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Fashion: The Springstyle Photo Shoot! #yay in which we explore how to shop your closet for ss2015

Spring is officially here. No matter where you live, once Aries birthdays start happening and Easter egg hunts are being scheduled, winter is OVER. In celebration of a whole new season to dress up for (and the shedding of that winter coat you’re so tired of) I had a photo shoot.

Why? Because I felt like you guys needed one.

I did a combination of closet shopping and sample begging to show different ways that you could celebrate warm weather, pretty much no matter what your style. Here are 5 looks that I hope will inspire you when you’re getting dressed.

 Coachella Boho:


I did not go to Coachella, but you can’t help but be inspired by the style of the festival. It’s all about free-flowing 60s style layers and sorbet colors, not so tame as pastels and a little tie-dye thrown in. The 1.99 straw hat is the personality. Try covering the hat with your hand and the outfit is cute but boring. The hat is the conversation starter.

The pink lips are Makeup Forever Aquamatic lip pencil in Baby Pink21c, with Boots No. 7 High Shine Lip Crayon in Delicate Pink layered over it.


Dress: $10 in Utica Avenue, cotton tie dyed shift with embroidery and sequins at hem.

Bag: Shop Jacqeline Rose Au Naturale Clutch for Vitality, $45

Shoes: Squander boot (in Driftwood) from Cat Footwear, $140

Bracelet: Lisa Hoffman Beauty green jade fragrance bracelet in Clary Sage, $45

Watch: Rumbatime Nolita Watch, $60

Artsy Printmixing:ah2

Jeans are always in season, but why not liven up a boring pair with some fabric paint?  I chose to use primary colors, since they basically go with everything. If you throw on a jacket, this outfit could take you out to dinner on a warm night.

Bright shadow and orangey-red lips are on trend and easy makeup updates. The Kiss Products InstaWave automatic curler was used to create wavy bangs and a messy topknot updo.artsy hoochie

Eyeshadow: Irridescent Electric Blue Aqua Matic Waterproof Glide-on Eyeshadow, $21

 Lips: Makeup Forever Rouge Artist  Intense lipstick in Rebellious Red, $20

Jeans: Dittos Brand Charli Boyfriend Jeans, $87

Bag: Tangerine two pocket handbag from Kensie Clothing

Shoes: Red tropical print single sole open toe pumps from Ami Clubwear

 Gingham and Graphics:ec2

This is a tomboyish outfit that combines the hottest print this season (gingham) with an old standby (graphic tee). The orange skirt gives a hot jolt of unmissable and bold color that wouldn’t be possible with mere jeans.

For this look, Aveda’s Petal Essence Single Eyeshadow in Ivory Lotus (with a little Winter Lilac smudged into the crease)  is contrasted with Susan Posnick’s Color Essential Miami sheer lipstick (matches the skirt). A casual messy braid across the front of the hairline is a casual hair update.empire casual

Tshirt: Street People Atelier Little Empire King tshirt, $38

Shirt: Southern Tide men’s Gingham Sport Shirt, $99.50

Bag: Etienne Aigner mini stag bag, $365

Shoes: SUPRA Cuttler sneaker, $75

Bracelet: (UME) USB Storage Drive bracelet in Vintage, $24.99

Black & White Retro: mp1

A look that never goes out of style. Black and white is always on trend, and a crisp look for work. Add a bright bag for fun,  and gold accessories. A light spring coat in a fun polka dot pattern is a delight to everyone you pass by. Basic, simple elegance.

Since this look had a retro feel, I did a velvety line above the model’s false eyelashes with Xtreme Lashes Glideliner Long Lasting Eye Pencil. Here, the pink lip was accentuated with Illamasqua lipstick in Immodestmonochrome princess

Jacket: Desigual x Christian Lacroix ss2014 Uni blazer

Bag: Yellow satchel from Kensie  Clothing

Headband: Crystal Strand Statement Headband, $58

Necklace: Black Buddha Mala for prosperity by Shop Jacqueline Rose

Watch: Rumbatime Nolita watch with crystal and cloth band, $60

Shoes: Gold laceup oxfords by Ami Clubwear

Upscale Urban Floral:


Blue and white is hot, but as with every spring so are florals. This outfit combines two trends to marvelous effect.

To deepen the pink and make it more 21st century, I freshened the lips with Aveda Nourish-mint rehydrating glaze in  rose blush, and added the mangosteen color in the middle of the lip for a hip/hop kabuki effect.

blue period

Shirt: Southern Tide Women’s chambray fitted blouse, $89

Top: Etienne Aigner sculptural crop top, $195

Bag: Faux leather lock tote in camel by Ami Clubwear, $20

Shoes: White patent leather single soled sandal with silver and black leather straps from Etienne Aigner

Watch: Rumbatime Nolita watch, $60

Belt: Signature 3/4 leather belt in golden by LL Bean, $39

There you have it! You probably need to buy very little to make the coming warm months your own, just a new way of putting old pieces together. Buy a key piece that matches your personality, and you’re good to go!

*All images shot with a Samsung S5 Active cameraphone (review coming soon)

Next Up: Behind the scenes of the Spring Style shoot (the method and madness revealed)

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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the Spring Style Shoot: post 1 #inspiration

So, as we may or may not know by now? EVERYTHING I do is a process. EVERYTHING. So even though things look all spontaneous and easy (or like I do nothing all day…only partially true) I do try to have a methodology about certain things.

Like photoshoots.


Technically, as a blogger, I am not required to be doing photo shoots. I could, by rights, stick to shooting myself. But as a creative person who studied photo and still dreams of getting real freelance work before I die? The changing of seasons and the accumulation of free clothing demands a shoot. I also wanted to put my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active cameraphone to the final test- how would the 16mp camera work on a photo shoot?

I start my by getting inspired by things that I see on social media. This winter and early spring were great for material, which I dutifully saved to my phone. Then I start sifting through images to see what hits me. I don’t think of ‘trends’ right way, just what feels right to me. This season naturalness, diversity, being at ease with yourself, and braids stuck out for me.


For makeup and hair, I was vibing off of red lips (considering shades from orange red to burgundy), bright eyeshadow, and braids again. I still didn’t have a core idea, but these elements meant a lot to me so they were at the forefront of my brain. I am not a makeup artist, but as a woman I am looking at what’s going to work with the season and the mood.

Location, Location, Location: 

I live in an amazing building that is brand new and has a fricken roof deck. I was looking all over the building since the day I thought of shooting trying to figure out where my images should be set. One day, someone said something about the roof deck in the lobby and I ran up there to check it out… That was my location, and only one floor up. Bonanza!!!


What kind of clothes do I want? What do I have? What’s hot? What have people been mentioning? What can I get? Still gathering info, but now narrowing in on the clothes/shoes/accessories that will tie all of my ideas together. For me, it’s imperative that there be enough clothing to tailor the shoot to both my and the model’s personality. If you have one rack of stuff, it better be a versatile rack.

Getting It Together: 

So then I start emailing. I start looking to see who I have relationships with, I start combing through websites and harassing pr people. I am super lucky to have companies like LL Bean, Etienne Aigner, Southern Tide, Ami Clubwear, REpurposing NOLA, UME Drive, Kensie Clothing and Cat Footwear to pull from. I also have a great relationship with the pr firm that handles Makeup Forever and Kat von D– so red lips and bright eyeshadow? No longer a problem.  I also had makeup and skincare from Origins, Aveda, and Derma E and Kiss products sent over an amazing curling iron, which I couldn’t wait to try out. I spent a lot of time going through everything I had on hand, looking for what would work.

It only took a month and a lot of emailing and fretting at the window waiting for UPS/Fedex, lol!

Next up: The Spring Style Roofdeck Photoshoot.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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in which we get a look at the boohoo aw2015 collection and #WeAreUSA campaign


So remember last time, when we went over to boohoo clothing to see the men’s aw2015 collection and glimpsed this tray of jewelry? They were sweet enough to give me some info on what’s coming for the ladies both for ss2015 and aw2015!

because SEB is awesome.


I got a copy of their newsletter, boo hoo Stylefix, which broadcast their summer social media campaign #WeAreUSA- featuring Angel Hayes,  and forecast the trends of the coming hot weather season. Be on the lookout for a Mexican and Western American influence, blue and white are hot, lace, and stealing from the boys in minimalistic, clean-lined pieces.


This summer, the London based retailer has focused on the multifaceted nature of the millenial female, showcasing hip/punk, sweet Lolita, and athleisure styles on people like dj Hannah Bronfman. The prices are hyper affordable, and a community has sprung up around the #WeAreUSA hashtag. Biggest trend this summer? Being who you are.


For the aw2015 collection the forecast is 70s. Leather look dresses with grommets and blouses with pussycat bows, instant sophistication. Also loving this plaid coat which is sweet without being sugary.


Jump ahead to the 80s and the red neoprene motorcycle jacket with sleeve grommets can work with the fringey skirt or the denim outfit. Loving how the denim top works a frayed edge into the equation. bhw3

boohoo Night is a sexy collection of tailored, bodycon dresses and jumpsuits with cutouts and embellishments for serious holiday party appearances. Stay warm and cozy under this furry overcoat. Don’t forget your mittens!

Next up: Trend inspiration and mood boards for my SpringStyle shoot!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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in which we go to the boohoo man aw2015 press preview

Yep, more excitement. I got an invitation to go see the boohoo man aw2015 collection. But of course, since everything around here is a process…bhm1

Lately, I’ve been going to bed at night like a normal person. meaning, it gets dark and I turn the light off and go to sleep. No social media or junkie-like internet surfing, no TV. I go to SLEEP. As a result I get up at literally the crack of dawn, and since i feng shui’d my bed, I can watch it happen.bhm2

Into the bathroom for grooming! I’m trying out some new toothpaste (review coming up) from Hello oral care products thanks to influenster vox, along with this Slim Sonic Destination toothbrush in New York ($14.95 and really cute, comes with batteries). bhm3

These days, I head out to the park for a pre-blogday walk. I’m working my way up to running, honestly. It had rained the day before so I layered up with my french terry Life is good hoodie under a J Crew terry cardigan. These are the Gemini capri tights that I got in my RS Beauty& Balance goodie bag. Those sneakers? Those are the water shoes that I picked up at the Tommy Bahama Island Life event. Not like anyone’s gonna ask if they’re real sneakers or not, and they’re cute. bhm4

I had just gotten a new bracelet from Lisa Hoffman Beauty, and I felt like this was the perfect day to put it on. LHB is just launching their Vibrant Collection. So instead of the usual round beads, the’re faceted, which makes them that mush more light reflecting and luxurious. This is the Tuscan Fig bracelet ($65), with faceted honey-hued agate beads, rose gold plated spacers and a rose gold fragrance pendant. The color of the  bracelet reflects the sweet fig/vanilla bean/coconut wood fragrance that will emanate from the pendant throughout the day.


I was feeling frisky because of the warm-ish Spring weather and sunlight, so I went with this basic boho outfit. Thrifted white shirt and ruffled lambswool sweater, handpainted (by me with fabric paint) Dittos Brand Charlie boyfriend distressed jeans, Cat Footwear Squander boot ($140) , and my very own custom made REpurposing NOLA boho-chic handbag (priceless)bhm5a

I totally admit to taking the rest of the morning to bake cookies to give to the pr people and getting there late. But I gave them cookies, so… you know. bhm6

This is what to expect for aw2015 on the boohoo man shoe front- colored combat boots, sleek leather-esque trainers and sweet looking wingtip style sneakers. Nothing fancy, but it betokens a restrained pint of view, sort of minimalist.

These are the perfect shoes to go with this paint splattered neoprene sweatshirt (mine, I want it!) and these 70s style patchwork jeans. I’m really into that little touch of color in the black/white sweatshirt with the drawstring at the waist. Personally, I would prob throw a gold shoe under this outfit, just to be that way.


I was also really into this pink sweatshirt with the camo patches. It would look great on a guy, or on a woman, oversized and worn with a pencil skirt and heels. Or get it big and wrap it around your hips like a skirt, tying the arms around you. That’s gender equality! We’re sharing sweatshirts!bhm8

Yes, i did put this men’s coat on and take a selfie. It looks so good on me! It fit perfectly, too. The big zippered pockets can act like a handbag, and I loved the knitted sleeves (hold out that nasty winter cold) that you could put bracelets and bangles over. The knitted collar is perfect for laying chunky knit infinity scarves on top of. And I love how it hangs open just so, revealing my chic Aries necklace from ShopJacquelineRose.

Gender equality! We’re buying a coat as a couple to share (but really, I’m keeping it for me).bhm9

On the way out, I spotted this western-influenced statement jewelry in shades of turquoise and mother-of-pearl and hinted that I’d love a boohoo lookbook for the women’s aw2015 collection. Wait til you see what they have coming!!!

Next up: boohoo women aw2015 trends and #WEAREUScampaign

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

I took two different views of this week’s movement challenge:

 Implied and Metaphorical Movement: wpc post Movement

These images are my movement under and past a flowering tree on a bright Spring day. You can see my movement in the background of the image and the shifting direction of light. There’s also the implied metaphorical movement of time- winter to spring, bare branches to blooming, day to night, life to death… So now it’s a whole thing.

Documentation of Movement:

wpc post Movement 2

This is a document of movement. This is my Phillip Lorca- diCorcia moment. Glaring mid-day sunlight casts a spotlight across a Manhattan street, capturing New Yorker’s mid-step. It’s a moment, and when those people move out of the frame and are gone, that’s a whole other movement. And funnily enough, there are four pairs of people, and in one pairing one person is stopped and another is moving, so that pairing juxtaposes two states of being.

This is why I am in debt for photography school. Thank you. Please buy some SEB Merch so I can pay back my loan.

xoxo, Faith/ Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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in which we go to the Real Simple Lifestylers press preview for #RSBEAUTYBALANCE at the Andaz Hotel

Completely unexpected email invite of the year on deck!

It came quietly, with little fanfare. It was simple (Real Simple, lol!) and minimalist in design. It blew my whole head apart for the rest of the day and left me all nervous until the day came for me to attend. Someone actually invited me to a magazine event. This was like that time that someone gave me free sneakers- a whole next level situation.

Let’s all jump up and down squealing, ok?


Real Simple magazine’s site Real Simple Lifestylers  decided to have a pop-up at the Andaz Hotel on 41st Street and I was selected to attend the press-preview the day before. Selected guests were going to feel all the feels so we could tell those of you who missed it. I went to an afternoon of pampering for YOU, ok? Yes.

And I took lots of photos…


When I registered for the event, I was sent straight to a link to start signing up for beauty services. I figured I should do everything so that I could give a fair assessment of the experience and the products used, not to mention how I felt about it all. This is a photo of the Aveda Hairstyling Studio, my first stop. rsbb2

I had actually decided to cut off about two inches of hair the day before, feeling that I had too many lengths going on uptop. I made sure to arrive with clean hair so that I could get the best results from my 30 minute appointment. Luckily for me, I got celebrity hair stylist Tippi Shorter (she has actually done Jennifer Hudson’s hair!!! ) and we had a blast working together.


Tippi asked me how I normally liked to wear my hair, and when I explained that I normally plait and then let it free to curl riotously, she knew exactly what to do. She parted my hair and did two strand twists after working in some Aveda phomollient styling foam, then applied heat via a 5-minute blow dry. After picking out the twists (she left one as an accent on the side) Tippi rubbed in Aveda dry remedy daily moisturizing oil, which left my hair soft and shiny. Even if your hair is natural, that doesn’t mean no maintenance. Products like these leave your strands moisturized and fragrant, always a good thing.


After leaving Tippi’s chair, I headed right over to the Aveda Chakra Balance station, where I had my cards read, and then was misted with the Chakra 3 balancing body mist and given a healing shoulder massage. This treatment catered to inviting a balance in power, motivation, intention and desire in my life.


Loving these gorgeous flower arrangements sprinkled throughout the light-filled treatment rooms…notto mention the copies of Real Simple magazine all over the place!


They weren’t ready for me at my next appointment, so I hung out in the lounge, which was absolutely gorgeous. Ceramic cups for tea, lots of tea bags and different sweeteners and lemon wedges awaited. There wasn’t any food, but there were these elegantly mismatched knives, so hope was alive that something good was coming later.


I started getting bored so I just wandered around taking photos with my Samsung S5 Active cameraphone until the were ready for me…   rsbb6a

Once they had an opening I headed over to the Laura Geller Mini-Makeover salon, where I chose to get a refresh on my lipstick.


After that it was time to motorvate to my next appointment, A Pure Barre exercise class. I’ve been working on my weight loss resolution, but I exercise on my own. I was really nervous about taking a class, but also excited about learning new toning and fat burning tricks.


Loving this view from the second floor of the Andaz Hotel. yes- that’s the library where Big stood Carrie up.


I was super tired after getting up at 5am to bake cookies and deliver samples before the event, but with my new Aveda hairstyle, my chakras balanced, and my lips touched up by the Laura Geller team- I was ready to jump in there and do some working out. At least until I saw the pile of sweaty towels and the stuff on the yoga mats. Hello? I thought this was a photo op workout?

rsbb91 Um- not so much. Our instructor, Mish led us into a 45 minute whirl of moves that left me limp, sweaty, and profoundly grateful that I had started working out and walking before this class. And I STILL Had to rest. We used everything on the mat, worked every part of the body, and I think I would do the Pure Barre  again. I just need a second to rest and think about it.


I made a beeline back to the refreshment lounge and found all this. Hope rewarded!!! I put together some crusty bread slices with olive tapenade, goat cheese, and roasted peppers, loaded up on brie and crunchy pita slices then remembered something very very important:


Wine and Ghirardelli chocolate tasting on fleek!!!!  yes, I took a snack to sustain me on my long walk from the lounge to the kitchen. But this pic is so cool- port wine paired with Sea Salt Soiree was divine.


I so want to try this arrangement under glass. Simple and gorgeous oh hey, copies of Real Simple mag!


Once I got myself settled I had all this. Oh, I forgot to mention the SUJA juices that they handed us after the Pure Barre class. I at my self down, grabbed a copy of Real Simple and loafed for a few minutes- until I remembered that I had a skincare appointment with RoC scheduled. I drank all the wine before I got up and ran down the hall, though. I’m not completely insane.


I ran into the RoC Skincare Lab and was invited to lay down on a white leather divan, as I have always dreamed of doing, and enjoy myself. My skin was cleansed with RoC Daily Resurfacing Discs (a whole tub for $9.99! #bargain!) then she did a lot of stuff that I enjoyed throughly, like massaging my face and putting Deep Wrinkle serum on it. I can’t do eye cream for any reason, it gives me headaches- but RoC does have a good one.


I grabbed some more Ghiradelli chocoloate squares and another SUJA juice on my way out, said my thank yous, then ran across the street to hang out in front of the library and poke through my goodie bag.

Sit down, this is epic goodie bag stuffing.


Yes. This happened. Yogi Tea (gone, drank ’em up), Ghirardelli dark chocolate, the Suja Juice Solution Book, The Real Simple Guide To Life, cute You Are Loved stickers from Pink Olive, Aveda hand lotion, thickening tonic styling spray, and samples of their  smooth infusion straightening cream (get your free samples here). The also threw in a fun graph paper notepad, Laura Geller tropical blush-n-brighten compact, full-sized bottle of RoC Skincare Deep Wrinkle Serum (yaaaaassss!!!!), Real Simple 15th Anniversary issue, Pure Barre high-waisted 3-in-1 Gemini capris (invaluable, can’t stop wearing them), and a pack of Aloha Daily Good Greens superfood powders (i already used two of them making smoothies; get 20% off of our using the code  SAMAKOU)


I picked up Neutrogena naturals makeup remover wipes and this SUJA green juice after my Pure Barre class. I’ve already started cooking with the Ghirardelli Twilight Delight chocolate– I made an easy mole sauce by adding chopped chocolate and crushed red pepper flakes to a pot of roasting chicken breast (inspired by this Real Simple recipe)


Oh my! A ceramic bee hive with an Aspen Bay bamboo lotus scented candle inside #love. Speaking of love? Check out this heart shaped Konjac cleansing sponge from One Love Organics! I’m really looking forward to playing with it, followed by a moisturizing dose of RoC Skincare Deep Wrinkle serum.

*GIVEAWAY: If you’re interested, I’m giving away the Real Simple Beaute with a copy of the 15th Anniversary issue of Real Simple Magazine and a copy of The Real Simple Guide to Life (lots of good advice for people just starting out on their own). email me at sassyethnicbohemian@gmail.comwith one great thing that reading Real Simple has done for you.

Next up: BooHoo Man aw2015 press preview

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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in which i just talk about stuff that happened in march and april #seinfeldianpost

I feel like there’s been too much excitement around here. Interviews, and events, and deliveries… I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. I’m just as boring as I ever was. Maybe even more!

Basically- I don’t want this to ba a ‘fashion’ blog, but a ‘stuff i like and do’ journal. Know what I mean? So while there are some exciting things coming up,. I feel like we need to get reaquainted with the more boring aspects of life.

 Walking in the street:street

This is stuff that I saw while walking in the street in Brooklyn. The 711 sign was the catalyst for heartbreak- as I ran in there and attempted to purchase the $2 deal only to find that I had grabbed a SUPER Big Gulp cup and disqualified myself. Total loss? $2, and I had a tummy ache later.


I really like this sign.

 Products, products, products:products

Here is a secret: I have a lot of products in my house. Sometimes? I collect them and photograph them and post a roundup. This was the skincare roundup. I like to take pics like this to show that I work really hard on my blog.  Then I go play with the products and generally spend a lot of time hanging out in the bathroom pampering myself.

Just so you know, I really and truly do use the stuff that people send me, like this Calgon Parisian Charm bodywash which powered a great many bubble baths before it was finished. I kind of want to get some more.


These got me through the winter. Especially that Karelen Sultry Black Castor Oil hand & body cream, which left my skin moisturized and gleaming. It’s like $5.99… febmrchgiveawaysI gave some stuff away, even though I didn’t talk about it. I gave one person these false eyelashes in February, and someone else got this Clarity MD acne treatment kit and my last tube of Bullet Acne Aid.

Why not, right? They asked, I gave, done deal.



It snowed…in March. Of course I refused to go outside, and ended up Vitamin D deficient which is not life threatening exactly, but I have to take a pill a week and go outside for 15 mins a day now.

Who knew?

I spent a lot of time hanging out in the house listening to music on my Samsung S5 Active. I’ve been using this Stylinity Selfie Stage to hang the phone off of- it’s got a suction cup and a little kickstand.


I had a massive fight with the post office because not only have packages not been showing up; once they actually delivered an empty envelope wrapped in a plastic bag that said ‘We’re Sorry’. They ripped open mail, and lost my Vistaprint business cards. I had to go online and complain vehemently.

But while the USPS didn’t bother to apologize, Vistaprint did. They actually re-sent the cards, a mere $5 order, and sent it UPS at no extra charge to me. That’s really stellar service.


I did some blogging and file organizing using my trusty Asus (which is getting glitchy, but I can’t let go) and the UME Drive bracelets they gave me. 8gb, equals color coordinated storage that I can wear if I need to. #nice


I put on a scarf and did some housecleaning. I didn’t really need the scarf? But I was bored. I did my laundry and washed my fave pink beanie and the seams unraveled on the top so I ended up with what could have been a scarf. I sewed it back up later on. About a month or so later. I mean, it was not the most urgent situation.


This was the beginning of the Spring Cleaning which has been going on for weeks. I started in March. technically I finished, but then I get more boxes or something gets dusty or the tub is dirty so then you’re right back where you started.



This was my Valentine’s Day backdrop from February. I decided that March was no longer time for lovey dovey hearts, so I decided to do a new backdrop.backdrop2

This is why I have a teacup full of crayons. I decided on flowers because even if there was snow on the ground, I knew that Spring would eventually come…toys in april

Then I bought this Easter Chick. He has a little solar panel in his shell and when you put him in the window he dances. He makes this cool ticking noise like a clock, too. I love my Easter Chicky. Then I found these weird toys in the street. They’re kind of ugly, but interesting. They made for a good snapchat photo. I don’t really sue snapchat that much? I just send random shots every so often.


These are some cookies I made for someone. They are Triple Coconut Drops- coconut flour, coconut sugar, and shredded coconut. I’m still working out different and new cookie recipes, but she ended up really liking them. I might add them to my Etsy later.


I baked some cookies to give away for my birthday month: Chocolate Chip and White Chocolate Chip with Candied Ginger.


So of course that was a project, too. Packing the cookies up, prepping the bags, and then running around dropping them off.


I decided on my big red Kensie Clothing cardigan, a Uniqlo silk and cotton shift dress,  my LL Bean True Shape jeans, and my brand new Cat Footwear Squander boots.  I threw on two Shop Jacqueline Rose necklaces, included the Aries necklace that she sent for my birthday. cokkiepuss4

I felt like an Aries Christmas Elf.


It got warm out- so I started walking in the park in the mornings. There’s a track a few blocks from my house, so conveniently located that I kick myself for not starting sooner.

the dead plant

Remember this plant? It’s dead now. I managed to kill an air plant.

That pretty much brings us up to date.

Next up: Real Simple Lifestylers Beauty & Balance event at the Andaz Hotel

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian