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The Wig Story

So I got my hair done in two strand twists in May and after two months I needed a change. I love my natural hair, but I’m doing an organic beauty regimen right now (will post about that later) and I just want my hair to rest. That is a thing.

So I decided to get a wig and ordered one that I thought I could deal with and instead of what I ordered I got something completely different. So different that it felt like a personal attack. Were they overworked at the warehouse and just plucked the wrong item? It’s a mystery.

Do these wigs look alike and I’m just missing something?

Except now I can’t return it because after my initial annoyance I put it on, then cut it. I’m going to try curling it, maybe dye it or something if it’s possible. But until I get it sorted, I still needed a new wig. Something I could wear in public.

I ended up buying my first lacefront wig. It’s a lob with blond mixed in that looks like my real hair if I went to an expensive hairdresser and dated men named Phillippe or Yotembe and shopped anywhere but the clearance rack. I bought middle/upper middle class woman hair.

She ready.

If you’ve never done a wig , you’ll need to braid down your hair and then put a stocking cap over it. The lacefront part is there so you can do stuff like pluck the hairline to make it look natural. You can also glue the lace down and camouflage it with makeup.

I’m not that good at doing the hairline thing, so I just left it alone.

While I’m getting used to my new lob , I just got my Long Hair Don’t Care ayurvedic hair treatment kit from Belle Bar Organic, which is why I couldn’t wait to take my twists out. I’ll be posting about it after using the products a little more. Their site is under construction right now, but you can follow them on instagram for updates and haircare advice.

Chock full of hair goodness…

Hope you’re having a good hair summer and loving yourself! If you’re interested in learning more about wigs and how they evolved to the ubiquitous accessory we love today check out this page .

See you next time!

Faith/SEB Market BK

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in which we update our fall closet and buy a wig (you read that right)

So, yes, the fall season cam upon us a minute ago, but I was running around gathering nuts to put before you. I mean content…

Um. Hm. #cricketsfall into pattern 1  Anyhoo! As soon as the temperature dipped, I dipped into the sweater drawer. Those Kensie sweaters from January? Back on my back. Dragged out the LL Bean jeans (well, I never put those away, so…) And new boots from Cat Footwear! I was testing every shade of red nailpolish that day, too. Not for any blog purposes? I was just bored.fall into pattern 1a

When your outfit randomly echoes your surroundings. If you put this shadow photo together with the graphic on my sweater, you would have a spooky Halloween style thing. Right? fall into pattern 2  It was still warm when I shot these, thinking I would put them up right away and then two months go by. If you put a cardigan or sweater coat over this and swap the straw fedora for a felt one, you have transitioned this outfit. Or a blazer! The REpurposing NOLA bag is perfect for fall colors. fall into pattern 3

I added this Red Nite anchor bracelet from Milton John (that new jewelry startup from Sweden that I’m working with). This is a good update for me, because it fits in my laid-back style and the gold anchor works if I wear it with something nicer. Go to to get yours, and use my special code faith10 at checkout for a discount. fall into pattern 4

I’m pretty sure that I talked about these boots, but this was from the first moment that I got them. When they were new, unworn and innocent. I just… I mean… You know? They are the perfect work/combat style boot for me. I like the rich dogwood color, and because my feet are long I am loving the slimmer silhouette. AND they’re super comfortable. AND you can tie the boot strings and just use the zip on the side. AND… fall into pattern 5The soles are reinforced so that your heels don’t wear down as quickly. For someone who literally walked the sole off of a pair of boots once, this is an amazing innovation. And it’s really pretty. But the reinforcement saves you money ion the long run, because you won’t have to re-sole as quickly.  fall into pattern 6Here’s a perky little turnout! This was a denim on denim outfit that I put together for a Lucky Community post. The idea was to combine pieces so that the imaginary wearer could go to work, the gym, and out for happy hour in one outfit. All the product info is in the post. fall into pattern 7This is one afternoon of good luck. Not even joking. I decided to take a walk over to the Brooklyn Museum and on the way I ended up thrifting. I updated my wardrobe to include the fall colors and was able to find pieces that work with what I already have. Bonanza!!!  fall into pattern 8The herringbone tweed wool blazer is in a dusty rose gold, and brand new. The cords actually flare, so it has a loose trouser feel. These scarves are just too amazing. Not too thick and great for the transitional period until it gets super cold. This bag is genuine leather. The color is insane, I love it.

Now, for the deep stuff… the bigger changes. sebfallbeauty1I decided that I would do my best to wear makeup more often and really go out of my way to look nicer. Why? Because you can’t give advice without taking it. Also, I have a lot of makeup even after giving and throwing stuff away. Better use it.

sebfallbeauty2I also decided to get a wig. This is the wig. Behold!

sebfallbeauty3This is me road-testing the wig before I wore it to an event. Check out how I’m wearing the same sweater as Angelina’s Vogue cover!!! Um, but I had mine wrapped around me since 2010. Leggings, socks, boots. The sweater coat for swagger. I went out and the wig kept my head warm, and while nobody dropped at my feet professing undying love, nobody said anything mean either. It was just like wearing a new hat, but curlier.sebfallbeauty4I added the wig-hat to one of my basic outfits and it added a little zing. AND it inspired me to try the blue eyeshadow thing, since my face is framed by hair- which calls attention to my eyes. Obviously someone was feeling a tad cute right here. It was just overalls and a sweatshirt, but because I added something extra it felt new. sebfallbeauty5

Wore the wig into Manhattan to get chores done, adding the new boots, one of the new scarves, and my fave bag. The military jacket from last season gets thrown over the overalls. Seasonal update complete…just in time to start waiting for Christmas.

Next up: we go to Kenwerks for an ss2016

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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Photoshoot: Behind the scenes on the #SummerStyleShoot with Originally Remixed

So as you guys know- I love setting up photo shoots. With summer blooming fast I had to make sure that we were all celebrating the start of swimsuit season stylishly! There was no one available from the modeling agency I worked with last time, so I started putting out ‘please model for me’ energy and out of the Twitter machine came Originally Remixed.

Because we got it like that at SEB headquarters.

Get it together:bts5

So this past Sunday, it was time to put all the treats out in the open for Alissa Nichole’s (Originally Remixed) approval. Along with old favorites like these single sole floral print eels and my gold oxfords with lace insert, Ami Clubwear was kind enough to send over these phenomenal Jasmine wedge heels. bts3

I had belts by Southern tide (brown) and LL Bean (yellow), plus some cheap sunglasses and jewelry from Chloe & Isabel, Lisa Hoffman Beauty and Shop Jacqueline Rosebts4

Add to that some awesome pieces from Jade & Jasper, a Hello Kitty Ring  from a McDonald’s Happy Meal and some random birthday related items- because it was going to be Alissa’s birthday. AND I just got sent a pack of flash tats from Dash of Flash to try out- perfect for a summer swim shoot.

 Hair & makeup: bts2

The hair and makeup kit included My Inde Hair’s new Sea Salt Spray #catchawave, some Revlon hair accessories and brushes from Revlon’s new Scalp Sensations Brush Collection. The pink brush is from Bed Headbts1

Makeup was mostly Makeup Forever. We had Pro Bronze Fusion, Aquamatics freshest new waterproof glide-on eyeshadow colors, Step 1 Skin Equalizer nourishing formula and Radiant Primer. For lips we had the Aqua Rouge waterproof lip color.For brows, I had the Kiss Products EZ Beautiful Brow Kit and Tweezerman Brow Mousse.

I had a tube of Perfekt Beauty Body Perfection Gel from last summer to work with, and beauty tools from Artis Brush’s Fluenta Collection and Urban Beauty United‘s adorable pink-tipped brushes with rose gold accents (the new colors express the prevailing trends of the season- so you might want to get some rose gold and hot pink in your summer wardrobe!).

 Wardrobe: bts5b

Of course a photo shoot means getting samples to work with. PRISMSPORT sent over this python print sportbra with tangerine band and carbon trim, and Ami Clubwear sent this retro style high-waisted floral bikini.

Thanks to the Underhaus Swimshop pop-up, I met Melinda from Mirame who loaned us some awesome suits, and I got two suits from Daisy & Elizabeth (the gold Atomic Pistol bikini top and bottom, and the peach Blast -off scuba shorts and top)bts5a

I had more maillots from Ami Clubwear and Mirame, plus leggings from PRISMSPORT (the python capri with carbon waist) Pure Barre and the splice legging from Mirame.


Alissa Nichole, who’s graduating from F.I.T’s Image Consulting certificate program this week, is a savvy thrifter and stylist who came over with a suitcase packed with ultra-feminine summer pieces for the shoot. Sequinned skirt? Sighing. And she really knows her strappy sandals. I died over this long orange sleeveless column dress from boohoo.


It was a clothes explosion all over the living room. Tulle skirts, lace dresses, denim, cardigans- I loved the fact that we had compatible taste in clothing. I’m probably going to stop by her Stoop Sale on 6/27 (if you’re in New York and can get to Brooklyn you should go). Get all the deets here.

Attempted set design:


So while I usually just go with the flow, this time I had an IDEA. I wanted a crazy backdrop instead of just plain walls, and I decided that I needed to cover the front room with garbage bags. yes. This happened. Part of it was because Alissa mentioned that it was her birthday, so it wasn’t just random. I figured that I’d use my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active’s flash and do something really edgy.


It didn’t really work out.

The look takes shape:


As soon as we got settled, which took forever because we just started gossiping right away, we jumped into makeup mode.


I prepped Alissa’s skin with Step 1 Skin Equalizer nourishing primer mixed with their Radiant Primer in peach and smoothed on with a Baby Blender  sponge from Urban Beauty United. I filled in her brows with the lighter powder from Kiss Products’s EZ Beautiful Brow Kit and then used the highlighter t accentuate the curve of her brow and her brow bone.

I used the NYC Color Long Island sands neutral color palette, sweeping a warm champagne brown over her lid and then using a bronze-y color in the crease. I traced the lashline with Aquamatics waterproof glide-on eyeshadow in Satiny Bronze. I used the Aquarouge waterproof lip color on her lips (FYI this stuff is like colored cement, so be advised- apply carefully!) and then swept Pro Bronze Fusion in Honey along her cheekbones, across the forehead and a little on her nose and chin. I wanted a 70s look, but nothing too crazy. I also felt that this was a great place to start, since I would be adding color later.

I used Perfekt Beauty body perfecting gel along with an Artis Fluenta Oval 10 brush to adda little sunkissed bronze sparkle to her exposed arms and decolletage.

Styling the shoot:


One of the fun things about working with someone who has a professional knowledge of fashion is how you can extend your ideas and end up layering looks so that they have more impact. I pulled the Mirame bandeau top in fuschia with deep blue side panels. I sent the photo to Alissa, and she came to the shoot with this gorgeous tulle skirt in a sweet navy blue. Teamwork!

For makeup, I added some Irridescent Electric Blue eyeshadow and then later we added a sweet soft pink for another outfit. As you may have guessed, Alissa came equipped with changeable hair, like a big Beyonce doll. We love.


Alissa and I worked together to pick out the details. She loved this Lisa Hoffman Beauty gold-toned link bracelet with jeweled pendant, and this Radiant Duo ring from Jade & Jasper. She went non-conformist on my by choosing the floral pumps from Ami Clubwear. At first I was like…hmm. But then when I saw the whole look (coming soon, I swear!) it was whimsical and charming and very Carrie.

 The party’s over:bts92

As usual, I made sure there was a goodie bag. I mean, with all the stuff that comes into my apartment it would be rude not to share, right? I packed a bag with an Ume Drive Millenium usb bracelet, DKNY Be Delicous mini, AquaRouge lip color, Cantu Beauty‘s Comeback Curl Next Day Curl Revitalizer, My Indie Hair Sea Salt Spray, Hello Kitty toy (what? it was her birthday!), a selection of makeup Forever products (including the HD Blush) and a Desigual bikini. I threw in one of the Revlon brushes for Alissa’s wigwork.

But guess what? THIS TIME SOMEONE GAVE ME SOMETHING!!! Alissa gave me this funky pink lame turban, which we had used in the shoot. Isn’t that cool? High fives and hugs all around!

Next up: The SummerSwim Shoot with Alissa Nichole of Originally Remixed!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian