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Fall/Winter haircare with Agadir, Kiss and Pura D’or


I have natural, nappy/kinky hair and when it gets cold I feel as if I have to take extra care with it. I got these Agadir products and love the pampering they’re giving my fluffy locks. The sustainably sourced Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner leave hair clean and soft, and I adore the scent of the Argan Oil Hair Treatment. I pour some in my palm, rub my hands together and then massage it into my hair and scalp for a soft lustrous head of curls.

I actually shed hair, so I love anything that strengthens my hair and keeps it from breaking off. I’ve been using the Pura D’or Hair Loss Prevention Therapy collection to alleviate my paranoia about losing hair. There’s the  shampoo and conditioner, then an Energizing Scalp Serum which both soothes your scalp and revitalizes hair follicles. You spray it on your scalp and massage it in. Don’t rinse it out! There’s also the Intense Moisturizing Masque, which comes with a little shower cap to keep all the good stuff in as you condition your hair.

I’m still using other things in rotation, but I’ve good results from Pura D’or products so far, so we’ll see how my hair survives winter hats and weather in the spring. I’ve been using the Agadir cushion base Detangle Wet brush and this Tigi Bedhead vent brush for blow drying my hair. I know heat styling is sort of bad, but it’s so much easier for me to work with my hair after it’s blown out a bit. For big hair volume, You might want to try the Joico Hair Shake, which is a liquid to powder texturizer spray that you can use while heat styling to bump up curl volume and hold.

Kiss sent over this amazing InstaWave, which has a curl dial at the base of the curling wand to catch long hair and keep it detangled for smooth curling. It catches the hair up and automatically twirls around the diamond-ceramic ionic barrel, which heats up 420 degrees. It’s safe for  hair extensions, so you can bump the curl in your lace front or weave with no problems.


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


16 Sumptuous Wool Coats #winteriscoming

16 Sumptuous Wool Coats #winteriscoming

Balmain coat

Dolce Gabbana cat coat
$3,040 –

Proenza Schouler coat
$955 –

Loewe coat
$2,260 –

Marni coat

MaxMara wool coat

Tory Burch pea coat

IRO waist belt
$795 –

Phase Eight red coat
$325 –

Uniqlo pea coat
$85 –

Miss Selfridge coat
$72 –

Wool coat

Wool coat


15 Supercute Fall Sweaters #fashion

15 Supercute all Sweaters #fashion


Gucci long sleeve jumper
$735 –

Marques Almeida jumper top
$535 –

STELLA McCARTNEY long sleeve turtleneck
$665 –

Snobby Sheep long sleeve v neck top
$375 –

Jacquemus turtle neck jumper
$310 –

Joie ombre sweater
$175 –

Topshop funnel neck sweater
$180 –

Paisie navy blue jumper
$100 –

Ribbed sweater
$140 –

Mustard sweater

Uniqlo boatneck sweater
$24 –

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A Blog Grows in Brooklyn (written for iblog mag) #blogging


So out of the blue I got an email from someone at iblog magazine asking for a post about writing blog reviews for them. I wrote it, in my own words, basically talking about my experience over the course of my time as a blogger. They didn’t like the piece, but I hate to waste blog posts, so I’m just going to publish it here.

A Blog Grows In Brooklyn by Faith Bowman

When I started blogging in 2012, I wasn’t thinking about product reviews or getting paid for anything. I am going to cheerfully admit that the only thing that I concretely knew about blogging was that people stood around posing like fashion models and talked about their clothing as if the fate of millions depended on it. I was luckier than most in that I was a photographer and writer already, and I had experience in fashion journalism. I had already started and closed my own online magazine, and worked for print and online mags both in New York and Chicago. I started blogging as Sassy Ethnic Bohemian with an eye towards being humorous and taking the starch out of the proceedings, but because I was writing  for a huge website and had a profile on Lucky Community I had more traction than someone starting from scratch with nothing. It was extremely good luck and timing in addition to having fun content.

The first product I was asked to review came as a surprise. I was asked to try a skincare oil and the company was offering a free full sized sample. I was sort of confused, because I didn’t know that that was part of the deal. I learned, through networking with other New York bloggers that companies routinely held events where they gave you products, and that there were blogger ‘lounges’ where you could get free stuff.  I was floored. I began working with beauty brands and clothing companies and while I wasn’t making money, I wasn’t really losing anything either. I started interviewing bloggers in order to learn more about the business and used that information to build up my social media presence and that led to getting more stuff. I didn’t actually start getting money for my work until 2015, when a brand that I had casually promoted asked me to set up an online project for them. So now it was free stuff and money.  Success!

This year I was offered money to review a box of products and also made a deal with a feminine care company to write about the products that they had given me to review on a regular basis. I recently wrote blog posts for a haircare company, talking about their products and styling tools. I still work with products to review and write about products in exchange for samples, but more opportunities are on the horizon. My rate of pay has varied per client, but overall I’m happy with the progress that I’ve made, so money is secondary. I’m building up writing credits and gaining experience and insight, too. Not to mention getting to try tons of beauty products. Getting paid, for me, was a validation of my writing skill and relatability and that’s pretty much what I was after. It was also proof that numbers aren’t everything.

In the last few years, the emphasis went from unique content to how many UMV’s. People started asking more about my clicks and I started realizing that I was working hard to create resonant content and be informative, but a lot of brands were more interested in ‘It Girls’ and the stakes were changing. Bloggers were doing deals with major fashion and beauty brands and being called influencers, and I was never going to be that type of person. The blogging industry, if it can be called that, has taken ordinary women and turned them into actual brand spokeswomen. Hair ads featured bloggers, and companies are signing big money deals with them for consulting on products as well as advertising them. It’s empowering and inspiring, but it also begs the question as to how someone who doesn’t want that kind of fame can achieve any measure of success. It’s a bit like losing out twice, since blogging is open to amateurs but then you can only get rewarded if you’re pretty. I did not sign on for this.

Over the course of this year, as I got paying work I also reworked my blog so that it was less kooky, creative professional and more a vehicle for Polyvore generated styling posts (I can access more items and be stylistically daring without actually spending money or having to go to a pr person or brand) and my original content focuses more on product posts. I decided to focus more on beauty, and especially skincare, because clean clear skin is just as important as what shoe you’re wearing. I also use instagram as a sort of backup blog, where I can post images of products to an audience that probably doesn’t follow my blog and who is also looking up images that feature products or brands that they like already. I use twitter, a facebook page and tumblr, but I think instagram has the most impact because people consume visually.

My main goal, in addition to getting more blogging clients, is to create a sustainable business model with the blog as an umbrella to other endeavors like listing my photos with a stock agency, and designing tshirts. Blogging and doing product reviews is awesome, but I also want to make sure that I have a balanced, fulfilling, sustainable business as well.

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in which we cook a lot of food to take our mind off of politics #cooking #food

To say that there’s a lot going on in the world is an understatement, but sometimes it’s better to stop participating in the warring of our overlords and try to snatch a few moments of tranquility before they drag us into a fresh hell of accusation, inuendo and lies.

Ooops, don’t mind me.

I decided that while I was waiting for freelance work and doing chores, I would cook up dishes and fill up the freezer for when it gets super cold…or for when I get work and come home exhausted and don’t want to cook.

This was the day I made Jolloff, an African one-pot rice dish. I never tried it before, but at the end of the day, when it was done, I felt this becoming a menu staple candidate. It’s like the African version of jambalaya, which makes sense, right? I also did African Peanut Stew, the two smaller photos on top show the ingredients. It has yams and collard greens, ginger and delicious peanut butter. So no I know how to cook two African dishes and I’m a bit proud in addition to being able to look forward to gnoshing on the leftovers later.

I decided that I desperately needed French Onion Soup, because who doesn’t want soup that is always served with cheese? The worst part was stirring cut up onions for 45 minutes. The best part was eating the soup like a bog kid. I couldn’t find Gruyere in my neighborhood, so I used mozzarella. And being a cheeseaholic, I dropped little bits of cheese in the cup before pouring in the soup and then added a big chunk of cheese on top. Because cheese.

I made Chinese Takeout Style Spare Ribs which worked out so well that i ate all of them. I mean, I froze them? But little by little ate all of them. I marinaded the ribs all night, and then wrapped them in a foil pouch and backed that for three hours since I don’t own a grill, which the recipe called for. You open the pouch and then slather on more of the marinade and bake for another 10 minutes. They taste exactly like what comes from the takeout place, except you didn’t have to wait, staring out of the window cash in hand, waiting for them to arrive. I also chopped up some of the rib tips and made Egg Foo Yung, which was delicious. I mean, egg pancakes with gravy stuffed with roasted pork rib tips?  I made Chinese Dumplings, too…but it was such a massive operation that I just cooked and cooked and never took photos. They were delicious. The trick is a frying/steaming deal, it cooks the filling thoroughly and the outside was slightly crispy but soft. So good.

We still have a few weeks left before the current shenanigans end and new troubles assail us, but take comfort in your kitchen if you don’t have any other hobbies to take you off of social media and back into living and breathing. Take a break. WE can’t really do a thing until November 8th, anyway.

Take care of yourselves!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian




Kick Up the Leaves (Stylishly) With SOREL: CONTEST ENTRY

Kick Up the Leaves (Stylishly) With SOREL: CONTEST ENTRY

Dolce Gabbana red a line dress
$1,450 –

WithChic lapel cardigan
$48 –

Punk rock tee

Faith connexion skirt
$580 –

Vegan jewelry
$8.80 –

Burberry glove

Clear eyewear

Lime crime lipstick

NARS Cosmetics shiny nail polish
$16 –

Home decor


The Best Fall Style