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The LHDC Kit

I’ve been trying to make an effort to support independent businesses instead of just using whatever big beauty company products are on the shelf. I came across Belle Bar Organic on instagram and followed them long enough to ascertain that their products were making women swoon with delight. Their comments are full of love, and their posts are always informative and empowering. One day they decided to revamp their company and I slid in just as they were going on hiatus to order the Long Hair Don’t Care kit that included everything I would need to pamper and revitalize my 4C fro.

This was their pre-reboot kit, so what you get now may be a little different. Five luxurious products, instructions, and tools. Like, how cute is that little wooden measuring spoon? And the thoughtful touch of including a muslin tea bag for the Green Tea hair rinse. Everything was made to order, so while I ordered this in May it didn’t arrive until late June. I was so excited when it got here! It was definitely worth the $139.00.

The labels are beautiful! I love the clean design with a block of color that highlights the name of the treatment. Plus the lovely line drawings on the side. It just feels so well thought out and cohesive. I felt beautified just owning this array of intelligent luxury.

So far I’ve used the Onion & Garlic hair oil (addicted, and yes there’s a faint odor.), the Hibiscus & Black Soap shampoo, and the Fenugreek hair mask. I use the Green Tea Length Strengthening Tea Rinse more than I should… it smells amazing, and since you store it in the fridge after brewing it keeps my head feeling cool and refreshed. It’s only been a few weeks, but I’m loving the ritual of mixing masks and brewing tea, and organically pampering my hair in a way that I never could before. I’ll probably post about that at the end of the summer when the products have had time to work.

I’m still working on my Javascript stuff (only a few more days and then bootcamp is over…I’m crying a little) but Belle Bar Organic just relaunched their website with old and new products, a cleaner and easy to navigate design, updated kits- and a faster shipping time. Stop by! Buy some stuff! They are worth it.

See you next time!

Faith/SEB Market BK

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The Wig Story

So I got my hair done in two strand twists in May and after two months I needed a change. I love my natural hair, but I’m doing an organic beauty regimen right now (will post about that later) and I just want my hair to rest. That is a thing.

So I decided to get a wig and ordered one that I thought I could deal with and instead of what I ordered I got something completely different. So different that it felt like a personal attack. Were they overworked at the warehouse and just plucked the wrong item? It’s a mystery.

Do these wigs look alike and I’m just missing something?

Except now I can’t return it because after my initial annoyance I put it on, then cut it. I’m going to try curling it, maybe dye it or something if it’s possible. But until I get it sorted, I still needed a new wig. Something I could wear in public.

I ended up buying my first lacefront wig. It’s a lob with blond mixed in that looks like my real hair if I went to an expensive hairdresser and dated men named Phillippe or Yotembe and shopped anywhere but the clearance rack. I bought middle/upper middle class woman hair.

She ready.

If you’ve never done a wig , you’ll need to braid down your hair and then put a stocking cap over it. The lacefront part is there so you can do stuff like pluck the hairline to make it look natural. You can also glue the lace down and camouflage it with makeup.

I’m not that good at doing the hairline thing, so I just left it alone.

While I’m getting used to my new lob , I just got my Long Hair Don’t Care ayurvedic hair treatment kit from Belle Bar Organic, which is why I couldn’t wait to take my twists out. I’ll be posting about it after using the products a little more. Their site is under construction right now, but you can follow them on instagram for updates and haircare advice.

Chock full of hair goodness…

Hope you’re having a good hair summer and loving yourself! If you’re interested in learning more about wigs and how they evolved to the ubiquitous accessory we love today check out this page .

See you next time!

Faith/SEB Market BK

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The Beat

Spectacular beauty shot from the amazing Shoott Photos. Get your own free 30 minute shoot and 10% off of your image order using this link:

I don’t love makeup, but I’m ok with wearing it. It’s more of a toy than a necessity, but if I buy anything I want it to be the best quality so that I can feel comfortable and confident while I have it on. If anything I want to forget it’s there and just go about my business. I had a birthday/rebranding photo shoot in May so of course I had to exercise the credit card at Sephora to update my makeup wardrobe. I wanted to amp it up for a sunkissed basic beat that put a frosted gloss on my usual naked face. It’s not perfect, but it was different.

It started with a change of eye color. While I was researching and watching makeup tutorials, I noticed that people were changing eye color like shoes. I felt like making a bold statement so I went for these Polar Ice Grey lenses that help show off the curves of my eye and make a striking contrast with my skin. It’s not better than my brown eyes, and it’s not worse, it’s just different. Also cheap, they were about $25 with free shipping. Get a 10% discount off your own TTD Eye lenses using this link. Use the code SEBMARKETBKEYES at checkout.

Pre-shoot skin prep.

I spent a month making sure I drank enough water, washing my face with Cetaphil and doing a weekly homemade bentonite clay mudmask. The day of the shoot I woke up early, took a long bath and gave myself a hydrating facial (they stopped making this mask and I only have one more left. I’m devastated.), then put these Tarte eye bag masks on while I toweled off and put lotion on my body. Once I had brushed my teeth and everything I applied Ancient Cosmetics Even Skin face cream. I use this cream morning and night, and I love how it just melts right into the skin without leaving a greasy feel.

Laying the foundation.

This is how this goes- I put a little of the Smashbox blurring primer in my palm and then I pump a little MUF HD foundation on top. I swirl it together with the beauty blender and then pat onto my skin. I use BlackUp concealer under my eyes and this Kat Von D powder to set the whole thing. I am not a contour person at all. I feel kind of annoyed at doing this much to begin with. If contouring became mandatory I’d prob just throw all this stuff in the garbage.

I mean this.

Glitter, glitz, glam!

I am a sucker for neutrals, nudes and shimmery metallic sparkles. I’m trying to break out of it? But if I see something like the Natasha Denona palette in this photo I’m incapable of not buying it. I love how rich and pigmented the colors are. I could do stuff like carve out the eyelid with this. The other palette is from a drugstore brand, Black Radiance. Not the greatest, but I think I’ll try wetting the brush before using these colors. I got this Fenty highlighter along with a mini lipgloss. I’m still practicing highlighting techniques. I need to blend more and I have a tendency to forget.

Lashing out…

Once I got the eyeshadow situation sorted I had to finish the job. I use Anastasia brow pomade (previous pic), and today I went with eyeliner pen because I felt like a sharp outline was the best way to go. As you can see from this tube of eyelash glue, eyelashes are not my strong point. Normally I just use a lengthening mascara.

Buy this: Pat McGrath Lust Trance lipgloss in Bronze Divinity, $28. I love this lipgloss. LOVE. IT. It smells delicious and the shine is high fashion gloss without being sticky. It’s a substantial size, and the wand makes you want to stand in the mirror just gently putting on more and more candy smelling gloss while looking deeply into your own eyes. The smaller pencil is lipliner and I think I put the black eyeliner in the photo by mistake, forgetting that I was supposed to shoot my concealer.

What do you do to get ready for a big day? Do you find yourself obsessing over every little detail or do you just sleep like a baby? Do you lay out everything you’ll need before you go to bed or just get up and do whatever comes in your head? I’m usually paralyzed with anxiety the day before I do anything, thinking of all that could go wrong or how I might get laughed at.

It usually ends up fine, but even if things go horribly wrong I know I did my best and that’s all that anyone can reasonably ask from me.

See you next time!

Faith/SEB Market BK

Shop my look:

Upcycled grunge plaid shirt

Customized Mossimo Athletic Fit plaid button down shirt hand treated with bleach. Unisex. Decorated with stars, studs, and bleach treated denim stripe, then bleached again. Denim panel is hand painted. Soft, 100% cotton and machine washable. Measures 30 inches from shoulder to hem. 25 inches from armpit to armpit. 19 inches across back shoulders. Sleeves are 26.5 inches. *Shipping is included in the price. **United States only.


Silver Love You More necklace

Love You More silver/zinc alloy block letter necklace. Chain is 9.5 inches long with 3 inch extension. Pendant is 1 inch square and rests on breastbone. Love all day long. Comes with gold lamé pouch. *Price includes shipping. **United States only.


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in which we take stock of where we are and look forward to 2017 #bye2016

I am not one of those people that likes to party on NYE. I think the last time I went out was 12/31/2009, and luckily it turned out to be a party run by a high school friend. What are the odds? So tonight, like most years, I’ll be chilling at home thinking about everything I accomplished and thinking about all the stuff I want to do in the coming year. No resolutions this year, since I noticed that I forget them as soon as I make them and really, who cares? Life takes so many twists and turns that resolutions made in December look really silly come March or April. I’m just going to chip away at things that keep me from being, doing or going towards where I want to be.

I’m really proud to report that much progress has been made in 2016:



I made progress as a blogging freelancer by working for Energems, HSI Professional, and Private Rx. In fact, I’ve been writing blog posts for the Private Rx blog for the last 6 months. I’m really proud of that. I got a Fashion Week job that ended up generating cash for me from September to November and it inspired me to update my Behance photography portfolio and start uploading stock images again. I also made money from my Society 6 store! And from depop and other online selling platforms. Not monumental groundbreaking sums, but enough to feel confident and competent.

Diet and health:

This year I started messing with a waist trainer, but it wasn’t until November that I made the necessary changes in my diet to lose weight and keep it off. My friend is big into the paleo thing, and while I was never a calorie counter and have willfully embraced carbs all my life, I thought it might be worth it to give up pasta and bread and start paying attention to my diet.

I made banana walnut bread a week before I decided, so now I have backslide slices ready in the freezer. Unfortunately the last time I ate one my whole metabolism seemed to slow to a crawl and it took a week of saying no to carbs to feel good again. I guess I’ll eat a slice for my birthday or something. I’m still a butter and bacon type of girl, as evidenced by my artichokes with lemon butter plate, and below that I was making German potato soup (it was so good), but I am starting to ease up and just use a dab of olive oil for sauteing and a dribble sesame oil for flavor.  I’m leaning on steaming veggies so that they retain more of their nutritional value as well. Not sure I’ll ever be a raw food person, I love hot soup way too much.


The paleo thing is on track with my other big life changing project: making my own beauty products. It’s been fun getting free samples and testing them out. I love having so much knowledge abut what’s good for my skin and hair. But at the end of the day, I’m not spending thousands of dollars on products. I can’t and won’t afford it. However, I still need lotion, and my skin needs exfoliating so I’ll just make everything at home. I’ve been reading up on different recipes, how herbs work, and aromatherapy and trying different things.

For the last two months I’ve been using my salt and coffee skin scrubs, whipping up body butter and slathering avocado on my hair. I use a green tea and yogurt mask that helps deflate the bags under my eyes, and I wax with a homemade sugar concoction. Today I made a hair pomade out of wax and oils. I have soooo many ideas for 2017! I’ll prob be making a business out of it as well, since baking cookies and stuff proved a little too fattening (I might try again with low carb treats, though).  I’ve already turned my baking cupboard into the beauty pantry.

Style and fashion:

I have made a slow return to shopping. After three years of getting free clothes, shoes, underwear, jewelry, perfume, hair and skincare, light bulbs, bedding, towels, and even toothpaste and flossing picks, I decided it’s time to start living life like a normal person. I’m still cheap, though- don’t get it twisted. And since I already have stuff that I like from brands like LL Bean, Desigual, and Cat Footwear, I’m really just re-calibrating my style and moving back towards things that I like because I like them, not because people are giving away free stuff. I am really into Century 21, especially since there’s a store in Downtown Brooklyn if I want to return or exchange anything. I got this coat and knee high Steve Madden boots, a fab Calvin Klein cocktail dress for work, and this awesome patchwork totebag (I snagged it on final sale at $20, and it’s reversible and comes with a little zippered pouch! Free is cool and I’m grateful for all the stuff I got (not as much as some, but more than enough), but there is nothing like catching a good old fashioned bargain.


After all is said and done, the best thing that I can do is to keep being myself. I can’t worry about what people think or want too much. It’s funny how, when I started blogging I looked like a little girl and now I’m fairly grown up. I’ve changed a lot,mostly for the better, but I’m aware that I’m kind of an asshole. I’ll never be a nice person, and I’m good with that. It’s just how it is. I don’t live in a nice world, so it wasn’t really something that I could afford to aspire to be. I have learned to live in the right now of things and right now I’m a woman that wants to be rich and self-sufficient. I’m a woman who wants to be presentable and comfortably dressed. I’m a woman who likes pretty things, but won’t go crazy chasing them. I’m a woman, plain and simple.

That should be good enough for people, and too bad if it isn’t.

Happy New Year!

xoxo, Faith/SEB







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Fall/Winter haircare with Agadir, Kiss and Pura D’or


I have natural, nappy/kinky hair and when it gets cold I feel as if I have to take extra care with it. I got these Agadir products and love the pampering they’re giving my fluffy locks. The sustainably sourced Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner leave hair clean and soft, and I adore the scent of the Argan Oil Hair Treatment. I pour some in my palm, rub my hands together and then massage it into my hair and scalp for a soft lustrous head of curls.

I actually shed hair, so I love anything that strengthens my hair and keeps it from breaking off. I’ve been using the Pura D’or Hair Loss Prevention Therapy collection to alleviate my paranoia about losing hair. There’s the  shampoo and conditioner, then an Energizing Scalp Serum which both soothes your scalp and revitalizes hair follicles. You spray it on your scalp and massage it in. Don’t rinse it out! There’s also the Intense Moisturizing Masque, which comes with a little shower cap to keep all the good stuff in as you condition your hair.

I’m still using other things in rotation, but I’ve good results from Pura D’or products so far, so we’ll see how my hair survives winter hats and weather in the spring. I’ve been using the Agadir cushion base Detangle Wet brush and this Tigi Bedhead vent brush for blow drying my hair. I know heat styling is sort of bad, but it’s so much easier for me to work with my hair after it’s blown out a bit. For big hair volume, You might want to try the Joico Hair Shake, which is a liquid to powder texturizer spray that you can use while heat styling to bump up curl volume and hold.

Kiss sent over this amazing InstaWave, which has a curl dial at the base of the curling wand to catch long hair and keep it detangled for smooth curling. It catches the hair up and automatically twirls around the diamond-ceramic ionic barrel, which heats up 420 degrees. It’s safe for  hair extensions, so you can bump the curl in your lace front or weave with no problems.


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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Review: affordable bath & body luxury from Petal Fresh #skin

I meant to write this last week, but got hit with a blast of desperately needing to relax and put it off. Have you ever felt that way? Like just wanting to do simple, boring basic things? So I did that and now I’m ready to talk about these awesome Petal Fresh products that got sent over.


I am a sucker for bath products and have a huge soft spot for body wash. Even before blogging I was always trying new ones and was constantly haunting the aisles of beauty supply and discount stores  for new and exotic ways to wash up. Petal Fresh Botanical’s Aloe Vera Moisturizing Body Wash ($5.50) has been a great relaxation tool over the past week. With it’s rich foamy bubbles and soothing suds, whether you’re doing a bubble bath or a quick shower you’ll feel less stressed. And the bottle is huge, almost 24 ounces so you’ll have lots of baths and showers to look forward too.

The Tea Tree Bath and Shower Gel ($8.25) is from the Pure line and features invigorating tea tree oil and its you with a bracing minty aroma. It also has lemon balm and thyme and some other delicious ingredients meant to cleanse and clarify the skin.  The ingredients are sustainably sourced and it is guaranteed paraben and free and pH balanced.


Once you’ve done luxuriating in the bath, you’ll still need to slather on some lotion, and this is a great one. Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion in Grape Seed & Olive Oil ($7.70) is delectably smooth and absorbs nearly instantly on towel dried skin. Softens and minimizes the aged look of skin exposed to sun and pollution. Light scent, full of oils and skin feeding nutrients.


I can’t say enough. Where do I start? Can words express the awesomeness? I will try. Petal Fresh Pure Perfecting Body Butter in Guava Nectar  ($7.70) is everything to me right now. The 8 oz jar is stuffed with sweetly tropical scented moisturizing goodness that you will want to rub all over you. It’s chock full of everyone’s favorite, coconut oil, as well as argan oil and shea butter.

After testing so many different lotions, moisturizers and creams and varying price levels, I can honestly say that spending money on this won’t leave you disappointed. And with winter creeping in, you’ll want something something that helps restore moisture and keep skin plumped out and healthy looking. It’s something nice to rub on your skin before burrowing under the covers and the smell makes you think you’re somewhere tropical.

Check out the rest of all natural and super affordable skin, hair and  facial products at Petal Fresh.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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Fall Beauty: Get Cute in 10 with Kiss, Gerard Cosmetics and Nars #beauty

You have to get to work or class and even if you overslept you still need to look decent. You may need  some new cosmetic incentives to hurry it up in the bathroom every morning (or afternoon, and no I have not forgotten the night shift). Here are some cute new products all ready to help you get out the door that much quicker.

img_20160902_111051Let’s start from the top: brows. Brow tutorials are all over instagram, so even people who don’t care about makeup will be looking at yours. Gerard Cosmetics has this gorgeous little Brow Bar To Go ($28) compact, complete with mirror. You get two rich, blendable powders to create your colors and a pot of brow wax to seal the color in all day. You can also use the powders for eye shadow and for contouring if you’re into that. Comes in blonde to brunette and medium to ebony.

For the false eyelash challenged, KISS products came up with the Kiss Lash 101 ($5.99).It’s a kit to help you apply falsies so that they look believable. You get a measuring tool, lash scissors, eyelashes…everything you need to learn how to work with your eye shape and how to enhance them with lashes. If you’re invested in wearing them, this kit can help you make the application process way quicker. Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive in black ($3.99) is also part of making the process easier. The black color will help lashes blend in with eyeliner.

Lipstick is an instant makeover, so splurging on a rich, moisturizing new liquid lipstick can only be a win. NARS Cosmetics has the new Velvet Lip Glide ($26)  which is a hybrid born of lipstick and lipgloss. Containing the NARS signature saturated color and enriched with lip softening oil infusion complex, it’s a 2 second image update with a doe foot applicator.  No. 54, Toy and Unspeakable are my (current) faves, but you can shop the whole color collection here.


Sometimes it is just too much trouble to do your nails, but yet you need to get them done. Impress Manicure has some cute new designs for fall that not only get your nails done in minutes, but they feature some sweet nail art. The imPRESS Manicure  ($6.99) feature 30 faux nails ( 6 color, 6 accent) in 12 sizes. There’s no glue, just a Safehold Adhesive Technology, so you won’t mess up your nails. but you still get gel nail shine.These sets are Gossip Girl, Next Wave and Shake It Up. You can find imPRESS at stores like walgreens, Target and Walmart.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian