The Holiday

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I don’t exactly know to feel about Thanksgiving anymore. I really don’t. On the one hand, family time…but I don’t hang out with the people formerly known as my family. I’m not religious so I don’t go to church, and I’ve volunteered to fill the void and pass the time, but I don’t feel like putting myself out there like that now. I could pretend, but I don’t want to. I’m probably going to go to the gym, then do some home spa treatments and keep working on making my apartment a more peaceful and holistically pleasing space. Like, I’ve been buying crystals and thinking about Feng Shui. I’m tired, and I want my space to nurture me when I’m in it. New York is brutal. You need a safe little cave to crawl into and recharge your batteries.

I even bought a Himalayan Salt lamp.

Which is not a judgement against those who celebrate the holiday! Sometimes a holiday can serve as an excuse to see people you never get to be around, or a catalyst for apologies and deep talks. It’s 24 hours of socially sanctioned overeating. It’s the ONE day of the whole year that people bring out cranberry sauce. Cranberries are available all year…but for some reason, it’s only on Thanksgiving that people act like they heard of it. Be bold and make some from scratch (it’s so easy!), then chill it in an clean, empty can for that freshly opened look. Lay it out in a perfect china dish, like this set from Bloomingdale’s. Charmingly mismatched dishes are so cheerful to me!

And don’t forget that this is that day where you can just chill and enjoy your blessings. You can humble brag while expressing your deepfelt thanks to the universe. Like, I’m grateful that for the first time in my adult life I have work that’s fun to me and fulfills my need for order. I’m grateful that I’ve lived through a crazy year with lots of mishaps, obstacles and near total disasters and I still have my health and a roof over my head. This has been the best worst year of my life. I’m so grateful that I made it this far!

Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, I wish you a happy day off, warmth, good food and a comfy place to doze off .

See you next time,

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