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The Beach

Just chilling at Orchard Beach…

So it’s looking like I ran around last summer just to have content for this summer (I have gone nowhere but JavaScript class and I haven’t seen the gym since early July). This one was before the Hamptons, but it’s the same deal…wanted to go to the beach but had no one to go with. It was funny because at the time I was ‘talking to’ some friend possibilities and thinking I might start actually having a social network and doing normal things and if the phone rang it wouldn’t just be that guy that gets mad at me for having insurance.

I have been wanting to go to Orchard Beach for the longest time. It’s just one of those things. I have a list of stuff that I’ve been meaning to do like the Statue of Liberty and City Island, but it takes forever for me to get it together to do anything. But I had the day off and it was perfect weather and I had a bikini so whatever. I go.

I feel like it took as long as going to the Hamptons. It takes about 2 and a half hours from my place in Brooklyn and involves changing trains and taking a bus. So when I got there I was prepared to lay out for at least as long as it took me to get there. I had a packed lunch and had a flask of wine and a book, so it was a party.

I’m not sure why, but I didn’t take a picture of my lunch that day. I guess since I was not really doing social media last year, just trying to live like it was just something happening not a world changing event. Or maybe it was something basic and I didn’t feel like it needed to be recorded.

This was me doing fake happy face, but in the end I was fairly satisfied. The sun was bright, the sky was blue, and there was that sound of waves lapping against the beach that makes the beach so super relaxing. And I wore a string bikini so I could get all of that healthy sunlight and air on my skin. I went to Orchard Beach, I hung out and then I went home. I almost went to City Island on the way home, but that would have been too much braveley hanging out alone stuff for one day.

Do you like going places on your own? What do you do if there’s no one to hang out with? What do you think or say about people that you see hanging alone? Drop a comment if that’s something you want to talk about.

See you next time!

Faith/SEB Market BK

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That 70s Bag

Sexy 70s disco siren vibes (smell like a winner with Joy Forever by Jean Patou, a brilliant retro scent)

When I was a kid I was surrounded by women who had their stylistic business together. From my grandmother to my mom to my cousins, I had women around me who could teach Vogue a few lessons. I also had an Aunt in New Jersey who wore and sold vintage. Thanks to these style mavens, I can go blindly into a thrift store, hold my hand out, and have an awesome item fly into my hand like Mjolnir. In this instance, it was a sweet leather clutch bag with a bronze, abstract shaped snap on the front flap.

Clutch bags, like this delicious caramel colored one above, actually came into being in the 20s, so you’d probably see a flapper carrying one. All the better to emphasize that jazz age freedom exemplified by dresses that let women flail about doing the Charleston. This is probably what endeared the bag to the Studio 54 era fashionistas in the 70s and 80s. You could hold the bag under your arm while boogieing the night away.

This outfit samples both disco and punk to create a purely modern sex goddess look. The floral Almost Famous dress is ruched down the front with an asymmetrical hem, and reminds me of divas like Diana Ross or Donna Summer. I added a pair of Enzo Angiolini cutout t-strap pumps in caramel and gold for class (the disco era was heavily influenced by the 30s, so these would have been perfect!). Adding the American Rag rhinestone shouldered denim vest takes the look from discotheque to CBGB’s as quickly as a subway ride downtown.


Shop the look:

Vintage 70s leather clutch

Caramel leather disco era clutch with snap closure. Zipper pocket inside and on the back of the purse.Measures 12 x 8 inches. *Domestic, American shipping only.


Almost Famous floral dress in Dusty Rose, size XL

Measures 36 inches from shoulder to hem, 17.5 inches across the chest, 14 inches across the waist.Polyester, has some stretch. Brand new, never worn. *Domestic, American shipping only.


American Rag denim vest, size M

Unfinished edges at armholes and hem,. Faceted rhinestones sparkle from the shoulders. Classic two pocket construction, two side pockets.100% cotton. Measures 19 inches from shoulder to hem, 17 inches from armpit to armpit. 15.5 inches at the waist. *Domestic, American shipping only.


Enzi Angiolini t-strap pumps, size 10

Delicious round toed caramel and gold leather pumps with 4 inch heels. Never worn, still in box. Wear with jeans, pencil skirts, gaucho pants, etc. *Domestic, American shipping only.


See you next time!

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in which I go to Chinatown for a dim sum breakfast



Last year this weird guy I met online asked me to go out for dimsum breakfast, but he was so crazy I wouldn’t even leave my building with him. I got a chance for a do-over recently, because life is like that. Since it was a bright spring day, I pulled on my Coldwater Creek floral jacket with mandarin collar. It made jeans and a tshirt a tad more special.

20160424_104337They bring steamed dumplings around on carts in bamboo containers, but there’s way more coming to the table, non stop. Food for days…

20160424_105744I have never seen rice like this before in my life. It made me wonder if I should put nuts in my rice at home.

Screenshot 2016-04-24 at 11.00.13 PM


Afterwards everyone walked through Chinatown to get ice cream. I had the Castle Black Sesame, which is some kind of GoT tie-in, called Game of Cones. All new to me.

I love the fact that I finally got to go have dim sum. It was a cool experience. New York is so full of amazing cultures, food, and experiences. Can’t wait til my next adventure!


xoxo, Faith/SassyEthnicBohemian



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in which we go to the Rubin Museum for Altar Everything #art


Spring has sprung, weather we have a few grey days or not. It’s time to get out there and see what the world is looking like after all that winter! In spite of not having a date, I realized that while romance is nice, what I’m really after is socializing. I just want to hang out, grab a drink and have some fun. I also don’t want to think too hard about getting dressed. I pulled together a basic spring look that included an essential piece you need for summer 2016, the denim skirt. The rose gold Richmond watch from Henry London was my fanciest accessory. 20160422_181629

This one is by Boom Boom and goes perfectly with these Cat Footwear Squander boots that I got last year. The dark wash denim played well with the cornflower blue of the Southern Tide button down, and yellow LL Bean belt. I thought I would feel more self conscious, but it just felt fun.

We all met up in the K-2 Lounge, which is part of the museum, and it was so fun to just have a beer and talk. I feel like I put too much pressure on myself to date, which is kind of isolating because it’s just two people. Just chilling out and laughing was liberating.

After everyone had gotten acquainted, we all trooped upstairs to see the Genesis Breyer P-Orridge exhbit, Altar Everything.  It’s a very downtown, East Village type of show, very Warhol, avant garde. It’s a bit more fashion-y than the usual meditative art that you find at the Rubin. It’s way more conscious of itself. The only meditation is how to shock people. There were displays of I think used tampons and pieces of cloth that are allegedly bloodied. I wasn’t there when they were made, so I’m not willing to say that’s what they are. The title is a play on the word ‘alter’ as we also examine body modification within the show. There’s an interactive element, as well. Museum goers donated small objects to be displayed in canisters that were set into the walls.


I admit that this tiny Statue of Liberty was my favorite. I’m sentimental that way.

After the museum, some people headed over to the Hollywood Diner. I used my portion control system and had a bowl of French onion soup (mozzarella cheese version, just as delish). Everyone else was having monster burger platters. It was so fun. Everyone was telling really crazy stories and it was cool to just be myself and not worry about if I was being pretty or charming enough. It was my evening to spend and I think I made a good choice in the people I hung out with.


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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in which we run off to see a rehearsal of La Sylphide at NYC Ballet


While everyone else was off at NYFW, I was running in the other direction to attend a members only rehearsal of the New York City Ballet’s production of La Sylphide. Fancy.


Of course I ended up almost missing it. I only had to take one train, but still managed to have to run the few blocks over to Lincoln Center.


Managed to make it just in time. I took this right after I got into my seat.







I have actually never been to the NYC Ballet before, so I took a minute to walk around after the performance.

2016-02-14 22.57.44Me, at the ballet wearing the Bee leggings I designed.


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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Event: in which we go to see Cat Footwear’s ss2016 collection and get a great surprise

catYay! I love Cat Footwear, as you guys may have guessed, and it was exciting to be invited to their ss2016 preview. In the two years since my first Cat Footwear event so much has change, not least the style/design of the shoes. I couldn’t wait to see what they were going to have for next Spring.  cat1I kept it simple (when do I not?) with LL Bean jeans, a longsleeved tshirt from Uniqlo, and my Southern Tide summer cardigan. The little extras were a pirate necklace from Jade & Jasper, my Red Nite Anchor Bracelet from Milton John (use the code faith10 for a discount!) and of course my Cat Footwear Fueled boots. Raspberry beanie on fleek? Yes indeed.

cat2I also tried out my new Kure Bazaar nail polish for the first time. I wanted to see if the eco-friendly varnish was a cool at it seems, and how long will it last without chipping? Here’s the verdict: with no topcoat, two coats of polish lasted fairly unchipped until Wednesday, when I decided to wipe it off for a new manicure. I love the color, a deep serious green called Kale. cat3

On the way to WeWork on 40th, I got a free chocolate sample and had to run inside Royce’s chocolate boutique opposite Bryant Park to buy a box. It was the incredibly indulgent Nama Chocolate in Champagne, and it was so good that I didn’t mind parting with $18 for a box of 20 pieces. What was even better is that if you were willing to do a little social media on the spot, they threw in a box of their Nama Matcha chocolate. I was all over that.  cat4When I finally made it over to WeWork where Cat Footwear was hosting this year’s soiree, It was decked out with the latest in footwear trends. Mannequins in relaxed, urban flavored streetwear gave an idea to the types of clothing that you’d think about wearing your new footwear with. I loved the new iteration of Colorado workboots with craquelure floral embellishment, and punk inflected polkadot version with spiked boot jewelry. Rugged and sweet, tough and tender all in one boot.

I am desperately in love with this new foray into athletic footwear (photo 2)! It’s for men, but, hello gender equality!, I want a pair badly.  cat7Of course the sandals were completely on point. I really liked the fringe mocca/sandal hybrid- a definite must for ss2016.  cat8Love pastel? Then you’re in luck because Cat is offering an array of styles in sorbet shades. Whether you’re into boots or wingtip shoes, they got you, boo. cat9These are hot. The Willa Canvas delights by combining a southwest flavor into mid-heel stacked boot that will look amazing peeping out from under flares, or culotte overalls. cat91The Cheyenne’s leather sewn on leather with studs look caught my eye immediately. An easy wear, something that you can jump into on a summer morning and pair with jorts or a mini. Like little cowboy boots, with a punk edge. I love how slim and narrow the Cat shoes and boots have gotten! It’s a richer more expensive look. cat5AW2016 styles were on display as well, including my favorite Corinne Boot. The first pair I ever got from Cat Footwear and I still have them. I really like these shearling lined Hub Fur Boot ($140) available now. It’s really cute, and seeing as how people are flocking to snap up ‘heritage brand’ winter boots? You might want to order yours today.  cat92I ran into two bloggers from my NY Fashion Bloggers Project (photo 1)! Jamal Jackson of Style Society Guy and Robert Max Twitty of Gents Among Men, both looking sharp as usual. With them is Danielle of She’s A Gent, a menswear inspired blog with a California sensibility.

 Yes, people were playing ping pong. cat93People were also sipping delicious Liberated Wine, a vineyard from Santa Rosa, California. Available in Cabernet Suvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and my personal favorite Pinot Noir, the wine’s labels added an element of stylish fun to the bar’s display of Cat Footwear.

Along with a spicy glass of Pinot, I had an array of appetizers whose delicious simplicity allowed me to take a second and kick back. prosciutto Pinwheels, Buffalo Mozzarella with pesto dipping sauce and Mozzarella Tomato Skewers drizzled with honey balsamic vinegar were refreshing and hunger-stopping at the same time.

Did I mention how good that Pinot Noir from Liberated Wine was? Oh. Well, it was really good.  cat94 I took a second to admire my new Howndog Dot Colorado work boots (so 90s!) while eating, drinking and charging my phone with my Panasonic Travel Charger. I always seem to leave the house when my phone is in the yellow warning zone. Not sure how that happens. This can charge two phones, and it’s been saving my butt since I got it. cat96 Once I was sufficiently fortified with wine and food and shoes, I made my way home. It was a warm and perfect fall night outside of Bryant Park. So New York! One of those times when the place reminds you of what magic looks like. cat95The next morning, I got up to shoot my OOTD (ok, I’m lame- but I got dressed in 5 mins and didn’t take a selfie because I was already gonna be late), and I was going through my Cat Footwear booklet when I spied my name! My AW2014 Shoe Roundup was featured! Which made me super happy, because style is one thing- but I love having my actual writing and photography rewarded.



Next up: Fall Fitness Resolution update

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian