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dating diary: fights, breakups, makeups and walking away

So we kind of had a fight because I asked for coconut flour and he gave me coconut sugar. Trivial, but… I had a moment and started thinking and me thinking has killed more relationships that Raid has killed roaches. My thought patterns project years into the future, following each ‘if, then, so’ probability until I can only see ‘abort mission immediately’.

So we broke up, but then I felt like I was being unfair- so I decided that three more dates should let me know if I was just being weird.

Date 1- Horrible Bosses 2


I decided on a sort of softer look, wearing a cashmere/angora belted cardigan for sartorial vulnerability. yeah, I did that. I wore that over a striped basic tshirt from H&M (5 buckies, perfect with everything), a-line Loft skirt in a sizzling red orange, and my Freeport Field jacket from LL Bean ($79). My Cat Footwear Corinne boots from last season, Life is good stowaway tote and Vinrella wine bottle umbrella ($20) completed the look.

Weirdness is that he has a matching jacket. yes. Our clothes match. It’s a thing. Why can’t I see that as destiny? datingdiary2

I figured I’d do a whole thing since I was supposed to be apologetic and contrite, so I made an effort. Combed my hair (just got a box of Cantu Beauty hair stuff, and I swear by the leave in conditioner) and braided it and smoothed on Umberto Roman Oil serum ($9.99)-, and then started getting made up.

It took all of this stuff, just so that I could look like I had no makeup on. datingdiary3

So I go t the place where we were supposed to meet, but then he didn’t show up so I was about to go home, but then I thought, eh I’ll get a bagel. Turns out he took a different train and decided to meet me someplace that we hadn’t agreed on and now I was late. Well.

So then we saw the movie and afterwards went to New York Muffins on Bedford in Williamsburg and had a snack- the red bagel, which is my favorite. This is him pretending to look out the window. He looks sweet, doesn’t he?  I happen to love that grey sweater he’s wearing. Cashmere, and no we didn’t send out a memo to wear the same fabric. The hat was new, and I was kind of digging it.

Anyway, we talked out our differences and mostly made up. Oh, the movie was terrible but really funny.

Date 2- Carlton Hotel, Trollbeads store event:


So this ended up being a really busy evening. thanks to my friends at Bullet Acne Aid, I was invited to the Caravan Stylist Studio Holiday Market in the lobby of the Carlton Hotel. After that we were already confirmed to attend the Trollbeads event. I also had this Paul Drish shoe maintenance kit and some holiday treats to give him. Cuz I’m sweet like that.


It was kind of cold and snowy so I wore my layers to stay warm. I started with my Cory Vines path leggings in onyx. Over that I wore the Nikki Poulos dress that I got from Caravan back in June when I had my first anniversary thing. Chambray shirt, then my Eddie Bauer cardi from a clothing swap, and my LL Bean Signature 3/4 leather belt ($39), finished off with my Cat Footwear Irenea booties ($120). I threw on my velvet coat from the thrift store and my $5 paisley pashmina from the street table on 40th and 5th. datingdiary5

Ok, so we go to the Carlton, right? Have some La Marca prosecco (delish), chow down on So Good soy ice cream, cheese, and delectable pigs-in-a-blanket. then we go get our goodie bags. They say- ‘do you want your photo taken?’ and Mr. ‘No photos’ runs onto the carpet. So now I’m confused, because somebody told me no photos last week.

What sucks is that we look ridiculously happy. How is this possible?

Anyway. We go to the Trollbeads thing and I take this photo of his brilliant red shirt/caramel leather jacket combo and then I asked him why he didn’t give me a Christmas present so he gave me this bottle of wine, but I don’t really think he bought it for me. He was going to some work party and I think he just had it and gave it to me.

I mean I could be wrong? But… I’m just saying. I sound like such a bitch, but I’m SAYING.

Date 3- South Street Seaport:datingdiary6

Remember Mr. Man’s beanie from date 1? I found the same one in pink on a street table in Soho ($10). I decided I was gonna do a dress thing, so I wore my LL Bean cotton/cashmere sweater ($54.95) over my fave plaid dress. Grey tights from Jacks 99 World ($1) and these amazingly warm and lambskin lined lounger boots ($179) from LL Bean. I tucked my gloves and my Origins Make a Difference rejuvenating hand treatment in my pocket, too- cuz it was cold. datingdiary7

I decided to try out some Kiss products eyelashes. I’ve been working on this lash story and they were nice enough to send me some. These are called Witch.

Just let that go, ok? datingdiary8

We were supposed to go to a movie at the Sugarcube installation which started at 7. So I said meet me at the Cowgirl Seahorse Restaurant on Front Street at about 5.30 (cuz I knew he’d be late).


So I go and find the restaurant and even text him directions. I hear nothing back. I order the clam chowder and a hard apple cider. No news from him. I’m eating and sitting and waiting- no text. He walks in at about 6.30 and says he was eating Chinese food someplace and then got lost on his way to the restaurant.

I’m just saying.


We hung out at the restaurant for awhile and ended up missing the movie. At his suggestion we went to see Birdman, this super depressing film that ends badly. I can’t say how, but it’s not exactly a comedy. We ended up at McDonald’s which is one of those things. I had fun, but then I started thinking- is this what I really want? Is this satisfying?

He didn’t do anything really, but that’s the problem.

I like him, but… I think I want something different. It sucks, but I need to be happy.



So things went ok for awhile, but then I started getting that feeling. I have sort of a commitment issue? So while everything looks great on the outside, inside I’m freaking out.

I’m gonna end up a cat lady.

Next up: NYE TBT!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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in which i bake and make candy because it’s Christmas and I’m doing the Food 52 Secret Food Swap

It started with this box of samples for a prospective baking customer…and it never stopped. silk samples

These are Ghirardelli chocolate cake squares (not exactly brownies, not as dense) some with melted mini marshmallows. It was also the first time that I ever tried to decorate my baked goods. I need a better pastry bag!

While I didn’t get this customer, someone else came along and tried the cookies and ordered some for after Christmas. So it worked out. However, i still had to bake for Christmas presents.

So this happened:christmastreats1

I’m actually scared f this cabinet now, as I’ve got a lot f stuff in there that I never heard of or ever thought I wanted.  I have flaxseed meal, coconut flour and sugar, and candied fruit peels. Oh! And pectin, because I was going to make fruit jellies, and maraschino cherries, and molasses. It’s amazing. treatspresents1

So I get started on my first project, which was a basic peanut brittle. Except I forgot to buy a candy thermometer and ended up with softer candy than I was supposed to. So I made peanut chews instead. I put raisins and cranberries in half and rolled the the half in coconut flakes. I mean why not, right? treatspresents1a

Then I decided to dip everything in chocolate- which took up most of my chip stock. THEN I got really excited and tried to double broiling method where you melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of water. I never bothered before, but I think it was worth it. treatspresents2

So I basically stayed in the house and made white chocolate, butterscotch, and peanut butter dipped peanut chews. THEN I was like- they’re ugly, so I drizzled semi-sweet melted chocolate chips on them.

It looks like I planned that, right? I was kind of jazzed about the outcome. And I only ate three, but that was for quality control.  I didn’t want to eat any more, because then I couldn’t gift them and I wanted to hear that Iwas brilliant. treatspresents3I was still feeling creative, so I did cookies in the mini-muffin tray, then mini-cupcakes with sprinkles baked in, then Christmas sugar cookies dipped in royal icing and sprinkled with crushed peppermint. THEN I did these pecan turtle bars from my Dinah Shore cookbook. I was just on fire. I could not stop baking.


THEN I had to wrap everything and I tried to be creative. So much fun. My favorite is the one that I wrapped to look like a piece of candy- photo three. I mean, that is so cute!!! I gave it to someone and they emailed me right away about how much they liked it.



Then it was off to play Santa and drop stuff off. It took two days and I mistakenly gave someone my prized Marc Jacobs shopping bag, but still. I only regret the candied popcorn experiment. I know better now…treatspresents5

Then I had to get my package together for the Food 52 Secret Holiday Food Swap. You get an email with a strangers name and address (leap of faith for all involved, right?) and you’re off. I did a little of everything- plus beauty products. Katherine Cosmetics lip gloss, Bullet Acne Aid, and I even tucked in a tube of Origins Ginger Souffle lotion. It made me feel virtuous.I was so happy when I saw her post on the Food 52 tumblr:


If you want to see more swaps from around the world, look here.


When people send you pics of the treats you dropped off. I am kind of proud of this presentation! So glad I found those plastic egg cartons- they are perfect for mini-cupcakes! And the candies are wrapped in a recycled makeup jar; I washed it and covered it in brown paper and Christmas ribbon.

treatspresents6But it wasn’t just all me- I actually GOT a present as well! This came from Jessie Pressman, who sent me these goodies from William Sonoma. Let me tell you, I was like a drunken sailor with that Lucero Crushed Meyer Lemon Olive Oil. Delicious.

Next up: Dating Diary returns!!!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

Now that it’s getting really cold, I’m thinking of this one summer day when I hung out with my brother. It was the warmth of having a family member nearby and also the sultry heat of the Brooklyn Street, and the warmth of the friendly crowd surrounding us as we sat on some steps to eat. This guy trying to sell bubble guns encapsulates that. Nothing says summer warmth like a trail of bubbles… stock996

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in which i go to the United Against Ebola event and June Ambrose is there #TBT

I got invited to an benefit and it was fancy enough to warrant days of preparation. I went the whole route: mani, legshaving- and heels. ebola1  I did my nails with Probelle nail lacquer in Richness and tipped my nails with butterLONDON Dustup and Titchy  overcoats. I went through my dresses and decided on this vintage thrift store find that makes me look all Joan of Mad Men curvy. The belt at the waist gives you instant hourglass. I got out my trusty Escada tweed jacket, and my L’Autre Chose wingtip style heels, another thrift shop find- and brand new! For accessories I kept it to my Lisa Hoffman holiday bling bracelet and this adorable Rumbatime Chelsea Clutchebola2  December 5th came and I got suited up, makeup, the whole nine yards. (Oh, those earrings? $2.99 from the discount store!) I love these shoes, but they hurt so bad that I can’t keep my inner diva from surging up. I managed to get all the way there, but I was hobbling by then. yeah, I get into that trap sometimes. I’m female, ok? I mean- they said Matt Dillon was gonna be there, soooo….

images courtesy of Deborah Hughes Inc
images courtesy of Deborah Hughes Inc

Anyway- about the event. It was the Macdella Cooper Foundation‘s United Against Ebola benefit to continue the fight against the deadly disease. Zelma Davis of C+C Music Factory and Broadway performer and luxury children’s designer, Bonnie Young presented her Spring 2015 collection in the “Kids Walk for Kids” show with child actress Fatima Ptacek; Jessie and D’Lila Combs, daughters of Sean “Diddy” Combs; Summer Chamblin, daughter of celebrity stylist June Ambrose; Stephania and Sebastian de Felice, grandchildren of Donna Karan; Ella, daughter of MacDella Cooper; Arica, daughter of Zelma Davis as well as Bonnie’s own children Celia and Brando Babini walking to beats spun by Donna D’Cruz. So cute.

images courtesy of Deborah Hughes Inc

It was a night of stars as former model Macdella Cooper, actor Isaiah Washington, and superstar designer Donna Karan were all in attendance to help raise funds. The event raised over $15,000, included a shopping excursion with Donna Karan at her Urban Zen boutique, two business class tickets from British Airways and a five day, four night African safari.
ebola5 And now we come to my June Ambrose story:

1.September 2010- I run into a pretty lady with a shiny dress and take a photo. She told me her name and I forgot.

2. I see her again at another fashion event six months later? And I still forget her name!

3. So then she turns out to be June Ambrose, superfamous stylist to the stars…

So there you go.

Next up: the Food 52 secret swap and other holiday baking stories

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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The Sassy LAST CHANCE Procrastinator’s Gift Guide (like for real, you mad late)

Um. It’s 8.16 as I sit down to type this and I am hoping that this advice has nothing to do with you. I am hoping that you have done everythhing, even running out to get some Origins gifts on your lunch hour, in order to NOT be the person who jacked up Christmas.

Whether you have a religious issus, or you got caught up at work, or you were waiting to see what everyone else is doing is unimportant- just do something, because it will make YOU feel better. It feels good to give because you made someone else happy. So do it for yourself…

Here are some last, last minute suggestions for you:

1. Grab a gift set:

buy a gift set

You are why gift sets exist. Stop fighting it and just go with the flow! This Phyto Huile Supreme and Secret de Nuite gift set is ($47.20) and available at Sephora. Then there’s the Arbonne Shea Butter Collection Hand Lotion Trio ($47)- not sure where it’s available, but…I’m putting it out there for you. Also? There’s always the local drug store- I saw all these perfume sets in the window of Duane Reade. Grab a giftset, pop it into a gift bag (dodn’t forget tissue paper, and buy a card. Done.

 Keep it simple:

get some socks

Get some socks. For real. I mean it’s last minute and you really need to do something, right? Get some really cute socks, throw them in a gift bag- tissue paper, guys!- get a card. Done.

Buy some food item:  

teaIt’s hard to go wrong with tea. I got this Harrods Exclusive Selection box of tea bags ($91.85 USD) earlier this year and it was amazing. Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Darjeeling- so delicious! I also love this Dona Chai Tea Concentrate which is currently only available in NY, but you get the gist. Tea. It’s your gifting friend. Don’t forget the gift bag and tissue paper.

Make some food item:


Mini-cupcakeswith homemade icing is way easier than you think. Christmas cookies? Worst part is rolling them out. And wrapping? I found thse little plastic bowls, put in some tissue paper, then slipped it into a treat bag and tied the ends like candy. This cost barely anything and it looked really pretty.

You can do this- I believe in you. Make something and take it over to Grandma’s tomorrow- she’ll probably take out her teeth and give you a real grin, which is always fun.

 Recycle: natori I got these as a present, and if they weren’t so amazing I would regift them. Don’t be afraid to use your own stuff- but it better be clean and unused. I mean- c’mon.keep it simple

I actually gave this to someone. It combines ‘Keep it Simple’ with ‘Recycle’ and  ‘Make something’. I put it in a gift bag. I was done. Everyone was happy.

Make a donation:


Play the saintly role and let someone know that you helped the needy in their name. Order a Feya candle, since each purchase feeds a hungry child. Or donate to the Food Bank in your area. You can just put a not in a Christmas card saying what you’ve done… but you have to actually do it.

Christmas stocking stuffing:


A little bit of tradition- in the drugstore ailes. While you won’t see a gorgeous stocking from REpurposingNOLA at store, you can get a regular stocking and fill it with stuff. Candy, beauty products, just anything. It will still be appreciated and you’ll have fun watching them pull everything out.

Get a little nasty:  


I love these Flirtmoji! So fun! I mean, if you send them to the right person, of course. You’ve got nothing to lose at this point, so… and you won’t need the gift bag/tissue paper.

Merry Christmas!!!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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Sassy Holiday Gift Guide- it’s Christmas Eve, just go to Origins

Ok, I am going to assume that you did your shopping but just need to run get some stuff for that Holiday party, hostess gifts, etc. I am going to assume that you have pretty much everything covered…


At this point, you just need to make sure that you have something to hand over when you get to your Mother’s or the in-law’s, or you sister who is super fussy and really didn’t want to invite you, but whatever that thing that happened with the dog last time is a memory best forgotten.

It’s late, you gotta go NOW- and the only gift that can adequately express your good taste must come from Origins.

origins8  This is easy: go to the nearest origins counter and start loading up. Grab Ginger Souffle body creme ($14 for 1.7 oz tube), Clear Improvement charcoal masks ($17 for 1.7 oz), Drink Up Intensive overnight hydrating masks ($17 for 1.7 oz), Make a Difference rejuvenating hand treatments ($16 for 1.7 oz), and Modern Friction nature’s gentle dermabrasion scrub ($20 for 1.7 oz). get all of these items and put them in this free Nanette Lepore limited edition cosmetics bag along with a cute little Drink Up lip balm. The crowd will go wild and you will be instantly adored. origins9  Now if you’re really just a grab and go tylpe? Origins, again, has you covered. Grab a set of fragrantly softening Souffle Trio gift set (a $60 value for $38). Or the wonderfully soothing Feel Good Votive Trio ($45), candles guaranteed to ease holiday stress. Like, I have personally tried them and not only does my apartment smell amazing, but I was able to get some really good rest. Just blow the candle out before you drift off so you have more for later.

You want more gift sets? Try the Let Us Glow ($35), the Express Male ($66.50), the Feel Good Warm Ginger Body Wrap – it’s like a hug in a box ($45), or any of these other gift sets. There is no excuse for showing up empty handed when a company like Origins exists. That’s just wrong.origins91

The other cool thing is that the packages are made out of recycled materials and can be firther recycled for thank you gifts! I cut up my Votive Trio Box and used it to box treats. So that’s a another #win- fun time cutting, pasting, and putting together thank you treats. You might get that gift back later as a box full of cookies! It’s worth a shot, right?

Do Christmas visiting right- bring origins.

Next Up: The last last last chance for the stragglers who forgot to shop (hint: socks)

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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Sassy Holiday Gift Guide- digging into Lingerie, T-shirts, Bags, and Stocking Stuffers (not much time now!)

So, we’ve done fragrance, skincare, makeup, nails and jewelry. Now let’s get into the hard stuff…tshirts, bags, lingerie- and the better grade of stocking stuffer.



This Little Empire King tshirt from Street People Atelier ($28.50), so perfs. It says New York without screaming it.

 Citizen Ciao Victoria Bay tee ($38) says you have street cred and you know what’s gonna be hot before it’s hot. This is THAT tshirt.

Wabi Sabi EFC offers a collection of beautiful, stylish eco-friendly clothing- including this awesome tshirt. Get that for the Authentic, Organic, Beautiful ($19) fashionista in your life.

The Sassy Store:


Shameless plug right in the middle of everything! Some people, right? Anyway- Stroll over to my shop on Society6 that offers biker tanks, tshirts, clocks, throw pillows, wall art, tote bags, duvet covers and shower curtains featuring exclusive images and graphics.

Just letting you know… just in case.

 Artistic Revolution in Time:shirtsandbags1Everybody needs underwear. Everybody. But at Christmas it has to be really nice underwear that you wouldn’t buy for yourself, or would if you had some extra cash. You can get a cute Lace Boyshorts Holiday Paint Can ($36) for that someone who needs a little fun. The lace is beautiful and the fit is incredible and flattering.

If you don’t want to pick someone else’s undies, than get a gift card to someplace insanely great like Intimacy lingerie boutique. Put it into a swanky Papyrus card($3.95- $9.95) and you’re set.

Bags and Stocking Stuffers:


As we all know, it’s the year of the clutch. Especially this super cute Chelsea Clutch from Rumba Time ($20), which is so reasonably priced that you can just buy all seven colors. Stuff that clutch with a bottle of Sex eau de toilette ($44) from Desigual.

I love these little LeSportsac pouches (starting at $20), they’re just adorable. Throw some Tic Tacs or other candy in there. I added this Hello Kitty toy that I got in my Happy Meal at McDonald’s ($2.99) as a suggestion.

shirtsandbags6 If you’re a blogger, holiday shopping can be as easy as looking through your closet for stuff you get in gift bags. So here’s an illustration on how to stuff a bag like a blogger: Klorane dry shampoo ($19.50), Layrite pomade ($15), Big Sexy Hair hairspray ($6), and Ulta Color Pure Pigment eyeshadow ($10).

I’m not done.

Throw in a lipstick sample from Katherine cosmetics, a kohl eye Scandaleyes eyeliner pencil from Rimmel London ($4.49) (I got that from influenster) and a Fashion First Aid kit. All in an attractive Desigual print clutch/makeup bag ($34.30) with braided faux leather strap.

That’s how bloggers roll.

shirtsandbags5Stuffing this slouchy floral backpack from Life is good ($52) who donate 10% of their net profits to help troubled kids, is a surefire hit. Pack your favorite person some samples from Pinchme, the awesome monthly sample site that lets you try new stuff- for free. Essentials like Kleenex tissues, Garnier Fructis shampoo, Revleon Marschesa emery boards, Sinful Colors polish, even Band-Aids are some of the best gifts you can give, without seeming like you’re nagging.

Christmas- a time to make sure that people have what they need, stylishly.

Next up: ORIGINS

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian