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Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent *and a word about the PDN Photoplus Expo in NYC*

In photography, just like life, no one sees the same thing the same way. Iwas almost stumped on Descent, until I found this:


Which is pretty obvious, we’re descending into the NY subway… but you could always interpret the same word (and the same scenario) this way:


It sort of exemplifies the feeling that I get whenever I descend into the NY subway system. Happy Halloween!


The other thing that I wanted  to take a second to mention is that if you’re in NY this weekend you might want to check out the PDN Photoplus Expo 2014 at the Jacob Javits Center:


All the camera companies, seminars, demos, and cool discoveries that make photo fun. I went on the 29th when they were barely open and Talked with some people from Corning about their new website that allows you to print your photos on very thin glass. The color and depth is insane. Check it out at They’re opening it to consumers first, and mentioned that they are looking into fine tuning the process for photo artists and pros. If you make it over there, they are at booth #162

Another fun thing was meeting the team behind the Fripito app. If you’re traveling, you plug in your destination and the app tells you not only where the best scenic spots are, but gives you a guideline of how to get the best exposure. They are at, and they are at booth #13 at the Expo.

The I also got to preview this adorable little point and shoot (perfect for selfies!) from Samsung. They’re at booth # 537, and you can ask them about the NX mini if you have a chance to go.

Attending the expo is free, but you have to pay for seminars. Just go here to see pricing and to register.


Have a great Halloween and weekend!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian



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ROUNDUP: Haircare- shampoos, conditioners, temporary color? Igot you…BOO!

Ok, so that was my lame Halloween joke. Get it? BOO!


Moving along, let’s plow through the haircare portion of the massive, huge, multi-part beauty roundup that I have been working on since August.

l hairrdp1

1. Phyto Specific Curl Hydration Shampoo did not work for me. In fact, it dried out my hair, which is funny since it’s formulated for ‘curls, coils, and kinks’. Uberliss Hydratingt shampoo– worked, lol! It moisturized my hair, and even wet, the texture was smoother and straighter- which for me means curly. It smells heavenly, too.#winner Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo was a great surprise. Since I have natural hair, I always though dry shampoo wouldn’t work for me. Silly, right? All you do is sporay it on your scalp and brush or rub it through. It absorbs excess oil and adds texture, so there you go.  Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner, definitely left hair softer. Good if you just need something from the drugstore. Ojon rare blend Moisture Rich Cleansing Conditioner was superb. Drench your hair in it (maybe use a plastic shower cap while your in the tub), work it through from root to tip, and just let work. It takes 1 or 2 minutes and then you can shampoo and rinse, but I admit to letting it sit for about 10 minutes. My hair was soft, manageable, and clean. #winner

2. Umberto Roman Oil Serum, which I got at Simply Stylist, is a moisturizing serum that adds shine to hair. I definietly felt a difference after working it into my hair, which takes as much time to look artfully disheveled as Robert Pattinson’s.  This stuff looks expensive, but you can get it at Target. Uberliss Hydrating conditioner is much like the shampoo- smells heavenly and works wonders #winner Phyto Specific Phytotraxil restores hair worn away by traction alopecia. Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment is hair luxury. Scoop out some of the waxy formula and hold it between your hands to warm it up. Once it melts, rub it through your hair (get that shower cap back on!) and leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse. I defy you not to be amazed at the softness and resilience and shine of your hair. #superwinner Tigi Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey Intense Nourishing Mask was an iffy proposition at first. Like, oatmeal? After getting over my squeamishness I was rewarded by a head of subtly relaxed hair that was more curly than coarse. Even after 3 days, it still held some moisture and hadn’t flattened or dried out #winner

3. Aveda Smooth Infusion is meant to help people straighten their hair gradually. I was skeptical at first, but I ended up with straighter hair after using it to moisturize my hair as I twisted it up at night. Not just curly, it was starting to look relaxed, so I stopped. #amazing Philip B. Oud Royal Grafity-Defying  gel works pretty much like any other hair gel. Doesn’t leave flakes or over-dry hair. Phyto Specific Moisturizing Styling Cream does leave hair a bit softer and has a pleasant smell and feel. Bosley Medical Nourishing Shampoo cleanses and removes toxins while helping to regenerate thinning hair. It literally tingles when you put it on. You leave it on for a minute or two before working it into a rich, fragrant lather. I’ve been using it all summer and it works. #winner

PhytoSpecific Phytotraxil:

l hairrdp2


I’ve been using this all summer. You spray it on your problem area, in my case a bald patch left from a childhood accident. Spray it on your dry scalp, then massage it in. You do this every three days (ok, I did it when I remembered, so once a week). In a bout six weeks you will have growth. I’ll post again in January just to have definitive proof- but as you can see, the area is filling in. #winner

Wicked Crown Temporary Hair Chalks:

m hairrdp3

Just in time for Halloween! You can grab a set of these hair chalks at Target and Chrislie. You get 12 chalks ranging from ebony black to snow white. You can wet the chalk and rub it into dry hair, or rub dry chalk onto wet hair and seal with a sblow dryer or curling iron. It washes out immediately, so try not to trick-or-treat under a sprinkler. I thought this was fun, and a great way to jazz up your hair with minimal commitment. I already went through this phase, but it definitely has a little punkchic thing going on #winner

Next time? We Roundup some Makeup!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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ROUNDUP: Moisturizers, Body Treatments, Self-Tanners for winter 2015

Ok, more beauty products! The last two months have been crazy- so many things came in (in addition to stuff I asked for). I’ve been collecting and testing so hopefully some of these products will make it into your medicine cabinet this winter. I got an amazing range of products as well, so we have a LOT to talk about.

e mr1

1. fresh is a sompany whose product I purchased even before I starting seriously blogging. I used this Lotus Youth Preserve Lotion over the summer and was definitely pleased with the results. featuring the company’s Super 7 Complex, I noticed an overall softening and brightening of my skin. Sente Labs has released a medical grade Dermal Repair Cream with bioactive glycoproteins to combat those little signs of aging. It’s pricey- almost $200, but if you really care about the appearance of your aging skin it might be for you. I tried the True Natural Hydro + Duo day cream, but didn’t like it. It smelled like licorice and that’s not my favorite smell. I ended up using it on my feet. I received these adorable little samples from Adrian London at NOLCHA Fashion Week. I got the Hyaluronic Acid Serum, the Miracle Skin Tightening Serum, and the Age Defying Moisture Cream for Men (which can actually be used by anyone).

2. Ulta Instant Moisture  is purported to instantly replenish moisture. I still haven’t tried the Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream– but they have a great reputation I got both of these samples in my Glossy Box at the Beauty 20 Awards. I DID try the Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel- love. Love to death. For some reason, a lot of eye creams give me headaches. This one? Cooled the area and moisturized the one place that every other product is supposed to avoid. And there’s a lot in the jar, so I’ll have it all winter #winner I used this all last winter and swear by it, Plantscription Powerful Lifting Cream. We talked about Derma/e products in the last roundup.

3. These are two fun things that make you feel and look good with minimal effort- like, all you do is spray them on and done. The Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray– just read their description, it’s awesome. Thank you, Glossy Box! Jurlique Purely Bright Mist,spray on and pat gently into skin. Featuring something called Kakadu Plum Extract, it makes you feel radiant just from spraying it on.

g bodyrdp1

1. Lipo Lotion from Measurable Difference is your answer to that little cellulite problem. It’s not just the lotion- there’s a nubby massaging top that vibrates to help you massage the lotion into your problem areas. I just started using it, but the top of my arms do feel tighter #stilltestingbuthopeful. Ulta Vanilla Sugar Body Lotion smells delicious and doesn’t leave you greasy, great for after bath. Origins Drink Up lip balm, conveniently sized moisture for lips with a sheer tint. Closely matched by Jurlique Love Balm, which has a fresh citrus scent and can be used on lips, elbows, knees, anywhere that needs a little ‘love’. Pacifica Indian Coconut super hydrating hand cream. I got it over the summer and haven’t used it all, so… Red Door Spa Professional  Milk & Honey Nourishing Body Cream was gone so fast, it was crazy. I slathered it all over my body and wound up gleaming. People actually complemented me on the velvety appearance of my skin.  I want to buy all the jars they have and just hoard it. The Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub is the same- just ridiculously luxurious skin pampering. #winner

g bodyrdp21. This is a discount store find that I cherish- Dalan olive oil soap, partnered with a good pair of loofah gloves is the answer to dry skin prayers. It also works as a shampoo and helps with dandruff. Cheap and effective, so stock up.

2. Ravish Me bronzer, I got this in my Simply Stylist goodie bag. I googled it and and the company has discontinued it so… I’m not putting this on my skin.

3. I got the Fake Bake from Caravan Stylist Studio. I used it once, along with the enclosed purple gloves. St. Tropez’s products were a lot better- I really only have a little bit of the Bronzing Mousse left from this summer, and I used all of the Gradual Tan Everyday Body moisturizer and loved it. Even though I’m dark, The St. Tropez products gave me a sun-kissed glow that I adored, and I got a lot of male attention, and constant compliments on my skin. If you want took like you just left  the beach when it’s gray and cold outside? get this stuff #winner. Perfekt Beauty Body Perfection Gel is like body makeup. Goes on smooth with a slight shimmer. Nice. Natura Bisse Diamond White SPF 50, is supposed to be perfect for all skin types. I did use Arbonne Made in the Shade Self Tanner, whose SPF 15 rating is helpful to anyone who spends time in the sun. It was kind of greasy, and the spray thing can be awkward.


Ok, I have literally watched 4 tv shows, (Gotham, Black-ish, How to Get Away With Murder, and I’m halfway through Brooklyn Nine-Nine- just in case you wondered. Thanks, HULU!) and I need to eat and go to the store. the next installment of our super huge product roundup? Haircare.

See you soon!


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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Newsbreak: REpurposingNOLA 2015 Ethical Fashion Calendar Project

I met Traci Claussen of REpurposing NOLA at the Nolche Verde sustainable fashion event last month. I was really impressed by her bags and her commitment to making and keeping sustainable fashion chic yet relatable. This month, Traci is asking you to make the same commitment- with a picture.

Strike your best pose, and get nekkid for ethical fashion!

unnamed (1) unnamed

Here are the details, straight from Traci:

“We are “Calling all Calendar Gals + Guys” with a contest to invite/challenge shoppers to strike a pose with their truly UNIQUE piece of New Orleans then share it along with a comment/quote about supporting local people + the planet through commitment to their fashion choices. Submissions will be accepted through November 1st, 2014 via email, twitter, facebook, or Instagram.

Each calendar month will feature one of the contest finalists supporting sustainable fashion by “wearing” only their REpurposingNOLA bag (any other items in shot must also be Made in America or ethically made). The goal being to raise awareness during the holiday season to THINK about the brands you give + receive, and support locally made, sustainable, ethically fashioned goods.

All of the NET proceeds for the 2015 Calendar Project will benefit theSoutheast Fibershed via the Fibershed umbrella.  The mission of Fibershed is to change the way we clothe ourselves by supporting the creation of local textile cultures that enhance ecological balance, and utilize regional agriculture while strengthening local economies and communities.”

Just in case that wasn’t clear- get nekkid with your REpurposingNOLA bag (you know you want one- don’t you love the carpetbagger tote in this post?), and send in a photo by NOVEMBER 1st, 2014. Go ahead, do it- I’m rooting for you to win!

If you need any more info- check out REpurposingNOLA’s awesome blog– featuring Traci herself!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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ROUNDUP: Cleansers, Masks, and Moisturizers to take you through the fall and winter

I decided that 6 categories is way to OCD and I was just overthinking and had to get a grip. I mean, they’re beauty products! I need to stop tripping and just grind it out. So after tinkering and re-shooting (I’m relying on my cell phone camera so, bear with me!) I finally got it together.

So. I divided everything into logical categories starting with…

Cleansers (and exfoliation agents):

a cleanserrdp

1. Red Door SpaProfessional Products Calming Gel Cleanser– warms as it touches your skin, washes off all the yuck and leaves a clean playing field. Jurlique Soothing Foaming Cleanser– washes you clean without stripping your face. Red Door Spa Professional Products Lemon Burst Polishing Scrub– gently scrubs away grime to reveal fresh skin ready for moisturizing or a facial.

2. Derma/e– this brand is EVERYWHERE lately. I first encountered them at the Beautypress Spotlight Day event where I was given the Firming DMAE Moisturizer. I met them again at Simply Stylist NY’s event at the Park Central Hotel. There I received the Vitamin E Intensive Therapy Handcreme (stellar) and the Microdermabrasion ScrubDerma/e is normally sold at heath food stores like Whole Foods or online, so you may not have heard of it. At the moment, I’m definitely gaga over the hand creme. It softens instantly.

3. Rodial Super Acids X-Treme After-Party Scrub– this is a 3-in1 product designed to get you up and glowing whether you like it or not. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m super curious! I’m not worried about the fruit acids, but I am wondering about the beads… #staytuned Murad Skin Smoothing Polish: It’s pretty and pink. I will put it in my rotation, but again, I haven’t tried it. It’s a ‘rich creamy polishing scrub [that will] remove embedded impurities. Origins Modern Friction: this can work as a scrub or a mask. I like to leave it on for 5 minutes, then wash it off in the shower. It ALWAYS works, and I’ve been using it since getting my first sample at Birchbox lounge back in September 2013. Derma/e Microdermabrasion Scrub– untried, but has won awards and is supposed to buff skin and ‘help to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars’.


b maskrndp1

1. Red Door Spa Professional Products Calming & Soothing Mask– leaves skin looking poreless, definitely use along with the Soothing & Calming Moisturizer. A genuine gem of a mask. The Origins GinZing Refreshing Face Mask– in between events? Have just half an hour between getting home and going out? Try this. Smooth on to your face, take ten minutes to relax, then tissue off. It wakes up your skin and leaves you feeling a little better equipped to run back out into the fray.

2. Sulwhasoo Snowise Ex Brightening Mask– worth looking like Hannibal Lecter. The results are startlingly immediate. I had three, used one, gave away one- and am hoarding this one in case of an aging emergency.

3. I got this SK-II facial Treatment Mask free at MBFW. they only gave me one, and this is backup should the Sulwhasoo mask dry out. They rubbed a little bit of the serum on my hand and it did soften instantly. I was impressed- but… why waste it all at once, right? Deep in the winter? I will need this.

d maskrndp3

1. The Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Sleeping Recovery Masque– pleasant and soothing floral scent and a mask that hydrates your skin as you sleep? A no-brainer splurge. #winner

2. Glam Glow‘s YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment and ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment are the dynamic duo of skincare. After treating your skin to a deep cleansing (as shown on our lovely model in photo 3, lol) you can actually use the ThirstyMud as a moisturizer- the hydrating treatment can be left on to work it’s magic, just tissue off the excess and rub it into your skin.

c maskrndp21. Saving the best for last… Bullet Acne Aid isn’t exactly a mask for your whole face? More like a pimple mask that gently dissolves your blemishes. Just a little dab on your pimple, re-apply as necessary- that pimple will disappear. Guaranteed.  I’m gonna skip to MD Complete to get it out of the way- The Skin Clearing Non-Irritatiing Pro Peel wasn’t my favorite. I feel as if, after I used it my skin was worse. Not worth it.

1 & 2. Luckily? I received two jars of Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask, and used one all up. This product is insanely good. Made from all natural ingredients in vermonth, this mask smells heavenly and leaves you with soft refreshed skin that looks years younger. This photo is from the first time I used it- I don’t look like that anymore. It was the start of my summer skin renaissance.


This is enough for one post. I’m leaving skin and body moisturizers and self-tanners for the next installment. Stay Tuned!


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian




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in which i get ready for that big beauty roundup… or you know, 6 roundups


The first thing I ever got free for blogging was Seventh Generation Firming Oil with Boabab. I didn’t win the contes that I entered, but it was a first step on the road to where I am today which is…


I started emailing people back in Auguts (a year after my Seventh Generation post coincidentally) but some people didn’t answer, some people sent stuff that led to requests for more stuff, then MBFW came, then right after that some big beauty events until my apartment was highjacked by products.


Skin, masks, hair, conditiiners, moisturizers, nails, top coat, polish, eyeliner, eye gel, Mary Kay, Aveda, Origins, fragrance… we are about to go IN, people.

the roundup

I got shampoo and conditioner from this company called Uberliss, temporary hair chalks from Wicked Crown, Lipo Lotion from Measurable Difference, and you guys already know about the Red Door Spas shipments. I have been using, playing, experimenting and testing my way through all of this stuff.


 I tested products  in the bath, just hanging out in the tub for hours. It’s a hard job, but- I wasn’t afraid. rndp7

And while it’s kind of a dream to wade through all of this stuff, smoothing, conditioning, scrubbing, painting and pampering- I took it really seriously. So basically there are 6 parts, dealing with each genre of product:

1. Masks

2. Skincare

3. Haircare

4. Nails

5. Makeup/Self-Tanning

6. Fragrance

I tested it, so you don’t have to.

Stay tuned! maska are coming!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemnian

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

Soooo, I might be cheating a little on this one. Because This image actually WAS a cover:


I was working at Border’s Books on Diversey in Chicago. One night I went to a bar with some co-workers and shot this photo. I had already been featured in After Hours the year before, but once published you get all hungry for more, so… I submitted it, thinking I’d get another tear sheet and bing! I got the cover.



This was supposed to be the cover of my website from school, the same era. I was a very strange little person, lol!


This is a piece that I designed that was never published… I love it so much. I got this shot after wheelding my way onto a balcony in Humboldt Park. the Light was perfect, theer was no one around but ut, and my model, Hope Livonne, was a pleasure to work with. Sigh… This was a vintage dress loaned to me by my landlord. His mother actually got married in it. I wish it was on the cover of Brides magazine.