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The Beach

Just chilling at Orchard Beach…

So it’s looking like I ran around last summer just to have content for this summer (I have gone nowhere but JavaScript class and I haven’t seen the gym since early July). This one was before the Hamptons, but it’s the same deal…wanted to go to the beach but had no one to go with. It was funny because at the time I was ‘talking to’ some friend possibilities and thinking I might start actually having a social network and doing normal things and if the phone rang it wouldn’t just be that guy that gets mad at me for having insurance.

I have been wanting to go to Orchard Beach for the longest time. It’s just one of those things. I have a list of stuff that I’ve been meaning to do like the Statue of Liberty and City Island, but it takes forever for me to get it together to do anything. But I had the day off and it was perfect weather and I had a bikini so whatever. I go.

I feel like it took as long as going to the Hamptons. It takes about 2 and a half hours from my place in Brooklyn and involves changing trains and taking a bus. So when I got there I was prepared to lay out for at least as long as it took me to get there. I had a packed lunch and had a flask of wine and a book, so it was a party.

I’m not sure why, but I didn’t take a picture of my lunch that day. I guess since I was not really doing social media last year, just trying to live like it was just something happening not a world changing event. Or maybe it was something basic and I didn’t feel like it needed to be recorded.

This was me doing fake happy face, but in the end I was fairly satisfied. The sun was bright, the sky was blue, and there was that sound of waves lapping against the beach that makes the beach so super relaxing. And I wore a string bikini so I could get all of that healthy sunlight and air on my skin. I went to Orchard Beach, I hung out and then I went home. I almost went to City Island on the way home, but that would have been too much braveley hanging out alone stuff for one day.

Do you like going places on your own? What do you do if there’s no one to hang out with? What do you think or say about people that you see hanging alone? Drop a comment if that’s something you want to talk about.

See you next time!

Faith/SEB Market BK

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The Hamptons


One time, last summer, I saw an ad on meetup for someone looking to go to the Hamptons. I met with the person for drinks, made a whole plan…and they bailed. Supposedly you can only go to the Hamptons when it’s sunny. Apparently I was supposed to change my plan because things weren’t perfect for her.

But I had my jitney ticket , so… I went. Welcome to my solo trip to Montauk.

The journey.

This is the beach. It was basically empty because the lightest rain was falling. Not even a real rainshower, just barely a mist. So I got to finally experience the beach in Montauk without a massive crowd. Introvert paradise.

I had some food. I enjoyed not having to wait on a long line, fight for a table or wait a long time for my meal. I just sat there eating and watching boats go by with no stress.

You know what this is. You’ve watched Kid Gorgeous. You know the joke.

Then I took the LIRR home.

The thing I hate the most about people is when they just leave you hanging after gassing you up. At the end of the day, it’s not up to anyone to decide how your time is going to be spent. If someone bails on your plans, don’t stay home and sulk. Go out and do what you were planning (unless you desperately need two people, but most plans can shrink to a solo capacity if needed).

This wasn’t easy for me at all. I’ve never been to Montauk and as a black woman, it can be seriously intimidating traveling alone. But I went and I lived.

I lived. And I bought this tshirt.

See you next time!

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in which we take our bikini body to the beach and enjoy ourselves #summer

After months of not really fretting and almost kind of caring I came to June 18th with basically the same body I had in January. I barely worked out. I barely made it over to the par to run. I went out and played kickball once. That was it. But that wasn’t enough to stop me from going. My bikini covered my illegal bits and I was ok with that.


The great thing about blogging is that you accumulate a lot of stuff that you might not have thought of buying. When it was time to go to the beach, I had bronzing sunscreen lotion, a sunscreen from Elemis that was lightweight enough to wear under makeup, cooling spray, some Aveda water bottles, some sandals, a bikini and a massive bag to cart my stuff in. Anchors are supposed to be in this year, so I was way ahead of the curve 2 years ago. The only thing in this photo that I paid money for were the sunglasses, and they were $2.

I threw on my dashiki and actually put on makeup and some cheap sunglasses. I bought this straw fedora last year, and funnily enough, the straw fedora was also a trend at the beach this weekend. I wore my red nite Milton John Anchor bracelet ($45) for old times sake. I still remember how excited I was when it came in the mail from Sweden. The sun was the perfect temperature, humidity was nonexistent, and life was just perfect.


It was amazing. The first time going to the beach with other people in years. The first time in years being relaxed and not feeling like I had to record every minute. I wasn’t spoiling my good time by worrying about social media. And it was the first time just feeling like if other people have something to say about the way I look, that’s on them. I’m not a fashion model. I felt super comfortable in my body, just chilling and feeling the sun on my (sunscreened) skin. Just being.

I’m really glad I went.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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in which we go to AWXII to hear a Talent Talk at The Hard Rock Cafe

awxIISo this was a new experience. I got an email extending an invite to see some business leaders talk about business during Advertising Week, which I had never heard of. Sounded like a thing, so off I went.

awxII1I decided on a mixed pattern thing. I did a gingham shirt from Southern Tide and some floral trousers that I’ve had forever (well, since 2012). Everything else was the same as the last post- raspberry beanie, Ami Clubwear lock tote, Cat Footwear Fueled boots, and my Milton John Red Nite Anchor bracelet (because I’m their brand ambassador, have I mentioned that? OK.).  awxII2I took the train into the city, not just to attend the talent Talks- but to mail my first Ebay store sale! I started an ebay store after looking around my apartment and being kind of ashamed about all the stuff I’ve accumulated through blogging. Some things I wear or use all the time, but the rest is just sitting here like a monument to selfishness. So learning more about advertising was definitely a plus. I wanted to find out how to make better listings, not to mention how to sell stuff from my SEB Bakery Etsy shop and my store.

In short, I figured this was a good chance to fund out what it would take to make me a little revenue generating mogul. I mean, Christmas season is fast approaching!awxII4 I arrived early and checked in, but they weren’t seating yet.I had nothing to do and didn’t want to go back out into Times Square, so I wandered around looking at all the rock memorabilia. Guitars from bands like Everclear and the Toadies were in the same case as a piece of the wall from CBGB. Can you say ‘formative years’?

awxII3Then I took a look at Jimi Hendrix‘s guitar- history!!! He really played it!  awxII5

I was super bored. I hate waiting and there wasn’t anything to do after looking at everything.There was no wi-fi at all. I am the most impatient person in the world, but I made a decision to attend so I had to stick to it.  awxII6I went upstairs to the gift shop. It was ok. I liked this guitar keychain.  awxII7

When it was finally time to go in I went back downstairs and finally got in and got a free copy of Adweek and then missed the wi-fi password because just as it flashed on the screen, the Talented Talk started ant that was that. It was Carter Murray of FCB talking to Nick Taranto of Plated. Nick talked about his experiences with Shark Tank and setting up Plated and working out the, kinks of hiring new employees without ending up with convicted felons. It was interesting.

They talked about diversity, but two white guys don’t look very diverse so I kind of went in and out of listening. It seems like they are making an effort, but the people don’t stick. Then they get put on the spot for not being nurturing. I think they should have arrived with a phalanx of non-white employees to talk about their experiences within the company, but there was only so much time, right?

In my opinion? It’s not just the white people’s fault. Sometimes people get the wrong idea of what a creative job is. It’s not just fun, glamour and riches- it’s hard work, rejection, and being broke until you make it. Creatives drive the dreams of the world, and when you get that internship or job, you have to be ready to play well with others. If everyone is realistic about biases as well as unrealistic expectations, there will be progress. But, kudos to them for even discussing it.  awxII8

Afterwards I went back into Times Square, where there was free wi-fi and took this photo which is like, my favorite one right now. I love living in a place where anything is possible for me!

Next up: Let’s talk fall fashion

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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in which we go to The Box and celebrate the luanch of Santera Tequila

box1Can I admit that it takes a lot to get me out of the house these days? It’s been such a weird summer- people sending cars over or asking me to cover backstage beauty… I am now thoroughly spoiled and picky. What’s new? What’s fun? And what’s going to be a real adventure to share?

I have heard tons about this club called The Box, so when I got an invite to go there for a party I was all in. And who doesn’t want tequila? boxIt was still hot and The Box is downtown, so I fell back on my Citizen Ciao Victoria Bay slouchy tshirt and LL Bean jeans. These new Fueled boots by Cat Footwear are glued to my feet. I just love them. and since Cat is cutting their shoes closer to the foot, the boots have a very rich, expensive look. And just the right amount of studding. I debuted my new Swedish Red Nite anchor bracelet from Milton John (I’m a brand ambassador, y’all!), the perfect understated and fun trinket. With my trusty Ami Clubwear locktote and raspberry beanie, I was done and I was out.  box2The Box is sort of a burlesque club, as I understand. I was instantly smitten with the chandelier, and that hoop is where performers pose on other days. Turn of the century (like, 1899 type century not this one) with a little disco ball thrown in. I love it.  box3It was insanely crowded, but I did manage to snag an incredibly tasty Santera Tequila margarita and by stationing myself near the kitchen, also got to taste the best pork tacos ever from Leyenda in Brooklyn. box4I was late and all the way in the back, but there was a film about the tequila. Santera is a Mexican brand, a white liquor made with the regions best blue weber agave plants. The element of fire was invoked on stage, referencing the volcanic soil in which the agave’s are grown. I threw back another margarita while exploring the club and it was just as delicious as the first.

Time to go. IMG_20150928_204644My first stop after drinking is any fast food restaurant. Why? because the grease clogs up your veins and holds the alcohol in check. I had a long train ride back to Brooklyn, and I wanted to be awake.   IMG_20150928_210323Also Wendy’s has wi-fi. 20150928_221936On the way home I got to see the enormous full moon that everyone was talking about through a break in the cloud cover. Seemed like the perfect ending to a trippy little adventure.

If you have a chance, check out to enjoy the creative short films and learn more about the arduous process of creating their tequila.

Next up: the AWXII Talent Talk at the Hard Rock Cafe

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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in which we go off to Roosevelt Island for (free) bike riding lessons with Bike New York


I decided to do some things that I haven’t had time to do, and one of them was re-learning how to ride a bike. I haven’t been balanced on two wheels since I was 12 years old, and that wasn’t exactly a banner day anyway. I searched ‘free bike lessons’ and tada! It appeared.

That’s the wonder of New York.


After a harum scarum search for available spots (as you can assume, the classes fill up fast) I was able to snag a lesson on Roosevelt Island with the Bike New York gang. They actually have helmets for everyone, so if you don’t have one and are not even sure how to buy one, you can feel safe showing up without one.


I figured it was best to keep it simple, so I wore my h&m basics $5 tee shirt and LL Bean True Shape denim jeans ($59) with my Southern Tide classic leather shackle belt ($65). I had my Samsung GearFit ($99.99) so that I could finally try the cycling exercise setting, and my Brazilian Begonia Lisa Hoffman fragrance bracelet ($65) for luck. I didn’t bother with makeup, just H20 Plus marine Defense Green Tea Antioxidant Lotion SPF 30 ($42) and some lip balm.

I think the green helmet was tres chic, don’t you?


Bike New York volunteers lined us up in size order and we were fitted to our bikes. The main thing being that your feet are flat on the ground when you’re astride it. Luckily I had this water bottle from a fashion event last year, so I was prepared for an afternoon of riding. I also had some granola and homemade banana nut bread tucked away in my knapsack, since they advise that you bring snacks.


When you start, Bike New York has you learn on a bike with no pedals. You spend about an hour learning to balance. It’s actually huge fun. Once you’ve demonstrated an ability not to kill yourself, you get the pedals- a major moment. When I got mine, I felt like a BMX racer.

When I was a kid, I was always fearful of a. getting my bike stolen (which did happen) or b. falling off/getting into an accident. The most dangerous part of doing this 2 hour class was looking out for other students sudden stops. The volunteers are there to guide and help and it’s a really friendly process. You do end up super hungry and thirsty though, so when they say bring snacks? Bring your snacks.

I was so glad I went! It was exhilarating to realize that I now held the power to fly around New York without being bound by subway snarls. well, as soon as I learn how to ride in traffic.


If you want to sign up, here are the classes that they have available:

1. Learn to Ride (Adults) : you learn how to balance and brake, and then hopefully how to pedal.

2. Bicycling Basics: core cycling skills, like how to adjust your helmet and seat, how to make sure your bike is road ready, etc.

3. Street Skills Ride: they teach you how to stay safe while riding crazy NY streets, albeit in a no-traffic environment. *actually? you would be in street traffic. my bad- Bike NYC contacted me about that. see comments below -FB 8/6/15*

They have even more classes and events, so if you’re in New York and looking for bike lessons or looking to volunteer, you should contact them. All the info you need is at

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian