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last but not least- summer must haves honorable mention- bobi los angeles, mini-nailpolish roundup


I didn’t find out about Bobi Los Angeles until my First Anniversary visit to Caravan Stylist Lounge, but I had to add them onto my massive list of Summer Must Haves. Whisper light cotton coverups and t-shirts that you’ll want to live in.

coverups3 This dress makes me feel like I’m floating. the vibrant ‘dream sea’ aqua color looks great against my skin, and it doesn’t engulf my 5’4″ frame. The cotton is so soft, that I admit to sleeping in it. I think of it as reversible, since there’s a drawstring closure in the back that looks just as good on the front.  I also paired it with their ribbed cotton cowl neck tank in sunset, a peachy orange. fantastically effortless summer dressing. coverups1

This black coverup mini-dress with drawstring waist has an adjustable cleavage feature. You can pull it up to stay demure, or you can let all your goodies hang out. The drawstring waist hits me just above the hipbone, and the cotton is ever bit as whisper light as the other Bobi Los Angeles pieces. Khamra clasp necklace by Hechizo, Vir bikini top by Desigual.coverups2

I love this tshirt. It is the best summer tshirt on earth. You wash it and it dries almost instantly. That means you can jump in the water wearing it and it will just dry on your body in the sun with out being all saggy like a regular tshirt. It goes with my Life is Good Horizon High 5 cap (the company dobnates 10% of their net profits to help kids in need through their Life Is Good Foundation)  and my LL Bean everyday lightweight tote bag in grey camo with orange straps, two other things that I can’t live without this summer. Find out where to buy Bobi Los Angeles pieces here.nails1I just got this bottle of Sinful Colors Sage Rose nail polish in my Surfs Up Infuenster Vox Box, and I tried out the soft violet pink immediately. I also played with my new butter LONDON Lolly Brights nail varish in Stroppy, Zoya nail polish in salmony pink Yana, and added some dazzle to that with my Illamasqua Shattered Star glitter polish in Marquise. If I had no other polishes for the summer, I could be perfectly happy with these.

Summer’s here…get colorful, and dump the stress. ;-D


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Summer Must Haves (Part 4): trying on suits in the bathroom with my everyday bikini body

The last part of the Summer Must Haves series leads us to that dreaded moment, trying on suits. I don’t know about you But I don’t really have a problem with it. For some reason perfectly normal and lovely women lose their minds at the thought of trying on bathing suits, as if they’re regularly fine bodies suddenly became unacceptable. What is that about? Your body was yours yesterday, and will still be yours tomorrow. Stop playing.

Here’s my rationale: if you wear a bra and panties, then you have already been wearing a bikini. Why are you panicking? It’s a swimsuit, which is basically underwear that is approved to be worn in public. Any body is a bikini body.

Now, let’s try on some suits…

1. the box  2. accessories

seb1Working with a box of swimsuit samples and accessories and one slightly chubby body, I went forth boldly to find the suit that suited me. I probably should have cleaned the mirror before I took this shot, but oh well. That’s life in Sassyland, no humiliating detail is ever left out.


Ok, having cleaned the mirror, I was ready to go. I started with the suit that scared me the most- a string bikini. Turns out that I really liked it! I didn’t turn into a supermodel, but to my eyes it wasn’t that bad. This is my body, it’s not unsightly, and I would probably wear this outside, although I’d probably opt for the shortkini version. Details: Anna Kosturova aztec stripe string bikini and antoinette short, iconic aviator sunglasses from Primadonna.


The second most terrifying suit was the Salma from Wet Swimwear. I selected it for someone else to wear, because I would never wear such a plunging neckline. There are two cups inside for support, but I couldn’t seem to keep it from rolling and revealing the white underlining. I love the print, though. With a pair of wide legged white pants and wedge heel sandals? this could be a total win.  Details: Salma bathing suit from Wet Swimwear. Anatomy cutout crossbody/clutch (chain strap used as necklace), Roma tortoishell sunglasses, crinkle crush infinity scarf in peach, and Giverny painted floral straw hat from Primadonna.

camiandjaxfeliesunniesclutchchainI did not like this suit. I felt like a little stuffed sausage, and I guess the idea of long sleeves at the beach isn’t me. But it was fun pretending to be an extra in a rap video for a second. Details: Lizzy top and Harmony bottom from Cami and Jax, Felice sunglasses from Primadonna.

camiandjaxbigblingnecklacefelicesunniesI liked this one way better. The mesh insert halter top is cute and comfortable, and you can walk around acting like a movie star in this bikini. It’s a grandma bikini- meaning an older woman can wear it, and be unaplogetically sexy without sacrificing dignity. And you can wear all the diamonds you got from ex-husbands and stuff. Details: Mikayla top and Harmony bottom, big bang sparkle collar and Felice sunglasses


I was ok with this suit. I like the colors, and the fact that you don’t have to worry about ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ because it’s a string that loops behind your neck instead of tying. It’s kind of a no nonsense type of suit, although I added some drama with the scarf just to be funny.Good for if you really want to actually swim at the beach. Details: Katherine one piece from Wet Swimwear, crinkle crush infinty scarf and iconic aviator sunglasses from Primadonna. Colour crossbody bag by Desigual.

lucywetswimweargivernyhatromasunniesThis was super cute and I liked it, but I felt like a toddler. Details: Lucy retro one piece by Wet Swimwear, Giverny painted floral hat and Roma sunnies by Primadonna.

manorshellantoinetteshort  I absolutely adore both of these pieces. They’re crochet coverups, but e shorts are lined and the top is so precious that I hated to take it off. You could just throw on a denim jacket or something and be ready to go party after the beach. Details: Manor shell and Antoinette short by Anna Kosturova, desigualfelicesunniesThis is my swimsuit. It’s a wildly patterned halter neck from Desigual, and I like it more than I expected to. It makes my breasts look like apples, lol! and I love the fit in the back. I could throw on a sweatshirt and shorts over this and be comfy. I did a jiggle test and nothing fell out, either- so it’s all good. Details: Vir top and Manu bottom sold separately by Desigual, Felice sunnies from Primadonna.

I hope you enjoyed yourself. But even more, I hope you get it- unless you are morbidly obese, your body is probably fine. Stretchmarks, birthmarks, whatever- you are ok! Fall in love with your body, it’s the only one you’re gonna get.

1. Sassy Ethnic Bohemian’s Summer Must Haves Part 1- Crochet is Everything
2. Sassy Ethnic Bohemian Summer Must Haves Part 2- makeup, fragrance, and dressing your mood.

3. Sassy Ethnic Bohemian’s Summer Must haves Part 3- the Coney Island Blogger Shoot with SJ Berman, Aileen Olomado, Kinna Leblanc,and Alexa Curtis. 


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What? I’m One Year Old! (and celebrating with the big girls at Caravan Stylist Studio)

I started my blog a year ago with a selfie and not much of a thought as to what would happen. I just thought, ‘whatever- it’ll give me a chance to show off my photo skills, get some writing done, more exposure.’ I had NO expectations whatsoever. A year later? I’m Sassy Ethnic Bohemian for real, and I kinda like it.


My first personal style post on Lucky Comunity, June 18th 2013:Summer Selfie Session . A discount store top and shorts, and my favorite scarf. A ring that I found in the street one day. A pair of fake glasses because I’ve worn frames like that since I was 12. One year later? This happens:



Getting ready to haul butt over to Caravan Stylist Studios in Manhattan to celebrate my First Anniversary (to the DAY, since this was June 18th) and also do a soft launch of my new treats,  called Chubby Chubs. OK, I might change tat later- but work with me for right now!. Wearing sleeveless linen Ann Taylor shirt, Khamra clasp necklace (thanks Hali from Hechizo!), the Aeropostale shorts that I found cheap at Lepoint Value Thrift, and my weavement sandals from Cat Footwear. I made sure to put on my Chuck Chuck bracelet for good luck, and smoothed my heels with Origins Reinventing the Heel. That black cardi is from August Silk.

I packed my Dream Awake shoulder bag (a lovely gift from ParMana Designs founder Sara Tarighi Murphy). I love this bag! The emerald color is a spirit lifter, and I know that I’m doing good for the economy by showing off Sara’s dream using fashion to give people jobs and pride in themselves. anniversary4

I decided on a birthday party theme, so it was toy rings and dinosaurs with cute polka dot treat bags and boxes from Jack’s 99 World on 40th (my favorite location). I had $10, and I got all the stuff I needed, plus tissue paper to keep it fancy. Lauren Napier was nice enough to send me a box of her new CLEANSE wipes, which have no odor and moisturize as they gently remove your makeup or travel grime. I ended up getting to display my popcorn and cookie stuffed boxes with adorable makeup bags from Le Sportsac! Talk about coming up in the world!


After a tortuously long train ride, i manged to finally get to the Carlton Hotel, where the Caravan Stylist Studio is located. So excited! Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re making progress in your career, whether you’re a blogger or a certified public accountant. Being invited to do something like this was a milestone, and I was properly awed…anniversary6A

The first thing that they did was to offer me refreshments. I passed on the Volvic water, and headed straight for the enticingly pretty Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower Lemonade. Sweet tooth! There were bowls of Lancaster caramels everywhere, so I ate them. I’m such a little piggy sometimes, lol! This Infusion iced tea was also delicious. I tucked an extra one in my bag for later.


Let’s take a moment to admire this table, ok? I loved seeing my popcorn and cookie treat boxes on display. I decided to start Chubby Chubs (and here will be a more ‘healthy’ Chubby Chubs Lite line of treats, too) because while I love blogging, it’s not something that you can really teach people to do and be successful at. I’ve been lucky, and I know that. But? If I can use my blogging to help start a business that will employ others, that’s real. I’ve been broke and unemployed lots of times, but I’m creative and well educated. I can use a simple thing like baking cookies to help other women help themselves out of poverty. This is the first step, in whet I hope to be a long and rewarding process.anniversary7


Ok, back to wonderland! There was a rack of clothing and they said, Oh, you can have whatever you want. YES. THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED WHILE I WAS AWAKE!!!! Didn’t have to tell me twice. I picked an armload of things like soft cotton tshirts and coverups from Bobi (I have been sleeping in a long peacock blue dress of theirs for a week), a dress from Fashion Star alum Nikki Poulos‘ aw2014 collection, and a cute lightweight white rainjacket from Nautica. First thing I did? Change my shirt, hello! I threw on the softest softest tshirt in pineapple from Bobi. So comfy, and it was just right with my eggplant colored shorts. Kelly from Kryolan gave me a makeup lesson on how to make a cateye, so I got one in yellow to match my shirt. Meow!

anniversary94 Everyone was getting beauty treatments, like in my Superstar Barbie Beauty Boutique I had when I was young…except this was real. Blogger Tania Jen (the only other black girl  know that uses self-tanner) was getting worked on, and my friend Jaclyn Ling (who I gifted with a bottle of Desigual perfume from my Coney Island blogger shoot). NY Examiner Beverly Lim, looked adorable inher brightly colored summer dress. anniversary91

I actually met and had my nails done by Valerie Star, who works on celebrities, ok? And she was super nice. I got a deep green sparkly ( I love shimmer in nail polish) courtesy of Zoya nail polish in Edyta. But guess what? They also gave me nail polish in two pinks (Yana and Maya) and a sizzling red polish called Carmen.


My other favorite goodies? Well, I grabbed some Herban Essentials towelettes, which are saturated with aromatherapy oils, MD Complete‘s Non Irritating Pro-Peel and Eye Wrinkle Remover, and this luscious Soy Paste from Sexy Hair’s Healthy Sexy Hair collection. I’m so not spoiled, right?anniversary93

The next day, I went back with more goodies to give away, and wore the Bobi coverup over my favorite discount store bra ($1.79, yes). I was going for a 90s Dolce and Gabbana look, ok? Work wit me on this! It was sprinkling out, so I shrugged on the Nautica jacket, and of course my trusty zoia Cat Footwear sandals. The final touch was an homage to the first summer selfie of my blog life- the headwrap, and it’s the same scarf, too!


Guests! Cristina from Adventures in Polishland, Jaclyn Ling, beauty expert and journalist Grace Gold, and my former internship boss Janine Just (seen here with Karmela Alperez of Caravan Stylist Studio. Don’t they look great?anniversary96

One of my favorite guests was Nancy Osborne of Jack Blue Handbags, who I interviewed in 2010 when I was writing for the Fashion Spot. This was the first time we met! Nancy doesn’t know it yet? But I’m about to ask her for one of those cute cuffs she makes. She uses a lot of snakeskin, and all of her pieces are completely and totally handmade. Isn’t that cool? I love her bags.


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Sassy Ethnic Bohemian’s Summer Must Haves (Part 3): The Coney Island Blogger Shoot

It’s full on summer weather in NY, and when the sun’s out, get your guns out and go to Coney Island for beachy fun. I took 4 mega bloggers out to the famed beach and amusement park in Far Rockaway along with a suitcase full of swimsuits, accessories, sandals and clothing to work with. What happened? Fashion Pandemonium.

Sara Jesssica (SJ) Berman/FashInNY

As a teacher, SJ can’t be seen gallivanting around in a bikini, so we worked on grown-up looks for hot summer dates, workdays, and relaxation. Easy, no stress, but polished. Sort of Kate Middleton, but from New Jersey.


A breezy, silky dress from Daisy Fuentes for Kohl’s in cream and black with a smocked waist and pockets is perfect for a daytime professional look in the humid New York summer. Your pop of color? Parmana Design’s Dream Awake shoulder bag with black leather flap and brass leaf ornament. Just Fab Wrap Bracelet is from greenbeads by Emily and Ashley, square Felice sunglasses from Primadonna. Wedge sandals are from Wanted.


This malibu blue striped maxi dress from Daisy Fuentes for Kohl’s shows just enough skin to be flirty, but covers up anything scandalous. Iconic aviator sunglasses from Primadonna. Bangles by Cara


Evenings bring the temperature down, and it’s the perfect time to bring out this silk/cotton tweed jacket and short set from S.IL.K. New York. The unexpected hit of crochet makes this a modern classic in summer dressing. Manor shell crocheted top by Anna Kosturova, Roma cateye sunglasses by Primadonna.

Kinna LeBlanc/Closet Jane
Kinna’s retro-styling pays homage to pin-up girls like Dortothys’ Dandridge and Lamour. A former professional model with roots in the Dominican
Republic, Kinna brings a saucy wit to everything she wears.


A 40s inspired floral two piece from Wet Swimwear  (Mika top and Miranda bottom) says ‘Hello, Boys!’ without speaking a word. A sunny smile is your best accessory, but you could also add the Giverny painted floral straw hat by Primadonna, and say anchor’s aweigh with this Dockside beach bag  from Life is Good. I love this company! They are a  Boston-based lifestyle brand dedicated to spreading the power of optimism and helping kids in need. That’s pretty cool, right?


The same print is available in a sexy, plunging necklined one piece from Wet Swimwear  called Salma, worn here with a fluorescent shrug from H&M that Kinna had in her styling kit. Kinna warmed up her skin with a dose of St.
Tropez Gradual Self Tanning Moisturizer.


The ruffled Lucy one piece from WET Swimwear in an old fashioned floral accentuates Kinna’s waist with a self belt. The sweetheart neckline shows off decolletage without being overexposed. Kinna wears the vintage tusk ring
in burnished gold finish and tortoishell Roma sunglasses from Primadonna, and dark brown leather weavement sandals from Cat Footwear. With her own gold bangles, cowrie shell earrings and hot pink turban, Kinna’s look
is both outrageously glam/cool and comfortable at the same time. Double win.

Aileen Olomeda/The Style Boro
Laid back and laconic, Aileen isn’t much for gussying up her beach style. It’s a low key, hipster look that’s easy for any girl to emulate.


Aileen wears the banded bottom tank from DaisyFuentes for Kohls in multicolored Aztec-inspired pattern. The peach Feeling Beachy Flower Dockside tote from Life is Good (Life is good donates 10% of its net profits to help kids in need through The Life is good Kids Foundationpicks up on the color scheme, and Hechizo’s boxtassel necklace with gold leather fringe adds a touch more pattern. Iconic aviator sunglasses from Primadonna, denim shorts are Aileen’s.


Aileen’s copious tresses tumble out of the Giverny painted floral beach hat from Primadonna. An crinkle crush infinity scarf in peach (Primadonna)works with the Desigual Color fringe leather crossbody, to keep a sunny glow in an dark outfit. Her onyx and white smocked neck crinkletank top is from Daisy Fuentes for Kohl’s, iconic aviator sunglasses from Primadonna. Dark wash distressed denim shorts, Aileen’s own.

Alexa Curtis/A Life in the Fashion Lane
Like any teen, Alexa immediately asked to model the skimpiest of my samples. A blogger since age 12 (and the first subject in my NY Fashion Blogger’s Project) Alexa as appeared on Rachel Ray and Access Hollywood as a style expert, and is looking forward to inspiring other girls to embrace their imperfections with grace and equanimity. This is her first ever swimsuit shoot, and first ever time at Coney Island!


Alexa has a Baywatch moment in this bright orange souvenir windbreaker from New York Cares (I got it when I volunteered to organize a Staten Island warehouse full of donations after Hurricane Sandy. She wears the Aztec Stripe string bikini from Anna Kosturova covered by the neon green Diamond crop top from the same company. Pretty, crocheted Antoinette shorts cover her bikini’d bottom. Tortoiseshell Roma sunglasses from Primadonna, peach and brown fringed Color csossbody from Desigual, brown leather weavement sandals from Cat Footwear. Hair has been sprayed with Sea Salt Spray texturizer from Fudge Urban before being swept into a relaxed side braid, with volume.


Here, the Anoinette short is dressed up with a belly chain. Under a white shirt, the Leila athletic top from Cami and Jax glows with color which is accentuated by the peach crinkle crush infinity scarf from Primadonna. Using Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Styling Mousse from Fudge Urban, hair was brushed, coiled, and secured with a plain old hair elastic from Goody. Square framed Felice sunglasses and belly chain (from this clutch) and burnished gold vintage tusk ring from Prmadonna. White shirt from Sassy Etnic Bohemian’s bag of tricks. Huge Palm Tree Dockside beach bag from Life is Good, whose products remind consumers how to enjoy life to the fullest: Do What You Like. Like What You Do.


Alexa’s purple-tipped locks were touched up with Fudge Urban’s SeaSalt Texturizer for a tousled beachy look to go with her Lattice maillot from Ann Kosturova. This suit shows a lot of skin, so you can throw on the Punta Mita fringed and beaded crocheted top for stylish coverage. The colors are bright and upbeat, especially on an overcast day. The top is cropped, but the long tassels give you coverage over the belly and are pretty waving in the wind. For this side braid look, I grabbed a a hank of hair with a little Iced Vanilla & Raspberry Styling Mousse from Fudge Urban smushed in for hold. Then I Simply braided the hair loosely, twirled it into a knot and tucked behind her ear. Easy. I used to do a lot of model ‘test’ shoots for portfolio building, so I know how to hairstyle in a pinch. Berry lipstain is Alexa’s own. Box tassel necklace by Hechizo


Pattern mixing! I am not happy until there is an outfit that sounds like a disaster when you describe it, but looks amazing when you put it on. This is sort of a world traveling bohemian gypsy look. The Giverny floral painted straw hat from Primadonna over freeflowing beach hair (a few more sprtitzes of Sea Salt texturizer spray from Fudge Urban, and a quick brush before placing the hat), leads to a black and white sequinned tank – the back is elasticized dark denim!- from S.I.L.K. New York used as a casual coverup. On the bottom? My fave Desigual Manu bikini bottoms in psychedelic, swirling print. Primadonna’s vintage tusk ring and Hechizo’s double tassel lariat necklace lends authenticity to this casual boho look. The lariat is loosely tied, and the metallic leather in heather pink and bronze look right at home against the black and white sequins. The Khamra clasp necklace adds a tiny touch more print, because… why not? I love love love this necklace, and will be rocking it all summer. it’s
a definite must have with tanks, swimsuits and dresses.


On her feet? The Cat Footwear weavement sandal, which I am passionate about. These sandals are great for walks in the park, walking the boardwalk at Coney Island, running to the store, going on a date, and basically living your whole entire life. They’re stylish and add a touch of classic class to even the most mundane summer outfit. The summer must have sandals hat I reach for 5 days out of seven.

Next (and last) installment of Summer Must Haves? watch Sassy Ethnic Bohemian try on a box full of swimwear! Before I chose which suits would go on which bloggers, I tried them on myself. Next week, you’ll see one woman of average size at home in her bathroom posing like she’s a top model.

I do this so that you don’t have to. We’re in this together, people.

Stay tuned!

1. Sassy Ethnic Bohemian’s Summer Must Haves Part 1- Crochet is Everything
2. Sassy Ethnic Bohemian Summer Must Haves Part 2- makeup, fragrance, and dressing your mood.

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Summer Must Haves (Part 2): makeup, fragrance, and dressing your mood

The sun actually came out today! It’s been dark and stormy the last few days, but it’s still June and June means summer! Let’s talk about what we can’t live without.

1. seb summermust haves beauty

1.Keep your grooming bright and sunny with Urban Beauty United tools. From lash curlers to mkeup sponges, it’s a cute way to keep summer in your makeup bag. My favorite eye shadows are this L’Oreal Paris HIP duo, the New York Color HD trio in Long Island Sands (from influenster) and deep rich choclatey Nars Mekong shadow.

2. Summer looks are so bare, every stray hair register! Tweezerman sells this Purple Reign tweezer duo, with a slanted and pointed tool to keep your brows (and anything else) in check. You can also still get the Isaac Mizrahi tweezer in splatter from the same company. Make the most of your lashes with bobbi brown everyhing , Rimmel London scandaleyes (thanks, influenster!), and benefit ‘they’re real!, mascaras.

3.Keep lips looking naturally lovely with fresh Sugar Petal tinted lip treatment sunscreen in SPF 15, keep it quiet with Makeup Forever’s Rouge Natural lipstick, or soften and shine with Origins Drink up lip balm in Cherry Pop. Add a slash of color with Illamasqua’s lipstick in matte Immodest.

4. Keep feet lean, healthy, and cute with the Solemates  foot file and smoother duo. File your nails with the cute Isaac Mizrahi buttons nail file and  paint your nails with polish from OPI, essie, and Illamasqua.

2. summermusthaves pirate layout

Get the look- basic pirate! be a cute Captain Jack in this wildly patterned bikini from Desigual (Vir top and Many bottom). Wrap hair in a cscarf with te ends fluttering down your back. Lovoe these Iconic Aviator sunnies from Primadonna– so rock star.  Use Dry Idea Stain Clear deoderant not only keeps you from smelling like a seafarer, but you don’t have to worry about crumbly white bits in your pits. Red Door Spa Professional Olive Oil & Mint Cooling Gel brings your temperature down while flirting with scallywags. Arrgh! LOL!!!! This is actually my own look- I like to keep it simple. Just remember to shave wherever neccessary, ordinary bic razors will do- summer is too naked to be sloppy with yourself!.

3. summermusthaves uptown mom layout

Moms like the beach, too. Here’s an easy look that works for chasing toddlers while you get some sun. These pants are my fave- I love the electric blue color, it’s an instant mood lifter. The  zosia sandal from Cat Footwear  is one I’ve been talking about since Mother’s Day. Super comfortable, and easy to walk on the sand in. This Ann Taylor sweatshirt is comfy and has a roomy front pocket, and slides loosely over this Katherine one piece from Wet Swimwear. The no tie halter leaves you worry free about wardrobe malfunctions, and it’s a fun, colorful suit- easily seen across the beach just in case kids get loose and need to find Mommy quick.  Perfekt Beauty Skin Perfectionconcealer under the eyes and a spritz of Fudge Urban Sea Salt spray texturizer gives you a fresh, beach ready look with no stress.

4. summermusthaves retro layout

This retro look is based on the pretty pink dress that I found thrifting. It fits like a glove, and is an easy summer dress to wear to the beach, and then to dinner after a walk on the boardwalk. I paired it with the Lucy swimsuit from Wet Swimwear– a frilly, feminine, floral confection with cloth covered self belt- so cute. Imagine yourself holding up a giant beach ball and saying ‘Hey, Boys! Wanna play?’

I accessorized with the retro tortoiseshell Roma sunglasses and a sweet Giverny floral painted straw hat from Primadonna, thrift store bangles, and lace up loafers. I love the Makeup Forever Aquamatics eyeshadow pencil that I found in my The Makeup Show goodie bag, and have been pampering my face with the fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Radiance Lotion and Jurlique Purely Bright mist (I also adore their Soothing Foaming Cleanser– I use it every day). Spray yourself with a litlle Joy Forever before you go to dinner and enchant yourself…

5. seb summermust haves fragranceSummer scents are always light and somewhat playful. The sunshine doesn’t really lend itself to heavy fragrances. Keep it light with this portable rollerball of fresh life eau de toilette in your purse for touchups. Going to the Hamptons? Buy two of these Molton Brown Pack & Pamper cases– one for you and one for the hostess. How can you not love a perfume called ‘fun’? Desigual’s light happy citrus scent is sunshine in a bottle!

