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Event: Real Simple’s Get Up and Glow #bloggerevent

So lovely to get a few hours away from regular life! Last Friday, Real Simple magazine threw a little beauty treatment cocktail party at the Andaz Hotel and I was lucky enough to be on the guest list.

My first stop after arriving was a seat at the Laura Geller makeup table. I opted for a brighter lip, and some of this gorgeous swirly baked blush  and some awesome liquid lipstick in Fuschia Fever.

Next stop was the Wink Brow Bar where I had my first threading. It was about the same pain as waxing? But I haven’t got the patchy skin issue that I got from that procedure. I really like the shaping, they did a great job. Btw, my aqua eyeshadow is from Makeup Forever. I wanted a new way of defining my eyes, and I think the shock of bold color shows off my lashes and my brown eyes to great advantage.

Next up was a trip to the Pure Barre workout room (wearing my Henry London rose gold Richmond watch a pair of leggings I designed myself). I did this last year, and again I am struck by how much work that class was. I’m not a gym rat or anything, and I admit to working out sporadically, so a full on blast of frenetic exercise was kind of off putting. I did my best, but I totally admit to resting on the mat and just thinking every so often.



After that was the cocktail blowout, complete with delicious Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

Yum, the prefect cocktails and lots of finger food, like sliders, steak tartare on water crackers and shredded chipotle chicken tartlets.

Chobani yogurt bar. They had chia seeds, white chocolate, raspberries and more so that we could personalize our snacks. And we could snag some yogurt for later.


They sent everyone home with a tote bag stuffed with swag. Pure Barre legwarmers, Lisa B. wool blend socks, and even a $100 gift certificate to Wink Brow Bar!

Definitely a great way to ring in the new Spring season (and it was the day after my brthday, too!).


xoxo, Faith/SassyEthnicBohemian








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in which we learn how to make candles at Brooklyn Creative Studio

After two months of staying at home, I decided that my main problem right now is that I need a hobby. At the very least, I need to go out and do things that don’t revolve around brand events or even dating (still working on that one, sigh).


This is me, actually leaving the house for once. I missed the bus walking up the block. THEN I didn’t take the directions seriously and then realized that my bus stop was the next one two blocks over. THEN I finally caught the bus. You know what? I could have caught any of the buses that run on that street. Also? Google maps told me to get off at the wrong stop. I was half an hour late.

On the bright side, there’s an IHOP on the same street as the craft studio. Yay!


I finally made it to Brooklyn Creative Studio and my teacher Yesenia set me right up. We were going to be making scented candles in jars and tealight size. Luckily I went to art school, so it wasn’t hard to get the gist of what was happening. I also lucked out and had Kerry of Love, Liesel as a classmate.


In no time I was melting wax, which was fun. I used to melt crayons on my Barbie dolls when I was little? Same thing.


I really enjoyed setting up the candles and pouring wax. I love knowing how candles are made. Mystery of how the wick stays put? Solved. How are scented candles made? I know all. How to make a candle a different color? I got it.


The payoff..


xoxo, Faith/SassyEthnicBohemian