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last of july! (finally): selling baked goods on the street, trying to dress up a little, nail polish, the first thing i bought with my money, red door spa products show up on my doorstep

So, it’s the end of August and officially summer is ending, too. I got a little busy, but I haven’t forgotten that we never covered the least few weeks of July. I basically spent July working up my new baking business Chubby Chubs (cookies, granola bars, blueberry raspberry pound cake, etc), and living my life. I had some invitations- but every time I tried to go somewhere, it backfired.


The last few weeks of July were all about getting up at the literal crack of dawn (and not 12 or 2pm, which is what I usually think of as early) and baking. There’s something so calming and wonderful about having a set of instructions to follow that leave your house smelling like cake. I love cake… especially mine! I started making granola bars from scratch because customers have been asking for them. Those are my raisin/sunflower seed/coconut bars in the photo.   


I decided that I needed to step up my game a little, and at least try to look decent. Even though I was exhausted, I did my best. My skin was acting up, too, because of the heat. I started my get dressed properly program with my fave sack dress from Uniqlo. It’s a silk/cotton blend and I’ve had it forever. I put it together with the Lisa Hoffman Beauty fragrance bracelets that I was sent (did we talk about that? Yeah! DELIVERY!), and fell in love with. They are so easy to wear, and I love the little whiff of fragrance that I get as my hands move around. the sandals? You already know… weavement by Cat Footwear. I jazzed it up by wearing the Stila stay all day liquid lipstick in Fiery and Zoya nail polish in Carmen red, just to wake myself up.  julyrecap4

  This is me at my little table. My business… I LOVE doing this. The corner has a nice breeze and steady foot traffic. It’s not I can read, and back before I broke my sippy cup, I would hang and drink iced tea or coffee that I made fresh. I keep my earnings in this cute Le Sportsac pouch that I got at Caravan Stylist Studio back in June. julyrecap5

 I tried to do something pretty everyday, but I admit that it was not easy. The early mornings were wearing me down, and to be honest- it was hot and I was lazy. Luckily I have a few things that you can throw on and look ok, and I had my zosia sandals from Cat Footwear, and I polished my toes with Obsess from Illamasqua. I mean, toenails say a lot about a woman.

This is me trying to keep it together:


 there’s a little Joe Fresh (the grey dress that I knot at the waist, channeling a grecian toga type thing), some Bobi Los Angeles (the aqua maxi, and the peach cowl neck tank), that Modcloth tshirt I got for Christmas 3 years ago, and discount store summer dresses (I cut the green one in half to make a skirt). I did the best I could. Style? Awake and dressed.


  I got some more stuff, in addition to the bracelets that made me so giddy. I got my first box of Red Door Spa Professional products, in the form of their Signature Luxurious Body wash, Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub, and Milk & Honey Nourishing Body Cream. You can only get their products at the spa locations? But they just opened one in Union Square, here in NY.

Then I got a box from GLO Science with maintenance supplies. I got the Glo Solo teeth whitening vials, the GLO whitening antioxident superberry toothpaste, and this Everyday Glo teeth whitening maintenance pen. Nice! So that’s what you need after you use the teeth whitening device- you have to maintain the whitening effect or you did all of that for nothing.

julyrecap92 julyrecap93

 I had to go downtown one day, so in order to go further than the corner I used my new Red Door Spas Professional products to get clean (and soft- that Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub is crazy amazing. Instant silky skin), and my Dry Idea Stain Clear deoderant which I’ve been using all summer and pretty happy with the results (I don’t stink and I don’t have white stains all over my clothing). As usual, I keep the makeup simple- Aquamatic waterproof glide on eye shadow pencil in S60 from Makeup Forever, Bobbi Brown pot rouge, Jurlique Love balm, and a Lauren Napier Cleanse towelette in my purse for just in case.

I wore my Nikki Poulos dress– a simple stretchy dress with a simple graphic print, and my new best friend the Lisa Hoffman Beauty fragrance bracelet in red jade and neroli scent. No stress. I toted my ParMana Designs Dream Awake bag for hit of color, and a smile.

 I just walked downtown to enjoy the weather and took pics that whole way there. These are some of my favorite: julyrecap94 julyrecap95 julyrecap96

 I had a few appointments and errands,and ended up eating a bowl of homemade style chicken and dumpling soup at Golden Krust. I could not have done any better myself. I had a patty crust with it, and my lunch only cost me $5- and it was filling and tasted like real food, not preservatives and fake flavoring. On my way home I stopped off in Rainbow and poked around. I love these crazy earrings! So dramatic. This body conscious dress, with the right jacket and shoes, could pass muster, too. It’s cute, and you would could feel good wearing and looking feminine without stressing yourself out. julyrecap97

I ended up stressing myself out later by agreeing to go into Manhattan to meet with Sara Taringhi-Murphy of ParMana Designs. She wanted to meet up, and also use my bag in a photo shoot. Since she came through for me when I needed it, I wasn’t going to say no… UNFORTUNATELY this was that month when my phone drowned, so I was trying to do everything via email and ended up messing up. It’s too bad, because I managed to get myself together pretty nicely. I had a cotton pique Harve Bernard blouse with the most adorable short sleeves, my fiery orange Ann Taylor skirt with the kickpleat and front pickets, and my new Lisa Hoffman fragrance bracelet in green jade and clary sage scented pendant.

julyrecap98  I was also wearing my ParMana Designs handbag, and I tucked my best friend the leopardskin cardi inside for safekeeping. I took the train into the city, and got off at historic Columbus Circle (Lincoln Center! The Opera! NYFW!) to run over to the Hudson Hotel to meet Sarah. I was a little late, so I waited in the lobby. I kept waiting, just walking around the lobby and looking at everything, then I left. Turned out Sarah was on the roof shooting and because my phone was broken, I hadn’t gotten her messages, and the front desk had no idea where she was. So I wasted carfare and went all the way to the city and got nothing done.

The Hudson Hotel is really cool, though- so I’m kinda glad that I went.

july5 (2) july6 (2) july9 (2)

The next day I went back to my table…


  I stand in between the lady who sells mangoes and the guy who sells jewelry. Some days people walk right by me since I’m brand new at this, and they don’t want to take a chance. I have some good days and some lame ones. But that’s how you build a business- go out and swing for the bleachers every day. Sometimes you’ll hit a home run. Slowly but surely, by the end of July I had a few repeat customers and I was determined to make this work for me.


Independence! One slice of cake at a time…

See you guys soon! can’t wait to finally get into August…

Happy Labor Day!

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