MBFW: last call for backstage at Art Hearts Fashion with Red Door Spa – real model, real style (Part 3)

So, last but not least! What do real models (aka, people who actually get paid to wear clothes and look cute as a job) wear to work? There’s always posts about model style, so I figured you guys might be interested.

So here it is- real models wearing their own clothes backstage at a fashion show:


It’s all about the girl looking like a normcore ballerina. This look topped my list, because it’s just so cool and easy. Plaid shirt, tucked into shorts. We’re done. (i know, not everyone can wear shorts, da da da- just freestyle from there. Plaid shirt, black skirt, black jeans, black leggings- the real thing is to not overthing or overdo it.)


  1. Yes, everyone had their phone out. I liked the mesh over tank look. 2. Surfer style in the background- is maroon a thing? 3. I loved these pants- the pattern was fantastic.


 1. I loved her basic grey dress, with the open back. Also the belt with suspenders, and knee high socks with ankle boots. So downtonw, so New York. 2. Bras were meant to be seen. A loose fitting cropped black t with a leather look mini? Why not! These two lanky beauties know how to add the rock and roll. Love it. modelstyle3

1. This bag- color, size, and FRINGE! 2. Loved the gnarly sweater and leather jeans. The studded bag at her feet adds some rough edge and shine. 3. I loved this scarf cape, which she wore over a neat black tshirt and knifepleted skirt. So Parisian! Tres chic!modelstyle5

The kind of plain black dress that you can sue to layer with this fall and winter. See it over a white button down shirt and red leggings with flats or ankle length boots. Or? Under one of those long coat sweaters with a beanie and some Cat Footwear Colorado style work boots. Fun, right?


Take some cues from the guys, keep it easy and no stress.  modelstyle41. So yes, lace tshirts can atually be a thing. Keep it loose, as you see here, don’t get one that looks spray painted on. 2. Chambray shirt and LBD? Looks good here, so try it at home. 3. Tomboy style with a oversized Opening Ceremony tshirt, striped (adidas?) shorts and sneaks.


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Ok, the NEXT post (like, very next post) is about…

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