Stay tuned- the next Summer Must Haves goes on location at Coney Island with The Style Boro, FashInNY, A Life in the Fashion Lane, and Closet  Jane for Part 3!


Part 1- Crochet is Everything!


fourth week of may: nothing much happened, my medicine cabinet, contest winners, swimsuit delivery

 This week was kind of slow. I was distracted by folders full of pictures from events, I was thinking about family stuff, and I’m starting a grass-roots DIY business, and generally getting discombobulated by weather. But hey, there’s always something to talk about!

Let’s lead into… my medicine cabinet. A major souce of fascination for me lately. june2nd1

I look in here and it’s like a portal to Narnia. I love it, but it’s scary. Where did all this stuff come from? After one year of blogging, I have the medicine cabinet of a beauty editor. I am not even that cute, lol! Well, now I am. I actually do go in here and use stuff out of curiosity, wanting to experiment on some aspect of my appearance, and also to be able to tell other people- this works or this sucks. If it’s in the mdicine cabinet, though. I pretty much love it. june2nd2

This is what I look like when I wake up. Normal, boring, kinda plain.If I have a mask to work with I usually try to get that in first thing. On this day, it was a Nugg Beauty exfoliating mask, which I absolutely adored. It leaves the skin very soft, and it isn’t super abrasive. It’s $2.99 and you can get 2 to 3 uses out of the capsule, so that works for me as well. june2nd3

I had an invitation to Urban Zen Studio in Soho to view jeweler Ilana Goor’s work. Donna Karan was going to be there. Kinda big deal. I wore black because I just couldn’t figure out how to look. I ended up rushing, got all the way out here- and got lost in the maze of streets. I’ve been there before and still got lost! I gave up and headed back to Brooklyn for a meeting. I was so done. Dress by benneton, beads by Ann Taylor, cardigan by August Silk, zosia samdals by Cat Footwear. june2nd4

I got a really sweet delivery: A full size bottle of Joy Forever parfum by Patou! Remember that time I went to Sniffapalooza? Well, the girl that had the IG contest, Kimberly Waters, actually won the Bergdorf’s Sniffapalooza Raffle! $5,000 worth of fragrance in one beautiful box. She was so swee to give me this. I always wanted this perfume. It’s for grown up ladies who know things. june2nd5

I had a shoot for my NY Fashion Blogger Project. Apneet Kaur from Who Is Apneet came by. We were suppose o have clothing delivered, but it didn’t arrive so we shot her in what she arrived in. Check out the Rebecca Minkoff bag and Soles sandals. Super cute. I gave her this Line & Dot clutch stuffed with beauty goodies to say thanks. june2nd6

I got a delivery of swimwear then next day! Suits from Cami and Jax, Wet Swimwear, Desigual, and Anna Kosturova. So cool! Than there were accessories from Primadonna. This is my acting like I’m on vacay in Jamaica… pretend it’s the hotel bathroom, ok? Humor me. june2nd7 june2nd8 ART OF ELYSIUM-FLOWERS

Things I’m loving for summer? Anything from the Gap and these lovely Matisse looking tweezers from Tweezerman celebrating the Art of Elysium Projectjune2nd9Today is the day that the giveaway prizes go out! Barbara Mizzoni Young won the Sniffapalooza prize and Nicole Ordonez won Prize 3 of the Makeup show packages. Congrats, ladies!

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Sassy Ethnic Bohemian’s Summer Must Haves (Part 1): Crochet is everything

Crochet is my favorite summer trend. It has that 60s, hippy thing but it’s also very sophisticated and sexy. It’s so Brigitte Bardot, St. Tropez, rich and glitzy- but in relatable way. Your grandmother could have made your bikini. Good crochet pieces make everyone think that they can do it, too.

Anna Kosturova is ruling crochet this summer. The brand has long and short dresses, crocheted bell bottoms, shorts, and swimsuits. These pieces play well with others, and work on and off the boardwalk. Here are some fun ways to work crochet pieces into your summer wardrobe.

1. Accessorize with Primadonna’s bright Crinkle Crush Infinity scarfGiverny painted floral straw hat, and Iconic aviator sunglassesArbonne Made in the Shade SPF 15 self-tanner helps protect you from the sun while burnishing your skin with a healthy glow. Cat Footwear’s Zosia sandal is a no-brainer comfy classic that goes with everything. Crochet pieces: Lattice Maillot monokiniAztec Stripe string bikini and the cropped Diamond pattern top from Anna Kosturova.

2. The floral pattern hat is back with a peach Crinkle Crush Infinity scarf and Felice square cut sunglasses from Primadonna. Desigual’s Colour fringed leather cross-body bag picks up on the colors in the hat, scarf, and retro styled Mika halter top and Miranda side gathered bottom from Wet Swimwear. Crochet piece: Manor shell from Anna Kosturova.

3. A funky edgy/artsy look revolves around the Mikayla halter top with mesh insert and Harmony bottom with mesh side inserts from Cami and Jax. The Felice square cut sunnies and Raining Chains earcuff are from Primadonna, and the red leather bracelet with interchangeable snap on charms is from Chuck-Chuck. Carry a tin of Jurlique’s Love Balm in your beach bag for lips and elbows, along with a few Lauren Napier Cleanse wipes to freshen up in the heat. Cat Footwear Zosia sandals, stylist’s own bangles. Crochet pieces: discount store hair net, Punta Mita beaded top by Anna Kosturova.

4. Desperately seeking fun in this 80s influenced outfit. Glam it up with Rimmel London Scandaleyes mascara and Stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick in FieryFelice square cut sunglasses with studs from Primadonna. Aqua Leila athletic top with string back detail from Cami and Jax, silver cotton foil stretch short from S.I.L.K New York. Leather belt from Ann Taylor, black wood tusk necklace from Forever 21, stylist’s own hoops. Spray yourself with the original Daisy formula for a fresh, floral finish. Crochet pieces: discount store crochet hair net, Diamond crop top from Anna Kosturova.

5. A casual, rich boho look. Iconic aviator shades from Primadonna hooked onto the fringed leather Desigual Colour cross-body bag. Crisp white shirt from Unique Thrift, Cami and Jax Leila bikini top and Anuhea bottom. peach Crinkle Crush Infinity scarf, Raining Chains ear cuff, and burnished gold Vintage Tusk ring from Primadonna, stylist’s own snakeskin printed studded cuff from Crosssroads Trading. Tan before you hit the beach with St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse and Gradual Tan Everyday Body Moisturizer. Treat sweat induced pimples with Bullet Acne Aid. Crochet piece: Anna Kosturova’s Antoinette short.

6.Easy style, for a day of sightseeing or a night of dancing and drinks. Lightweight denim shirt from Nella Fantasia. Big Bang Sparkle Collar statement necklace, Felice square cut and Roman cateye sunglasses, burnished gold Vintage Tusk ring, and electric blue Anatomy cutout clutch from Primadonna. Weavement sandals from Cat Footwear. Beautifeel laceless oxfords and L’Autre Chose t-strap wingtip stack heel shoes from Underground Thrift Store. Counteract sun damage by washing with Jurlique Soothing Foaming Cleanser and using Nugg Beauty’s anti-aging mask with vitamin B3 and white tea extract. Make Up Forever Aqua Matic crease-proof eyeshadow pencil is perfect for non smudge summer makeup. Crochet piece: Antoinette short by Anna Kosturova.

7. Pretty with bite. Silk and cotton tweed jacket from S.I.L.K. New York, distressed light wash jeans from Guess, Weavement sandals from Cat Footwear. Burnished gold Vintage Tusk ringRaining Chains earcuff, Roman cateye tortoiseshell sunglasses, and Anatomy cut-out clutch by Primadonna. Chain belt is actually the detachable strab from the clutch. Give yourself a heatproof style with Fudge Urban’s Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Styling Mousse. Nugg Beauty’s hydrating facial mask replaces moisture drained by chlorinated pools and saltwater swimming. Carry a pretty tube of Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar super hydration handcream, just in case. Crochet piece: Manor shell by Anna Kosturova.

Stay tuned, more ‘Summer Must Haves’ are on the way!