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The Lobster

This has nothing to do with Friends or that sad movie with Colin Farrell. This is real.

The cutest line drawings on the sandwich box. Let’s appreciate that detail!

I had to go into Manhattan today to run an errand and decided to find some lunch afterwards. I was really looking for Sweetgreen, but then I saw this Luke’s Lobster tucked off of Fifth Avenue and I just knew. This was the place where magic lived. It also happens to be the place where I got a delish lobster roll two years ago, but at their Brooklyn Bridge Park location. I didn’t know that I was ready for another one, but there you go.


It was refreshingly cool in the rustic little space after the blinding hot sun outside. How cute is the bottlecap barrel? It also reminded me that I had planned to go to Martha’s Vineyard this summer… I currently have two jobs, so I can’t go anywhere on vacation. I guess I just needed this maritime themed timeout.

The cutest lunch in New York.

Perfection. Just chunks of fresh lobster mixed with mayo, lemon butter and Luke’s Lobster seasoning ensconced in a buttery toasted bun. I took a little taste after I photographed my lunch and decided to just sit outside and eat instead of waiting. I never, for any reason sit outside to eat. I have a whole fear of someone just snatching my food or my purse while I sit around conspicuously consuming a plate of privilege. I like to eat inside where it’s safe. But it just felt like too much to have to wait. Sometimes you just have to sit yourself down and enjoy the moment.

You can find locations and stuff at Luke’

See you next time!

Faith/SEB market BK

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The Beach

Just chilling at Orchard Beach…

So it’s looking like I ran around last summer just to have content for this summer (I have gone nowhere but JavaScript class and I haven’t seen the gym since early July). This one was before the Hamptons, but it’s the same deal…wanted to go to the beach but had no one to go with. It was funny because at the time I was ‘talking to’ some friend possibilities and thinking I might start actually having a social network and doing normal things and if the phone rang it wouldn’t just be that guy that gets mad at me for having insurance.

I have been wanting to go to Orchard Beach for the longest time. It’s just one of those things. I have a list of stuff that I’ve been meaning to do like the Statue of Liberty and City Island, but it takes forever for me to get it together to do anything. But I had the day off and it was perfect weather and I had a bikini so whatever. I go.

I feel like it took as long as going to the Hamptons. It takes about 2 and a half hours from my place in Brooklyn and involves changing trains and taking a bus. So when I got there I was prepared to lay out for at least as long as it took me to get there. I had a packed lunch and had a flask of wine and a book, so it was a party.

I’m not sure why, but I didn’t take a picture of my lunch that day. I guess since I was not really doing social media last year, just trying to live like it was just something happening not a world changing event. Or maybe it was something basic and I didn’t feel like it needed to be recorded.

This was me doing fake happy face, but in the end I was fairly satisfied. The sun was bright, the sky was blue, and there was that sound of waves lapping against the beach that makes the beach so super relaxing. And I wore a string bikini so I could get all of that healthy sunlight and air on my skin. I went to Orchard Beach, I hung out and then I went home. I almost went to City Island on the way home, but that would have been too much braveley hanging out alone stuff for one day.

Do you like going places on your own? What do you do if there’s no one to hang out with? What do you think or say about people that you see hanging alone? Drop a comment if that’s something you want to talk about.

See you next time!

Faith/SEB Market BK

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The Meetup Adventure: in which we go to #SummerStreets2015 and ride Slide the City

So, I got tired of going to museums and started a meetup group of my own:

ss1With the idea that if you don’t see what you want, then start it yourself. My first proposition to my group was a trip to Summer Streets 2015, a NYC street fair that stretches from 72nd Street all the way to the waterfront Downtown.

I got one RSVP- and they didn’t show up.

ss2Granted? it was kind of early. But you only see New York at it’s best when it’s early, lol!! No one around to bother you and you can actually see how the place is laid out.

ss3How awesome is this? Early morning in Central Park, no screaming hordes- just light and stillness.

ss4And ducks.


I kind of took my time walking through the park and over to Park Avenue. The good thing about no one showing was that I could go at my own pace and make my own decisions.


I was dressed for a special occasion, too. But you’ll see what that was later in the post. Basic was better that day, believe me.


Back to Summer Streets. There was supposed to be free one hour bike rental at 58th Street, but I found out that you had to bring the bike right back to 58th, and my plan was to make it all the way to downtown.

I set off on foot amidst walkers, joggers, bikers and rollerbladers. One amazing this was getting to walk over a bridge that only cars have access to. It takes you up over 42nd and Grand Central Station.


This is a view I have never seen. Normally, I’d be standing far below looking up at cars whizzing by on this bridge. Thanks to Summer Streets, I was seeing this sculpture closeup without worrying about getting plowed down by a taxicab.


The next rest stop was all about food. Whole Foods had set up a block long street fair with people just hurling samples at you every few feet. How much do you love Perky Jerky guy? You could literally walk up and pluck samples off of his body. I feared for his life at one point- I mean, he was wearing MEAT.


I also got a sweet little potted plant, a pansy. New York Botanical Garden was on hand, patiently putting tiny plants in biodegradable containers for anyone who asked to take home. That’s love.

After getting as many food samples as I could I headed over to the 2nd of my missions (since that bike rental thing was a bust):ss91

My second mission was to obtain a free bike helmet from New York’s Department of Transportation. It wouldn’t be easy. It took stamina. It took being polite to this lady who acted all friendly just so I’d hold her place in line. It took ONE HOUR AND SIXTEEN MINUTES of waiting in line, and I technically missed the time for my special event, and then the lady who fitted my helmet was a _itch- but I did not give up, nor did I leave empty handed…ss92Cuz that’s how we roll at SEB. never give up, and never leave without your promised goodies.

Now it was time for my third and last mission…ss96


ss93I cheated and took the train from 23rd down to Chambers Street. I was on pins and needles the whole way, hoping that my tickets were still usable.

ss94 While I was at VitaCoco Beach, I met Ben Franklin, who just happened to be chilling and looking for a place to fly his kite, and then (of course) grabbed up a free VitaCoco lemonade and a free VitaCoco inner tube. As you can see, they hydrated New York City with VitaCoco.ss95

I managed to find the Slide the City line, then find out where the line actually started, then found out where to register to even get on the line. As luck would have it, they weren’t looking at what time the ticket was for, just if you had one. Having gone to many fashion week events I knew to have my ticket up on my phone screen ready for viewing.



is this not EVERYTHING???? Ok, yeah- some people live for Chanel, but this? was EVERYTHING!!!!!

And I had tickets. It only took me two hours. I heard it took other people 12 hours. At this point, it didn’t matter- I was there, in front of it and I had the golden ticket. ss98

I almost cried when I saw this sign- I had a knapsack on! I forgot to read the faq’s!! Luckily, A lady with a kid let me hold her bag and then when they were done she held mine. You have no idea how much of a leap of faith it is to let some stranger hold your bag in New York. But if that was the only thing standing between me and and a 650 foot water slide? Oh well.

I took a chance.


I told you, basic was best. After I finally got into the enclosure, they gave me an inner tube to ride on and sent me up the stairs. I could feel excitement in the pit of my stomach getting bigger and bigger the closer I got to the top. I got the middle lane.

Once you get up there, they tell you how to position yourself, and you sit staring at the huge expanse of plastic that’s supposed to hold you up, and in my case staring at the venerable court buildings of Foley Square which had probably never witnessed a massive water slide in front of them. Once they say go, you push off and it’s sublime. Exhilarating. And, yeah- two horribly overused words- life affirming.

I slid down a big ass ramp in New York and lived. It was the best moment ever.


 Also the moment I unpacked my knapsack and I had all this swag. Not bad.

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the august recap: baked goods, street vending, and a slow transformation towards fall fabulous

So… back to the hazy, crazy days of summer one last time. When we last reviewed all the little details of my life in July, I was out on the street selling cookies and baked goods.  As July turned into August, I started adding items to my menu that reflected the diverse nature of my neighborhood. Chocolate chip cookies and brownies were just the start- now I had to get into West Indian beverages and treats.


It started with the drink, sorrel. I drank this as a kid, since my family is Guyanese. I loved sorrel, and was always first in line with my cup out whener some was being poured. Unfortunately, i never bothered to learn how to make it.  Luckily, I found the ingredients that I needed at a fruit stand near my favorite supermarket, followed the instructions, and voila! I got the little 8 oz bottles at a restaurant supply store. My first batch of Lemon Ginger Sorrel was ready for sale (and absolutely delicious).


I modified my cookie process, but baking them in the mini-muffin pan. They actually keep pretty well, and are super tasty- but I want to work on that idea some more.


I made brownies- first I did it from a mix, and then went off and found out how to do it for real. I experimented with carrot cake muffins- the topping is dried cranberries and melted Hershey’s  cookies & cream white chocolate bars that i found near the register at the store. I did the topping because after grating and smashing and mixing everything together, I thought my carrot cake muffins looked weird. I ended up sacrificing four to make free bite sized samples and ended up selling the majority of them.

The last pic is the mythical sugar cake. People kept asking for them, so I found the recipe, got all the ingredients (seriously- half a bag of sugar!) and made them. Sol three. I am still dieting the rest of them off. So- no more sugar cakes. I can’t afford the extra poundage.


I also added a drink called mauby– which I have always hated- at customer demand. I don’t like it because it’s bitter. But, if you have sorrel, you’re supposed to have mauby so I did it. I still have 5 bottles in my freezer- because I refuse to drink them, but can’t stand to throw them away. I might give them to my brother.


This was me, chilling at the table, and I made all that stuff (except the water). My style and beauty game was seriously falling off though. I was working really hard, and not keeping up with the laundry and generally not being the self I’m supposed to be.


I had to get the laundry done, since I was just wearing thrift store dresses on the regular. Not the worst thing ever? But I was just doing it because it was easier that planning outfits (or doing the laundry). At the beginning of August I counted up my money and realized that I had enough money to do a tiny little bit of shopping.  I went through Nordstrom Rack, and some other places, but I didn’t want to splurge or get something that wasn’t going to fit with my style.

I ended up getting two cotton tshirts from H&M, and a sporty tshirt  and sweatpants with pockets from Rainbow Shops. No major spending (I had to buy a new phone, so…) but it was just enough to revitalize what I had and get me back on track. Then my Grafton glasses came from and I was even happier. I was almost a brand new person. augrecap7

Then I got some beauty stuff sent over, so I was in heaven. I got a new ‘dermal repair cream’ called Sente, Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask , and hair products from Phyto Specific specifically formulated for my hair. I couldn’t wait to start pampering myself!


I jumped in the tub after putting in a morning working my table and gave myself a through going over. I already had my Signature Luxurious Body Wash and Milk & Honey Scrub from Red Door Spa Professional Products Body Renewal line, so the Phyto Specific hair products were the perfect addition to my routine.


The next day I wore another of my new purchases, a tie-dyed sundress that was $10, plus a straw hat that I found at the discount store. i also added this lovely gauze square since I gashed my leg shaving during my spa bath. It’s held on with that mini-ducktape that I got free from influenster that time.


So between the glasses, and my new stuff- I was feeling kinda stylish! I liked this look- a little chambray, the sweatpants were super comfortable, and I had my Cat Footwear weavement sandals and Lisa Hoffman Beauty fragrance bracelet. Chillin. Just sellin’ cookies and chillin’. My skin is clearer and softer, too. It made a big difference in my mood, and I looked less tired since my skin was absolutely glowing from using the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask and moisturizing with the Sente dermal repair cream.  augrecap92


This was the cutest outfit- i shopped my closet for this skirt from Ann Taylor Loft. The striped tshirt gave it a whole new freshness. It was a little rainy that day, so I threw on a Nautica jacket and put my Vinrella wine bottle umbrella in my bag. This is a few days after starting to use the Phyto Specific Rich Hydration Shampoo and the Hydration Styling Cream.


Things were going pretty good, but then they got even better- yes…Red Door Spa Professional Products sent over another box of goodies from the Body Renewal and Intensive Skin care Solutions lines!  So now, in addition to what I already had I got the Olive Oil & Salt Scrub, The Calming & Restoring skincare line, and another tube of the Olive Oil & Mint Cooling Gel. Jackpot!

augrecap95I also added this cute green bucket hat that I got at a little hole in the wall accessories shop on Fulton Street in Brooklyn. It had the right amount of sass. Here I do my fave chambray shirt with the striped tshirt and blue leggings. So easy. But I think I looked a little better here than at the start of the month.


This is the pretty magnolia tree one earlymorning. I just like that shot. so here you go. I also loved this easy summer outfit of floral trousers and a Bobi Los Angeles tshirt.

As you can see, I was in seventh heaven for the rest of the summer. I felt way more attractive (in spite of my steadily expanding waistline) and empowered because I used my own money to start the process of making myself feel better. Beauty products aren’t just for outer beauty. It’s the time spent doing things for yourself that is the real payoff.

I also did the laundry.

Next time? I’ll tell you what I got from Life is good, LL Bean, and Shop Jacqueline Rose Jewelry!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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last of july! (finally): selling baked goods on the street, trying to dress up a little, nail polish, the first thing i bought with my money, red door spa products show up on my doorstep

So, it’s the end of August and officially summer is ending, too. I got a little busy, but I haven’t forgotten that we never covered the least few weeks of July. I basically spent July working up my new baking business Chubby Chubs (cookies, granola bars, blueberry raspberry pound cake, etc), and living my life. I had some invitations- but every time I tried to go somewhere, it backfired.


The last few weeks of July were all about getting up at the literal crack of dawn (and not 12 or 2pm, which is what I usually think of as early) and baking. There’s something so calming and wonderful about having a set of instructions to follow that leave your house smelling like cake. I love cake… especially mine! I started making granola bars from scratch because customers have been asking for them. Those are my raisin/sunflower seed/coconut bars in the photo.   


I decided that I needed to step up my game a little, and at least try to look decent. Even though I was exhausted, I did my best. My skin was acting up, too, because of the heat. I started my get dressed properly program with my fave sack dress from Uniqlo. It’s a silk/cotton blend and I’ve had it forever. I put it together with the Lisa Hoffman Beauty fragrance bracelets that I was sent (did we talk about that? Yeah! DELIVERY!), and fell in love with. They are so easy to wear, and I love the little whiff of fragrance that I get as my hands move around. the sandals? You already know… weavement by Cat Footwear. I jazzed it up by wearing the Stila stay all day liquid lipstick in Fiery and Zoya nail polish in Carmen red, just to wake myself up.  julyrecap4

  This is me at my little table. My business… I LOVE doing this. The corner has a nice breeze and steady foot traffic. It’s not I can read, and back before I broke my sippy cup, I would hang and drink iced tea or coffee that I made fresh. I keep my earnings in this cute Le Sportsac pouch that I got at Caravan Stylist Studio back in June. julyrecap5

 I tried to do something pretty everyday, but I admit that it was not easy. The early mornings were wearing me down, and to be honest- it was hot and I was lazy. Luckily I have a few things that you can throw on and look ok, and I had my zosia sandals from Cat Footwear, and I polished my toes with Obsess from Illamasqua. I mean, toenails say a lot about a woman.

This is me trying to keep it together:


 there’s a little Joe Fresh (the grey dress that I knot at the waist, channeling a grecian toga type thing), some Bobi Los Angeles (the aqua maxi, and the peach cowl neck tank), that Modcloth tshirt I got for Christmas 3 years ago, and discount store summer dresses (I cut the green one in half to make a skirt). I did the best I could. Style? Awake and dressed.


  I got some more stuff, in addition to the bracelets that made me so giddy. I got my first box of Red Door Spa Professional products, in the form of their Signature Luxurious Body wash, Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub, and Milk & Honey Nourishing Body Cream. You can only get their products at the spa locations? But they just opened one in Union Square, here in NY.

Then I got a box from GLO Science with maintenance supplies. I got the Glo Solo teeth whitening vials, the GLO whitening antioxident superberry toothpaste, and this Everyday Glo teeth whitening maintenance pen. Nice! So that’s what you need after you use the teeth whitening device- you have to maintain the whitening effect or you did all of that for nothing.

julyrecap92 julyrecap93

 I had to go downtown one day, so in order to go further than the corner I used my new Red Door Spas Professional products to get clean (and soft- that Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub is crazy amazing. Instant silky skin), and my Dry Idea Stain Clear deoderant which I’ve been using all summer and pretty happy with the results (I don’t stink and I don’t have white stains all over my clothing). As usual, I keep the makeup simple- Aquamatic waterproof glide on eye shadow pencil in S60 from Makeup Forever, Bobbi Brown pot rouge, Jurlique Love balm, and a Lauren Napier Cleanse towelette in my purse for just in case.

I wore my Nikki Poulos dress– a simple stretchy dress with a simple graphic print, and my new best friend the Lisa Hoffman Beauty fragrance bracelet in red jade and neroli scent. No stress. I toted my ParMana Designs Dream Awake bag for hit of color, and a smile.

 I just walked downtown to enjoy the weather and took pics that whole way there. These are some of my favorite: julyrecap94 julyrecap95 julyrecap96

 I had a few appointments and errands,and ended up eating a bowl of homemade style chicken and dumpling soup at Golden Krust. I could not have done any better myself. I had a patty crust with it, and my lunch only cost me $5- and it was filling and tasted like real food, not preservatives and fake flavoring. On my way home I stopped off in Rainbow and poked around. I love these crazy earrings! So dramatic. This body conscious dress, with the right jacket and shoes, could pass muster, too. It’s cute, and you would could feel good wearing and looking feminine without stressing yourself out. julyrecap97

I ended up stressing myself out later by agreeing to go into Manhattan to meet with Sara Taringhi-Murphy of ParMana Designs. She wanted to meet up, and also use my bag in a photo shoot. Since she came through for me when I needed it, I wasn’t going to say no… UNFORTUNATELY this was that month when my phone drowned, so I was trying to do everything via email and ended up messing up. It’s too bad, because I managed to get myself together pretty nicely. I had a cotton pique Harve Bernard blouse with the most adorable short sleeves, my fiery orange Ann Taylor skirt with the kickpleat and front pickets, and my new Lisa Hoffman fragrance bracelet in green jade and clary sage scented pendant.

julyrecap98  I was also wearing my ParMana Designs handbag, and I tucked my best friend the leopardskin cardi inside for safekeeping. I took the train into the city, and got off at historic Columbus Circle (Lincoln Center! The Opera! NYFW!) to run over to the Hudson Hotel to meet Sarah. I was a little late, so I waited in the lobby. I kept waiting, just walking around the lobby and looking at everything, then I left. Turned out Sarah was on the roof shooting and because my phone was broken, I hadn’t gotten her messages, and the front desk had no idea where she was. So I wasted carfare and went all the way to the city and got nothing done.

The Hudson Hotel is really cool, though- so I’m kinda glad that I went.

july5 (2) july6 (2) july9 (2)

The next day I went back to my table…


  I stand in between the lady who sells mangoes and the guy who sells jewelry. Some days people walk right by me since I’m brand new at this, and they don’t want to take a chance. I have some good days and some lame ones. But that’s how you build a business- go out and swing for the bleachers every day. Sometimes you’ll hit a home run. Slowly but surely, by the end of July I had a few repeat customers and I was determined to make this work for me.


Independence! One slice of cake at a time…

See you guys soon! can’t wait to finally get into August…

Happy Labor Day!

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in which i got to the influenster/DKNY #MYNY perfume launch and photograph rita ora, shoot some streetstyle, and get a pretzel from dominique ansel

I’ve been working with the website to review products since last year. This adventure started like so many others- I opened my email box and ‘pop’! I had an invitation to an event in NYC’s Madison Square Park.  Seems that DKNY was throwing a launch party to celebrate the introduction of their new perfume, MY NY. Not only were they going to be giving away free samples of the new perfume? But stars Rita Ora and Chrissy Teigen woere going to be on hand, and (much to my foodie delight) pastry star Dominique Ansel (he actually invented the cronut) was going to be at the launch giving every one a free heart-shaped pretzel. Did they have to ask me twice? 

C’mon. This is me we’re talking about!


I packed my new Life is good slouchy floral knapsack (more about this later when I finally finish recapping July and start talking about August properly) with all the neccessities: New York magazine fashion issue, Desigual laptop bag from NYFW with Asus netbook, and my new friend- Stuffy Hello Kitty McStuffins (more about him later- let’s not get ahead of ourselves, ok?). I decided on a look that I call ‘camp chic’. Green bucket hat, bought on Fulton street for $8, Life is good LOVE creamy shirttail henley over a $1 discount store tank, and the cute bag that I already mentioned.

I wore my Catfootwear Zosia sandals and painted my protruding toenails with Illamasqua Obsess nail varnish and Zoya Yana nail polish, using the second toe as my contrasting accent. My eyes are lined with butter LONDON WINK eye pencil in Union Jack Black, a creamy liner that even I can’t keep from looking amazing. My eyes really popped behind those Grafton frames from the’s Kensington Road collection.

I was ready for a day that was sure to include wandering around in the sun trying to dodge photographers in order to get photos. I had no idea that my day would be, well, fun. 


MYNYevent3When I got there I immediately saw the Rita Ora festooned DKNY bus stop and headed straight over. Everywhere you looked there was someone handing out the red, heart shaped perfume samples or water with the #MYNY hashtag. I walked around shooting pics with my phone, just setting the mood to show off here on the blog, and then Rita Ora showed up.  

MYNYevent4 I casually drifted as close as I could and just held my phone still and shot whenever I saw an opening. One thing I learned early in photography school- just wait for your moment. People were flipping out, taking a million shots, trying to angle their camera phones, and missing out. I stood, aimed the phone, and just kept my eye on the screen and my finger on the shutter button. Every time I saw a break in the scrum around her I took a photo.

I didn’t get close ups, but you can see her cute Betsey Johnson-esque razor cut bob (wig?) and the trademark red lips. Her silver DKNY dress is one that I would definitely wear, just layering with it for fall/winter. I actually mention that in my Full Metal Jacket post, which is exclusively on Lucky Community. She wore it with silver platform sneakers. I would have liked to see a little accessorizing, but maybe they didn’t want to detract from the perfume. 

MYNYevent5One thing that I did differently was to actually approach people for streetstyle, instead of being anti-social and sneaky. For the first time I felt comfortable just walking up to people and asking their permission. I guess using the phone instead of a real camera takes the pressure off? Anyway, I saw really cool people, like blogger Sameda Coulson (in the tied front shirt and heart-shaped sunnies). Everyone had something special going on, from the cool schoolgirl of this floral shift from Zara with Chanel referencing phone case, to the crisply grown up lady with the gorgeous white dress adorned with geometric lines. Style! 

MYNYevent6I was actually getting ready to leave when I ran into Tami Periera of the blog  Ciao Bella 29. I was so not into standing on that line to get a pretzel! But instead, Tami pulled me into her little orbit and we ended up talking and bang! we were next to meet Dominique! I was so nervous, but I managed to get this portrait with my phone. Isn’t he adorable? And he even made a dipping sauce to go with the pretzel! That’s a real chef. AND he was out there all day handing out pretzels. He is my baking hero forever. 


 After getting my Dominique Ansel MYNY pretzel, I ended up getting my photo taken by the DKNY staff photographer. hazel, one of the lovely people interacting with the crowd that day (and she’s from Lincoln, Nebraska- so cool!)  was in the bus stop helping people like me download their free MYNY heart souvenir photos. See:MYNYevent8THIS IS MY NY!!!

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1st weeks of July: the phone emergency, return to ordinary life, deliveries and prizes

The first week of July roared in and my lifted downshifted from the frenzy of the month before. However? there was a massive problem… 



My phone drowned in ice cream. Yes. I was bringing home stuff from the Caravan Stylist Studio event, and I had thrown two small tubs of ice cream that melted in my bag- planning to dispose of them on the way to the subway. Why? because the garbage cans at the studio were too small!

Anyway, I put everything in that LL Bean Everyday tote and forgot because I was talking to someone. I rode all the way home not thinking about it, thinking my phone and my camera were safely in my ParMana Designs bag. Got home, unpacked my tote, and then…found the drowned tech corpses. I’m still saddened and shocked by the whole thing. From living it up to completely DONE in one train ride. 


I actually did a blog post using pics from my Asus netbook! The camera is super janky and the res is so low, that’s almost worthless- but I had a job to do so whatever. Do or die, right? I actually like this selfie. I was trying to show off my Sinful Colors nailpolish in Sage Rose (which I got free from in my SurfsUpVoxBox).  


 This is the stuff that I had on deck to mess with the first week of July. There was my haul from Caravan, featuring MD Complete non-irritating pro peel and anti-aging eye wrinkle remover, plus two kinds of Fake Bake self-tanner. Then I got samples of youthglow and thirsty mud from Glam Glow Mud, Dove Oxygen Moisture shampoo and moisturizer from Pinch Me Box.


Then out of the blue, with no effort on my part- I got an email offering me something. I THOUGHT I was just getting some free frames or something. Turns out that had just come up with their first exclusive collection called Kensington Road and they picked me to write about it! I thought that was cute, so I said yes. Next thing I new I got this huge package containing a box of tea from Harrods! I was like……huh? and  packet of chocolate covered digestive biscuits from McVities. um…what the what?

As I drank some Assam tea and munched the wickedly good biscuits, I read the press packet looking for clues. Well, the Kensington Road collection (which debuted on June 30th) was inspired by classic English frame styles. They actually sent a coupon for a free pair of glasses! Since I’m blind as a bat this was like manna dropping from heaven. We’ll talk more on this later. 


I was still moping about my phone and camera- but then I remembered that I had an old LG Romour phone hidden away somewhere, so that solved my imaging needs for awhile. I used it to photograph these cute Lisa Hoffman fragrance bracelets that a nice pr lady sent me. So cute! they sent a green jade bracelet with silver beads and a red jade bracelet with gold tone beads and 14k gold plated scent charm.

The charm holds the scent beads. The red came with Tunisian Neroli (a sort of spicy scent) and the green bracelet had French Clary Sage beads to put in it’s filigree sterling silver charm. I love them. They retail for $65, and I love the face that people with sensitive skin can wear scent safely because of the way that the fragrance is delivered. Really great gift.



I started on my (still upcoming) skincare/beauty roundup and got some more products delivered. I got a follow up package from Glo Science containing GLO antioxidant whitening toothpaste, GLO solo teeth whitening vials, and the Everday GLO teeth whitening maintenance pen. After you use the GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device (you can read my review here) you still need to maintain your whitening results. 


After all that rushing around, I realized that I had absolutely nothing to wear and I desperately needed to do the laundry. I had to overdress a little, but this pleated a-line spaghetti strapped sundress was $10 and it’s two years old. I wore my Lisa Hoffman fragrance bracelet in French Clary Sage, which is a fresh herbal fragrance. You can actually smell it as the bead filled charm warms up. 


I got to use my Life is good Dockside Anchor Beach  tote for the first time. I mean it was just hauling laundry, but I did it stylishly and with optimism. As soon as I could I changed into a LOFT sweatehirt and my Cory Vines yoga pants and Catfootwear weavement sandals. Why? because I had to go grocery shopping…


This is all I had in the fridge. Some oranges, perfume, and my makeup case. Also nail polish. 


I turned to that Everyday Tote again (I prefer to bring a bag and save a little tiny piece of the planet when shopping) and managed to get about $60 worth of stuff in it- including this lovely asparagus. Yes, that is King Arthur bread flour behind the asparagus. I bake a mean loaf and some pretty nice biscuits and crackers with that stuff! 


I resolved to try and exercise with this Denise Austin book on Pilates. In case you can’t see the quote it says: ‘Never understimate your power to change and improve. You are a good person with wonderful qualities and you can reach your goals.’ How cool is that? 


I made myself some food- this is the Meat, Egg, and Cheese Pancake that I created out of greed and ravenous hunger. It was good as hell. I also made my first cinnamon buns! They were absolutely delicious. I sold them at my Chubby Chubs table the next day to get them out of the house. I LOVE that I know how to make cinnamon buns. I feel like I really accomplished something. Here’s the recipe I use, from Domino Sugar


I also managed to mail out some prize packages that had been sitting around the house. The prize packages from the Sniffapalooza/The Makeup Show blog giveaways and the twitter Life is good aw2014 NYC debut/First Anniversary giveaways. yes- I was that backed up. 


Three year twitter follower Sean Salo (aka @Ebbhead) got the Life is good package which also featured some Chubby Chubs homemade 3 sugar caramel popcorn. yay, Sean! 


Lorie DelMundo got the First Anniversary/Life is Good/Influenster prize (female version) featuring Fake Bake, Zoya Carmen nail polish, and Sexy Hair Powder Play and Nikki Polous sexy retro 70s style silky strapless jumpsuit from Caravan Stylist Studio plus Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion and Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Shampoo and Conditioner from Influenster (came in that SurfsUpVoxBox free). She can carry all of it in her peachy Flower Dockside tote from Life is good.Yay for Lorie!


While all of this happiness was going on, I was trying to get AT&T to send me a new phone. After contacting them on twitter, I found an address on the website for their Device Support center. I was going to get a replacement phone if it killed me. 

Until next time!

Faith/SEB (xox and all that)