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The Business


Working on my Shopify store and trying to gain perspective on my side hustle business. Constantly thinking of how to push it into sustainable success. Doing a lot of running around, researching, taking classes and looking at long term strategies. Plotting shopping trips and new marketing strategies.

Going through my inventory, looking for ways to style my items, and just taking time to be still and look at everything and find the significance and meaning in every piece.

Also, since I lost a little weight, I’m trying things on and looking at how pieces will work on real people, how things go together, etc. I’ve been selling since 2015 and have worked pretty much nonstop since quarantine trying to build a brand, trying to find an audience, trying to sell, trying and trying to stay on top of things and stay sane.
I can see the finish line, but I still have to figure out how to get there.


The Thrill

So the reason I didn’t post last week because I was actually out in the world doing a thing. I signed up to do my first vintage pop up here in Brooklyn and between prepping, packing, transporting, selling, packing again and getting it all back upstairs that I didn’t get a chance to blog. I meant to do it on Sunday, but I was in pain. I found out the hard way that selling vintage is a real workout.

It was wild to have so many obstacles suddenly pop up, but I managed to get there and it was a good time. After all that time in lockdown, then going back to a job where I barely see other people, I was so excited to get to the pop up, and for about half an hour I thought it wouldn’t happen. And when I got there and didn’t have a rack, I was in shock that I had forgotten something so integral to selling. I was lucky enough that I put a card in my phone pocket so that I could order racks to be delivered, but my booth looked like a hot pile of garbage. My tablecloth didn’t cover my tubs and bags, I had to hang my stuff from the tent ceiling (ghetto), and I just felt like I was making the worst impression.

But I sold.

I sold a puffer jacket that I’ve had listed for three years, I sold a pretty sundress that I’ve had for about two years. I sold an awesome blazer that I got a few months ago. I sold a 70s patchwork skirt, I sold a 90s jacket. I sold two vintage tiebleached t-shirts almost instantly, which was gratifying since I couldn’t move them online. I sold a James Beard cookbook, which I could not move on eBay. The algorithm couldn’t keep people from finding the items that were meant for them. And I could watch people try things on, and see the items come alive and that was glorious. I’ve been investing in inventory for months and it was great to see some of my hunches payoff.

I’m probably doing another pop up soon, but until then here’s a taste of The Thrill. If you want to check out the vintage and high end items I have online, visit me on ShopThrilling/SEBMarketBK.

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The MACover


I got my skincare routine down and I was feeling good about myself, so I decided to buy a new matte red lipstick as I was passing the MAC store in Times Square. I got the lipstick and made an appointment for an eyelash lesson, and that turned into a bit of an investment. But… I mean… ok, I did not need any of this, but I bought it anyway.

I don’t look like Beyoncé or Naomi Campbell, or an ig model, so instead of hating myself over it, I picked a feature to love and I have a passionate adoration for the curve of my eyelids. Which is lucky because we’re back wearing masks in New York and eyes are all I have. It took a lot of products, plus concentration and precision. It was kind of zen. I started realizing how comforting it must be to paint on a mask to deal with a stressful world. Staring into your own eyes and assessing your own possibilities, then becoming the self you saw in your head. Powerful.

This is how it looked when I got home. I liked the fact that I could still see myself but my good qualities were amplified. I loved how definite my brows were. I figured that I could easily replicate the look and decided to wear makeup every day during the following week.

Let’s see how that went.

Day one, I did a whole face using tinted moisturizer and concealer from Fenty, all of the eye stuff except lashes with lipgloss over pencil.

Day 2 I was running late but did the eye thing with a Sephora lip stain over pencil.

Day 3 I just couldn’t. I didn’t even shower that day, and I had to wear a hat.

Day four I came back a little and did my eyes but that was the day that masks got mandated again, so I just did plain lip balm. Depressing.

Day five was the same.

It wasn’t that I didn’t care or didn’t want to, but mornings are hard. Getting up, exercising and getting a bike ride in, showering, getting dressed, eating breakfast or plotting where to pick it up on the way, finding my shoes and trying not to forget my keys takes up all of my time and energy. I’m going to have to get up earlier to fit makeup into this chaos. I’m going to try actually getting up when the alarm rings next week.

Here’s a list of the items I’ve been using:


Makeup Forever shine control Step 1 primer, $17

Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop blurring skin tint in 23, $29.50

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r instant retouch concealer, $26

MAC Studio Fix powder plus in NW48, $35

Fenty Beauty Killawatt highlighter in Hu$tla Baby, $36

Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out cream blush in Summertime Wine, $20

Sephora Beauty Amplifier setting spray, $16


MAC eyebrow styler crayon in Stud, $20

MAC Studio Fix 24hr smooth wear concealer, $24

Natasha Denona mini Star 5 shadow palette, $25

MAC Dazzleshadow liquid in Love Yourself, $23

MAC Pigment in Rose, $12

MAC eyeshadow in Carbon, $19

NYX Epic Ink liner in Black, $9

MAC Magic Extension 5mm fiber mascara in Extensive Black, $25

Kiss USA strip lash couture adhesive, $6

MAC Lash in Dreamgirl, $18


Sephora lip liner to go in Deep Brown, $6

Sephora cream lip stain in 26, $15

MAC Lipglass in Oh Baby, $18

MAC Retro Matte liquid lipcolor, $22