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Product Review: Bodipure Keratin gloves and socks #youneedthese


I am obsessed with taking care of my hands and feet. Anyone that’s read my Zombiefoot Makeover post   knows that I will stop at no lengths to get the feet ready for summer. I heard about Bodipure Keratin Gloves and Socks and immediately wanted to try them out. Why? I love the idea of home treatments that are economical, and easy. Why go crazy trying to pay spa fees if you can do it at home?


I had the chance to get the two in one sample that contains both the gloves and socks. I recommend that option, because whey have crusty feet and smooth hands or vice versa?


This is what’s in the sock packet. I want to say something gross and sophomoric, but I won’t. Because I’m a grown-up.

Basically you smooth the lightweight plastic gloves on and start massaging the vegetable based emulsion into your skin and nails. There’s a lot in there, too, Bodipure is not stingy. The formula they use is self-activating, so once you put the gloves and socks on, you’re done. They use 100% active vegetable ingredients that come from renewable sources, so that’s a huge plus. And you can still use your devices while wearing the gloves.

I actually put on regular gloves and socks over the treatment ones and slept in them. I added plastic bags with the socks, so that I could feel comfy walking around and not be paranoid that the Bodipure plastic sock would burst. My hands are exactly what I wanted. No dead skin on the palms, and the backs of my hands feel smooth and soft. The same with my feet. I am probably going to invest in a box. This at home treatment is comparable to the paraffin treatments I used to get at bliss.

You can purchase Keratin gloves and socks separately for $5.99 per pack, or grab up the combination packet for $9.98 at



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DTRs, Time Outs and Full Frontal Breakups; What Online Dating is Teaching Me About Life



I started an online profile on Ok Cupid last year, more for blog content generation purposes than romance. I put that out there, too, I am nothing if not obnoxiously honest. I went on some dismal dates and then lost interest because I had way more interesting and stress free things to write about…like beauty products and fashion shows. I pretty much forgot that it existed until I got a message from OK Cupid in January luring me back with promises of men, men, manly men, men. Oh, joy.

Except, I felt like it was time to have a boyfriend. I haven’t had a real one, a true relationship thing where you know who you’re sleeping with every night and you know who’s washing the dishes while you talk about your day, since 2010. I miss that. I miss manly man rumbling about existential shit like baseball, something I have absolutely no interest in. I miss manly man exclaiming over my cooking, or saying nice things when I get something published. I am a feminist-y sort of woman. I worry about feminist-y, womanly things. But gosh darn it, men are fun, and they always know where free food is.

So instead of just using my natural looking, everyday female type photos, I called on my blogger selfie super powers and created pictures with the sole intention of selling myself. I pawed through all of the free makeup, skincare, hair care, and clothing that has accumulated in my apartment over the last 2.5 years and sincerely thought about what men like when they look at photos of women. I was so devious. I was going to give it not just the old college try, but I was bringing weapons to the game. Red lipstick, which is like a WMD. And a cute, squiggly curled wig. And any type of top that showed cleavage. I came to play, and I was not going home without scoring.

And it worked! I got tons of emails! I got compliments! And many many photos of penises, but whatever. I decided that the penis photo was a trophy, proof of my big game man hunting. I have a folder on my phone that I live in terror of opening at some random place like the supermarket while looking for a coupon screenshot. It’s worth it, though. I know that it’s not good to encourage the peenie pic, but after not seeing any for a really long time at least now I had examples to make judgments with. Ahem. Lot of variety out there.

It took 2 months, and many many messages before I actually went on a date with someone. There were some mistakes, like that guy. And some misadventures, like that guy that was a cross-dresser. But every step was a learning experience. I didn’t hold back from raunchy phone calls, or sexting. I jumped right in and it left me feeling a. relieved that I could even do it and b. annoyed because men will give it up quickfast via text, but actually going out seems like an obstacle that they can’t get past. Like, what? Date? Uh… And he’s gone.

Funnily enough? Some man that had rejected me when I was plain old boring lip balm girl came floating up out of the woodwork now that I was curly haired, red lipped vixen lady. He did ask me out, he did not send peenie pics, he did show up, and he gave me flowers. Like a prize for my feminine duplicity, I got pretty pink tulips and a 6 hour date that involved the Highline, cookies, and ended up at Eataly eating gelato. Not bad.

And then we had more dates and then we had playtime for grownups and then, it was over. It was done. I knew in my heart of hearts that I would be seeing that man no more. Why? Fucked if I know. The ‘this is over’ feeling led to a DTR– because when in doubt, go for a DTR to clarify, identify problems, and decide to fix or destroy. DTR led to a time out, and time out led to a definitive breakup. As much breaking up as one can do after three weeks of fairy tale dating with someone you secretly resent because they didn’t like you when you were just you.

But here’s the awesome part…I jumped right back in the pool. I did not mope, I did not wait, I just opened up that profile, answered some questions, put up some new info and started over. Why? Because I can. Which is my answer to a lot of things. I’ve read pieces about men ghosting, why he didn’t he do this or that, whoa is me I’m heartbroken, and I know how that feels. But we all have the right to ghost. We all have the write to send breakup texts. We all have the right to part our hair a different way, take a brave new selfie and find someone else. That’s the gift of online dating. It’s a vast, never ending pool of men, men, manly, men looking for someone to hold onto.

It’s so easy to see it as a loss when things don’t work out. It’s so easy to get caught up and lose sight of the fact that if you could get one, you can get another one, or maybe five. I’ve been thinking about the fact that my womanly body has parts suffused with fat, so in a real pool I’m more likely to float than a man. I’m more likely to bob up and ride the waves and currents without harm. Which means that instead of thinking of myself as a forlorn, undateable creature because one man didn’t work out, I see myself as a life raft for men drowning in a sea lovelessness.

I am God’s gift to online dating! I am the Moby Dick of Ok Cupid! I am the Raft of Love! At the very least? I am a woman seeking men 40–55, living near me for short & long term dating and enjoying every minute.

(Then I spent two days crying. It so sucks when someone gives you everything you really wanted and then just takes it away. It’s even worse when you didn’t really ask for all that, just a date and possibly a relationship. How hard is that? I felt so depressed because for three weeks it was an onslaught of attention and I gave in, playing along at first but really enjoying it. I feel better today and I’m still going to look for someone, but wow… if anyone starts texting me too much or really going overboard I’ll know better with promises and stuff. I’ll know better…)

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From Basic to Boss

Screenshot_2016-03-21-17-19-52-1.pngFrom Basic to Boss


T By Alexander Wang motorcycle jacket
$690 –

Pierre Hardy white shoes
$450 –

Vans high top

Nike trainers

Converse shoes

Vans sneaker

Vans backpacks bag

Banana Republic mens collared shirt

Elizabeth Arden lipstick

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Event: Joules Makes a Big Splash in NY with Their AW2016 Collection

25 year old British Brand Joules is set to take New York by storm (and rainshower and drizzle…). Last week they showed off their adorable wares in Manhattan, looking to launch a thousand rainboots into our lives.

I  loved the lobby at Space 530 where the Joules showrooms are.

Joules got raingear on lock. Including welly socks.

20160316_121633The ultimate real life chic accessory- the Welland Navy Rose Printed Canvas Boot Bag. This is what you do when it’s wet outside, but you need to turn on the chic when you get to your destination. A bag specifically for your wellies.

Deliciously thick, soft comfortable sweatshirt dresses that are perfect for looking cute without effort. Loving the floral blooms on this silky blouse and these supercool floral print pants with silky tasselled self belt from Joules’ nightwear collection.

Intarsia kitties and pheasants… love!

Meet the Contessa- if you’re into capes, you need this. A verrrrry English tweed with faux fur trim on the hood. Even the back is crazy stylish. It’s going to be retailing for $439.95, so start saving for that now. Even over jeans and a plain t-shirt, this will be gorgeous.


20160316_123400I am loving the new Joules Chelsea boot! This style is hot in NY right now, I’m seeing it everywhere. There are two styles…the Belgravia ($215).

20160316_123430and the Westbourne. They retail for $230, are made of premium leather and have fun details like boot loops are pink and green, so you always know which foot too put them on.

20160316_124344And just in case you were wondering? Full range of children’s clothing from toddler to tween. The preciousness!


Thanks so much to Lucy and Milly for showing me around! They’re both wearing pieces from the collection. So adoring Milly’s woven tunic shirt in Silver Birdberry.

You can check out what Joules has to brighten up your spring and summer at


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


Western Styling set picked for Links a la Mode!

Links à la Mode, March 17

Fashion rules were made to be broken. This concept is far from new, but what interests me {and you} are the rules we come up with for ourselves in order to make sense of our steez {and world}. I have to admit that my own “rules” are so convoluted that I feel horrible for anyone who attempts to buy me a gift. Really… don’t.

IFB Bloggers discussed their best tidbits on building wardrobes around just one piece, making an outfit you’ve worn dozens of times feel new again, and how it can take just one piece to move an outfit from season to season. Trademarks of the bohemian look are still top trends with fringe, suede, lace, crochet, and florals. Latest jean trends are broken down in an easy to follow pictorial collage, and bring on the neck scarf. The wisdom this week went beyond trends covering a fabulous icon, a new way to shop and an even better way to review the service, and giving your blog a good dusting.

These themes tied up in a neat little bow with The Classy Junk’s description of a group of friends.  And many more nuggets of wisdom inspired by the recent International Women’s Day. Yeah Ladies!

Links à la Mode, March 17

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Warming Up a Cold Shoulder for Spring #RebeccaMinkoffSS2016

Warming Up a Cold Shoulder for Spring #RebeccaMinkoffSS2016

Flat shoes
$71 –

Converse shoes
$65 –

J.Crew flat shoes
$165 –

Vera bradley bag

Michael Kors crystal earrings
$105 –

Christina Debs rose gold jewelry
$10,350 –


Warming Trend for Spring 2016? Coral.

Warming Trend for Spring 2016? Coral.

Needle Thread pink jacket
$345 –

Aquazzura pointy toe flat
$600 –

Dsquared2 scarve
$265 –

Long wear lipstick

Moisturizing lipstick

Mac cosmetic