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The Hundreds

I’ve been interested in selling NFTs, and Shopify advertised an event just when I was doing my research. I just had questions. By the time the event rolled around I already had my Open Seas account set up, but I still had questions. A dry little presentation with q & a was exactly what I needed.


I guess my questions were answered in a way. People are doing their own thing through NFTs, resenting their art and visions and creating whole communities without asking for permission. As a photographer I was always operating with the weight the established order of things on my back. You had to do things a certain way or kiss massive amounts of buttock to get anywhere. I have so much work that I slaved and stressed over and its hearten to think that I can present it directly to an audience and hopefully build a following and sell my work.

Even if its just creating them and building collections and dabbling with things like 3D animations or print on demand books. I don’t want everything I did to go to waste.