The WiFi (part 2)

The WiFi saga continued from last week, including getting locked out of my internet entirely because I was playing with the settings. I nearly gave up on life. Today my unlimited WiFi is back in effect and here comes a blog post.

This morning when I ran out to my second estate sale, conveniently located in Brooklyn. I managed to get all the way there and then remember that I had forgotten cash (apparently the last estate sale adventure didn’t teach me anything) and had to walk six blocks to find an atm. After righting that wrong, I still made it early enough to be in the first batch of people into the (adorable) house. Everything was great except a lady who started screaming because they wouldn’t let her support dog in. Everyone else ran in with eyes averted like little mice, me included.

I went straight to the clothing, and found an actual Armani jacket and a Carolina Herrera beaded camisole. I grabbed some other stuff (Burberry trench, a La Perla robe, the pants to go with the CH top and what may have been a vintage linen dress with no label) with hope in my heart and headed down the (lovely and enviable) stairs to get some financial perspective before continuing to shop. I had made sure not to take too much money out, so for what I had in my overall pocket I got two pieces. I’m sure if I had argued I could have gotten a little more off but in light of the labels and the condition of the pieces, I know I was getting my money’s worth. They’re gorgeous… and worth more than I paid.

So a tense and scary week turned into fruitful and productive day. Next week is facing my tax bill and other grown up tasks but for right this minute, watching Clueless, with three gadgets running and a bunch of tabs open.

Life is good.

For now.