The Little Island Alamo

Felt restless all week. NY is pretty much open and the weather has been amazing. Getting sleep is impossible because my neighbors have fireworks. I have been stressed out for over a year. This week I just did whatever. Like running to see the Little Island down 14th Street. For some reason people built an island and it’s an architectural marvel. Until Monday I had only seen it on social media, even though it’s in my city and easily accessible. I could take stuff like this for granted before, but now I felt a compulsion to run over and take a look.

It was nice. You should go see it.

Yesterday I went to see a movie. I’ve been running the streets all week and I saw a movie theater on Thursday but the only film I could deal with, Cruella, wasn’t starting for another two hours. Friday I woke up, remembered the Alamo and bought a ticket and preordered a meal (a royale with cheese and a Bloody Mary, so perfect). I just wanted to watch something on a bigass screen, eat food I didn’t cook, and drink cocktails. I had three cocktails, tbh. After the movie I went home and took a nap.

Now I feel a little better. It’s not completely normal, but it’s better than before.