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Trends: Are Black women back from the dead?

I’m not big into rap or hip-hop, so the last few years seemed like an entertainment and inspiration desert when it comes to seeing empowered black women just being excellent and special without screaming curse-words or whatever. That annoys me.

It alsofelt like there was a lot of negativity surrounding those of us with darker skin, and I was starting to think that people just couldn’t give up on the idea that being dare with full lips and natural hair was an actual state of being that didn’t require apology.

Then the waters started parting…5 serenaSerena Williams was a badass April cover girl and that just seemed to inspire her and she went on to win a bunch of tournaments. You know, like Wimbledon and whatnot. After she was rested up from that she was just everywhere, including the Harper’s Bazaar Women Who Dare  issue and the upcoming Pirelli calendar.

I really should have taken tennis more seriously in high school…

1 nina simoneIn June one of the most revolutionary black entertainers in the world was honored with a documentary. What Happened Miss Simone? came out and her name was on everyone’s lips again. Sad, because after a revival in the 90s her incredible voice had sunk into obscurity.

2 grace at afropunkI thought that I would have to content myself with that, but then Grace Jones played Afro Punk! I found out too late to get tickets, but whatever. She was there!!! he inspiration of so many crazy-dressing black girls was actually up to her usual tricks, being her amazing and provoking self and it was awesome to have my twitter taken over by …GRACE.

And then she put out a book, I’ll Never Write My Memoirs, and then freed the nipple at a New York book signing.

I mean, could anything else happen?
4 fashion month Just Fashion month, no biggie. While some people were moaning and whining over 20% non-white models on the runways, I was too busy cheering. I mean- Herieth Paul, Tami Williams, Grace Bol and that gorgeous big afro girl who starred in the under-reported Stella McCartney One City One Girl series. Nana Ghana wore Stella McCartney in her own individualistic way and for all those people saying there’s no diversity, I just really didn’t see a lot of people covering this.  3 ajak deng at phillipe plein One of my fave instagram models, Ajak Deng killed it to death in the Phillipe Plein show. Which brought everything back to punk, Grace and all that’s good in the world. 6 viola At this point the world was just bursting with black lady goodness but then? Viola Davis won the Emmy for leading actress in a drama. As Analiese Keating, a high-powered lawyer and law professor, Davis shows such a kaleidoscope of feeling that her just raising her eyes to stare into the camera can blow you away. The character calls for a real, raw earthy (yet touchingly elegant) performance and Viola Davis has brought it with every episode.

Then she gave this speech and everybody was like- yeah! And then she also won wearing her hair in it’s naturally textured state and her dress was gorgeous, so it was like amazing black lady heaven. 7 lupita

And then,my October Vogue came and Lupita Nyong’o was on the cover looking crazy gorgeous and at that moment you could be like, ok this was a good year to be a black woman- but then the Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot photos were just… there were so many!!!! I mean a LOT! It wasn’t just fashion, it was grace, beauty, mystery, and romance.

Then she turned out to be starring in a play written by other gorgeous black lady Danai Gurira for Walking Dead at the Public Theater. Can you be any more proactive about bringing diversity to the stage? AND THEN it’s just been announced that the play, Eclipsed, is moving to Broadway.

If anything else happens, I’m just gonna faint.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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in which we go to Nitehawk Cinema to see American Psycho

Right. Before we were so rudely interrupted by all that fashion stuff, we were doing boring life stuff in New York. 20150908_082948

I was going to the midnight showing of American Psycho at Nitehawk Cinema, so dressing up was not necessary. I went with my overalls, a navy blue cotton  tshirt that I got for $1 someplace, and packed my boho REpurposing NOLA bag with a thrift store cardigan. Those are my SUPRA Cuttler sneakers, pretty scuffed up now but wearing admirably. Screenshot_2015-09-01-07-11-13

I had seen a little blurb on Flavorpill that the movie was playing as part of a series on female directors called She Made It and since I have never had the pleasure of seeing Patrick Bateman on the big screen, I went for it. 20150904_232414I guess you could lump this in with my other summer adventures, going to see a midnight movie. But also, I’m bored! The meetup thing didn’t spawn any real friendships, and nyfw is about business, so I am still at loose ends. And now that I’m in the habit of going out, I just can’t see any reason to stay stuck in the house alone. 20150904_232908What do we like about Nitehawk Cinema? The bar.  20150904_235708The other thing is the menu. Yes, I said menu as in real food. I decided to stick with the Shiner Bock (a fave from when I lived in New Orleans) and the popcorn drizzled with truffle oil and citric butter. The seats have a little table, for your meal and there’s a light underneath so you can actually order food during the film. The waitstaff pass through the theater continuously.

It was weird to me at first, but to be honest? I’m a grownup and I think having dinner at a movie theater is the most efficient way to kill that dinner and a movie nonsense. Should you eat before or after? Because both ways you may end up springing for dinner and still buying junk at the theater. And I know people who sneak alcohol into the movies or add it to their concessions drinks, so why not just admit that grownups drink and make some money?

So that’s my opinion. ap

The film, directed by Mary Harron, is based on the novel by 90s schockmeister Brett Easton Ellis.  While a serious literary work, most novels of this type or written my Stephen King. The basic premise is that a rich, studly aristocrat is randomly murdering people. Just murdering and murdering. A lot of murdering. In between killing he goes to restaurants with his rich friends, cheats on his blithely oblivious girlfriend, and generally tries to ‘fit in’.

The film is pretty much faithful to the book, and Christian Bale does his little weird guy thing. As a beauty blogger, I live for the sequence where he talks about his beauty routine. I mean, I’m just watching that scene purely to think about the facial mask he peels off. Um. You have to see it to get that joke.

15 years later, the film is somewhat hokey, but the premise of not really having a self and just being a facade is fairly relevant. Patrick would probably have his secretary do his instagramming, and I doubt that he would tweet. he’d have to use tumblr under an assumed name. It’s harder to hide your true self now. Patrick is an argument for transparency. I’m not going to get into all the psycho-sexual stuff because it’s just too pat, and also somewhat old fashioned. There was such a kerfuffle over this film, but in the end it’s just a film.

Next up: Random images from things I liked from different fashion weeks around the world

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian