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You are invited: Bremont Watches Drinks Party 12/2

Hello everyone! If you’re in NY, you may want to drop by the Bremont boutique from 5 to 8 pm on Wednesday 12/2 for a glass of champers and some shopping.


Bremont New York Boutique Holiday Hours

Monday to Saturday: Open until 7pm
Sundays: 12pm to 5pm

501 Madison Avenue | New York | 10022

See you there!

xoxo, Faith/SassyEthnicBohemian

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Beauty: the winter 2015 haircare roundup

It’s cold now. No two ways about it, winter is here. Between wind, scarves and hats- your hair, regardless of texture, is going to need some help.

Wash it and wear it:


  1. You can’t really go far wrong with Phyto. This season, the products t buy are Phytokeratine Exreme Exceptional Shampoo  ($29) is a paraben and silicone free formula that cleanses even the most delicate hair gently and leaves it more resistant and easily managed. The companion Extreme Exceptional Cream ($40) is a leave in conditioning styling cream is designed to nourish brittle, dry, breakage prone hair- a bonus in winter weather.
  2.  Pureology has the Pure Volume range for color treated hair. Pure Volume shampoo removes oil buildup that weighs hair down then rebuilds shine with Pure Volume conditioner is meant to strengthen and elevate hair. Their Colour Fanatic products are for specially formulated Deep Conditioning Mask is there to keep your mermaid hair looking healthy and the Multi-Tasking Hair Beautifier follows up with deal with split ends and reduce dryness. The Colour Stylist Strengthening Control hairspray holds all of your colour treated glory in place while enhancing the vibrancy of the color.

Hold it:


  1. Shampure Dry Shampoo from Aveda ($35) is a powder that you apply to the roots of your hair to texturize and hold. It absorbs the excess oil and dirt while adding volume. It was all over NYFW, remember? It just hit store counters on November 1st.
  2. Joico’s Hair Shake ($17.99) is a product that goes from a liquid to a dry, super fine powder mist that adds volume and hold for any hair type and texture.
  3. Curlkeeper ($15.99)  maxes on the trend towards natural hair being left to do it’s natural thing, but better. The styling gel is worked hrough curls and leaves them looking shiny and neat.
  4. For those big 70s influenced styles, you need big hold. BosVolumize Styling Spray provides the long lasting hold you need to keep waves curls together without getting crunchy.

Dry it off:


  1. Brand now is the Revlon Hair Dryer and Styler ($49.99)- yes, they finally made a brush that blow dries your hair! No, but click the link, it’s not a joke- Revlon now has a brush that is a blow dryer. And you can get it at Target.
  2. The Gold N Hot Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer ($48.99) brings the comfort of the salon home. The jumbo soft bonnet is great for those big curler, high volume sets, not to mention perfect for drying coiled up dreadlocks or braided styles.


This is the one I’m using right now, because it works quickly on my short, textured hair. Pro Beauty Tools 1875W Ionic AC Motor Dryer ($39.99) has 3 heats, 2 speeds, and a cold shot button to work with. You also get diffuser and  concentrator  attachments to create professional styles at home.

Style it:


  1. I love this super fun Revlon PRO Collection 3/4″ Tourmaline Ceramic Deep Waver ($24.99) creates 30s style waves and helps create 80s style punky looks with aplomb. Even heat ceramic heats up to 430 degrees and to ions come in for max hair conditioning.
  2. The Pro Beauty Tools Shine Enhancing 1″ Ceramic Straightener ($37.99) is your lightweight, instant heating go to for straight hair style.
  3. If you have extra long locks, the 1″ Professional X-Long Gold Curling Wand ($34.78)is 2 inches longer than regular curling irons, and features the  24 hour curl effect that Pro Beauty Tools is known for.

4. Hottest styling tool on the market? The Sarah Potempa S1 Beachwaver ($129) rotating ceramic curling iron creates loose curls, beacy waces, and whatever else you can think of with it’s 5.5″ ceramic rod. It has dual rotation, a 8 foot swivel cord, and was on InStyle’s list of Best Beauty Buys.


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian



in which we are on Links a la Mode! #HappyThanksgiving!

Links à la Mode, November 26

The women are getting girly, the men are getting dapper, and somewhere in between is Michael Kors. And while it’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S., it’s almost summer in Australia, so our selfie tips will help you out no matter if you’re at the Australian beach or it’s of you taking a food-coma nap after a too-big dinner. And for those that *are* in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving!

Links à la Mode, November 26



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in which we discover Tresor Rare skincare and think about Charming Charlie’s

tresorcc2So after I left the Beauty 20 awards, I strolled down 5th Avenue just enjoying NYC. Which is easy on 5th Avenue. I saw this kooky display outside of a store and stopped to snap it and the a saleslady swooped out with some teeny, tiny samples. So of course we started talking and that’s when I found out that a little tiny store can sell super expensive stuff. tresorcc3This sliver of a store is called Skin Supreme NY and it’s on 5th near 38th, almost in the middle of the block. The lady gave me some samples,  which I took, and then she was telling me about her product. She asked me what I do and I shamefacedly let her know that I was a beauty blogger and usually get products for free. She said that the prodcts in the store were really, really expensive- so of course I had to go look. tresorcc6Um, $1699 for face cream? Oh, snap. tresorcc5I don’t know if the products are real or not, they seem to have rubbed a lot of people the wrong way on Yelp? But the packaging was nice.

I kept walking just luxuriating in being in the city on a not too cold fall evening with all the hustle and shine that NYC has at certain times. I still love Brooklyn, but the city can be a shot of adrenaline.tresorcc7After a few blocks I came to Charming Charlie’s, all decorated and merchandised for Christmas. And I was like…that bag!!! tresorcc8I remembered the last time I had been there and the tons of amazing stuff they had on display. I’m not the big fast fashion fan, but I am strongly considering shopping there. A. Such cute stuff. B. It’s an American company, built from the ground up in Texas.

So I guess I’m saying try Charming Charlie’s if you just HAVE to be all fast-fashiony. Because I don’t like any other fast fashion company, lol!

Next up: Haircare roundup!!! New products, new tools- new you!


xoxo, Faith/SassyEthnicBohemian








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in which we attend the Innocos Beauty Digital Conference and Beauty 20 Awards

After the exciting GREAT Britain on Madison breakfast at The British Consul’s Residence, I dropped my brand new Ettinger card case in my bag, patted my lips with a snowy white napkin, and dashed off to learn more about what’s making the beauty industry tick.innocos1
I arrived just as the Cosmetics that Communicate: Personalized, Dynamic Consumer Engagement with Thinfilm’s NFC OpenSense Smart Sensor Technology discussion was starting. Patty Britton, VP of North America Sales and Business Development at Thin Film was talking about ways that technology is expanding the reach of companies that utilize their new NFC OpenSense smart sensor tags.innocos1aBasically, they’ve created a labeling technology that can communicate deals to a customer, and also let a brand know if items have been tampered with or stolen. The point is to extend the reach of the brand’s supply chain, so that they can effectively follow the product right into your hand (or wherever it may have ended up).

This affects you because from the moment you decide to purchase something, the brand can now interact with you directly via the label, should you choose to scan it. And it saves scads of dollars because theft costs companies more money than implementing these new labels.innocos2A new gadget named OKU is beginning to enter the market, and it will be of great interest to beauty enthusiasts. You hold it up to your skin and it measures the health of your skin. OKU looks inside and underneath skin to identify problems. Rahul Mehendale, CEO, mySkin Inc, is a firm believer in data collection and analysis and says that the technology for the device was found while searching for a way to detect melanomas.

A major hit was the beauty retailers panel. It was about Engaging the Customer: Essential Rules for Delivering an Exemplary Customer Experience in Beauty. The panel consisted of Jessica Richards, Owner of SHEN Beauty, Ian Ginsberg, President of C.O.Bigelow Apothecaries, Sourab Sharma of FIGorout, and Jennifer Tidy, VP Partnerships at Modiface. The spirited group pondered and discussed how to keep customers happy and spending.innocos5The consensus was that online beauty shopping isn’t working, because women want to try tings out and test the. That’s the training, so people want t keep doing it. A surprising fact came from Mr. Ginsberg revealed that people come into C. O. Bigelow throughly confused by vlogger tutorials. I personally can’t stand watching makeup videos, so I was gratified to find out that they don’t really work. I was also shocked when a panelist said that the Sephora experience ‘sucked’. Whoa.

The vew that the retail experience needs to be simplified was agreed upon by all. The Apple store was cited, with the main idea being that retail needs to slow down and chill out. There was a kerfuffle over airport presence, with most, like Ms. Richards of SHEN Beauty nixing the idea of an airport store. I put forth the idea that a crowd of people stuck in Paris or Canada on a layover might be the perfect market. So if you see any of these people open airport sores that was all my idea.

The thrust of all the panel discussions was that people ae looking to engage, and delight- but in my opinion they’re over-thinking, over-analyzing and driving themselves nuts. People do what they want. And at the end of the day, after all the thinking and analyzing you could end up with nothing. I think retailers need to look into just selling things they believe in, keeping overhead low enough that they can shrug if items don’t work out. You can predict a whole bunch of things, and then everyone goes out and buys Beanie Babies or hoverboards instead of your stuff and you’re like…why?

innocos7After that energetic exchange there was food from Dish Food NYC and drinks, and then we settled down for the InnoCos Digital Beauty 20 Awards. I met one of the nominees, who happened to be an expert on cool New York (Lower East Side, 80s) one of my favorite topics.  He was nominated for best app for ShadeScout. You can sample a color and the app finds a makeup product that matches. I love!

innocos9Last year, the awards debuted and bloggers announced the different categories. This year, it got super simple. Irina Kremlin of Global Cosmetics beauty did the honors in a fitted black cape jacket and slim cut pants. The biggest winner of the night was Mary Kay, racking up three awards, including Best Youtube Channel. Each winner gave a ‘five words or less’ acceptance speech.innocos8Here’s a list of the Beauty20 2015 winners (and their speeches):

Best Facebook: Mary Kay “Sharing is in our DNA”
Best Pinterest: Mary Kay ” Pin it to win it”
Best Instagram: Bath & Body Works “Thanks for making fragrance fun”
Best App: Sephora to go “App domination since 2010”
Best Youtube Channel: Mary Kay “You can play that again”
Best e-Commerce Website: Sephora “Vegas store launched in 99”
Best Beauty Startup: eSalon “Thank you very much”
Best Technology: JeNu “Its pronounced genou. Thank you”
Best Beauty Brand Online: Sally Hansen “Thankful #sallyhansenthanksyou #staypolished”

Irina is already gearing up for the next awards ceremony in 2016. They’ll be landing in London first this February, and hen in LA. Go to to vote.


Next up: discovering a new skin care collection and thinking about Charming Charlies

xoxo, Faith/SassyEthnicBohemian


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in which we eat breakfast with the Best in British Luxury and love it

Lately a certain blogger has been attending grown-up events which of course calls for a grown-up look. Being summoned to The British Residence to attend a breakfast celebrating British Luxury Goods hosted by  Danny Lopez, who is only the Her Majesty’s Consul General.

A big deal, indeed.

british1I went straight for classic print mixing. The Escada jacket and Kate Spade dress combo with a turtleneck because it was nippy outside. My family is West Indian, so when in doubt I just go straight for the Miss Marple dowager look. I don’t even hesitate. Granted, the necklace has a skull on it, but pirates. Sensible lace up oxfords and that fake fancy bag completed the respectably eccentric look.  british2I put on all this makeup in about 15 minutes. I have it down now. Brows. Concealer under eyes, a line over eyebrows and over the lipline. Wing that out to put light under eyes t top of cheekbones. Mix a little primer with foundation in your palm, mix together, smooth on face like moisturizer, go over it with a sponge/blender just in case. Brown and gold eye shadow. Eye liner. Blush. And today a classic red lip: lip pencil, then lay on color.

I decided to mess around with the wig a little. I curled the front section on my hair with my Pro Beauty Tools gold curling iron and covered the rest with the wig cap. Fluff up. Shake head around and then look in mirror. Done. Out. Gone. british3So loving these beautiful views! Even with stormy skies, NYC can be so breathtakingly beautiful. Also, a view like this is says ‘rich people hang out here’. For real.

british4Cozy little nooks, British artworks, and needlepoint pillows emblazoned with the Fab Four. So English. The ceramic poppies in photo 2 are meant as a reminder of WWII. british5All of us were there to celebrate the GREAT Britain on Madison Avenue event which took place fromantic November 5th to 8th. Brands like Alexander McQueen, John Lobb, Jo Malone, and Agent Provocateur were participating in a sort of luxury brand block party. From East 57th to East 86th, Madison Avenue was awash in Prestat Chocolates, afternoon tea, and special discounts. A percentage of the proceeds was donated to Historic Royal Palaces.

british6Halcyon Days, a purveyor of enameled teaware, jewelry and gift boxes, was on hand. Aren’t these things pretty? The brand has three Royal warrants or commissions, basically the Royal Seal of Approval. Basically, Wills and Kate buy their stuff. british7The Savoir Beds display. I meant to look closer, but I got distracted. british8Discovered a new British watch brand, Bremont. The watches are created and made in Henley on Thames in England. A sort of rugged, suave adventurer (like Prince Harry maybe?) would wear these while sailing in the America’s Cup or climbing Mount Everest. I really liked these watches, to be honest. It’s the type of men’s watch that would look good on a woman. british9Had a lovely conversation with Jerome of Ettinger. A luxury leather goods company founded in 1937, they also have a Royal Warrant. I admit that I’m not always a fan of luxury goods? But I do love well made, durable items and Ettinger’s wallets and card cases are guaranteed to age beautifully as you use them.

They’re also a generous brand; a little gold box was at everyone’s seat as a token of their esteem. british91Which brings us to the table. Oh, the table… My mom tried to teach me how to do this and of course I balked, thinking it was silly. No, I was silly. Seeing a table formally set is a joy. I mean, how gorgeous is this? british92Let’s take another look, shall we? british93The retailers from Halcyon Days, Bremont and Ettinger answer questions on the tradition of British luxury goods, how and where they’re made, and why that’s relevant in today’s retail conversation.

Basically, when you move up in the world and aspire to show your improved status, you want to invest in better things as opposed to just spending for looks. A well made watch is useful, and a reminder of how you earned the money to buy it. Enameled china is a hint to your guests that you know what’s what. A gorgeous leather wallet whispers money every time people see it.

It’s not just vanity, either. Luxury goods are an investment in yourself, the brand, and the economy of the country where they’re made. british94This is me at the table sneaking a look at what was in the Ettinger box. Yum. british95Then I noticed that our plates were monogrammed. I ate off of Royal China on a cloudy Thursday morning in New York.

Can you imagine?

Next up: the Innocos Digital Beauty Conference and Beauty 20 Awards

xoxo, Faith/SassyEthnicBohemian

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in which we get a free dress from Lattori and style it #kloutperks

The running joke on this blog is the email box surprise. Somehow it never gets old (for me at least). The latest thing that popped out of my email box? A free dress.

I got an email from the Klout perks department alerting me to the fact that my expertise in fashion blogging had resulted in a $250 credit with e-tailer Lattori Designer Dresses.

Yes, thank you, and here it is. dress I chose the Posh Poppy Reminder Dress ($189) because it fit my budget and I think it’s sophisticated and pretty. It looks like the kind of dress that you can wear to work under a cardigan or blazer, then go out for cocktails or a date in after work. The color was bold and the price was right, and my $250 credit covered next day delivery.

Nice. dress1As soon as it came, well- as soon as i got it into my apartment where getting undressed is legal, I tried on my new dress. AND IT FIT!!! So already I was happy. The fabric is a crisp polyester poplin, not exactly wintery, but that;s not really my problem. The lining is a soft, perforated mesh that stretches and the asymetrical front flap is sewn over the skirt so that even if it flips open, you are securely covered. Can’t go wrng with this. My biggest quibble is that it looked orange to me and I would never wear an orange and black dress.  dress2I decided that my red(orange) black dress should get the minimal modern treatment. Since the slices of black are so bold and the front panel is an accessory in itself, I felt that restraint was key. I grabbed this caramel colored envelope clutch with druzy stone closure, rooted around until I had found my fake snakeskin cuff and added little onyx studs. I just got these shoes on Poshmark. Aren’t they gorge? Enzo Angiolini, never worn, and only $27! They worked perfectly with my neautral accessories palette. dress3This was my makeup/nail collage for the look. I just went into my bathroom product stash and found pretty much everything the magazines are touting as the ‘new’ fall colors. Deep wine colored nails, bronze and brick eyeshadow, with a touch of gold probably would work best. The new (sold out) Gold 001 from Pat McGrath Labs would be perfect with this look. If it wasn’t sold out.

Next up: the British Breakfast Club

xoxo, Faith/SassyEthnicBohemian