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Newsbreak: Beijing fashion and beauty with Samsung and VFX

Beijing is on the up and up with fashion stars like Karl Lagerfeld designing hotels and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week coming to roost there.  Between beauty expos and fashion shows the scene is one worthy of blogging about.

MBFW China:


Hot Chinese designers flock to Beijing to show off cutting edge fashion for worldwide consumption. Labels like White Collar (above) show strong collections for magazines and shops to stock up on.


Official London Fashion Week Sponsor Toni & Guy is moving into the China market by creating hahairstyles for most of the designers showing at MBFW. They’re working to understand and analyse Asian hair so that they can deliver great results across the culture barrier. Toni & Guy did the hair for the models on the closing and opening shows for Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week.

China Beauty Expo:


After 19 years, the China Beauty Expo has become the biggest in Asia. This past May, they were able to host 6,433 booths from over 1,837 companies. The turnout was explosive- over 255, 200 visitors came through to explore Cosmetics China, Cosmotech Shanghai, and Beauty Shanghai. They were also host to the Meyi Awards and the Beauty Awards Asia. [Source- Beautypress]

2014 IYDE:


Sponsored by Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, the International Youth Design Exhibition showcased the Samsung Level headphones as the next level in Millenial accessories. Touted as the headphone that would most fit a young, stylish user’s on the go lifestyle, Samsung launched the  Samsung Level Headphones Mix & Match Opening Ceremony Fashion Show. 


Four designers were chosen to show their designs at the Opening Ceremony, and to compete for the Best Mix & Match Designer Award. The challenge? to create an outfit that could be ‘mixed and matched’ to create three more-while matching the Samsung Level headphones. The award went to Wang Fengchen, who stated:

“The design style of this collection is a combination of street style and elegance. In my design, I aimed to improve the patterns to deduct on cutting, which is compatible with the concise design of Samsung Level headphone. I believe that a simplistic style that goes along well with technology will be the fashion trend in the future.” [Source-Blogs Release]


Leading the creative charge into fashion and film production is smart sophisticated company based in Beijing (and Seoul, Korea). Known for their humor (check out the video) and cutting edge studio and sound equipment, they’re the go to if you need to create a sexy film for your design house, or to capture the latest fashion show. They do state of the art motion capture for feature films and commercials, as well as CGI and 2D editing. They can contact them at to discuss how to book time.

I mean, just in case your planning a trip to Beijing…


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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Newsbreak- It’s that weekend where people shop a lot. (Supra, Intimacy, Trollbeads, etc…)

So, Black Friday is officially over, but the deals still remain. Here are some from people that I adore:

Citizen Ciao:



Citizen Ciao- Urban Surfwear is having a Black Friday Sale! They’re offering 50% off, and all proceeds go to benefit Project Hope Alliance. get on this quick, before they run out of tshirts! Go to and use code BF50.




SUPRA shoes are doing a thing with Zumiez Clothing this weekend, with watches from Nixon and G-Shock, clothes from Stussy and Obey, and of course the Mockingjay sneaks. Head over there to  snag some sweet swag for yourself, your family, and those people you call your friends.




These three bracelets, among others, are on sale during the Trollbeads Black Friday Weekend Bash:

1.Red China Bracelet
Original: $107
Sale: $49
Percentage Off: 54%

2.Spring Fashion Kit Bracelet
Original: $272
Sale: $109
Percentage Off: 60%

3. Walk on the Beach Leather Bracelet
Original: $221
Sale: $99
Percentage Off: 48%



Join designer Nanette Lepore on Accompany as she selects the best of their ethically curated goods for her Holiday Gift Guide. get a cool 30% off, too! happy Fair Trade Holiday shopping!



We just visited Intimacy  and their incredible selection, customer service, and one-on-one bra fitting completely won us over. they are having a mind-blowing lingerie sale- so go straight to to find a store near you.

Happy shopping!!!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian





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Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge




I just kept the Convergence thing simple- what’s better than walking in a beautiful park just as the leaves are changing? converge


 Prospect Park, October 2014converge2


Central Park, October 2014

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ROUNDUP: nail polish, tools, press on nails- all of it

Over the summer, I started piling on the free nail polish. It just happened. First it was three bottles of Zoya at my First Anniversary at Caravan Stylist Studio. Then I got a free bottle of polish from butter LONDON, 4 this year from Illamasqua, and one from Sinful Colors (in an influenstervox box).

Now? Not only do I have polish- but I have tools.

Tool kits:


One day I went by the neighborhood Duane Reade and I saw this nail care kit and had to have it. Yes, I paid money, but I got it 75% off- so it was only $2.87! Score!

1. Prevail tip to toe nailcare kit has cuticle nippers, two nnail clippers, some tiny scissors, and a metal cuticle pusher and nail cleaner. AND a nail brush, which is actually all I needed. Throw out the nail files, they’re garbage.

2. The next set of tools made my heart light up- and it came with polish. This is the  butterLONDON Colour Hardware Nail Art Tool Kit. It’s no joke, and the nail file is the business. they threw in the Cutup Collection, which is nothing but glittery sparkley glitter overcoats for your nails. get in on that for NYE. Or to paint your nails before grocery shopping.

3. Then I got all this from Urban Beauty United– which filled in all the cracks and made my nailcare life complete. I got the Urban Tippy Toze pedicure set- with toe separators, and extra nail files and these things called Cutiecools– they’y’re a combination of orange stick and emery board.

So I have all that- and a nail brush. Life is good!

Nail art:


I saw this at the store. there was way too much going on here for me to understand, I haven’t really been into the whole nail art phenomenon. I have things to do. I’m past that phase- but this Sally Hansen Let’s Talk display definitely had me thinking. I mean, it certainly was colorful, right?


1. I had gotten the Probelle Beauty Touch n’ Grow duo at a press event over the summer, and loved the way it worked on my nails. 2. I decided to work with their nail lacquer Bundle #3, which has four polishes and a bottle of Top Coat Sealer.  3. I used all four colors from the bundle (Vivid Night (purple), Sexy Blaze (yellow), Richness (champagne beige), and Love Me (hot pink) along with the butterLONDON Colour hardware nail Art Kit to create a different look on each nail.

I started out ny painting my nails in Richness, which I figured was a good base color to go crazy on. Then I went through the little booklet in the tin because I literally had never done this before. However? These tools made it easy, so the next thing I knew I was doing it. I ombred my nail! Two of them! With 3 colors! I did polka dots! And Lines!

So, yeah- according to this chick who went to art school? Nail art is a rocking kind of thing. Two nails up!

Fake it:




While I was at the Beautypress Spotlight Day event  I met the team from Broadway Nails and they handed me a bag and it had all of this in it- more press on nails then any one ever needed or wanted in life.  If you’re the type who’d rather have their nail art ready made, they have yo covered. They even have pressons for toes. You can find their products at places like your local Duane Reade.


Next up: Etienne Aigner‘s killer ss2015 collection


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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in which i go to Intimacy with my #WHWNY giftcard and get an actual bra fitting

So after the Voss Foundation Women Helping Women luncheon, I had a few hours to kill before the Pinch Me First Anniversary party at Acme. I figured it was a good time to run over to Intimacy and use (one of ) my giftcards ( I took a hint from the lady two seats over and snatched a few from the empty place settings. Don’t worry- I gave one away to a friend who just got married, so… ).

Ahem. Yeah, one embarassing admission after another here on SEB. You’re welcome, and keep comin’ back!


So again- here were the steps: 1. surprise in napkin at charity luncheon 2. shopping at Intimacy on 5th and 16th 3. gorgeous, soft, comfy lace panties from Hanky Panky in my house. A thourough and complete win.

And? I still had one more card…


I had such a good customer service experience the first time that I made an appointment to come in for a bra fit and to officially take a closer look. I was so excited on the first visit, that I hadn’t even noticed everything. Now I saw that they offered fragrance from Aubade (heavenly) and a retro style spray bottle from Agent Provacateur (your burlesque moment). There was also a little wedding night package. These people have you covered from single life to married. Nice.


That’s Lisa Marie over at the register. I checked out their heritage wall as Lisa took care of other customers. Intimacy has been around since 1992, when founder Susan Nethero opened the first shop in Atlanta. Intimacy’s unique approach to getting the right breasts in the right bra was even featured on Oprah.

I thought about drinking some water, but there were too many things to look at. See that mannequin? Yeah, they have plus sizes. In fact, they have about 90 band sizes and cup sizes from A to K.



Look at all of this. It’s like lingerie heaven. It’s all European brands, and the styles are super feminine. They also have slips and swimwear.


And undies for men. These have a speacial little hammock for your man’s uh, stuff.

I took a thorough tour, and then it was time for my fitting.


Lisa showed me into a huge dressing room with a plush seat and a silky robe. Yep. A robe. This was serious. then Lisa came in with this insane selection of bras. Aubade, Primadonna, Andres Sarda, and Simone Perele– luxurious, and sexy. Also functional- she had a few that were seamless t-shirt bras.

I’m not going to reveal the full secrets of the fitting room, but it’s definitely not an event for the squeamish or overly body conscious. You have to trust and be ready to show your twins to a near stranger while talking lingerie. It’s not just a tape measure over your clothes- they mean to get you into a great bra that supports your breasts and makes you look amazing. I have no shame, so there you go.


This happened. I’m kind of pudgy right now, but that didn’t stop me from taking selfies. The first bra is the Simone Perele Andora bra, that has some kind of memory foam that fits to your breasts perfectly. So perfectly- that your headlights show right through. Technology!

Lisa told me about the INTIMACY Insider program. You set up a profile and your bra fit stylist enters your sizes, and you can build a wish list of things that you love. They have a referral program and you can organize parties with snacks and cocktails and everything.


My gift card was for $30, so I indulged myself in another pair of Hanky Panky’s. This time I got bold and went for some turquoise boyshorts. They are so comfortable, it makes me want a whole wardrobe of them. With matching bras, and slips… I think Intimacy might be a place that I keep visiting for a long time to come.

Next up: the NAILCARE ROUNDUP! definitely worth the wait…

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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in which i go to the Pinch Me First Anniversary (and 1 Millionth Subscriber) at Acme NYC)

So, last year I went to the Techstyle Lounge during NYFW. While I was there, I got something called a Pinch Me box full of treats and samples.  This Australian site was just coming to New York and was happily sharing the bounty. I ended up signing on as a subscriber and in spite of some early glitches, managed to stick with it. A year later they’re going strong and celebratiing with a raucous party at Acme Bar & Grill. It was amazing.


Funnily enough, I got a Pinch me box a day or so before the event. you have to be quick when you get the sample email, and this time? I got everything. The box had a full sized bar of Shea  Moisture African Black Soap (which is great for treating acne on face and body), a sample of American Crew Power Cleanser Style Remover shampoo, and a pouch of delicious Gevalia coffee with a coupon as well. then I went to the Creeds Collective Pop-up and my swag came in a Pinch Me tote bag… hmmm.


After attending the Voss Foundation Women Helping Women luncheon, I did some shopping and some instagramming, then headed over to Acme. Premier ‘connectologists’ Janine Just Inc were on hand to create fun displays like this social media wall, instagram prints, and to keep the fun flowing.

The room was swirling with the kinds of people who set trends, and I actually met Consumer marketing manager, Emma Tyler. This adorable Aussie was actually on of the foirst people that I had contact with when the site rolled out, since she was the one who answered my twitter complaints. She told me that the Pinch Me team was ecstatic about their success her in America and that there was no end in sight for the amazing samples that they offer every month.


It was a long day and I had about 6 cocktails, so even though I started out fairly decent with Lancome Teint Idole forming the foundation of my no makeup makeup look, after hours of running around- I ended up looking like photo number two. Let that be a lesson to you. Don’t pose for photos when tipsy. Run away and keep drinking someplace private.

ANNI4Anyway, I managed to get myself home and realized, oh dear, that I had two commemorative Pinch Me boxes. Which meant that I had double the swag, which included four Skinny Cow Limited Edition raspberry bars- which I promptly ate. It was like a greatest hits box with all the samples I had missed- plus another pouch of Gevalia, Bullet Acne Aid (which I first received in that Pinch me box at TechStyle Lounge), and these awesome mini-emery boards from the Revlon x Marchesa collab.

I was tipsy, not stupid.

Next up: A visit to the Intimacy boutique for a bra fit…

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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in which i go to the Voss Foundations 5th annual #WomenHelpingWomen fundraising luncheon

So last year, out of the blue, I got invited to a majorly fancy charity luncheon and I just sat there dazed because- how did I get here?  The Fourth Annual Voss Foundation luncheon and charity bazaar (with VS model Selita Ebanks as the host)  was way beyond my paygrade as a NY Fashion and Trends Examiner. Luckily they liked the writeup, and I was actually invited back this year.

No pressure, no stress- not.


Since this was kind of a serious event, I made that certain effort to look respectable. I ransacked my closet and found this Ann Taylor black wool shift dress with enlarged windowpane check pattern in white. I layered on a cardigan by August Silk and my Desigual Uno jacket in funky polka dots. I accessorized with an Ann Taylor Loft necklace (I’ve had it since 2012), black tights and my Cat Footwear Irenea boots. My Dream Awake shoulder bag from Parmana Designs was that much needed shot of brightness. Rozge Cosmeceuticals lipgloss in New York was just enough color and shine for the look. Thus attired, I RAN out the door (it was one of those mornings, trust me on this).


I made it just in time. Everyone was already seated and salad was already on the table. Yikes. I hastily sat down and tried to look as if I weren’t panting from running up the block to the Dream Downtown Hotel  because, as usual, I got the slow train. The beautiful textured tablecloth was the perfect backdrop for my triple strand glass bead  bracelet from Lisa Hoffman in Smoke and Green Oasis bracelet from Shop Jacqueline Rose.  As I shook out my napkin, This envelope fell out? It was a $30 gift certificate to the Intimacy lingerie boutique! thank goodness I made it on time. An older lady next to me had been snatching them out of the empty place settings.


Lunch was superb. We started with a roasted beet and Marcona almond salad, lightly covered with a sparkly citrus vinaigrette. The main course was Amish Farm Chicken with orecchiete (pasta) and roasted vegetables. Dessert was an adorable plate of petits fours and wine from Jackson Family Winery was poured throughout.

In a homely touch, the meal was served family style so that we all had to pass each other food and be mindful of leaving enough for others. It was subtle reminder that while we in America have an abundance of food, many in sub-Saharan Africa do not. Sharing food at the table is one way for everyone to eat when you have very little to share.


After welcoming remarks from producer/author Susan Fales Hill, we watched a short film that detailed the Voss Foundation’s continuing efforts to help African women and children sustain themselves. Through their efforts to find sustainable sources of clean water, Voss has helped nurture a growing number of water access points and sanitation facilities in Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, and Swaziland.

Voss Foudation Executive Director Kara Gerson updated us on how Women Helping Women has grown over the past 5 years, while creating a growing community that continues to need our help as they become self-sufficient. This year’s honorees (seen here with  Fales Hill) were Kristy Caylor and Rebecca van Bergen. Caylor is the Co-Founder, President and Creative Director of fashion brand Maiyet and van Bergen is the Founder and Executive Director of Nest. We also heard remarks from model Noelle Cousarus Musunka, founder of the Georges Malaika Foundation (and 2012 Voss Foundation WHW honoree).


Once lunch and remarks were over, luncheon attendees were able to shop the bazaar and network with celebrities like supermodel Oluchi Orlandi. The style of the crowd was ladylike prosperity. Personality was expressed through patterns- like this amazing African floral, and detail- see the origami folds of the white button down in the third photo.vw2

Guests were given tote bags designed by Daniela Anastasia Bradazzi (creative director of Etienne Aigner) so that they could fill them up with handmade jewelry, toys from the region of WHW communities.  The Voss Foundation’s Women Helping Women exceeded it’s financial goal for the day- between ticket sales and power shoppers they raised $96,000 to help women and children survive in sub-Saharan Africa.

If you’d like to help or donate, contact them at


Next up: Pinch Me‘s First Anniversary blowout at Acme

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian