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in which we go to Ace Hardware and start a DIY project, finally use my Cree Bulb #kloutperk and Hallmark sends pretty cards

 Bathroom: tower of towel

So far, my redecorating project has been building the tower of towel in the bathroom. Since then, I got distracted and then realized that it was MAY and I hadn’t done anything. So I decided that it was time to start my DIY project in the bathroom- a beauty bar out of the two storage tubs that I found in the street I think in January?


I had washed and disinfected the tubs and the loaded all of my beauty products into them. Four drawers of beauty products. I also got a net laundry hamper for 99 cents and put my laundry bag in it. While this was better than the stuff being all over the place, it looked way too basic. My storage needed a come-up.


I had seen an Ace Hardware sign while I was out walking and I decided to go over there and see if they had boards to lay on top of the tubs to make a table. Turns out? There was a whole lumberyard situation attached to the store! I wandered around in the store trying to figure out what to buy, then someone finally rescued me. It was real in there- they had everything that you could possibly need to do pretty much anything.


I was gratified to find out that paint costs the same as a fast-food meal- because now I can lecture people about that. ‘Fix up your place! Just go without that venti caramel machiatto! That’s paint money!’.

I plan my rants and lectures far in advance, thank you. 
I got a tiny paint roller with the tray built into the packaging, a paintbrush, a screwdriver with interchangeable heads (get this!!! it was about $5), and the paint. Then they cut the board to my specifications. All of this cost me $28.50. That was exactly how much I budgeted, and I think it was totally fair; I mean that screwdriver is forever. 

When I got home I put the board on to of the tubs and it was exactly what I was hoping for. I put all of the beauty stuff on top and it was definitely an improvement, so I took the stuff back off and decided to start painting. I guess you have to do a primer or something, but I just went straight to painting. I figured I could call it a rustic look. 

I put the paint in an empty plastic bottle, a trick that I remembered from when my Mom got our house painted. I actually started with the paintbrush, and I was kind of ok with what was happening, which was a veil of color that you could see the wood through? I decided to completely coat one side and if I didn’t like it I could always do the other side with a lighter coating of paint. ace8

I ended up loving this blue glossy paint and did both sides to build up the shine and the saturation. I mean, I love it. When you pay for the board, even if they cut some off they give you the extra board. I’m going to paint that a contrasting color and I think I’m going to paint the tubs as well. I’m hooked. I do want to see if there’s some kind of sealant for the pain, because I feel like my beauty products are sticking to the paint a little bit.

Otherwise? I love the fact that I got this far with my project. I love the idea that I’m building a table! and I can shove the laundry under the board so it looks way more organized.

Living Room: 
The reason that I got the screwdriver was to change the lightbulb in the livingroom. Weirdly enough, the bulb had burned out and then Klout emailed me that I had earned a perk- and it was a Cree LED lightbulb. I wanted to get this done myself and not ask the super since this is my apartment and I’m responsible for it. It took about ten minutes to get the bulb changed.

hallmark Then I got a cardpack from the Hallmark Signature Collection– which was hot because I love fancy greeting cards as decor (although I did send one of them as a birthday card). I put the sequined floral card on the desk, and the sugar skull cutout card is over by my leopard skin accessories case. I’ve always been into Hallmark, I mean who didn’t know that a Hallmark card meant cash as a kid?, but I drifted towards another card company because they had all the fancy, artsy deigns. Now that they have they Signature collection, I can feel happy buying from them whenever occasions, or decorating opportunities, come up.

I still have more DIY decorating projects coming, so stay tuned!

Next up: We talk about sunscreen.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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