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The Tattooed Shorts

Loox temporary tattoos looking sweet on sundrenched denim cutoffs.

I have been working on these shorts for a year.Technically. I got these jeans free from L.L. Bean (blogger perk) and one day decided to make cutoffs from them. Then I thought I would rehab the cutoffs, so I put them on my crafts trolley. Then I forgot about them, because I was working and somehow there was never any time or inspiration to finish my pile of design projects. It was sad. I wanted to do my thing, but coming home after work, I usually would just huddle in bed, watch netflix and try to go to sleep so I could go to work again. Working on my projects seemed to hard.

Lately I’ve been super inspired (might be because of exercising and better diet, I’m not so depressed), so I’ve been going through my project pile and finally finishing some things, like these cutoffs. I was on instagram and saw an ad for temporary tattoos, and I thought…’YES’!!!

It started with some dipdye bleaching until I had a variety of blues playing across the cotton fabric. Then I started applying the temporary tattoo, which was a few days of my life. First transferring the tattoo to the cloth, then treating it to make sure that the tattoo didn’t just peel off. Waiting for things to dry is sheer torture. But I love the way it looks! I put a few clear, acrylic jewels on the petals like water drops.

Being ocd and sewing on little pearls because little pearls are everything.

Studded, but in a sweet, feminine, Gucci kind of way.

Laid back, beach bum chic.

This awesome carp tattoo looks amazing on the back pockets, across from the gold lame lined distressed pocket. All you need to look summer blessed is a vintage t-shirt and some glitter slides. These shorts are hand painted, distressed and embellished. They’re badass in the most effortless way.

And they only took a year to make.

See you next time!

Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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Handpainted,upcycled denim shorts with tattoos, size 6

Re-worked, upcycled SEB Market BK handpainted tattoo cutoffs have been bleached and temporary tattoos applied on the left front and left back pocket. Sequins, acrylic jewels, stars, studs and mini-pearls have been applied. Right side front and back pocket are slashed. Left back pocket is lined with gold lamé. Made of cotton, polyester and elastane. Rise is 10.25 inches. Waist is about 29. Jorts are 12 inches from waistband to hem. *Price includes shipping and handling. **United States customers only, no international shipping.


Glitter shower shoes, size 7

Gold glitter double strap slides. Buckles are operational. Contoured soles for comfort, glitter for style. Brand new and never worn. 10 inches from the big toe to the heel. 3 1/2 across the widest part of the foot. *Price includes shipping and handling. **United States customers only, no international shipping.


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The PUNK Jacket

Photo by Shoottphotos (use this link for a 10% discount:

Handpainted PUNK denim jacket by SEB Market BK, $150

This adorable jacket went from worst to first with some handpainting, embroidered patches, safety pins and sweet punk rock stars. It's an extra small, and measures 20 inches from shoulder to hem, 17 inches from armpit to armpit. 14 inches across the back. Sleeves are 24.5 inches long. Jacket comes with a pouch of extra stars for you to play with. *Domestic, American shipping only.


So while I was gone from blogging I started selling pre-loved and vintage clothes on platforms like ebay, depop and etsy. At first it was just straightforward selling, like I wasn’t altering the pieces, just posting them. Then one day I rescued a Coach bag that had worn patches on the front and a busted strap, but was perfect on the back and interior. I messed with it and it ended up selling on ebay. Then I played with a thrifted red leather vintage 80s crossbody that I had in my inventory for about 2 years. Then I sold a sweatshirt. So now I’m a fashion designer with my own label. Why fight fate?

The PUNK jacket started life as a mass produced item treated to look like an authentic punk rockers jacket. Soft, distressed lightwash denim with a screenprinted band poster on the back. Originally created by Bethany Mota, I saw it and knew that I could do better.

I decided to punch up the faded colors on the back panel with acrylic paint, and then adding a silver leather star I got at the fabric store. I used black paint to emphasize lines and to punk up the PUNK lettering. I used gold and black to create a frame, and then put a safety pin at each corner (because punk rock). I chose silver stars instead of pyramid studs for a girly touch. Recently I painted the arms and inside of the cuffs for more edge.

What I love about is that it reminds me of movies like She’s Gotta Have It and Desperately Seeking Susan, 80s films with cool downtown heroines that whipped up fashion frenzy in every scene. You can wear it with sparkles or dress it down with jorts. Layer it over a hoodie in the cooler months to keep that Nancy Spungeon look going.

Shop the look!

