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in which I have my first Etsy cookie orders and realize how much it cost to ship to CA

cookies 1

I rebooted my Etsy shop a few months ago after baking like crazy all Christmas season and finally got some orders last month! Which meant that I had to bake the cookies. Oh, and then I realized that I was out of packing supplies. Um, how much is postage?


Well, first things first- they ordered cookies, so I had to actually manufacture them. Each order had a different add-inn, so there was calculating my ingredients and making sure that I had the right number of cookies per canister. Then I realized that I had no canisters, so that meant a run to the restaurant supply store, where they had no lids. Luckily the look includes wrapping the canister in a plastic treat bag, so while I was annoyed it wasn’t a showstopper. cookies2a  I love the idea of brown paper packages (I leave off the string) and I also love the idea of a birthday party in a box. So once I had canisters and cookies, it was about laying out the ribbon, gathering fun little toys and writing out the pretty labels.

Did I mention realizing that I had run out of brown paper? cookies4

I had given myself a 5 day lead time for delivering orders and even with all the frantic last-minute shopping, managed to get everything out on time. The worst part was finding out that shipping to California was twice the cost of shipping within the East Coast, which I was not aware of.

So now I know.

Next up: How to get Amber Heard’s red Makeup Forever lip look…

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian