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amazing film about Tammy Faye Messner

In the past month I’ve been restless and just looking for stuff to fill the time. I had a thing to do in Soho which put me near the Angelika movie theater, open to anyone who’s vaxxed with proof. Seeing a movie is such a novel experience now. It seems almost subversive.

The first movie I saw was The Eyes of Tammy Faye starring Jessica Chastain. A story told about Tammy Faye’s evolution, from childhood to Christian lady puppetmaster to high priestess of mascara. I haven’t thought about her in years, but once I saw the poster I knew it was the ticket I was meant to buy. My mother watched PTL and even went in a church trip the PTL Club. When she came back, she was happy. I never even knew she had a sense of humor. She was just some bitter bitch, never really smiled at us, and always working. But something at PTL Club had her smiling like a normal person. A movie ticket is a small price to pay to learn about the people who gave my mom a radiant, joyful glow.

Jessica Chastain was a marvel. There was sorrow, struggle, hardship and humour. The story is stretched a little thin, but it does get the message across. She was a lot more than mascara, but it would take lot more than this to wash the stink off of her reputation.

Wes Anderson’s latest delight

I love a Wes Anderson film. I was first exposed to the auteur’s work with The Royal Tennenbaums and went from there. I loved The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, so I went backwards and watched Bottle Rocket and Rushmore. I like his films because the stories are well plotted out and easy to follow. Not in a simpleminded way, they’re just so good and straightforward that you can follow along easily while also drinking the layered and intricate visuals. The French Dispatch continues in this tradition. It’s an anthology, four separate stories all set in a charming ancient little French town, Ennui.

I loved it. I love the imagination and discipline that go into making these spectacles. Also how he works with same people, reimagining them into various characters and giving them room to play. I haven’t read any reviews, so I was free to go on and like it without reservation.