Jay x Jay Godfrey sequinned black dress, size 0

Halter style with spaghetti straps. Open back, side pockets in the skirt. Measures 34 inches from shoulder to hem, 16 from armpit to armpit, 14 across the waist. Brand new, never worn. *Domestic, American shipping only.


Converse All Stars white low tops, women’s size 8

Classic low-tops, already broken in. Measures 10.75 inches from toe to heel, 3.5 inches across the widest part of the foot. Can fit men's size 6. Shipping included in price. *Domestic, American shipping only.


HOB alligator embossed leather shoulder bag/clutch

Comes with detachable brass chain strap. Looks like vintage, some wear at top of flap. Measures 12.5 x 7, 19 in strap drop. *Domestic, American shipping only.


Red tank top, size S

Ribbed cotton/poly. 24 inches from shoulder to hem, 13 inches from armpit to armpit. Brand new, never worn. *Domestic, American shipping only.


SEB Market BK handpainted jorts, size 28″

Hand cut and handpainted denim shorts with one embroidered patch. They are folden in this photo to show the front and back paint colors (white, pastels). Super comfy premium cotton denim, perfect for summer days or wear with tights and combats in the cooler months. 28" waist, 12 inches ling from waist to hem in front, 13 in back. Waistband sits at waist. *Domestic, American shipping only.


Manas Designs leather motorcycle boots, size 41

Soft Italian leather boots with zipper trim. Round toes, lug soles, chink heel and side zipper. The type of boot that looks incredible with a sundress. Fits women's US 9.5/10. Price includes shipping. *Domestic, American shipping only.


See you soon!

Faith/SEB Market BK

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in which we make plantain chip nachos and love it #food #diet #paleo

So my friend is big into the paleo diet, and because of that I started working on giving up pasta, bread and anything with unhealthy carbs including the rice that I grew up eating along with pretty much every meal. I’m not a diet person, so at first it was odd, but now i think I have the hang of it. It just gets weird when I want something like pizza or nachos.

I was looking at food on instagram and drooling over mac & cheese videos, pizza posts and various baked treats. Then I saw a photo of a nacho plate, oozing with beans and cheese and spiky with corn chips. I had to have that nacho plate. But when I asked my friend about corn chips, I learned that because corn is a cereal that corn chips are kind of not on my yes list anymore. But I still wanted the nachos! I thought that plantain chips would make a good substitute since they can be fried to a crisp and the taste woud mesh well with beans and cheese. And so it became a mini-project to create a gooey comfort food based on the paleo diet. Behold…

Plantain Nacho Plate Recipe:


Step 1: Get two yellow (sweet) plantains and peel them. On a cutting board, slice them into thin rounds. Heat a teaspoon of grapeseed or olive oil in a skillet and arrange the plantain rounds in a single layer in the oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Fry the rounds on medium heat until browned on both sides. This is the most intense part, as you need to work in batches and make sure that you don’t forget about your chips and burn them. Line a 9×12 baking pan with foil an create two layers of chips on the bottom. This is the base for your nacho plate. Save a few chips to garnish the dish when done.


Step 2: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Layer ingredients of your choice over the plantain chips. I did a layer of sauteed chopped leeks, canned tomatoes, black beans, and then a mixture of cooked ground pork and hot sausage. I sprinkled cheese on these layers, then started over again in the same order and then sprinkled more cheese on top. Sprinkle herbs and spices on top of the cheese, like paprika thyme, cumin, oregano and basil.

I used pepper jack, but you could use mozzarella, cheddar, or all three. It’s your choice. You can also use chicken or tofu instead of the meat that I used. I used leeks instead of regular onions because I’m just into leeks right now, so feel free to use onions if you prefer. Once you’ve got your layers done, slide the pan into the oven and bake for 15 minutes.


Step 3: Once the timer goes off, turn off the oven and turn on the broiler. Broil on hi for 2 minutes to get a crust on the top layer of cheese. Remove the pan from the oven, and let the dish rest for 2 minutes. Use a slotted spoon or spatula to put a portion or two on a plate with the crust side up. If any plantain chips escape  just spoon them onto the plate, too. Place a dollop of sour cream on top and decorate with chopped plum tomatoes, slivers of avocado,  and the remaining plantain chips. Sprinkle with chopped scallion pieces and serve.

The hardest part is frying the plantains, and after that it gets much easier. As soon as I finished photographing this plate, I ate the whole thing and was satisfied, but not overly full. I still was able to put two more bowls of the plantain chip nachos away in the freezer, so you end up with a decent amount of food and it wasn’t expensive to make.

Try it, I’m pretty sure you won’t be sorry. Bon apetit!


xoxo, Faith/SEB

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DIY: in which I attempt to make beauty products from scratch


I saw this recipe on Pinterest for cellulite scrub and decided to try it out. I mixed coffee grounds, brown sugar and olive oil together in an old gelato jar and gamely headed for the tub. I am not sure if it had any effect on my cellulite,  but by the same token I’m still not sure if my cellulite problem is real or just my over active imagination.  If it’s real, it was still there after a week of scrubbing. My skin looked great, though. The scrub was an effective way to exfoliate and moisturize at the same time.

Unfortunately it stopped up the drain, so if you do this have a plunger or liquid plumber handy.


This one was easy: lemon deoderant. I saw this woman on instagram toss away her dove deoderant and use a lime half on her pits. I had some lemons, which I like better anyway,  so I cut one in half and for a week straight swiped my underarms with it.

Verdict? Odor was neutralized,  but you will still sweat since it’s not an anti-perspirant. That said I swiped yesterday then went out and sweated. I took a good sniff when I got home and there was no odor.  It’s summer, so wetness is no big deal, just not smelling funny so this is a win. If you’re afraid of wet pits it might not be for you, though.

xoxo, Faith / Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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in which we learn how to make candles at Brooklyn Creative Studio

After two months of staying at home, I decided that my main problem right now is that I need a hobby. At the very least, I need to go out and do things that don’t revolve around brand events or even dating (still working on that one, sigh).


This is me, actually leaving the house for once. I missed the bus walking up the block. THEN I didn’t take the directions seriously and then realized that my bus stop was the next one two blocks over. THEN I finally caught the bus. You know what? I could have caught any of the buses that run on that street. Also? Google maps told me to get off at the wrong stop. I was half an hour late.

On the bright side, there’s an IHOP on the same street as the craft studio. Yay!


I finally made it to Brooklyn Creative Studio and my teacher Yesenia set me right up. We were going to be making scented candles in jars and tealight size. Luckily I went to art school, so it wasn’t hard to get the gist of what was happening. I also lucked out and had Kerry of Love, Liesel as a classmate.


In no time I was melting wax, which was fun. I used to melt crayons on my Barbie dolls when I was little? Same thing.


I really enjoyed setting up the candles and pouring wax. I love knowing how candles are made. Mystery of how the wick stays put? Solved. How are scented candles made? I know all. How to make a candle a different color? I got it.


The payoff..


xoxo, Faith/SassyEthnicBohemian


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Closeup: interview with Brooklyn’s Ed Roth of Stencil 1


I was at the Brooklyn Museum seeing the Rise of Sneaker Culture exhibit with some friends and couldn’t help noticing a scrum of excited museum goers huddled in front of a massive piece of paper.

sneaker94​There was a table set up with art supplies and people were grabbing stencils and ink pads, then hustling to find a spot on what turned out to be a sneaker themed mural set up by Stencil 1. Never one to be left out, I joined in and was seduced.

I made sure to take one of the business cards on the table and googled to see who these Stencil 1 people were. ‘They’ are none other than graphic designer Ed Roth who started Stencil 1 after having his book of prototype stencils rejected by publishers for being too expensive. He has not only not let rejection stop him, but he’s a bonafide DIY icon whose brand has been championed by DIY diva Martha Stewart.

Ed’s quiet artistic revolution puts the power of re-invention into the hands of the masses, by creating stencils that you can use to paint your walls or decorate your clothes Stencil 1 is all about high style results with low-stress effort.

In 5 questions, Ed tells us how he started, what inspires him, and where you can see him next.

photo by Marc Regas

Sassy Ethnic Bohemian: The first, most pressing questions that I have is: are you related the Ed Roth the Rat Fink cartoonist?

Ed Roth: Haha, I wish! I think my parents were fans of his, and I remember, as a kid, playing with some plastic figurines of his designs. So, no relation (that I know of).

SEB: How did you end up getting involved with stencils?

ER: I used to cut stencils as a hobby, as well as make my own stamps, dye clothes, all that fun stuff when I was a teen-ager. I would also paint furniture as a hobby. I lived at the Salvation Army.

Later in life, I worked as a graphic designer and for inspiration bought design books, this is pre-internet. I always wanted to make a design book myself. I was buying a lot of Stencil Graffiti books and thought it would be great if a book had stencils in it. I then decided to design 50 stencils, bind them in a book, and shop it around to publishers.

The pages were literally spray painted, the cover was scored cardboard, it was a total DIY book! So I brought the prototype to one or two publishers who liked it, but passed as they said it would be expensive.


Having a web design background and having fuel from being rejected, I built a site and listed the 50 designs for sale. was born. I then got press on, then the New York Times. Blick Art Materials then called wanting to carry the stencils. Two years in, Chronicle Books asked me if I wanted to do a book, so I got my initial goal fulfilled. Now I have 6 titles with Chronicle.

So, yea, it started at home as a hobby.

SEB: What were your artistic influences as far as stenciling goes? What gets your artistic gears moving?

ER: Stencil graffiti is a huge gear mover for me; I do my own artwork and am in NYC so I see a lot of stencil work around. I more so, though, get influenced by patterns I see when I travel: beautiful plants, animals, the city landscape.


SEB: You had a real, interactive vibe at your sneaker mural at the Brooklyn Museum. What do you think makes people love the stencil process so much?

ER: I think as we get older, we don’t take as much time to do art so that excites people to have the chance to. Also, stenciling is easy and so satisfying, you have this stencil design in your hand but you are not sure how it will look, so there is this wonderful surprise element when you see your results.

You also get empowered; [you get] a feeling as if you drew the image. I love seeing people stenciling.


SEB: What’s coming up for Stencil 1?

Stencil1 just won Product of the Year award for our repeat pattern stencils, so we are excited to promote that and get the designs in to paint stores to reach the DIY and Decor customers.

In September we are doing workshops at Le Bon Marche in Paris. We are also named a Martha Stewart’s American Made audience choice finalist. Voting will start soon and being American Made has been important to us, so we hope to get votes on this contest!

We are also actively [creating] new stencil designs and tools and working on textile designs and some licensing partnerships are in the works.

So yea, keeping busy!

stencil1 x modify 2 watches

You can catch up with Ed and Stencil ‘s projects (like these Stencil 1 x Modify watches) on his site,, follow his inspiringly gorgeous instagram see him at Bon Marche in Paris September 7th and 8th, and vote for him in the American Made contest starting September 21st

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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in which we go out and deliver cookies, do some windowshopping and shoot a little streetstyle

This is one of those looooong posts, but by the end we’ll be totally caught up and ready for anything.

May 10th: 


I had some events in the city (as some of us call the isle of Manhattan) and I was going to maximize my carfare by using my time to also give away cookies to nice people who have given me invitations or stuff to write about. I had this amazing Aloha powder supplement to add to my smoothies (last packet, sniff!) along with chunks of fresh ginger and carrot, strawberries, half a beet, peanut butter and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. That was a good smoothie.


Went for my walk in the park wearing my fave Citizen Ciao t-shirt over my long sleeved Uniqlo shirt with leggings and my old Cat Footwear sandals from last summer.


I washed up and baked some cookies, like 4 or 5 dozen, then got them packaged and stuck a business card on the side. Ready!!


Ok, well- I got dressed first. may104

have I ever explained how much I love the Columbus Circle stop? It has never changed, and every time I see that big globe I get a little teary-eyed.  may105

Central Park- lush foliage, street vendors, horses dressed in costumes. may106

NY Fashion, behind the scenes! may107

I went to my event and then walked around for awhile since I was done dropping stuff off. Ate this sandwich they gave me at the press preview, looked at tall buildings. I’m such a tourist when I go into Manhattan!

 Windowshopping & Concrete Runway:may108

So every trip into Manhattan is a chance to get caught up on what’s hot and happening in NYC. I adore and worship this carryall that I saw in teh window of Henri Bendel’s. This Topshop window showcased an Asian theme, smart since they got Topshop on the Met Gala Red Carpet.  may109

This was cool- my walk took me from India to a window featuring Bigfoot. sad because I used to have a Polaroid Land Camera and dropped it one day on a tile floor right before a photoshoot. may1091

Club Monaco‘s pretty, minimalist frill white dress, and some madness from Opening Ceremony that caught my eye. So want that coat! may1092

Love these pretty, kitschy accessories. None of this stuff is expensive. That’s the trick of New York- necessities are super expensive, but you can get gewgaws like this for cheap. may1093

So New York. may1094

Loved this knock-off fashion display. there are tons of little stores all over the place that have adorable merch. Why people rely on running into chain-store fast fashion is beyond me. But, whatever. may1095

It’s funny how you can get all Bill Cunningham and start seeing trends and coincidences. I spotted the first black and white outfit at the press preview, and the monochrome trend kept popping up. Ending in the third image where EVERYONE was wearing it. may1096

Leopard print shoes and sneakers.


Just three outfits I liked. I so loved the pregnant badass in lace and denim- I chased her down, actually. Her boots are perfection. Congrats, little mama!

May 14:


Getting ready to head into town!!! I liked the ease of this Daisy Fuentes dress from last summer, it went perfectly with my Cat Footwear Squander boots and my REpurposing NOLA custom made boho chic handbag (thank you so much Traci!). 2may142

This time out, certain people who have gone above and beyond got brownie bites AND cookies. Today I was feeling ribbony, trying to use up the last of the ribbon that I bought at Easter for my Birthday Month projects.


I know I look a little sad in this shot? But I’m really trying to show off my Sumptuous Olive MAC eyeshadow and Makeup Forever Ink Liner– done in three minutes. I also added my Aries necklace from Shop Jacqueline Rose– my everyday necklace since I got it last month. I made sure to pack my 48 cent copy of Mill On The Floss- a classic that I found at Strand Bookstore. It’s tragic, but also illuminating. You should read it. 2may144

I dropped off treats then headed to one of my favorite places in NYC. Madison Square Park always has a challenging outdoor installation going on. This on is called Fata Morgana and it’s up until winter.2may145

And then ran into the Almay beauty team who were having a #SimplyAmerican cookout right there in the street. Hot dogs and pretzels, free makeovers, and a lipstick tower. You were supposed to guess how many. I was taking the photo when one woman asked me if I was going to guess. Before I could muzzle myself, I said ‘I don’t have that kind of time’ which was mean. But she also stepped right in front of me just as I raised my camera to shoot. two wrongs don’t make a right, but still. 2may146

This is the only streetsyle shot that I took that day. And the funny thing was that because the snake was so out there, I was going to not take the photo. However, I was walking down Broadway and this person walked next to me for so many blocks that I wondered if there was a divine effort to make me take this photo. So I took it and it was gorgeous.  2may147

Saw this cute Moschino phone case- or maybe it’s a knockoff. Just thought it was adorable. Also took a second to shoot a photo of the Samsung Gear Fit that I picked up (thanks, guys!) and the awesome goodie bag that I got from the Underhaus‘ Swimpop 15 swimwear pop-up. I was going to instagram the pics, but I was exhausted, so I just went home and took a nap. 2may148

Put my Samsung GearFit on as soon as I got home. LOVE it! We’ll be talking about that soon…

Then I jumped into my Swimpop 15 gift bag- of course, right? I mean- it’s me! I got coupons with discount codes from swimwear brands (see the blog post for that info), baked bean crisps from Enlightened, a Skinny Girl beverage, Coco Nutz Pina Colada malt beverage (serious kick for 8% alcohol!) and a My Cabana Boy gadget that helps you spray sunscreen or self-tanner on your back.


This is a cute little bag from Mia Marcelle that I decided to give the DIY treatment to. Stay tuned, I’ll finish it soon and then talk about it.

May 20th:


These trees don’t look like this anymore- but I still wanted to use the pics to talk about walking down this particular block.


Went to the restaurant supply store to get some tops and cookie canisters- and they were out. NOOOO! I also saw these squirt bottles, and I am keeping them in mind for making designs on cookies, like nice caramel squiggles and things. I went home and used my last few canisters, but only one had a lid. LUCKILY I had these sweet treat bags, so everything still looked pretty. Ran out of hangtags, though.


I didn’t dress up for my trip into the city, even though I had a press preview to attend, because I was scheduled to work out at Crunch Gym as part of my weight loss resolution thing. We’ll get to that soon. I was walking the streets of New York dropping off cookies wearing sweatoants and a modcloth tshirt, Southern Tide Summer cardigan, my RE purposing NOLA bag, and these Cuttler sneakers from SUPRA footwear. AND my SEB headwrap (flashback!). I did make sure to put on some lipstick, in a hot red from Makeup Forever, which was not a coincidence since I was dropping off cookies at their pr company.


After a day of running here and there, I finally made it back home to look at my new beauty goodies from Urban Beauty United (rose gold accented makeup brushes with frou frou pink bristles) and ALL the summer goodies from Makeup Forever from Equalizer primer to Aqua Matic eyeshadow pencils to Aqua Lips gloss- plus a new ProBronze Fusion compact that I can’t wait to use on my next shoot.

Ok, we are all caught up now… have a great Memorial Day!!!

Next up: the KB Brand Partners aw2015 press preview

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian