Product review: GLO Science Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device

1 seb glo review


I love my gap-toothed smile, but I often feel that my teeth could be whiter. I try to get my 6 month checkup and cleaning at the dentist, I do my best to remember to brush and floss after meals- but I used to smoke, and I love to drink staining beverages like coffee and tea. After reading this review from Men’s Journal (I know I’m a lady, but still- guys know things sometimes) I was definitely up to try the GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening device.

2 seb glo review


The device, which resembles an ipod, comes with a charger and docking station. You could also use your computer to charge it if you’re traveling or using it at work. You get a mouthpiece in a case, a tube of Glo lip care , and 10 G-vials full of hydrogen peroxide gel. I immediately set about charging it up and decided to wait until a Monday so as to start off a fresh week and whiten for the recommended 3-5 days. You get an easy to follow instruction manual, so I was ready. 3 seb glo review

Once the GLO device is fully charged it glows with a strong and radiant blue light. When you hang it around your neck with the attached lariat, you look like Iron Man. Very cool. The mouth piece, which has a moldable flexible circuit in it that activates the whitening process, glows too, so you may want to sleep alone that night. It’s not cute.  The first night I gave myself a facial at the same time.

The process is: coat lips with GLO lip care, then open a G-vial and use the brush end to spread the whitening solution on the front of your teeth. Plug the mouthpiece into the GLO teeth whitening device, then put the mouthpiece in. When you’re ready, hit the button on the device and then hang out for 8 minutes, when it will flash and then turn itself off. Repeat solution application (the G-vial has enough for four applications) and start another 8 minutes.

It’s recommended to do all four applications in the vial back to back. It’s hard to get used to the mouthpiece at first, but by the second rund, you’re used to it. The mouthpiece will get warmer over the course of the 32 minutes, but not uncomfortably so.

4 seb glo reviewI definitely feel that I saw results over the four days. It wasn’t anything blinding, but it was there. By the fourth day I could look at my teeth and see streaks of pure white happening in the incisors. If you’re already investing in whitening strips, toothpaste and the like- I think this wouldn’t be a bad purchase. Looking through the website, I also saw a Stain Erasing Maintenance Pen, Solo Teeth Whitening G-vials for one minute whitening, and an Antioxidant Superberry Toothpaste in the SHOP section. So once you purchase this, you’re not left out in the cold, they have replacements for the mouthpiece and G-Vials and everything.

I am actually going to use my GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device again and purchase the supporting products. I like being able to control my own tooth whitening process from my own hoe and at my own convenience. I think that this product is worth the $199.00.

*Don’t use this INSTEAD of brushing your teeth! Brush, floss, stop smoking and try to brush after eating and drinking staining foods. Be sensible and go to the dentist for your yearly cleaning and check-ups. Thank you!


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third week of may: the sulwhasoo mask, sartorial dilemmas, nugg beauty launch, daisy fuentes press preview, prospect park, jurlique

Hope you guys had a great Memorial Day Weekend! I spent it in the house puttering around shooting swimsuit and beauty samples, lining up shoots with bloggers, and getting ready to unleash fun stuff for My First Anniversary Month as a blogger.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

1 seb may 26

I started the week working celebrating the budding spring with these fun Illamasqua products. I’m not usually a pink liptsick fan, but I like this one. I’m pretty Sure it’s called Eurydice, or it’s called Plunge. I forgot to check and now I’m out and can’t remember. I decided to try out one of the Tobi Tobin samples that I received at Sniffapalooza, settling on the No. 13 Fruit scent featuring yuzu, fig leaf, and honey melon.

2 seb may 26

I mentioned getting the Sulwhasoo Snowise EX Brightening Mask. It comes folded up and slightly drippy and you peel off some netting and then apply it to your face. Once you get it into position ( I briefly thought of Hannibal Lecter putting on the guard’s face as he escapes from prison in Slence of the Lambs, but I’m weird like that) , you peel off the second layer of netting and then just let the mask go to work. t gets a little tight around the mouth, but I ended up taking a nap then peeling it off. Two words: IT WORKS. Your skin looks visibly brighter. I am hoarding the other two masks that I received, saving them for some special occasion. BECAUSE THEY WORK TOO WELL TO BE SQUANDERED.Yes. I used all caps. This is important. 3.4.5 seb may 26

I was actually using all of this product to get ready to go to a beauty event. A new company called Nugg Beauty was launching a collection of masks and I was scheduled to appear for froyo and samples, but I couldn’t decide what to wear. I put on my favorite plaid dress, but then I needed a sweater. Then I didn’t like that sweater. Then I needed a scarf. Then I had to change my shoes.  I had to put on my fake D&G glasses ($5 on St. Mark’s Place).  I don’t know why this happened, but it took me forever to get dressed in the simplest outfit ever.

6 seb may 26

It was actually pretty fun. The Nugg Beauty launch event was at a frozen yogurt shop called Off The Wall and we could sample any flavor we wanted. Of course I grabbed the biggest cup, piled it with toppings, and almost couldn’t finish it. The masks themselves are interesting. It’s a range of 6, each treating a different beauty problem, like exfoliation, anti-aging,soothing, etc. The masks are actually oil laden emulsions, technically each capsule is on serving of beauty treatment- but I managed to make the soothing mask last 3 days. I’m still testing those, but so far the Exfoliating Mask with cranberry seed oil and jojoba beads is my favorite. The masks are $2.99 each and will be sold at Target (in-store only, not online).7 seb may 26

The next day, I threw on whatever as usual (ok, this sweater is lambswool and I love the ruffles, and these are still some great pants- I got them on clearance at Urban Outfitters in 2012, You know I love these zosia sandals from Cat Footwear). I decided to take my selfie in the subway, because I never do stuff like that.

8 seb may 26

This event was a press preview of the Daisy Fuentes for Kohl’s (celebrating 10 years!) ss2014 and aw2014 pieces. It was at the Empire State Building, so everyone had to have a special pass just to get upstairs. Fancy! The showroom was vast, and I was thinking that I wanted to move right in. Dog these cool, mod white chairs!9 seb may 26

The Daisy Fuentes for Kohl’s line comes across much better in person than online. When you look, you can see that they are trying to deliver something of value to the shoppers. I loved the colors in these cotton tees, and wanted this fun printed jersey (Aw2014). There was an easy grey sweater with peplum-esque pleated waist and great dresses and separates. Pieces can be ordered online. 91 seb may 26

I haven’t really been into doing streetstyle since I got my apartment, but I saw some interesting things and wanted to share them. I loved this ladies cutout coat, and was thinking that I might possibly buy these blue and white tribal print shorts that I saw in the  window at Forever 21. his woman’s navy blue moment was absolutely darling. The ruffles on the back of the coat alone are wonderful, but the way that she’s surrounded by varying shades of blue in other people’s clothing is awesome. I loved these cheap prom dresses- they really look ‘princess’ don’t they? 92 seb may 26

Love this colorful sneaker display at Journeys on Fulton Street.93 seb may 26

I had some bad allergy thing going on where I spent all day sneezing, blowing my nose, trying to soothe my itchy throat, and trying not to scratch my itchy eyes. So for a few days it was no contact lenses and no beauty products. It rained anyway, so I wore my Corinne boots to go tramping through Prospect Park. I needed the exercise, so I just stuffed my pockets with tissue and soldiered on. Found this incredible real life piece of colonial history called the Lefferts Homestead Historic House 94 seb may 26 I think I forgot to mention getting this delivery! I got a bag of goodies from new pr company I’m working with. I’m currently loving the Jurlique products, and I use the Rose Body Care Llotion every day. The Love Balm smells like lemons, and is great on my dry elbows.   The Bosley Medical shampoo was featured in my hair transformation post and I’ve just started using the Arbonne SPF 15 Made in the Shade Self Tanner.


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my new york hair transformation…

8. hairtransform

 I woke up this morning and realized that my natural hair is finally growing in the way I want it to, and that after having every type of hairstyle, I’m really happy to be sporting something so low maintenance and so ‘me’. 1. hairtransform

 I’ve literally started from scratch more than a few times, chopping off dreadlocks, extensions, and grown out perms. From Chicago to New York, a close cropped head has been my g to for serious hair emergencies. Someone told me that I had a perfectly shaped head once, too. So that was a bonus.2. hairtransform

 Of course, I had my hair chemically straightened for a while. The last two years that I lived in Chicago, 2008 and 2009, I was always at the hairdresser. Punkily pinned up, with bangs, and with a demure double headband- my straight hair was kind of high maintenance, and I was always putting it in a chignon or wrapping a scarf around it- so why bother spending money it keep it straight?3. hairtransform

 Because New York has so many hair salons, it was easy to experiment with sew on weaves and hair extensions. Way too easy. How can I really recognize myself in the mirror when I’m wearing someone else’s hair?4. hairtransform6

 Last year was hat year with my leather and fur hat from Peter Williams from At’a, to my rasta hat and beanie bought on the street. Winter weather was so cruel that I didn’t see my hair in daylight for 6 months.

5. hairtransform

 Mu signature ‘Sassy Ethnic Bohemian’ headscarf has transformed over the course of the year as well. From cute, almost girlish boho to a more sophisticated fashionista look. But you can’t live your life in a head scarf.  well, at least I can’t.6. hairtransform

 This is the hair style that I loved the most and have returned to this summer. I went to stylist Amoy Pitters salon and got a deep conditioning treatment, and then my hair was twisted and dried. Really pretty, and almost straight- but no relaxer. I’ve started twisting my hair after I wash it, which gives my hair a break and provides me with a funky style that I love. Then I let the hair out, and I have natural kinky curls, with no heat and no relaxer. Low maintenance, natural hair. 7. hairtransform

These are the products I’m using right now: Bosley Bos-Revive Nourishing Shampoo which works to create a thicker appearance for thinning hair. Soy amino acids help restore strength, thickness and volume. Vegetable protein helps fortify hair shafts, and you give yourself a 1 minute scalp massage every time that you use it. I’m an ardent fan of Rusk Haircare’s Multi  12-in-1 spray in conditioning treatment and Putty texturizer. I use both after shampooing. I end up with soft , gleaming hair. I love using Fudge Urban’s Sea Salt Spray for a crazy, nappy look. It adds just the right amount of ‘wild’ and it smells amazing. The Iced Raspberry & Vanilla styling mousse is fun for when i want to pin the sides up, like the first image in this post. 

I’ve got it down to four products, and that’s it. I’ve transformed myself from a frantic follicle worrier to a laid back, lo-fi naturalista.


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second week of may, deliveries, DIY Turbans, Marc Jacobs, and more…

 May started turning into the most incredible month ever as I started getting deliveries at my apartment in East Flatbush. I was getting ready to go out when two deliveries came in, and then I had a cute little envelope in the mail. Bonanza!

1. thursdaydeliveries

I got a GLO teeth whitening system, 3 Sulwhasoo Snowise EX Brighening masks , some perfume samples from the Anick Goutal counter at Bergdorf’s, and two pairs of Cat Footwear sandals. Before we get all excited, these are products sent to me by PR companies to review and use for blog posts. It’s basically work. That said? WOO HOO!!!!!

2. diyturbans1

I was going to a blogger event that night, and funnily enough was using a baking soda exfoliating trick that I had read about it Real Simple magazine. Once I had gone through my skincare routine I applied the Makeup Forever Aquamatics waterproof eyeshadow pencil (in S60) that I got in my goodie bag at  The Makeup Show the week before. Finished off with a few sprays of my precious Roja Bergamot parfum sample from my Sniffapalooza fragrance bag in the fridge.

3. diyturbans2

The look was the usual simple affair- Bobbi Brown pot rouge in Rose and my fave Illamasqua Lily Rose gloss layered over OCC concealer  foundation on the lips. Illamasqua Shattered Star sparkly nail varnish in orange Marquise graces my nails. My improvised turban is my signature $5 scarf in black & white animal print, and I threw on a Calvin Klein leopard print knit shirtsleeved t-shirt. A black August Silk cardigan and Ann Taylor LOFT front pleated skirt completed the outfit. I absolutely had to war my brand new Weavement sandals from Cat Footwear. Who can pass up wearing brand new shoes?

5. diyturbans3

I had some time to kill before the event, and I ended up walking along the Highline. Back in the 90s, there was nothing this beautiful down by the piers. I got to Pier 59 studios and followed the signs directing me to the DIY Turbans blogger event, thrown by Fashion Fights Cancer. Founded by Ty Canty, the organization seeks to harness the internatinal power of fashion to alleviate the suffering cancer patients and promote research and cures

6. diyturbans4

I love going to Pier 59 for events. It just brings back memories of my internship there when I was a student at Parsons. When bloggers arrived, we were given turbans and headbands and directed towards tables full of sewing paraphernalia to embellish them. I picked out a headband and then started creating une belle epoque creation with tatty cream lace edging and I was going to sew a large turquoise beads with hanging pendant beads in the center. I sipped a glass of red wine, donated by Chateau Ste Michelle for the event.

7. diyturbans5

I loved the gorgeous multi-colored turban and white outfit with kelly green accessories. She turned out to be Kinna LeBlanc of the vintage blog Closet Jane. On sale at the event were huge totebags designed by Tracy Reeses specifically for Fashion Fights Cancer ($25). I sat with this lovely lady who quietly made this fabulous black on black turban with sparkling sequinned trim.

6. diyturbans6

8. amylucky

I ran into my great friend Amy Vosejpka of Not Official (remember? My NY Fashion Blogger Project subject for May?) We ended up hanging out at the same table, gossiping and sewing. You can see her turban here.

9. amylucky2

Even though she had been working and running around all day, Amy looked super glam in this oversized Tom Ford trench with simple flowing black silky pants, and one strap sandal, and a topknot held together with Fudge Urban Powder Styler.  We ended up hitting her favorite place, Forever 21, for a quick blogger shopping trip. I am more into thrifting for high-end bargains, but I did start falling in love with their bags.

91. amylucky3

While Amy sifted through every rack for chic jewelry and clothing, I hung around trying on bags. I kinda loved this schoolgirls satchel, I think it was $29. I liked the way it went with my borwn velvet blazer. It looked ‘smart’. very lady editor, the look that I love when I’m going out.

92. mjaw20143

The next night I suited up to go to the Marc Jacobs store on Mercer in Soho. I decided to go with my Desigual Uno spring coat, August Silk cardi, and Benetton little black dress. Accessories included my Daisy solid perfume pin/pendant that I won at the MJ Daisy Tweet Shop during NYFW.

93. mjaw20144

 Here’s the full length view at the Marc Jacobs meetup.

95. mjaw2014

 Basically, it was a chance to hang out at the store, take a look at the current ss2014 collection, sip Sofia wine and San Pellegrino water, eat delicious cheese with fruit and nuts, and drool over the aw2014 collection on the racks and on models around the store.

94. mjaw20142

 I saw SJ Berman from FashInNY ( Who was my subject for a NY Fashion Blogger Project shoot/interview in March) and Aileen from The Style Boro and we spent a few minutes talking about blogging. SJ showed off her ankle boots from Strawberry, only $29, but they look super expensive. In New York, you need to know how to play the high-low game and carry off your bargains with confidence.

96. mjaw20142

 This was my favorite piece of the night, partly because it was right next to this demented high-art Mr. Potato Head looking sculpture. I love Marc Jacobs bags.

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the ‘zombiefoot’ summer sandal season makeover (ugly foot photos, you have been warned!)


So, when I lived in Chicago I had a routine- get paid, get my nails done at Nail Bar. This was like a religious ritual. I went to the one at 537 Diversey. I didn’t have much else, but I had fat, pampered little feet. I lived for cheap sandals (Forever 21 was my jam back then!)

Since then, I moved to New York and at first I was going to Bliss Spa at the W hotel on 49th Street? But my finances changed and I let that go. i let my pampered little tootsies deflate and treated them like two strangers. Sad.


This January I had had enough. Polar Vortex or no- my feet needed attention and fast. When you let your feet go, you’re saying ‘goodbye cruel world, I have nothing to live for!’ I had to get it together. I started out with the big guns- salicylic acid drops from Target, and those corn plasters from Dr. Scholl’s. These socks from Jack’s 99 World were my best friends, covering all the ugliness with bright colors and patterns. .


It gets worse before it gets better, obviously. This is what my feet looked like- just nasty. Like something from The Walking Dead. At first you despair thinking, my whole foot is peeling away, my toes will be scarred for life! No one will love me! But get a grip, because it’s not that serious.


See? better, right? And I kept the rest of my foot buffed and scraped, and at first used Vaseline to keep them from being dry and cracked. This is how I got through the winter. It took about 4 weeks? But I had these at the end. Not bad.


I fine-tuned my feet with the Tweezerman Studio Collection’s Sole Mates duo. One side is a file, the other is a smoother. This salicylic ointment from Origins (Reinventing the Heel) has peppermint oil and works like a dream on feet and hands to slough off dead skin. The effect is nearly instantaneous. The Tweezerman Pushy Cuticle Pusher and Nail Cleaner is a pro quality tool for home use. Makes you feel all serious and professional in the tub while doing your nails.


I got these Rescue Beauty Lounge terrycloth flip-flops at my favorite thrift store for $1, luckily. They were exactly what I needed to get in the mood to polish my toenails, and they cushion my feet like sneakers. I used Illamasqua’s Shattered Star nail varnish in Fire Rose and Marquise- because one coat and you look like you’re done. Two coats deepens the color. I love the matte, textured effect and the glitter isn’t garish. It gleams subtly, like Dorothy’s ruby slippers.


The finishing touch? Grown-up and chic sandals! I love the Weavement style from Cat Footwear, which is right on the gladiator trend. They make your feet look skinny and sexy. Real leather, ladies- and the guys love them. Check out Vince Camuto’s heeled Odetta version! I’m also wearing the Zosia sandal, which offers more coverage, has style, and is also super comfortable. You can walk miles in them and the soft, supple leather works with slacks or dresses. Payless is also a great place to find up to date styles, like these studded ones.

It’s too late to hide now, people. It’s time to get those tootsies cleaned up and ready for presentation! You can do it, and you’ll feel so much better afterwards.


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the first week of may? sniffapalooza (goodie giveaway!), the makeup show (goodie giveaway!), and cocktails with jewelry designer burkindy


The first thing that I did this month was to start organizing my new products (and some old faves) for my ‘Summer Must Haves’ shopping suggestion guide. The first bright sunny day, I was all over the windowsill (my photo studio, thank you!) arranging still lifes to enthrall and entertain all of you readers out there.

Ok, maybe I was having fun all by myself, like when I used to pretend that my Barbies were going to the disco. Ahh, memories!

Anyway. I won a contest to go to an event called Sniffapalooza. It’s this amazing all weekend things where scent enthusiasts meet to smell and network and eat and talk and just enjoy themselves. You’ve never been? Well, you are missing out…


Look at the nice lady! I have finally started dressing my age. I am a  grown-up, and painted on jeans are not always appropriate. And I don’t own any. I knew that I was going to Bergdorf’s for the first time, and that I was basically representing the person who gave me the ticket- so I dressed properly. Mind you, this outfit was practically free…


I bought the cardigan at H&M one cold day, and it was on sale for $8. The Ted Baker London patterned skirt was $10, and the Harve Benard blouse was maybe $6, the shoes were $5, and the bangle were 20 for $2. Where? Underground Thrift Sore on Hicks. Tell them I sent you.


This is the first time that I actually entered Bergdorf Goodman. I’ve windowshopped and actually shot the windows for stories on what high end stores are carrying… but I’ve never gone in. While I waited for my benefactor to show up, I drooled over the Giambatista Valli fit and flare dress with dreamy princess embroidery. I also loved the high/low Peter Pilotto dress, which looks so much better than the cheap knockoffs. It felt like the best day on earth knowing that I was invited into this fashion mecca.


I won an instagram contest done by Kimberly Waters (@reminiscent30). She was looking to give away a ticket, which included free entry to Sniffapalooza, lunch at Brasserie 8 1/2, a massive goodie bag, and an entree into the world of fragrance. Downside, none! I nearly peed myself when I won, no joke.


I got to meet famed perfumer Roja Dove. Still swooning over the Bergamot sample I got in my bag. And he was so friendly! It was a great pleasure meeting him. That big cheesy smile on my face is real.


After sniffing, mingling, and sniffing again, we all headed over to Brasserie 8 1/2 for a delectable lunch. From bread to dessert, I was in heaven. Impeccable service as well. We also got to meet Chef Ali Roble, who created a one off fragrance specifically for Sniffapalooza! We also got a  lovely bag full of fragrances from home decorating phenom Tobi Tobin.


The hat club, these ladies were ‘totes presh!’ I loved them. Alison Stauver, the blonde in the red fascinator, was one of the high points of an incredible day. Follow her at @AlisonStauver on twitter.


Another first? I’ve never been to Henri Bendel. I’m just not the type of person to wander into a place like that. I’m glad I waited, it was just like a Cinderella story because it was the first time and I was with such wonderful, friendly people. Digging that massive embellished shell necklace?  It came from a site called Crafting Boutique, which is all about French lifestyle.


I met Rollerena!!!! A former Studio 54 staple and downtown ‘freak’ (back when originality reigned supreme in fashion), I actually started following her when she walked in, on the strength of the sparkly jacket alone. Print mixing? Texture? Accessories? We are all living in Rollerena‘s world. Worship.


The last stop on our fragrant tour was Molton Brown, where they refreshed us with champagne and chocolate eclairs. And chairs, because my Franco Sarto kitten heel pumps killed my feet! Next time, I’m packing sandals.


It was the most amazing Spring Day in New York City. One of those Sex and the City type days- well aside from aching feet, and that fact that it rained in the evening. Either way? It was beautiful. It erased at least a year of stress and struggle from my memory, that’s how good that may 3rd, 2014 was for me.


I got home and just dumped everything on the counter, thinking about how we heard about the TJ Martell Foundation, new fragrance trends from Trend Incite, and how wonderful it is to have all 5 senses engaged. Fashion, food, beauty, touch, and scent…


I stood at my kitchen counter spraying, sniffing, and eating these amazing chocolates from Tobi Tobin. In spite of eating two helpings of chocolate cake with caramel sauce and espresso ice cream, I had a little room for those.  They went beautifully with the glass of Tempranillo I poured myself before bed.


I got some great advice- keep your fragrances in the fridge so that they last longer. I had been decorating my window sill with them, thinking it was no big deal. I put everything in the Bergdorf’s bag and all of my ‘smell good’ is now living in the fridge.


The next day I put together this Sniffapalooza themed giveaway package, so you can have some of the fun I did. Included are: a sample of Eau D’Hadrien by Annouck Goutal, two samples from new perfumer Code Deco, Crow scent and body oil sample from Tobi Tobin, a  Suleko scented ribbon bracelet, Twisted Lily and Fragrance X gift cards,  Scentsorium fragrance sample, Guess wristlet, Ruby Wing color changing nail polish, freshSugar spf  15 lip treatment, and Tweezerman mini slanted tweezer. Be the fir st to email me at sassyethnicbohemian{at} from a valid email address and I’ll mail it out June 1st.WON!!!! by Barabara A Mizzoni Young of the blog


Sunday I was super tired, so I slept and used Origins Leg Lifts on my sore legs. I got myself together on Monday and finally got ready to go to The Makeup Show, a two day orgy of makeup companies and makeup artists. I  think I looked tired, so I put on my Stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick in Fiery to distract eyes. I smoothed on Jurlique’s Rose Body Care Lotion and wore my red leather Chuck Chuck bracelet, too.


I wore my Aume dress from Desigual, with an August Silk cardigan, red leather and mother of pearl necklace, and lace up oxfords from Underground Thrift.


I stuck to a red/black/white palette and did my nails in Essie Twin Sweater Set with an overlay of glitter from Illamasqua’s Swarm nail varnish.   I switched up the skincare routine with fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Radiance Lotion and Jurlique Love Balm on lips and elbows. A little dab of Annick Goutal‘s Eau d’Hadrien finished me off.


i finally made a business card! You needed a business card and two forms of ID to be admitted to The Makeup Show, which was for professionals only. Of course, I forgot to set it to ‘landscape’ when I printed the prototype, so my cards? Are tiny.  A nice lady at Fedex Kinko’s helped me print my tiny card onto card stock, and I was on my way for less than $3 .


There was body painting going on everywhere. Temptu, Graftobian (and they also had a lady dressed and made-up like a tree), and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics among others.


I stopped by the Chic Studios table to get a cute  lipstick pen and class schedule, and meet Christina Olivo the school’s Senior Director. Mua’s were offered a range of events and workshops onsite. Lauren Napier showed off here new cleansing wipe, sensibly named ‘Cleanse‘, and shared how she discovered her big idea, a must have for the summer and beyond..


I so loved these tshirts, makeup bags and stickers from BreakupstoMakeup. On my way out I took note of this chic black and white notebook with The Makeup Show’s simple clean logo (including pen, only $10!). When I got outside, I noticed that this guy actually had a lipstick holster.


I got a great Makeup Forever tote bag filled with an array of professional and consumer cosmetics. I absolutely adore the Makeup Forever Aquamatics waterproof glide-on eyeshadow pencil in S60, an superflattering bronze. Eve Pearl Invisible Finish Powderless Powder, an OCC Makeup basic neutral makeup kit with metallic lip tar, a sample of Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonderglow primer, Lauren Napier ‘Cleanse‘ wipes, and more.


I manages to put together THREE makeup packages, so if you are looking to be a pro, here’s a little present for you! Package 1 focuses on Eyes with Oliv Ares House of  Glam false lashes, Crown Brush tweezers and eyelash curlers, the cute Chic Studios pen, and two stickers from BreakupstoMakeup. Package 2 is about foundation and features banana cream pie powder from Graftobian, Kett creme makeup, makeup sponges from Crown Brush, a Lauren Napier ‘Cleanse’ wipe, and stickers from BrakupstoMakeup. WON!!!! by Nicole O. of California!Package 3 is drama: Temptu temporary tattoos with applicator pads, Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow sample, LIT cosmetics glitter with brush and glitter base, and stickers from BreakupstoMakeup.

How to win? be the first to email me for package 1, 2, or 3 (not more than one to a winner) at sassyethnicbohemain[at]


After the Makeup Show, I had to head over to Rochelle’s to meet a friend for drinks. I passed this awesome tshirt store called Christopher’s, and had to take a pic so I wouldn’t forget to go back. They are at 7 Greenwich Avenue n NYC.


Other awesome stuff to remember- a wall of fun fashion jewelry at Kmart, getting this W magazine on 8th street for $2 from a street table. This cover is super inspiring! Anne Hathaway looks lovely. It may have triggered this new off the shoulder trend as well, you never know. Anyway, I got to Rochelle’s and they were closed! Happy Cinco de Mayo, right?


My friend Burkindy and I, who I hadn’t seen since the Urban Zen Holiday Market breakfast event back in November, ended up at a new place called Bonnie Vee at 17 Stanton. It was nice and quiet, a little dark, cushy seats, great cocktails, and a delicious truffle oil grilled cheese sandwich made with fontina cheese. Burkindy caught me up on what he’s doing- updating his website and getting ready for a pop-up store during the summer. Check out his amazing new jewelry and vintage finds here.

This blog post took me two days to complete!  I hope you enjoyed it, and please don’t forget to email me to win some great free stuff!





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in which there is casual fur, pattern mixing, and bronzer

I missed last Monday because I was running around New York for the second week in a row and never got to post on my blog. Shameful.

We’re behind so I may have to do an extra post tomorrow to catch you guys up on all the happenings…

Now, let’s get on with it!

The last week of April, I was scheduled to run to a restaurant called Rochelle’s to review their new Spring menu (read that here) and then go to Flat 128 to celebrate the NY retail debut of Heart & Noble (read that here). I also had to advertise some Sargento Ultra Thin cheese that I got from (yep- read that here). I was busy, and it was still cold… so I decided to mix studio 54 with slacker and came up with this casual fur look.


Rabbit fur jacket from Underground Thrift Store, plaid shirt from Marshall’s, necklace came with a Desigual dress, cardigan from H&M, Uniqlo J+ jeans, and my Cat Footwear Corinne boots. I buy these bright socks by the fistful at Jacks 99 World, $1 per pair.


I’ve been wearing makeup lately, so my new look is Perfekt Beauty concealer and skin perfecting gel in Decadence. I love my Rimmel London ‘Scandal Eyes’ mascara and NYC eyeshadow palette in Long Island Sands (got both from as well- you guys should get on that!). I also used a little smidge of the Makeup Forever Paris lipstick that I had in my Sephora birthday gift. Bobbi Brown pot rouge makes my cheeks rose. It’s a different look, still natural- just planned nature.


The fun this was finding that my Sargento Cheese lunch tote from influenster matched the new Illamasqua Shattered Star nail varnishes that I got in fire rose (pink) and marquise (orange).

birthday month giveaway

I did a Birthday Month Giveaway to share some of my amazing loot from last month. The package included Vapour Organic concealer and lip plumping gloss, Fresh life rollerbal eau de parfum, Urban Beauty United ‘Boom Boom Blink’ eyelash curler and ‘Mini-Me’s’ tweezer set. It all went to Rana Seabrook, who was the first follower to wish me happy birthday on twitter.


It rained a lot so I tried to entertain myself by working out with the lilac aveda yoga mat that Lorna from the Fab Report gave me. I wore my Cory Vines yoga pants and did some Burpees and twisting. But I also just lay on the mat in plank pose watching the rain.


The first time it was sunny I ran uot in my favorite Modcloth tshirt and Ann taylor Loft skirt. I had been playing with the St. Tropez bronzing mousse and gradual tanning lotion and ow I could go show it off! I love the way the bronzer made me look lit from within, just a kiss of sun on my dark skin. A little lipgloss and mascara, and you’re done.


The next time it was sunny, I threw on my favorite Ann Taylor wrap dress and my best friend the leopard print cardi. It was a little windy, so I bought a scarf from the $5 scarf guy (everywhere NYC) and finished the look like this:


Next time: Sniffapalooza, The Makeup Show, and cocktails at the Bonnie Vee with Burkindy.