The Thrill

So the reason I didn’t post last week because I was actually out in the world doing a thing. I signed up to do my first vintage pop up here in Brooklyn and between prepping, packing, transporting, selling, packing again and getting it all back upstairs that I didn’t get a chance to blog. I meant to do it on Sunday, but I was in pain. I found out the hard way that selling vintage is a real workout.

It was wild to have so many obstacles suddenly pop up, but I managed to get there and it was a good time. After all that time in lockdown, then going back to a job where I barely see other people, I was so excited to get to the pop up, and for about half an hour I thought it wouldn’t happen. And when I got there and didn’t have a rack, I was in shock that I had forgotten something so integral to selling. I was lucky enough that I put a card in my phone pocket so that I could order racks to be delivered, but my booth looked like a hot pile of garbage. My tablecloth didn’t cover my tubs and bags, I had to hang my stuff from the tent ceiling (ghetto), and I just felt like I was making the worst impression.

But I sold.

I sold a puffer jacket that I’ve had listed for three years, I sold a pretty sundress that I’ve had for about two years. I sold an awesome blazer that I got a few months ago. I sold a 70s patchwork skirt, I sold a 90s jacket. I sold two vintage tiebleached t-shirts almost instantly, which was gratifying since I couldn’t move them online. I sold a James Beard cookbook, which I could not move on eBay. The algorithm couldn’t keep people from finding the items that were meant for them. And I could watch people try things on, and see the items come alive and that was glorious. I’ve been investing in inventory for months and it was great to see some of my hunches payoff.

I’m probably doing another pop up soon, but until then here’s a taste of The Thrill. If you want to check out the vintage and high end items I have online, visit me on ShopThrilling/SEBMarketBK.