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the august recap: baked goods, street vending, and a slow transformation towards fall fabulous

So… back to the hazy, crazy days of summer one last time. When we last reviewed all the little details of my life in July, I was out on the street selling cookies and baked goods.  As July turned into August, I started adding items to my menu that reflected the diverse nature of my neighborhood. Chocolate chip cookies and brownies were just the start- now I had to get into West Indian beverages and treats.


It started with the drink, sorrel. I drank this as a kid, since my family is Guyanese. I loved sorrel, and was always first in line with my cup out whener some was being poured. Unfortunately, i never bothered to learn how to make it.  Luckily, I found the ingredients that I needed at a fruit stand near my favorite supermarket, followed the instructions, and voila! I got the little 8 oz bottles at a restaurant supply store. My first batch of Lemon Ginger Sorrel was ready for sale (and absolutely delicious).


I modified my cookie process, but baking them in the mini-muffin pan. They actually keep pretty well, and are super tasty- but I want to work on that idea some more.


I made brownies- first I did it from a mix, and then went off and found out how to do it for real. I experimented with carrot cake muffins- the topping is dried cranberries and melted Hershey’s  cookies & cream white chocolate bars that i found near the register at the store. I did the topping because after grating and smashing and mixing everything together, I thought my carrot cake muffins looked weird. I ended up sacrificing four to make free bite sized samples and ended up selling the majority of them.

The last pic is the mythical sugar cake. People kept asking for them, so I found the recipe, got all the ingredients (seriously- half a bag of sugar!) and made them. Sol three. I am still dieting the rest of them off. So- no more sugar cakes. I can’t afford the extra poundage.


I also added a drink called mauby– which I have always hated- at customer demand. I don’t like it because it’s bitter. But, if you have sorrel, you’re supposed to have mauby so I did it. I still have 5 bottles in my freezer- because I refuse to drink them, but can’t stand to throw them away. I might give them to my brother.


This was me, chilling at the table, and I made all that stuff (except the water). My style and beauty game was seriously falling off though. I was working really hard, and not keeping up with the laundry and generally not being the self I’m supposed to be.


I had to get the laundry done, since I was just wearing thrift store dresses on the regular. Not the worst thing ever? But I was just doing it because it was easier that planning outfits (or doing the laundry). At the beginning of August I counted up my money and realized that I had enough money to do a tiny little bit of shopping.  I went through Nordstrom Rack, and some other places, but I didn’t want to splurge or get something that wasn’t going to fit with my style.

I ended up getting two cotton tshirts from H&M, and a sporty tshirt  and sweatpants with pockets from Rainbow Shops. No major spending (I had to buy a new phone, so…) but it was just enough to revitalize what I had and get me back on track. Then my Grafton glasses came from and I was even happier. I was almost a brand new person. augrecap7

Then I got some beauty stuff sent over, so I was in heaven. I got a new ‘dermal repair cream’ called Sente, Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask , and hair products from Phyto Specific specifically formulated for my hair. I couldn’t wait to start pampering myself!


I jumped in the tub after putting in a morning working my table and gave myself a through going over. I already had my Signature Luxurious Body Wash and Milk & Honey Scrub from Red Door Spa Professional Products Body Renewal line, so the Phyto Specific hair products were the perfect addition to my routine.


The next day I wore another of my new purchases, a tie-dyed sundress that was $10, plus a straw hat that I found at the discount store. i also added this lovely gauze square since I gashed my leg shaving during my spa bath. It’s held on with that mini-ducktape that I got free from influenster that time.


So between the glasses, and my new stuff- I was feeling kinda stylish! I liked this look- a little chambray, the sweatpants were super comfortable, and I had my Cat Footwear weavement sandals and Lisa Hoffman Beauty fragrance bracelet. Chillin. Just sellin’ cookies and chillin’. My skin is clearer and softer, too. It made a big difference in my mood, and I looked less tired since my skin was absolutely glowing from using the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask and moisturizing with the Sente dermal repair cream.  augrecap92


This was the cutest outfit- i shopped my closet for this skirt from Ann Taylor Loft. The striped tshirt gave it a whole new freshness. It was a little rainy that day, so I threw on a Nautica jacket and put my Vinrella wine bottle umbrella in my bag. This is a few days after starting to use the Phyto Specific Rich Hydration Shampoo and the Hydration Styling Cream.


Things were going pretty good, but then they got even better- yes…Red Door Spa Professional Products sent over another box of goodies from the Body Renewal and Intensive Skin care Solutions lines!  So now, in addition to what I already had I got the Olive Oil & Salt Scrub, The Calming & Restoring skincare line, and another tube of the Olive Oil & Mint Cooling Gel. Jackpot!

augrecap95I also added this cute green bucket hat that I got at a little hole in the wall accessories shop on Fulton Street in Brooklyn. It had the right amount of sass. Here I do my fave chambray shirt with the striped tshirt and blue leggings. So easy. But I think I looked a little better here than at the start of the month.


This is the pretty magnolia tree one earlymorning. I just like that shot. so here you go. I also loved this easy summer outfit of floral trousers and a Bobi Los Angeles tshirt.

As you can see, I was in seventh heaven for the rest of the summer. I felt way more attractive (in spite of my steadily expanding waistline) and empowered because I used my own money to start the process of making myself feel better. Beauty products aren’t just for outer beauty. It’s the time spent doing things for yourself that is the real payoff.

I also did the laundry.

Next time? I’ll tell you what I got from Life is good, LL Bean, and Shop Jacqueline Rose Jewelry!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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