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the august recap: baked goods, street vending, and a slow transformation towards fall fabulous

So… back to the hazy, crazy days of summer one last time. When we last reviewed all the little details of my life in July, I was out on the street selling cookies and baked goods.  As July turned into August, I started adding items to my menu that reflected the diverse nature of my neighborhood. Chocolate chip cookies and brownies were just the start- now I had to get into West Indian beverages and treats.


It started with the drink, sorrel. I drank this as a kid, since my family is Guyanese. I loved sorrel, and was always first in line with my cup out whener some was being poured. Unfortunately, i never bothered to learn how to make it.  Luckily, I found the ingredients that I needed at a fruit stand near my favorite supermarket, followed the instructions, and voila! I got the little 8 oz bottles at a restaurant supply store. My first batch of Lemon Ginger Sorrel was ready for sale (and absolutely delicious).


I modified my cookie process, but baking them in the mini-muffin pan. They actually keep pretty well, and are super tasty- but I want to work on that idea some more.


I made brownies- first I did it from a mix, and then went off and found out how to do it for real. I experimented with carrot cake muffins- the topping is dried cranberries and melted Hershey’s  cookies & cream white chocolate bars that i found near the register at the store. I did the topping because after grating and smashing and mixing everything together, I thought my carrot cake muffins looked weird. I ended up sacrificing four to make free bite sized samples and ended up selling the majority of them.

The last pic is the mythical sugar cake. People kept asking for them, so I found the recipe, got all the ingredients (seriously- half a bag of sugar!) and made them. Sol three. I am still dieting the rest of them off. So- no more sugar cakes. I can’t afford the extra poundage.


I also added a drink called mauby– which I have always hated- at customer demand. I don’t like it because it’s bitter. But, if you have sorrel, you’re supposed to have mauby so I did it. I still have 5 bottles in my freezer- because I refuse to drink them, but can’t stand to throw them away. I might give them to my brother.


This was me, chilling at the table, and I made all that stuff (except the water). My style and beauty game was seriously falling off though. I was working really hard, and not keeping up with the laundry and generally not being the self I’m supposed to be.


I had to get the laundry done, since I was just wearing thrift store dresses on the regular. Not the worst thing ever? But I was just doing it because it was easier that planning outfits (or doing the laundry). At the beginning of August I counted up my money and realized that I had enough money to do a tiny little bit of shopping.  I went through Nordstrom Rack, and some other places, but I didn’t want to splurge or get something that wasn’t going to fit with my style.

I ended up getting two cotton tshirts from H&M, and a sporty tshirt  and sweatpants with pockets from Rainbow Shops. No major spending (I had to buy a new phone, so…) but it was just enough to revitalize what I had and get me back on track. Then my Grafton glasses came from and I was even happier. I was almost a brand new person. augrecap7

Then I got some beauty stuff sent over, so I was in heaven. I got a new ‘dermal repair cream’ called Sente, Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask , and hair products from Phyto Specific specifically formulated for my hair. I couldn’t wait to start pampering myself!


I jumped in the tub after putting in a morning working my table and gave myself a through going over. I already had my Signature Luxurious Body Wash and Milk & Honey Scrub from Red Door Spa Professional Products Body Renewal line, so the Phyto Specific hair products were the perfect addition to my routine.


The next day I wore another of my new purchases, a tie-dyed sundress that was $10, plus a straw hat that I found at the discount store. i also added this lovely gauze square since I gashed my leg shaving during my spa bath. It’s held on with that mini-ducktape that I got free from influenster that time.


So between the glasses, and my new stuff- I was feeling kinda stylish! I liked this look- a little chambray, the sweatpants were super comfortable, and I had my Cat Footwear weavement sandals and Lisa Hoffman Beauty fragrance bracelet. Chillin. Just sellin’ cookies and chillin’. My skin is clearer and softer, too. It made a big difference in my mood, and I looked less tired since my skin was absolutely glowing from using the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask and moisturizing with the Sente dermal repair cream.  augrecap92


This was the cutest outfit- i shopped my closet for this skirt from Ann Taylor Loft. The striped tshirt gave it a whole new freshness. It was a little rainy that day, so I threw on a Nautica jacket and put my Vinrella wine bottle umbrella in my bag. This is a few days after starting to use the Phyto Specific Rich Hydration Shampoo and the Hydration Styling Cream.


