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Shame Series (part 1)- is there such a thing as too black to wear makeup?

One day, not yesterday or anything – it was awhile ago, somebody told me that I was ‘too black to wear makeup’. She said there was no point because no one could see it on my skin. Being a patient person, I didn’t bother reacting the way that they may have hoped. I wanted to turn that phrase around in my brain for awhile.

Too Black To Wear Makeup. 

I kept talking at the time, carefully watching the person’s face. They seemed so angry that I would dare to do this makeup thing! The woman’s head was literally shaking. I looked her over, looking at her makeup- which was the type of makeup worn to enhance rather than blind. I thought carefully about whether or not her words hurt me. Finding that they didn’t, I put those words away for later, when they would be useful and advantageous to me.

Like, oh, say- today.

Black women wearing makeup:

Now these people are of varying shades of dark, but let’s agree that they are visibly of the shade that would make people identify them as ‘black’. or ‘negro’ or what have you. THEY ARE ALL WEARING MAKEUP. The makeup is visible upon their faces, I can see it and it is there.

Therefore? There is no such thing as being too black to wear makeup.

Black women selling makeup:lupita ad

This woman is not only ‘black’ (or ‘negro’ or whatever) she is African- which is basically like the ultimate black of blackness. She is not only WEARING makeup, but she has been paid a fair sum of money to WEAR the makeup and as we have seen in previous photos, the makeup is visible upon her skin and looks rather nice!

Ain’t that something?

I mean- there it is, right? But I guess that’s not enough. I’m kind of into proving things beyond a shadow of a doubt, so let’s look at some more photos.

Sassy with no makeup:tbtwmu4

This is how I look without makeup. This is an actual progression of photos over the past year. There is NO makeup- but my skin is amazing, wouldn’t you agree? I like it. I’ve also improved over the last year, lol!

But again- I am NOT wearing makeup. And I think that we can all agree that I am ‘black’. If anyone doesn’t agree, you may need some glasses.

Sassy in no makeup makeup:tbtwmu1

Now sometimes I am guilty of wearing subtle ‘no makeup makeup’ meant to make me look a little more bright-eyed and bushy tailed than when I rolled out of bed. However? It’s still makeup, and I am ‘black’ and I am WEARING it. My lashes look insane! #love


Now, in this set the makeup is getting a little more intense, and when you get to the last shot I think we can all agree that there is a makeup ‘lewk’ happening. There’s some gold on the eyelids and some berry on the lips. There is blush and I know I left a sinkful of products in the bathroom when I ran out of the house wearing this MAKEUP on my ‘black’ skin.

Sassy and red lipstick are besties:tbtwmu3

because I have this amazing dark skin (which causes me to be identified as ‘black’ or ‘negro’ and so on) I can wear some boldness on my face. My favorite socially acceptable bold statement is red lipstick. It just instantly says- Hey world! I am Black and WEARING MAKEUP!

Ok, that’s not why I wear it- I wear it because it’s pretty and I like the way my lips look in it. Because most women that wear makeup are usually wearing whatever they have on for that particular reason. It pleases me, and makes me feel attractive. It kinda doesn’t matter very much what someone else wants to project onto me. As long as my lipstick is not on my teeth? It’s all good.


Sassy is just doing her thing: 


It is not up to anyone else to define me as too anything to do anything. That is my judgement call. People have called me a lot of nasty things over the course of my life, and I felt it more when I hadn’t proved to myself what I am. I’m beautiful. I’m unique. I’m amazing. There is no one like me on the whole planet. No one can take my place or subjugate me or degrade me or anything. I am me and I am perfect.

Gosh darn it- I LIKE me!

So although some may not like my dark color, I am good with it and I will wear makeup when I feel like it.

That is all.

Next up: Summer beauty from sunup to sundown

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

18 thoughts on “Shame Series (part 1)- is there such a thing as too black to wear makeup?”

  1. WOW! I cannot believe anyone would ever say that to you! That doesnt even make sense. I am extremely white like im talking snow white level and a lot of light shadows do not show up on my skin. Would this woman tell me I was too Pale to wear makeup? Yes, some shades don’t work with some skin tones but there are makeup made for pale girls just like there is makeup for dark girls. Some people are so idiotic! Either way you look beautiful with or without makeup 🙂

    1. Girl! I was, and still am, flabbergasted. I thought we were friends! I think the world obviously has room for paper white to ebony dark- I see it in my own family. To me, it’s about what YOU feel like doing or wearing, regardless of skintone, but not everyone is like that.

      xoxo, Faith

  2. Wow, people can say really dumb things sometimes.. “to black to wear makeup”?? wtf..? Black, white, whatever, really many people wears makeup everyday, I don’t think they care about their skin tone. Skin is skin.. I think you should just forget those words and just do whatever you like, wether it’s with or without makeup! 🙂

      1. Haha I’m happy you don’t (seem) to care as much of what she said! She clealy doesn’t deserve that kind of power. 🙂 Stay cool!

  3. she ain’t nobody, lol! besides- when people come at you like that, it’s way better to think about what’s happening, the context, etc than to start slapping. she expressed her view, which she has the right to do as an American citizen.

    but no, i won’t be naming my kids after her. ;-D

    xoxo, Faith

  4. I can’t believe someone had the nerve to tell you what you should/shouldn’t do. That’s just annoying. Nobody is too white or brown or black or whatever to wear makeup. Makeup is fun for all. That’s the point, isn’t it? I really don’t get where people get off talking like that. In my opinion, some of the most beautiful women are African (or Afr. Amer.) women with and without makeup. They have the best skin, a beautiful color, and they look younger and more flawless for longer. Good on you to embrace your beauty because whether anyone says it or not, black women are stunning with and without makeup. I really admire that you didn’t even get upset or have backlash when someone said that to you, though; I need to take a page out of your book haha. I’m Italian/Irish; I would’ve gone off like a handle…

    1. Tianna- It’s been a year, and that phrase was still rolling around in my head. And I realized that, especially with all the crazy things going on right now, that it’s time for me to lay that out there. It’s not just the racial implication of the phrase (because next it could be ‘you’re too black to read, have an apartment, or travel freely’, lol) but because it’s just rude. If you want to say I have a big nose, ok. Or that I’m too short for maxi dresses, ok. But my color and hair texture are off limits. I own them. I can’t let anyone use what makes me ME as a way to shame me or start an argument where I would embarass myself. Because I really wanted to just slap her, lol!!!!!
      xoxo, Faith

  5. Whoever told you this clearly does drugs. I’m not even going to get into the things she implied by saying you are “too black”, meaning dark, to wear makeup, because that’s giving too much time to foolishness. So glad you didn’t let that stop you from being proud of your gorgeous chocolate skin or from rocking the hell out of a bold lip, which honestly is easier to pull off when you are “too black”.


    1. You rock, I just laughed so hard! My mom always told me to watch out for jealousy, she emphasized that more than racism. Women of the African Diaspora have long held their own in the beauty front, so this chick wasn’t going to push me off my pedestal? But it really made me wonder about her mental state, lol!!!!

      xoxo, Faith

  6. Hi Faith,

    After reading this post I really have to wonder, like the previous commenter, if that b*@$# lady was on crack or inhaled too much face powder. You’re beautiful without or with makeup, especially wearing red and blue lipstick (love the red, but my favourite was the blue). Whoever said dark skinned black women cannot wear makeup are jealous-as-hell-dumba$$ liars. Dark skinned black women are gloriously beautiful (so too are other shades) because the features and skin tone magically captivate our attention. I know this from being raised/living with my grandma; even before I could acknowledge colorism, my younger self would often wonder how a woman like her could be a beauty. Now I know why. I personally find that women who share your complexion can get away with wearing any bold colour like makeup and clothes because you ladies make the colour pop more. Society knows this, but they don’t want to admit it. Instead, folks try to hide it with their stupid racism. Do you Faith and wear whatever the hell you want! Best wishes!!

    1. Chontee,

      Thanks so much for your comment! We go through so much, and even though it’s 2016 it feels like the black woman is everyone’s favorite target. It was a strange moment, but ultimately her comment is meaningless. We determine us, as people, regardless of color. No one can tell you what to look like. I still feel sorry for her delusional thinking.

      That said? Always remember, no matter what a hater says? Use it to your advantage. 🌞

      xoxo, Faith

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