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Weekly Photo Challenge- Depth (featuring Juno/Snowmageddon NY)

I just went with the obvious, here.


There was a big snowstorm in New York on Monday? I think you may have heard about it? This is the side garden in front of my building deep under snow. It might ‘just’ be 7-10 inches, but that’s deep enough to nearly cover the bushes. Isn’t it pretty?

20150128_082255[1]My reaction was to snuggle deep under the covers with a book. Yes, I sleep with my computer. It’s complicated.

*shot with that incredible Samsung S5 Active cameraphone which I am deeply in love with. Don’t tell the computer.*

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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the last resolution- take my nails seriously

So thanks to the nice people at Probelle Beauty and butter LONDON and Pinch Me I have enough nail polish and nail maintenance tools to last me for a while.  So I decided that this is the year that I step up and start keeping my nails pretty on a regular basis, and not just five minutes before I have to leave the house.werkthenail1 First I got the Probelle Beauty nail bundle #3 ($32.50), which contains four nail colors (Sexy Blaze, Richness, Vivid Night, and Love Me) as well as a bottle of top coat sealer, which imparts a sexy shine as well as locking in color. Then, since it was holiday season- they sent me two more rich, saturated shades: Emerald and Feeling Sexy ($6). After much begging and harassing, butter LONDON sent over their Colour Hardware Nail Art Kit ($30) and the much coveted Cut Up Collection which is a set of three glittery overcoats. werkthenail2 I started doing my nails constantly, using tools like Urban Beauty United’s Cutiecools, which are orange stocks tipped with emery grit to help sand off those pesky cuticles. I also use butter LONDON Melt Away cuticle eliminator ($19) and RGB Cuticle Oil ($20) to moisturize the cuticle area. The nail art kit came with an emery board, but I also got a sweet little box of Marchesa for Revlon mini nail files with a swirling gold and black pattern that makes doing your nails more glam. I admit to getting nail polish remover and cotton balls from the discount store. What? It’s so cheap! werkthenail3 Then for pedicures, you gotta pull out the big guns. The Urban Beauty United Tippy Toze pedicure pack that includes toe separators, nail clippers, and patterned mini-nail file.  I also bring out the Origins Make A Difference ($21) which is technically a hand cream, but who’s going to know that I used it on my feet. Well, I was out of Origins Reinventing the Heel ($24.50), so I made do. Either way- the point is to keep the feet moisturized after you scrub off all the dead skin. I also get great results with Cantu Beauty’s Softening Body Butter– which contains shea and cocoa butter (aprox $5).

So technically, I have every thing I need to keep my nails pretty all year long, keep my cuticles from being raggedy, keep my polish from chipping- and I have enough nail polish to keep me from getting bored. I even do this twitter meetup called #PolishedMondays with @DoubleClickLife so I should be able to get myself together to do a weekly or bi-weekly mani/pedi with no problem. Right?


nails4 nails5 nails6 nails7 nails8 nails9 nails91 nails92 nails93 nails94

Next up: Snow days and warm sweaters.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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2014 resolution 4: teeth are everything

So last year I reviewed the Glo Science teeth whitening device, which I was very satisfied with. I decided that I would start this year by re-whitening my teeth and making sure to up my tooth maintenance routine.


Since I don’t have scads of cash for tooth whitening, I jumped at the chance to try out the Glo Brilliant PersonalTeeth Whitening Device ($199). You get the device, mouthpiece and case whitening ampoles. If you follow the directions, you will end up lightening your teeth and there’s enough left over for future treatments, so you definitely get your money’s worth.

My problem wasn’t using this product- it was what I did afterward.  teeth20152

After I used this device and whitened my teeth- I went right back to my old tooth-staining ways. I drank cup after cup of tea (I got a gift box from Harrods– that tea was so good!) and ate who knows what without thinking about the effect on all my teeth whitening work. One day I noticed that I had managed to turn my teeth a dingy shade of yellow that was not attractive. I decided that I would start over- but i would do it properly and make a commitment to whiter teeth.

I wrote to the people at Glo Science and the maintenance products that you need to keep color from seeping back. The Everyday GLO Teeth Whitening Pen ($25) can be carried in your purse for touch-ups after those coffee dates. You can also purchase apack of Glo Solo Teeth Whitening Vials ($52) that help you keep your teeth white without having to use the device. You can order these products from Glo Science or drop by Sephora and grab them- so they are easy to get as well as easy to use. teeth20153  I’m also adding some products from Dentek:

1. I grind my teeth in my sleep, and it makes me think all my teeth are going to fall out. Dentek makes a professional grade maximum protection dental guard that you customize by boiling, then biting it for two minutes. I’ve been using it for the last three weeks and I feel better knowing that I’m not grinding anymore.

2. I got these Comfort Clean floss picks (they’re just like the regular ones, it’s just that these come in little cases) to carry for after meal flossing when I’m out. It’s easy to forget that flossing is an essential part of dental health. You never know what could be stuck between your teeth, Flossing prevents cavities, bad breath, and tooth loss so you should take that seriously.

3. I’m using these Dentek Interdental Brushes, too. It might seem like overload, but think about how many lipglosses you own and then think how they would look on a mouth with no teeth.

You can get this stuff everywhere- Duane Reade, target, walgreen’s- so there’s no excuse not to have them.


I don’t have these, but I want them. Cute little toothbrushes with a cap, so you can brush anywhere with style. It’s a sonic toothbrush from Violife ($14.95). Sonic toothbrushes work by cleaning your teeth through scrubbing and the sonic vibration of the bristles is supposed to loosen plaque that’s beyonfd the reach of the bristles. Sounds good to me.

Next up: the last resolution- nailcare

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself (with the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active)

So, yeah, crass commercialism- but I just got this phone and the 16mp camera is so sharp and I get so much more detail than my other phone, I gotta brag a little. I have to, uh, express myself!

First photos, McDonald’s, Brooklyn




It’s like having a medium format camera… I’m in love.

But wait! One more…


Selective. Focus.

I’m done. I just… what else is there to say, right?

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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2014 in review: redesigns, parties, and standing next to Kelly Rutherford

So one time, six months ago, a pr lady told me that even though I had slaved over arranging, executing and promoting a photo shoot prominently featuring her clients products on prominent NY Fashion Bloggers- my numbers weren’t high enough for her clients to continue to work with me.

Ain’t that something? I had to take to my bed for two weeks from anger and disappointment.

After that, I decided to work on my ‘numbers’ and luckily, they got better. But I’m happier about the fact that people are enjoying my content than anything else. That pr lady can suck it.

Also? I had a lot of friends and worked with a ton of people who liked me more than my numbers. And I also got to stand next to Kelly Rutherford at the DKNY25 event, so…


artmention  bulletacneaid

caravannyc ccpop datingdiary1 debhughes debhughes2 debhughes3 dermae fabreporttwitterinvitation

faithclifftondry1and nicolino nyc


gabbygram  glamglow invite isaac retweet

janinejusttweet  lifeisgoodco lisa hoffman  nforo1 nikkipoulosregram

regram lisa hoffmannot officialregram probelle beauty rozge  shopjacrose sonjungwan  vinrellasocmed 1038689


Also, you may have noticed the the blog has a new look- that was an accident. I started messing around and then couldn’t  get it back to the way it was- so I just went ahead and committed to a new look for 2015.

So that was my year… I had fun. And oh yeah, the fricken numbers are up.


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 8,600 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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in which i show off my haul from Kensie Showroom (and two surprise subway giveaway winners)

When I went to the Kensie showroom last week, I thought that I was just looking at the spring/summer 2015 collection. I was hoping that they would give me something, but I didn’t like to ask. Guess who got a major surprise. 1kensievisit1 Turns out that I had gotten there just in time for their private sample sale. And then Vittoria said the magic words ‘Take whatever you want’. Did she have to tell me twice? Um, who are you guys following? You even have to ask? I tried on this fun kensie knit vest, which was like a shag carpet but super soft. That’s Vittoria in this mirror selfie. Along with my Citizen Ciao Victoria Bay tshirt ($38), Dittos brand Charlie jeans ($69), and Cat Footwear Irenea boots ($120), the vest made me look super rock star. Dripping with jewels from Lisa Hoffman Beauty and Shop Jacqueline Rose didn’t hurt either. 2kensievisit2 After rummaging through boxes and gossiping a mile a minute, I ended up with three huge bags of loot. Um, HUGE. I had to drop off some baking samples at Intimacy for evaluation before my event, and then I ducked into the Union Square subway station to go home.

Just as I get to the bottom, these girls asked if I wanted to download some app to get free tech gloves. So I told them that they could each have one thing out of my bag for free if they gave me the techgloves in exchange. So Jasmine and Celeste became instant winners in my first ever (and probably last as I think a cop thought I was a shoplifter) subway giveaway.

Jasmine, who is going off on a Caribbean vacay and will be guestblogging for us soon, got a banana print off the shoulder summer dress and red and black polka dot sweater. Celeste got the blue and black knit vest. Congrats ladies!

And as you can see in photo 3? I still had a ton of loot left to work with.kensiestyle1

For handbags, I got two structured doctor bags one in vibrant yellow and the other in black and white- classic. Then I got this fun tangerine/peach handbag which has a zippered pocket upfront, so it’s two bags in one. Score. And this peach trimmed faux snakeskin hobo with adjustable handle.

Kensie has a sister brand called Eric + Lani, and since they’re currently rebranding there was tons of merch for me to take home, including this grey tshirt dress with fpop art leopard print spots across the shoulders. I also got this sweet striped maxi with pink flamingos on the chest. So along with this Desigual bikini, my zosia sandals ($44.99) I’ll be hitting the beach in high summer style.

But back to winter…


For hanging around the computer lab in my building? I can pull on the sweet biscuit colored  wool sweater from Kensie with female graphic (I turned it inside out, by the way) and jump into my fave novella skirt from Life is good ($29.99). You never know who you might meet on the elevator, I added my thrift store bangles, Ariel charm necklace ($115) and SUPRA Cuttler sneakers ($75). Casual, but ready.kensiestyle4

So, let’s say I go outside into the actual winter cold. Layers! I fell in love with this shawl collared wool Kensie cardigan goes so well with my LL Bean Freeport Field jacket ($79) which I wear all the time even though it’s thin. Put both of these pieces over this Kensie tie-dye pattern stretch dress with huge drapey side pockets, and then slide on some Cory Vines Path collection leggings in onyx ($49).

I went a little nuts and threw in these shoes that Ami Clubwear sent over- yep, GOLD lace-up oxfords with a mesh cutout ($13.79– I kid you not). I’d wear black trouser socks with these and walk fast to keep the cold out. A sleek gold Citizen watch, red leather Chuck-Chuck bracelet, wool beanie and some tech gloves (thanks Jasmine and Celeste!) and you’re good to go. kensiestyle5

Now for a more casual cuty girl look. August Silk cardigan, Erci + Lani heart graphic tshirt, my dittos brand jeans, and that super cute Kensie doctor bag in citrus yellow with royal blue accents. Then, because fashionistas don’t fear cold (or just wear socks with heels) I added these tropical print heels from Ami Clubwear ($8.99 no joke). Hello! Accessorize with $10 pink street beanie, Ariel charm necklace and gold Lisa Hoffman beauty chainlink bracelet with detachable bling pendant ($65).

Loves it.

kensiestyle3The geekchic look? Of course! This, soft, fuzzy wool sweater from Kensie over a sweet little white cotton blouse from Harve Benard and my LL Bean True Shape jeans ($59). Add classic black oxfords, grey cotton crew socks from Uniqlo, my Khamra clasp necklace from Hechizo ($56). Add a red jade Lisa Hoffman fragrance bracelet ($65), tech gloves, and a Strand Bookstore totebag for only $1!

No, but that totebag is really a dollar.


They didn’t have any coats, but if you’re looking for outerwear I found this site with tons of cute styles: prices started at $20, so you can get something cute- not sure about warmth, but cuteness is guaranteed.

Next up: Resolution Number 4- the tooth issue

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian