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braving the cold of march (featuring rusk haircare)

 March is dragging along, and it’s cold in Brooklyn. I’m still wearing sweaters, but trying to work some color into the mix. The their day I had some errands to run, and I decided to work my lumberjack thing into a ladylike ensemble, because I hate being cold more than anything.


I layered a warm flannel (from the Fashion Blogger’s Pop-Up Swap) under my sweater vest thing from Chico’s, held together with leather belt from Ann Taylor. I bright skirt with kickpleat adds the dash of cheer-up color I was looking for. Finish with opaque tights ($1 from Jacks .99 World) and black lace up oxfords.


I started off with my Eugenia Kim inspired dark grey beanie, that protects my poor head from exploding from cold. With Shea Organics Rose Hips Black Soap facial wash and Plantscription Powerful Lifting Cream smoothing out my skin, I’m free to just use a little NYC HD trio eyeshadow in ‘Long Island Sands that I got in my influenster JollyVoxBox, plus the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro Glam mascara they just sent me (totes free! love it!). The lipgloss is Glosstone Pro from Mehron.


Under that little beanie I have my natural hair all braided down. Thanks to Rusk Haircare’s ‘putty‘ styling creme (as well as their wonderful Multi 12 in 1 Miracle Leave-i Treatment). I love having natural hair, and this product duo keeps my hair soft. The Shea Terra Organics, Mehron, and Rusk products were all given to me free at Nolcha Fashion Week.


I got the skirt at the Underground Thrift Store in Brooklyn (I volunteer there, but we don’t get a discount! 25% of the proceeds go to stop human trafficking, the rest is donated to Plymouth Church of the Piilgrims). I loved it from the start first because of the saturated color, then the rich fabric, and mostly for the innovative pocket design. I also got these bracelets and hoop earrings at UGTS. I got about 25 bangles for $1, and the brass snake bracelet was $2.

I’m looking forward to real Spring weather…I just got an amazing Ted Baker skirt in a floaty pleated fabric that I’m dying to wear!




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dressing crazy works for me.


So last Saturday I was running around with Nathan Moy from The Provoker doing an interview with him for my NY Fashion Bloggers Project (I actually just posted a story about SJ Berman of FashinNY. You can check that out here).


Nathan and I  went to Starbucks (where I backslid by having coffee. I gave up fast food and junk food for Lent.). and after that we wandered over to the DKNY25 celebration.

But that’s not what I really want to talk about.

Lately, I’ve been realizing that my crazy lady get-ups are my real clothes. On Saturday I wore a retro style salmon pink cotton dress from my favorite thrift store (more about that soon) and over that an elaborately embroidered velvet jacket that makes me look like a descendant of Captain Jack. I was going for an 1890s impoverished but proper governess look.


Ijust liked the idea of wearing things that helped me carry out some inner fantasy that people didn’t know about. In New York, your clothing can be your armor… a way to protect yourself from all the crazy that happens here. Dress as well as possible, because it might just save your life.


From plain to ‘Who are you?” with a little makeup and some oversized sunnies is a favorite game of mine. Whether you get le vrai Dior frames or $5 street cheapies, just the act of easing the smiked lenses over your eyes says ‘I am so mysterious and famous, I need to screen my identity’.

Another thing I love is a good retro tweak. To celebrate the beginning of Lent, I volunteered to help at a Pancake Supper at church. I decided to go as Lucy Ricardo, because who knew what could happen? This is the result:


I’m channeling my mom and my grandma. I’m channeling Diana Vreeland and Coco Chanel. I’m accepting the fact that crop tops and funny looking denim cutoffs aren’t part of my world view. Right now my sartorial rallying cry is:

Vive la femme fou! Vive la Granny!

Cuz it works for me.

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that time I hung upside down for Plantscription Powerful Lifting Cream

Some days are better than others. One day you’re recovering from NYFW, and the next you’re anticipating an early morning workout with Origins.

I’m ok with this.

Bright and early, (8:30, an hour that I’m not heavily acquainted with) I showed up at Anti-Gravity Yoga for an event that promised to be ‘uplifting’.  They were not lying.


The small group of bloggers were fitted into stretchy hammocks and then guided through a graceful but loopy yoga set. We learned how to sit in the hammock, then how to swing, and finally how to invert ourselves so that we were doing supported handstands. I loved it.

We got our photos taken afterwards, and even though I got all tangled up (the cloth is not supposed to be wrapped all over my leg like that) I felt accomplished! As we were leaving, the awsome Origins team handed everyone a shopping bag with a jar of Plantscription Powerful Lifting Cream, and an exercise outfit ( I have been living in the yoga pants) from Cory Vines.


Before we got down to our twisty exercises, we got a presentation about the Powerful Lifting Cream. Right now, what’s hot in Asia is a heart-shaped youthful look. While this cream doesn’t claim to e able o shift your cheekbones or anything, it does feature botanicals from India and Africa that work to smooth and replenish the skin. Used morning and evening along with a good cleansing ritual, you should see great results in as little as a week. 

This is me after two weeks:


I took these on Saturday March 8th. I have to say that the surface of my skin is exactly what I always wanted, smooth and pretty much blemish free. I’ve been faithfully using Shea Terra Rose Hips black soap as well as Origins’ Clear Improvement  active charcoal mask. After the firs seven days I consistently saw progress. I feel beautiful.  And I can’t lie- I get a lot of compliments on my skin. And that’s the best result of all! (ps- I am not wearing any type of corrective makeup, no cc creams, no tinted moisturizer- nothing.)

Now. I asked the ladies at Origins to bless me with an extra jar to give away. The Powerful Lifting Cream is on sale at Macy’s, Sephora, and other beauty outlets- but it is $59.50. If you’d like to win a free jar from Sassy Ethnic Bohemian, just answer the following questions:

1. What are the names of the African and Indian botanicals found in this cream?

2. Who founded the Anti-Gravity Yoga Lab?

3. When was Cry Vines Activewear founded?

Send the answer to sassyethnicbohemian[at]

Good luck!


What I wore to NYFW aw2014 (the anti-cute statement)


The first day of NYFW and I was more excited about rocking my borrowed Fujifilm HS50EXR than trying to get dressed up. I guess I should mention that massive snow dump that we called the Polar Vortex as well.  Being a famous procrastinator and weirdo, I had actually messed up my awesome Cat Footwear Corinne boots just when I needed them most, then slacked on getting shoe repair done. So Fashion Week came…  and my footwear was meh. Grr… whatever. Onward!


So the first day I spent happily comfortable in my jeans and flannel, wearing some cheap Payless slipons and H&M striped socks that I’ve had for one million years. I had an amazing spot to shoot from, too. You can see the story here. But I didn’t shoot my whole outfit. Why bother?

The next show was Desigual at Lincoln Center, the big leagues! I upped my game a tiny bit, deciding that it wasn’t really that cold. Except I forgot to take my own photo.


This is a shot of my Chuck- Chuck bracelet, and I wore my brown velvet blazer from the Pop-up Swap meetup, but I don’t remember what else.  I was too busy gathering streetstyle photos… like this one of Alice MacLaughlin:


How cute is she? And so happy fluffing up her crinoline. I loved her look and her joy at being where she was. You can see the rest of my streets style subjects (including Julia Lang of GeeksandFashion and SJ Berman of FashinNY) on Lucky Community.

The next thing on my agenda was the Marc Jacobs Daisy Tweet shop. It was Marc, so I pulled myself together (you know, just in case he showed up. I don’t have the biggest crush on him! no!). Also, I had friends coming with me so I had to represent myself accordingly. t worked out, because I got my photo taken and I may have been on Fox News!



That’s me wearing my fave plaid dress over a turtleneck wrapped up in a textured cotton sweater vest from Chico’s and that gray velvet coat that I bought at a thrift store my first winter in NY. Me and Analiese (who I met when I was an intern at Janine Just Inc) both won matching Marc Jacobs Daisy pins! Read all about that here.

I had 3 days after that to catch my breath and post to Fashion Edits, and then I was back at Lincoln Center for the Art Institutes student showcase. I wore debuted my punk rock dowager look, influenced by Johnny Rotten, Miss Marple, and Cicely Tyson. It goes like this:



Ann Taylor tweed jacket, that stripey crocheted sweater that I wrote about, J Crew tweed skirt with metallic thread woven in, stripey socks from H&M (a kajillion years old), laceup oxfords from the Underground Thrift Store $6.  The Marc Jacobs Daisy pin that I won at the Tweet Shop. I think I looked perfect.

The next thing I wore was a comment on being tired. I had on the modcloth tshirt that my daughter gave me, my bright orange Madewell cardi, dove grey Cynthia Rowley slim cut slacks, and the embroidered pirate/Jimi Hendrix looking frock coat that I got from the Pop-Up Swap meetup.


Turns out that Dries Van Noten did embroidered coats for ss2014 His are $2,00 and change and won’t be available til April. Mine? Pretty much free. I call that a win, don’t you?

Last Day, last event, last outfit-


The bathroom selfie! A classic… This outfit was almost rude in it’s blatant ugliness. It’s back to the punk rock dowager! But I also went ‘dress over pants’. Just to be that way. My fave leopardprint cardi over my Kate Spade cocktail dress over my black turtleneck and the reappearance of the dove grey Cynthia Rowley slacks.

Let’s look closer…




Yes, there I was up on the stage in the VIP journalists area at The Set NYC’s Fashion Week benefit… and NO ONE spoke to me. lol! That outfit was truly spectacular, but whatever. They don’t know. And by the time they find out, I’ll be in the pages of Vogues as the newest crazy fashion it girl.

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The Sassy Ethnic Bohemian NYFW aw2014 Giveaway contest winners!


Ok, I have FINALLY made it back to the computer to blog the contest winners. (I did manage to get everything packaged and mailed out on time, though..

The winners are as follows:

First Prize:


Gemma Andrews of Chicago, IL. She answered the three questions and added some extra credit. She REALLY wanted it. (She wanted it soooo bad that she made up a fake email account, lol! I basically got catfished for a giveaway prize. Oh WellHope it was worth it to them).


Hi, My name is Gemma.

Oh my god, I discovered your amazing giveaway and I’m so happy about it! I love your blog and I HOPE it’s not to late to enter! Your so lucky to have gotten some Fashion Week invitations! I’d love to win the third package! What better way to start off a career in fashion writing than with this amazing items!

1. Thomas Meyer founded the company and it is led by Manel Adell. The first piece he designed was a jean jacket patched together out of bits of old jeans!
2. Deborah Needleman is the current EIC and it is connected to The New York Times!
3. WWD is Women’s Wear Daily and it’s first issue was 1910.
***Fingers Crossed***
Good job, Gemma!
Second Prize:
Anjelic Sinova of State Colege, PA was gonna go for 2 prizes… she knew what she wanted and went straight for it.
I’d like to enter the giveaway, I don’t know if we are allowed to answer ALL questions and be entered for a chance at all three prizes but if not I’d really like package 2!

Where is El Voyage coffee grown? Guatemala 

Third Prize:
Jordan Chapman of Atlanta, GA. This one made me feel like Wayne Brady because it was almost a lock- except for not answering part of a question. I’ve never done a giveaway before, so it was really hard to say to someone ‘you didn’t win because of half a question’. But I had to look at real life and think about how not answering half a question could cost you a job in an interview, get you a lower grade on a test,  or keep you from winning a jackpot on a gameshow.
Gemma answered all the questions correctly and also threw in an extra on the Desigual question… So I gave Jordan the third package in recognition of her effort, instead of a ‘zonk’. That half a question made all the difference.

I saw on Lucky Mag that you were hosting this comp, and the offer was too good to pass up!!! I’m just emailing you with the answers to the questions for the first package 🙂 x

1. Who started the Desigual company and what was the first piece that they ever designed?

Thomas Meyer, a denim jacket made from old denim trousers

2. Who is the EIC of  T magazine and what newspaper is it connected to?

Deborah Needleman, Wall Street Journal

3.  What year was the first issue of WWD published and what does ‘WWD’ stand for?

1910, Women’s Wear Daily

I have another post coming up soon that has a giveaway attached, so don’t despair! You may be getting some ‘uplifting’ face cream soon…