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The Hundreds

I’ve been interested in selling NFTs, and Shopify advertised an event just when I was doing my research. I just had questions. By the time the event rolled around I already had my Open Seas account set up, but I still had questions. A dry little presentation with q & a was exactly what I needed.


I guess my questions were answered in a way. People are doing their own thing through NFTs, resenting their art and visions and creating whole communities without asking for permission. As a photographer I was always operating with the weight the established order of things on my back. You had to do things a certain way or kiss massive amounts of buttock to get anywhere. I have so much work that I slaved and stressed over and its hearten to think that I can present it directly to an audience and hopefully build a following and sell my work.

Even if its just creating them and building collections and dabbling with things like 3D animations or print on demand books. I don’t want everything I did to go to waste.

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The Palace

I look a little sour, but that was because I stayed out late, drank wine, had a late dinner and then got up early for my trip out to the country. I was deliriously happy. After years of just existing and being depressed, I had the time, energy and credit available to go to Paris and finally see Versailles. I also got to wear a fun floral dress from my metro haul. I can’t even describe the satisfaction. Also, this place is massive. As you walk across the cobblestones it gets bigger and shinier and it is easy to imagine the ringing clip clop of horse drawn carriages full of silk clad nobles.

a real palace with actual gold on the fence railings and roof

Can you believe these clouds? Big, puffy, startlingly white cotton ball clouds make the place look like some fairy tale land. They are 3D, and there’s an ever present feeling that something will pop out of them. Not in a bad way? But some lovely creature will float down with champagne, macarons and quiche for a fashionable repast.

Maybe that’s just me.

I took a tour through viator and they took care of everything. We had a great tour guide, Isabel, who led us through the very crowded palace and then we got to wander the gardens for about an hour. In spite of the tragic history of the former inhabitants, it was a magical afternoon.