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Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow





I went to the Met Breuer and saw: A narrow point, a narrow point of view, a narrowing of vision and a narrow pillar with words that can set you free.


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

Fashion, photo, Photography, Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top #photography 📷


So three years ago I finally got a decent apartment in a decent building in a neighborhood I like with 4 Mcdonald’s, two Popeye’s, multiple laundromats, and a thousand grocery stores. But after three years I don’t have any friends in my building. Why? Because some of my neighbors are straight up nuts. And drug addicts. And shoplifters… you get the picture.

Good people live here, too? But how can I tell who’s decent from who’s not? Some of the biggest freaks seem friendly, until you find out they’re on crack. The first NYE that I spent here, a crackhead (everyone knew who it was) threw a crack party and set the building on fire. I spent midnight running down the stairs barely ahead of the water that had flooded the staircases, and the first floor lobby, and the computer room in the basement.

Let’s not talk about the time they destroyed the laundry room. I do my laundry elsewhere now, So much easier.


The police are here regularly. One tenant set fire to her apartment and flooded the hallway 3 times. How do you flood an apartment to the point where the floor underneath you  has water flowing down the walls? Last week I found a crack vial on the stairs, and today came the cherry on top of this pile of neighborly doodoo- someone punched a hole in the safety glass in the lobby door.  Why? Who cares.

Welcome to the jungle, right?


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian