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in which we update our fall closet and buy a wig (you read that right)

So, yes, the fall season cam upon us a minute ago, but I was running around gathering nuts to put before you. I mean content…

Um. Hm. #cricketsfall into pattern 1  Anyhoo! As soon as the temperature dipped, I dipped into the sweater drawer. Those Kensie sweaters from January? Back on my back. Dragged out the LL Bean jeans (well, I never put those away, so…) And new boots from Cat Footwear! I was testing every shade of red nailpolish that day, too. Not for any blog purposes? I was just bored.fall into pattern 1a

When your outfit randomly echoes your surroundings. If you put this shadow photo together with the graphic on my sweater, you would have a spooky Halloween style thing. Right? fall into pattern 2  It was still warm when I shot these, thinking I would put them up right away and then two months go by. If you put a cardigan or sweater coat over this and swap the straw fedora for a felt one, you have transitioned this outfit. Or a blazer! The REpurposing NOLA bag is perfect for fall colors. fall into pattern 3

I added this Red Nite anchor bracelet from Milton John (that new jewelry startup from Sweden that I’m working with). This is a good update for me, because it fits in my laid-back style and the gold anchor works if I wear it with something nicer. Go to to get yours, and use my special code faith10 at checkout for a discount. fall into pattern 4

I’m pretty sure that I talked about these boots, but this was from the first moment that I got them. When they were new, unworn and innocent. I just… I mean… You know? They are the perfect work/combat style boot for me. I like the rich dogwood color, and because my feet are long I am loving the slimmer silhouette. AND they’re super comfortable. AND you can tie the boot strings and just use the zip on the side. AND… fall into pattern 5The soles are reinforced so that your heels don’t wear down as quickly. For someone who literally walked the sole off of a pair of boots once, this is an amazing innovation. And it’s really pretty. But the reinforcement saves you money ion the long run, because you won’t have to re-sole as quickly.  fall into pattern 6Here’s a perky little turnout! This was a denim on denim outfit that I put together for a Lucky Community post. The idea was to combine pieces so that the imaginary wearer could go to work, the gym, and out for happy hour in one outfit. All the product info is in the post. fall into pattern 7This is one afternoon of good luck. Not even joking. I decided to take a walk over to the Brooklyn Museum and on the way I ended up thrifting. I updated my wardrobe to include the fall colors and was able to find pieces that work with what I already have. Bonanza!!!  fall into pattern 8The herringbone tweed wool blazer is in a dusty rose gold, and brand new. The cords actually flare, so it has a loose trouser feel. These scarves are just too amazing. Not too thick and great for the transitional period until it gets super cold. This bag is genuine leather. The color is insane, I love it.

Now, for the deep stuff… the bigger changes. sebfallbeauty1I decided that I would do my best to wear makeup more often and really go out of my way to look nicer. Why? Because you can’t give advice without taking it. Also, I have a lot of makeup even after giving and throwing stuff away. Better use it.

sebfallbeauty2I also decided to get a wig. This is the wig. Behold!

sebfallbeauty3This is me road-testing the wig before I wore it to an event. Check out how I’m wearing the same sweater as Angelina’s Vogue cover!!! Um, but I had mine wrapped around me since 2010. Leggings, socks, boots. The sweater coat for swagger. I went out and the wig kept my head warm, and while nobody dropped at my feet professing undying love, nobody said anything mean either. It was just like wearing a new hat, but curlier.sebfallbeauty4I added the wig-hat to one of my basic outfits and it added a little zing. AND it inspired me to try the blue eyeshadow thing, since my face is framed by hair- which calls attention to my eyes. Obviously someone was feeling a tad cute right here. It was just overalls and a sweatshirt, but because I added something extra it felt new. sebfallbeauty5

Wore the wig into Manhattan to get chores done, adding the new boots, one of the new scarves, and my fave bag. The military jacket from last season gets thrown over the overalls. Seasonal update complete…just in time to start waiting for Christmas.

Next up: we go to Kenwerks for an ss2016

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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YES!!!! We are on IFB Network’s Links a la Mode! #cuzwerock

Links à la Mode, October 22

Confession. I was seduced… by 38 posts this go round. 38! And as seduction would have it, my head was spinning trying to reduce that number to the standard 20. Many of you confessed your own seductions, which ran the gamut. Fall boots, an intriguing invitation, a city, a country, a seductive look of years past… and by Fashion in general.

Trends seducing IFB Bloggers right now are culottes {Never thought seducing and culottes would be in the same sentence, but there you have it}, cropped sweatshirts and sweaters, flannel, burgundy and mustard hues, and saddle bags to name a few.

Other themes of seduction included New York Comic-Con, photography tips, lessons on a couple decades, how to get an internship, history of one of the most seductive shoes, Halloween costuming and… a cocktail. There were also two thought provoking posts on diversity within the fashion and blogging worlds.

Now, just so I’m clear on the subject, where do you think seduction ends and stalking begins? I can only conclude from reviewing A Handful of Stories post that the gloves come off for seduction and stay on for stalking.

Links à la Mode, October 22

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Trends: Are Black women back from the dead?

I’m not big into rap or hip-hop, so the last few years seemed like an entertainment and inspiration desert when it comes to seeing empowered black women just being excellent and special without screaming curse-words or whatever. That annoys me.

It alsofelt like there was a lot of negativity surrounding those of us with darker skin, and I was starting to think that people just couldn’t give up on the idea that being dare with full lips and natural hair was an actual state of being that didn’t require apology.

Then the waters started parting…5 serenaSerena Williams was a badass April cover girl and that just seemed to inspire her and she went on to win a bunch of tournaments. You know, like Wimbledon and whatnot. After she was rested up from that she was just everywhere, including the Harper’s Bazaar Women Who Dare  issue and the upcoming Pirelli calendar.

I really should have taken tennis more seriously in high school…

1 nina simoneIn June one of the most revolutionary black entertainers in the world was honored with a documentary. What Happened Miss Simone? came out and her name was on everyone’s lips again. Sad, because after a revival in the 90s her incredible voice had sunk into obscurity.

2 grace at afropunkI thought that I would have to content myself with that, but then Grace Jones played Afro Punk! I found out too late to get tickets, but whatever. She was there!!! he inspiration of so many crazy-dressing black girls was actually up to her usual tricks, being her amazing and provoking self and it was awesome to have my twitter taken over by …GRACE.

And then she put out a book, I’ll Never Write My Memoirs, and then freed the nipple at a New York book signing.

I mean, could anything else happen?
4 fashion month Just Fashion month, no biggie. While some people were moaning and whining over 20% non-white models on the runways, I was too busy cheering. I mean- Herieth Paul, Tami Williams, Grace Bol and that gorgeous big afro girl who starred in the under-reported Stella McCartney One City One Girl series. Nana Ghana wore Stella McCartney in her own individualistic way and for all those people saying there’s no diversity, I just really didn’t see a lot of people covering this.  3 ajak deng at phillipe plein One of my fave instagram models, Ajak Deng killed it to death in the Phillipe Plein show. Which brought everything back to punk, Grace and all that’s good in the world. 6 viola At this point the world was just bursting with black lady goodness but then? Viola Davis won the Emmy for leading actress in a drama. As Analiese Keating, a high-powered lawyer and law professor, Davis shows such a kaleidoscope of feeling that her just raising her eyes to stare into the camera can blow you away. The character calls for a real, raw earthy (yet touchingly elegant) performance and Viola Davis has brought it with every episode.

Then she gave this speech and everybody was like- yeah! And then she also won wearing her hair in it’s naturally textured state and her dress was gorgeous, so it was like amazing black lady heaven. 7 lupita

And then,my October Vogue came and Lupita Nyong’o was on the cover looking crazy gorgeous and at that moment you could be like, ok this was a good year to be a black woman- but then the Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot photos were just… there were so many!!!! I mean a LOT! It wasn’t just fashion, it was grace, beauty, mystery, and romance.

Then she turned out to be starring in a play written by other gorgeous black lady Danai Gurira for Walking Dead at the Public Theater. Can you be any more proactive about bringing diversity to the stage? AND THEN it’s just been announced that the play, Eclipsed, is moving to Broadway.

If anything else happens, I’m just gonna faint.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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Holiday-ay! in which we talk about Halloween (featuring KISS Products)

Halloween is literally almost here! If you’re like me, you may not do anything until the last minute. You may also try to get away with doing nothing at all. One time? I put on my favorite cardigan and said I was Kurt Cobain. Like, that was my whole costume. I had fun, but still. I could have made a tiny effort. I got a a haul of some fun items from Kiss Products and decided that it was high time to think seriously about Halloween.

Here are some ideas in my head:

 Lena Dunham:halloween 1  I have a black turtleneck, so imitating this cover would be super easy. I could be the Oprah cover in back of her, but then I’d have to carry a turkey. With some neutral eyeshadow, liner and a pair of KISS Vamp Spooky Night lashes ($3.00 / Kmart, Fred Meyer) ? It’s a wrap.

 Weird Fashion Masks:halloween2Get a tinsel wig, streak on some wild looking eyeshadow and colored mascara, smear on crazy glitter lipstick and maybe use flash tats on your face, use eyelash glue to apply beads and use KISS Eye Tattoos ($1.99 / Kmart) for a little Halloween fashion mystery. Then put a big piece of mesh over your face.

American Psycho:  halloween3  There actually was a female version (starring Mila Kunis, of all people!) so being Patrick Bateman for Halloween is not a stretch. Don’t we all have a little killer in us? Just walk around in this blood spattered onesie ($99 from Rage On!) claiming that you have to return some video tapes, and apply these KISS Nail Tattoos  ($2.99 / Kmart, Walgreens).

 Viola Davis: halloween4Gracefully accept your award in a sweet Fit and Flare ( I saw this one on Wanelo) and make sure you have on some serious red lips. Add an amazing smile and a gilded trophy, and you’re set.

Frida Kahlo/ D&G ss2016 model: halloween5Bright scarves and flowers for the hair, dangling earrings, a colorful shift dress and strappy sandals- and if you’re the D&G model- just keep taking selfies like gorgeous Tami Williams– your life is an artsy runway! Add some Halloween spirit by keeping the colors in the white/yellow/orange color range and paste on these KISS Nail Dress ($2.99 / Kmart, Walgreens). You can use the full nail version or make it a scary French mani, your choice.

90s Teen Movie Character:


Basically- dress like a Catholic schoolgirl. Plaid skirt, white top, cardigan optional, chunky mary jane style shoes. These suggestions were from Boohoo and Polyvore respectively, referencing the Craft and Clueless. I’m throwing in the Broadway Press-On Nails ($5.00 / Kmart, Walgreens) in Broomstick and Fright Night.

What am I going to wear? Not sure yet. I am going wig shopping, though… I mean, I could end up looking like this:vintagedressandstovebyj

Happy Halloween!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra) Ordinary

peppersI took this photo last summer and still adore it. It’s a bag of baby peppers, end the colors of the peppers and the green net bag fascinate me. This cost a dollar and got turned into a jar of roasted peppers in olive oil. There’s nothing amazing here and yet there is. It’s completely extraordinary in it’s mundanity.

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Event: in which we go to see Cat Footwear’s ss2016 collection and get a great surprise

catYay! I love Cat Footwear, as you guys may have guessed, and it was exciting to be invited to their ss2016 preview. In the two years since my first Cat Footwear event so much has change, not least the style/design of the shoes. I couldn’t wait to see what they were going to have for next Spring.  cat1I kept it simple (when do I not?) with LL Bean jeans, a longsleeved tshirt from Uniqlo, and my Southern Tide summer cardigan. The little extras were a pirate necklace from Jade & Jasper, my Red Nite Anchor Bracelet from Milton John (use the code faith10 for a discount!) and of course my Cat Footwear Fueled boots. Raspberry beanie on fleek? Yes indeed.

cat2I also tried out my new Kure Bazaar nail polish for the first time. I wanted to see if the eco-friendly varnish was a cool at it seems, and how long will it last without chipping? Here’s the verdict: with no topcoat, two coats of polish lasted fairly unchipped until Wednesday, when I decided to wipe it off for a new manicure. I love the color, a deep serious green called Kale. cat3

On the way to WeWork on 40th, I got a free chocolate sample and had to run inside Royce’s chocolate boutique opposite Bryant Park to buy a box. It was the incredibly indulgent Nama Chocolate in Champagne, and it was so good that I didn’t mind parting with $18 for a box of 20 pieces. What was even better is that if you were willing to do a little social media on the spot, they threw in a box of their Nama Matcha chocolate. I was all over that.  cat4When I finally made it over to WeWork where Cat Footwear was hosting this year’s soiree, It was decked out with the latest in footwear trends. Mannequins in relaxed, urban flavored streetwear gave an idea to the types of clothing that you’d think about wearing your new footwear with. I loved the new iteration of Colorado workboots with craquelure floral embellishment, and punk inflected polkadot version with spiked boot jewelry. Rugged and sweet, tough and tender all in one boot.

I am desperately in love with this new foray into athletic footwear (photo 2)! It’s for men, but, hello gender equality!, I want a pair badly.  cat7Of course the sandals were completely on point. I really liked the fringe mocca/sandal hybrid- a definite must for ss2016.  cat8Love pastel? Then you’re in luck because Cat is offering an array of styles in sorbet shades. Whether you’re into boots or wingtip shoes, they got you, boo. cat9These are hot. The Willa Canvas delights by combining a southwest flavor into mid-heel stacked boot that will look amazing peeping out from under flares, or culotte overalls. cat91The Cheyenne’s leather sewn on leather with studs look caught my eye immediately. An easy wear, something that you can jump into on a summer morning and pair with jorts or a mini. Like little cowboy boots, with a punk edge. I love how slim and narrow the Cat shoes and boots have gotten! It’s a richer more expensive look. cat5AW2016 styles were on display as well, including my favorite Corinne Boot. The first pair I ever got from Cat Footwear and I still have them. I really like these shearling lined Hub Fur Boot ($140) available now. It’s really cute, and seeing as how people are flocking to snap up ‘heritage brand’ winter boots? You might want to order yours today.  cat92I ran into two bloggers from my NY Fashion Bloggers Project (photo 1)! Jamal Jackson of Style Society Guy and Robert Max Twitty of Gents Among Men, both looking sharp as usual. With them is Danielle of She’s A Gent, a menswear inspired blog with a California sensibility.

 Yes, people were playing ping pong. cat93People were also sipping delicious Liberated Wine, a vineyard from Santa Rosa, California. Available in Cabernet Suvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and my personal favorite Pinot Noir, the wine’s labels added an element of stylish fun to the bar’s display of Cat Footwear.

Along with a spicy glass of Pinot, I had an array of appetizers whose delicious simplicity allowed me to take a second and kick back. prosciutto Pinwheels, Buffalo Mozzarella with pesto dipping sauce and Mozzarella Tomato Skewers drizzled with honey balsamic vinegar were refreshing and hunger-stopping at the same time.

Did I mention how good that Pinot Noir from Liberated Wine was? Oh. Well, it was really good.  cat94 I took a second to admire my new Howndog Dot Colorado work boots (so 90s!) while eating, drinking and charging my phone with my Panasonic Travel Charger. I always seem to leave the house when my phone is in the yellow warning zone. Not sure how that happens. This can charge two phones, and it’s been saving my butt since I got it. cat96 Once I was sufficiently fortified with wine and food and shoes, I made my way home. It was a warm and perfect fall night outside of Bryant Park. So New York! One of those times when the place reminds you of what magic looks like. cat95The next morning, I got up to shoot my OOTD (ok, I’m lame- but I got dressed in 5 mins and didn’t take a selfie because I was already gonna be late), and I was going through my Cat Footwear booklet when I spied my name! My AW2014 Shoe Roundup was featured! Which made me super happy, because style is one thing- but I love having my actual writing and photography rewarded.



Next up: Fall Fitness Resolution update

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian