon skirted summer dress in crinkly cotton with grey/silver/beige embroidery. I loved that dress all the way until it was stolen.  My first clothing purchase in NY that was over $100.


Being me, I can’t just go to NYFW, I had to make sure I got my fujifilm camera arranged (an HS50EXR) because yes, I could just use my point and shoot- but…c’mon! And I’ll be providing coverage of my events with said camera for In fact, they just published my interview with Deanna Clark of Fashion Compliance, who has an event coming up on February 6th:

Fashion Protection Flyer SIBL_2014_JAN_22_3

So after all is said and done, even though I’m not a 100% sure that I even belong at something like NYFW, I have a brand to promote, I’m a good writer/photographer, and if people invite me, I’ll show up and write about it. Beyond that, I don’t have any illusions. I’m not a ‘trendsetter’ to myself. I’m a woman who likes nice things and is always looking for ways to express an individual outlook.


Hopefully, that’s good enough for everybody- cuz it’s good enough for me.

Next Monday- The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!