Things were going pretty good, but then they got even better- yes…Red Door Spa Professional Products sent over another box of goodies from the Body Renewal and Intensive Skin care Solutions lines!  So now, in addition to what I already had I got the Olive Oil & Salt Scrub, The Calming & Restoring skincare line, and another tube of the Olive Oil & Mint Cooling Gel. Jackpot!

augrecap95I also added this cute green bucket hat that I got at a little hole in the wall accessories shop on Fulton Street in Brooklyn. It had the right amount of sass. Here I do my fave chambray shirt with the striped tshirt and blue leggings. So easy. But I think I looked a little better here than at the start of the month.


This is the pretty magnolia tree one earlymorning. I just like that shot. so here you go. I also loved this easy summer outfit of floral trousers and a Bobi Los Angeles tshirt.

As you can see, I was in seventh heaven for the rest of the summer. I felt way more attractive (in spite of my steadily expanding waistline) and empowered because I used my own money to start the process of making myself feel better. Beauty products aren’t just for outer beauty. It’s the time spent doing things for yourself that is the real payoff.

I also did the laundry.

Next time? I’ll tell you what I got from Life is good, LL Bean, and Shop Jacqueline Rose Jewelry!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

This comes at a good time, since I’ve been out at night 3 days this week, leaving me to think about how different it feels to come home in the velvety darkness (where things always seemly oddly skewed, and oddness clings to every exchange). than to saunter home in full daylight, or even at sunset. Nighttime is when you round the corner and there’s an ambulance with blaring lights and someone crying as the stretcher is loaded up (this happened last week). Nighttime is when the lights glow brighter, and colors change their meaning.


IMG_20140821_202848_906 - Copy IMG_20140811_203433_973 - Copy IMG_20140821_200051_212 - Copy IMG_20140821_202638_635 - CopyIMG_20140821_194901_849 IMG_20140909_202845_779 IMG_20140909_202851_495 IMG_20140909_202938_323  IMG_20140909_212259_601IMG_20140909_203059_381New York is a city that lends itself to nighttime images, whether innocent or sinister. These are all unretouched, and taken withing the last month or so with my cameraphone. For good or ill, this is the case of the city, in all it’s strange glory, in the nighttime.

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The Dating Diary (yes, the amazing has happened, I have met someone I like! IN NY!!!)- oh, and the MYNY/NYFW winner, too.

The day of the Influenster/DKNY MYNY fragrance launch in Madison Square park, something really crazy happened- I met THAT guy. So weird. I wasn’t intending to, and I’m still surprised, but it’s been three dates and I still really really like him. A lot. crazy, because I never make it past date one without wanting to hurl.

So, anyway. Now that this is a real thing (fingers crossed) I figured I’d start a dating wardrobe diary. Starting with the day I met him…


What was I wearing? Only my Life is good LOVE creamy henley shirt, some shorts, and my fave green bucket hat. I had my Grafton frames on and my pretend pet (we’ll talk about him later) Stuffy Hello Kitty McStuffins in my slouchy floral knapsack. I remember that I also had my Dominique Ansel MYNY donut and dipping sauce in my bag to scarf down when I got home. Was that the key? A bag full of goodies, stuffed animals, and perfume samples? Or was it that I had LOVE written on my shirt big as hell?


I know it’s the opposite of any advice you were ever given, but I invited him over for dinner. I figured since there’s security downstairs and he has to sign in, they’ll find him if he kills me, so… Also I just like to observe people one on one. And I felt comfortable with him. However, once I realized that I was having someone to dinner I also realized that I needed , you know, food. So it was treasure hunting at the local green market and Dean & Deluca for something fresh to make.


I ended up doing a sauteed radicchio salad with husk cherries and mozzarella and chopped tomatoes. On top is a stuffed squash blossom. The recipe is on Food 52 if you want to try it.  i also did bread from a Dinah Shore recipe- super easy, but I killed my yeast, so it wasn’t as fluffy as I had hoped. I also realized that in the months that I’ve been living in my apartment? I never bothered to buy glasses or a tablecloth! I made a tablecloth out of a subway map and (so cliche) used my mason jars as glasses for the homemade darjeeling lemon iced tea


I also made this summer berry cobbler? But by the time it was ready, we were talking and I forgot to take a photo of it. It was REALLY good though. ;-D


After all that cooking, cleaning the house, and improvising a dining area- I finally remembered to get dressed. I wore this striped basic tee from H&M ($5) and this floral skirt (which is really the bottom of a $3.99 dress with a defective top). I put on my Cat Footwear weavement sandals to run down and answer the door.

It went ok! We ate, we talked, and by some funny coincidence? His shirt matched my skirt. And he just made me feel so happy and floaty I did a little dance while I washed the many many dishes.


The next date was for a picnic and a movie. The day came and I was strangely frazzled. I messed up the bread AGAIN- which sucked because I was making sandwiches. I hated everything I cooked, but it was too late to start over. One of those moments that they make ‘Keep calm and carry On’ tshirts for. the sandwiches were ok, I just felt that I could have done way better.


Of course, I needed outfit choices so I started styling myself and trying to figure out how I wanted to look. I had gotten this fun shirt at rainbow and thought I would put it with my lightwash guess jeans, but a picnic means bending and moving and I was feeling too chubby for the jeans. Also it was mega hot outside. Then I thought I would do my All Together Now crusher tee from Life is good, shorts, and a sweater for just in case? But he already saw me in those shorts, so NO.


I ended up with: My black Bobi Los Angeles coverup mini over a $1 tank top from Phat Albert’s, my Edie Bauer cardi that I got at the swap meet, my Cat Footwear Zosia sandals, my red jade Lisa Hoffman Beauty neroli fragrance bracelet, and my Life is good beach towel and anchor dockside tote. I felt comfy, and easygoing, and ready to enjoy myself insted of thinking about how I looked.


  We went to prospect park and walked until we found the perfect spot. It drizzled a little, but we were under two trees and never felt a drop. We just ate and then lay around until it was time to go to the movie (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- and yeah, that was my pick. Cowabunga, dude.)


 Conveniently, he had quietly walked us to the exact entrance to the perfect movie theater with the most amazing reclining seats. then he asked me out again. Of course I said yes. there may even have been some eyelash fluttering. i don’t know, I was too dazed with happiness to remember. I just remember that it was exactly what I wanted to hear.

I was definitely liking this.


Some stuff happened and we didn’t see each other for a few weeks, and then he asked me to go to the Floating Library. The weather was turning, and getting slightly colder so I was in a wardrobe tizzy again. Did I want to do the Life is good vintage denim popover and novella skirt under my LL Bean freeport field jacket? OR my brown velvet blazer, the vintage popover, and my LL Bean true shape 5 pocket jeans? I decided on my fave modcloth tee (a 2011 christmas present), my novella skirt, and my ParMana Designs Dream Awake shoulder bag. easy, comfy, nerdchic.


We walked down to Pier 25, and obviously it was gorgeous! Shining sun, New Yorkers whizzing by in all their impatient glory, and lots of boats puttering about on the water. There was a sense of space and limitless possibilities. Once we boarded the ship, we explored, listened to music in a literary sound installation, and then went to the reading & relaxation area and looked at books and talked. Then we left a book donation: a cookbook, a novel, an art book, a book of poetry, and two language dictionaries.

The Floating Library is a gadget free space, so technically I shouldn’t have had my phone on taking pics… but I couldn’t help it. And of course, I had to take a selfie. I loved the way the sun was shining through my tortoisehell Grafton frames and the rose quartz stone in my Ariel charm necklace that I got from Shop Jacqueline Rose looked amazing against my skin. I felt so pretty and feminine, and it was partly just because I knew I was being appreciated. if you want to see the photo he took of us together, click here.

So the MYNY/NYFW giveaway is red themed because it expresses the romance and the fire in the fragrance, which is kind of how you feel when you first meet someone, and everything in it is something that’s designed to make your heart beat faster, just like love…

8. MYNY NYFW giveaway with ShopJacquelineRose bracelet

The Winner of the DKNY MYNY fragrance sample and water, Franciacorta Iphone cases (2) from Nolcha Fashion Week, A box of candy coated chocolate Energems (yummy caffeinated chocolate candies), Tresemme 7 Day Smooth shampoo, conditioner, and hair treatment- (STRAIGHT from the Lincoln Center tents!), and- an Eternal Flame stackable bracelet set from Shop Jacqueline Rose, priced at $85 is…

AUSTIN BAROUDI, of Mechanic Falls, ME!

Congrats to him, and thanks so much to Jacqueline Ranieri of Shop Jaqueline Rose for helping me make this an amazingly special prize package!

Next time? we’re gonna finally recap August before we move on and past the sum-sum-summertime…

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


GIVEAWAY! DKNY MYNY perfume (plus some NYFW goodies) and? A gorgeous bracelet set from Shop Jacqueline Rose! (DONE! winner will be announce in the next blog post!)

I LOVE giving things away, and this year has given me so many opportunities to share!

1. nyfw aw2014 giveaway The first prize of the year was a the NYFW packages- because I ended up picking up so much stuff it was kind of crazy not to share. The winners were ‘Gemma Ward’ (the catfisher),  Anjelic Sinova of State Colege, PA, and Jordan Chapman of Atlanta, GA. 

2.birthday month giveaway Next came the Birthday giveaway- I gave this package to Rana Seabrook of Posh Brooklyn- she happened to be the first to wish me Happy Birthday on twitter. She did a review of the Vapour Organic cosmetics that was hysterical:

3b. sniffapalooza giveaway Won a trip to Siffapalooza? Had to have a giveaway! This went all the way to Barbara Mizzoni Young of the blog All My Lives Now.

3a. makeup show giveaway Swag from The Makeup Show– yep, give it away! Nicole Ordonez took the Temptu Prize- the unclaimed ones went to a lucky relative of mine.

4. nyfashblogger6thintrvewgiveaway My sixth NY Fashion Blogger Project interview subject Apneet Kaur got a bag of swag ( the Line & Dot clutch/makeup bag came from ENK Shows/Coterie tradeshow, plus stuff from the Makeup Show) when she came by for her photo shoot…

4a. ny fash blogger coney island shoot june

And everyone who came to the Coney Island Blogger Shoot got a little something to take home.

anniversary4 First Anniversary invitation to Caravan Stylist Lounge? Everybody got popcorn, cookies, some toys, and a Lauren Napier CLEANSE wipe. Cuz it was mah BIRTHDAY !! (well, my blog anyway). Party!

5c. 1st anniversarycaravan life is good influenster giveaway

Three year twitter follower Ebbhead (Sean Salo to his family) got the Father’s Day/Life is good package (complete with 4 sugar caramel popcorn from me!) and Lorie Del Mundo (Lorie of the World) got the female version won this this Nikki Poulos Jumpsuit and goodies that I got from influenstervox and Caravan Stylist Studio- and a cute Life is good beach bag.

6. august giveaway

August brought homemade cookies to Dennis Jackson (aka Handgun Safety. He’s one of my fave followers- down to earth and funny!) and beauty products from MD Complete and a Midnight Promise fragrance sample for his lovely wife, Karma.

7. citizen ciao press day giveaway

Last month, Marie Flournouy of Concepts of Style won this Citizen Ciao cap, right after I was gifted with it at AMP3PR’s Press Day– cuz I’m cool like that.

8. MYNY NYFW giveaway with ShopJacquelineRose bracelet

And now…. the September 2014 MYNY/NYFW giveaway! I went to the Influenster/DKNY MYNY fragrance launch in August and since then have been curating a giveaway worthy of this spicy, sexy eau de toilette. I gave away samples for the rest oif the day after the event, but this is just for the Sassy people. So what’s the prize? Only:

DKNY MYNY fragrance sample and water

Franciacorta Iphone cases (2) from Nolcha Fashion Week

A box of candy coated chocolate Energems (yummy caffeinated chocolate candies)

Tresemme 7 Day Smooth shampoo, conditioner, and hair treatment- STRAIGHT from the Lincoln Center tents!

and- an Eternal Flame stackable bracelet set from Shop Jacqueline Rose, priced at $85!

What do you have to do to win? Be the first to answer this question:

What three celebrities were on hand to greet the crowd at the Influenster/DKNY MY NY event in Madison Square Park last month? 

Send answers to, and you MUST have a verifiable email address! No catfishing allowed!

Good luck, and I’m rooting for you…

xoxo, Faith/ Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


MBFW: last call for backstage at Art Hearts Fashion with Red Door Spa – real model, real style (Part 3)

So, last but not least! What do real models (aka, people who actually get paid to wear clothes and look cute as a job) wear to work? There’s always posts about model style, so I figured you guys might be interested.

So here it is- real models wearing their own clothes backstage at a fashion show:


It’s all about the girl looking like a normcore ballerina. This look topped my list, because it’s just so cool and easy. Plaid shirt, tucked into shorts. We’re done. (i know, not everyone can wear shorts, da da da- just freestyle from there. Plaid shirt, black skirt, black jeans, black leggings- the real thing is to not overthing or overdo it.)


  1. Yes, everyone had their phone out. I liked the mesh over tank look. 2. Surfer style in the background- is maroon a thing? 3. I loved these pants- the pattern was fantastic.


 1. I loved her basic grey dress, with the open back. Also the belt with suspenders, and knee high socks with ankle boots. So downtonw, so New York. 2. Bras were meant to be seen. A loose fitting cropped black t with a leather look mini? Why not! These two lanky beauties know how to add the rock and roll. Love it. modelstyle3

1. This bag- color, size, and FRINGE! 2. Loved the gnarly sweater and leather jeans. The studded bag at her feet adds some rough edge and shine. 3. I loved this scarf cape, which she wore over a neat black tshirt and knifepleted skirt. So Parisian! Tres chic!modelstyle5

The kind of plain black dress that you can sue to layer with this fall and winter. See it over a white button down shirt and red leggings with flats or ankle length boots. Or? Under one of those long coat sweaters with a beanie and some Cat Footwear Colorado style work boots. Fun, right?


Take some cues from the guys, keep it easy and no stress.  modelstyle41. So yes, lace tshirts can atually be a thing. Keep it loose, as you see here, don’t get one that looks spray painted on. 2. Chambray shirt and LBD? Looks good here, so try it at home. 3. Tomboy style with a oversized Opening Ceremony tshirt, striped (adidas?) shorts and sneaks.


Part 1- backstage in hair and makeup with the Red Door Spa Team

Part 2: Art Heart Fashion models dressed backstage (with show video)

Ok, the NEXT post (like, very next post) is about…

The MYNY/NYFW giveaway! (click here to see what you’ll be winning)

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MBFW: backstage at Art Hearts Fashion show with the Red Door Spa team (part 2)

When we left off with Part 1, the models had been made up by the Red Door Spa team, and most had filed into the staging area for their clothing and last minute instructions from the design teams and producers. Of course I hung around as long as I could to glimpse the hair and clothing combinations!

Atlaf Maneeshia:



Designer Altaf Maaneeshia offset his sculpted designs with this messy, frowsy take on an updo. The makeup wasn’t overdone, just a great clean eye with a bright lip. Futuristic in an 80s way.

2. Furne Amato:



Furne Amato‘s beautifully ethereal clothing was featured on models with deep parts and ballerina buns. Severe and classic. So Black Swan it hurt.

Gregorio Sanchez:


gregs1Gregorio Sanchez’s colorful, feminine designs were accentuated by an Evita Peron style do. the whole thing was so Carolina Herrera!  Dignified, but punchy, and hot. Loved the Day of the Dead themed wrist cuffs, complete with skull figurines in papier mache.

Leghila:ieghabags1Che bella! Hello, can you say ‘love at first sight’? This table full of eye-poppingly colorful neoprene bags is from Leghila, an Italian brand that seems to have a lock on being the biggest Italian import since pizza. Ti amo, dammi uno, per favore!!!

Mister Triple X: 



Mister Triple X had the bubbly curls of the 50’s combined with the braide/faux shave look of right this second. Smokey eyes, a nude lip and black & white graphic nail art completed their vision for the women. the men? Just plain hunky. I was ok with that.

MT Costello:



MT Costello’s nearly naked slinky lace and dramatic gold lame creations needed sexy, slinky hair. In most cases wavy hair with gold flecks was seen, as well as gold foil and paint adhered to cheekbones and gold applied to models backs and arms. Beautiful. My fave? The shimmering golden fishtail gown on the dark-skinned model with the drop dead perfect body. She shimmered from head to toe, and the skin on her back was flawlessly smooth.  That’s why there’s Red Door Spa professional Products like Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub.



shrek2Shrekahnth had a total urban warrior thing happening with the graphically drawn eyeliner and braided hair. Fun, sporty clothing in unique, Africa inspired prints. As you can see, the clothes were fun, funky, and eminently wearable. Great collection!

You can view the entire show here:

Next up? Since everyone loves ‘model style’ Part 3- what do models wear to NYFW? coming soon…

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

Previous: Part 1, hair and makeup looks

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MBFW: backstage at the Art Hearts Fashion show with Red Door Spas beauty team! (Part 1)

I woke up on 9/11 feeling that weird feeling that comes from remembering that one day in 2001, the Word Trade centers fell due to a terrorist attack. Life goes on, and now there,s a 9/11 Memorial to commemorate the loss of so many lives, but it still felt kind of weird to be running to a fashion show.

I mean it didn’t stop me, but I did have a moment of prayer about it. Respect.


It looked like a cloudy day, so I packed my ParMana Designs dream awake shoulderbag with my Vinrella water bottle umbrella.  Just in case.


As usual, even though I reminded myself over and over again not to be late, I ended up flying to get on the train. I was on the edge of my hard plastic seat until I was finally walking up ramp for Lincoln Center. As I crossed the courtyard, I saw these girls, who seemed to be in a Harajuku Girl walking class or something. Snapped a shot and ran on, since backstage was indeed…


in the BACK of Lincoln Center. A long, long walk from the front. Luckily, I was able to get checked in and found myself in the one spot everyone wants to be in: backstage, with an all access pass. YES!!


I got in and it was this- PANADEMONIUM. The re were models everywhere, tons of people in black Red Door Spas t-shirts doing various things to them, people running back and forth with cameras, and the whole place smelled like burnt hair. Heaven. I was definitely in the right place.


In short order I found my PR contact and the Lifeway frozen kefir treats. Armed with a look breakdown and some sweet sweet frozen relief, I was no calm and prepared to go forth and cover. Life is always better with frozen pear flavored kefir treats. Puts things into perspective.



This is me giving MBFW backstage realness. Love it. Skincare thanks to Red Door Spas Professional  products. I’ve been using the Calming sensitive skin range for the last few weeks for dewy soft summer skin. Eyes are Aquamatic waterproof glide-on eyeshadow in S60, butter LONDON Wink eye pencil in Union Jack Black, and Bobbi Brown everything mascara, pot rouge, and crystal lip gloss. I’m wearing the Ariel charm necklace from ShopJacquelineRose, along with her green oasis bracelet and my jade and silver bead Lisa Hoffman beauty fragrance bracelet in Clary Sage. My outfit is: Freeport field jacket from LL Bean, white button down Ann Taylor shirt, plum and grey embroidered novella skirt from Life is good, 3/4 signature leather belt from LL Bean in Guide Gold, ParMana Designs Dream Awake shoulder bag, and Cat Footwear Zosia sandals. Nail polish by Zoya in Carmen over a base coat of Probelle Beauty nail hardener.


the Red Door Spas team, Headed by Woody Michelb, Cesar Olivas, and Adeline Sarno, were in charge of creating looks for eight separate designer’s visions. Which meant that they had to be focused and on pint to deliver consistent results for each group of models. No pressure, right? arthearts8

 The look for show opener Mister Triple X was a head full of bouncy curls offset by a faux hawkian style braid on the side of the head. After setting hair with (you can use velcro rollers, pins, or hot rollers), the hair was misted with Kerastase Laque Couture to smooth and define waves. The makeup was all about a smokey eye and ripe pink lips. arthearts8a

 Guys were backs stage getting smooth, sideswept hair from Control Sector and Mister Triple X. No one was exempt from the Red Door Spas nail team- even the male models had their nails buffed and cuticles trimmed. arthearts9


The look for MT Costello was GOLD! Models were given loose 70s style waves (gorgeous on ANTM alum Jaslene Gonzales), and their faces and bodies were decorated with gold leaf. Pure glamour! The makeup was all smokey eyes and nude lips with glowing skin.


Furne Amato and Gregorio Sanchez featured models with deep parts and ballerina buns. Severe and classic.  Their nails were done in a soft pink, neutral shade. Makeup for Gregorio was clean, in a classic 50s way with luminous skin, and cateye liner with false lashes. arthearts92

 Designer Altaf Maaneeshia offset his sculpted designs with this messy, frowsy take on an updo. This was done by using a small curling iron to create loose curls, and then molding each section into waves by hand. Kerastase V.I.P Volume in Powder was used to create height and separation, then misted with Kerastase Laque Noir to set the style.  Pull tendrils out to frame the face and then finish with Kerastase Laque Couture. The makeup was clean and simple, with a bright lip and gold cream eyeshadow on the inner corners of eyes.


 Shrekahnth made a statement with a striking braided look. Hair is sectioned off, and a french braid is created down the center of the head, then more braid are created towards the back of the head and secured with elastic. An Egyptian-styled graphic was drawn around the eyes with liner, and the lip was completely nude.


One all the models were coiffed, buffed, polished, and made up they trooped off to get dressed before hitting the runway… bye models!

Up next: Art Hearts Fashion/Red Door Spas backstage review Part 2- some glimpses of the outfits! Models dressed for the runway in Furne Amatao, MT Costello, and more…

xoxo, Faith/Sassy EthnicBohemian