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The Class

For the Holiday assignment I did the West Indian Day Parade on Labor Day using actual an actual Caribbean ice cream brand.

I was unexpectedly catapulted back into retail last year and I was bored. I was trying to think of a way to get a promotion while extending my job into something more creative, so I jumped on the Continuing Ed page at Fashion Institute of Technology‘s website to see if there was anything that I could turn into a bigger paycheck. I used to be a photographer, and have done some styling but I have no interest in doing photo shoots, so I had to find something that tied retail to art. Enter DE101 15A Prin D&E Dsgn – Small Scale Spring 2019 (a.k.a. Visual Merchandising)! I spent every Monday evening from February to May learning about why store displays look the way they look.

We had to build a foamcore shadowbox and every week there was a new assignment to create a contained display that expressed ideas and creativity without using words or being too obvious. This was the first assignment, white on white. Inspired by Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

The next week was a black and white assignment where I painted sheets of paper with fast drying acrylic paint (neatly referencing the previous week’s cotton balls in the white on black paint splatters) and using these awesome Steve Madden Harpir boots. It’s amazing how much fun you can have being creative when you’re just taking one class and it’s not causing you to take out crippling loans!

This one was about selling health & beauty products, so I chose my fave perfume and did a presentation inspired by Magritte’s The Banquet, a painting that features a huge red sun. I feel like I could have done the roses on the side walls a little better, but I was trying to invoke a sort of 70s vibe, and infuse my presentation with the spirit of both disco and tango. So…yeah.

We did the holidays (my family is from Guyana and I live near Eastern Parkway so I just drew on my own Caribbean culture for this one.), accessories and famous personalities (can you guess who I did for my personality presentation?). We had to make everything in class so that the instructor could see our thought process, so it meant packing up my art supplies and lugging my big bag of foamcore box parts from Brooklyn to Manhattan,making a ritual out of stopping at the Starbucks across the street from school.

All about repetition…

For this one I painted the backdrop to evoke water, like the water you soak your feet in for pedicures. Blue is such a spa color to me. We had to take an element of the product and repeat it throughout the design. I sat in the class tracing a foot-shaped cardboard piece that came with some socks I bought. I just sat there cutting out construction paper feet and stamping them with a round sponge brush. Good times.

This was my final project. I was thinking to do something grand, but then I found out all we had to do was design a presentation with fruit as the product. We couldn’t cut the fruit, put holes in it, paint or carve it… I was a little disappointed, because I thought it would be something more sophisticated. I decided to make mine about lemons because I have an actual lemon plant that came out of a seed that I planted. Just pretend it’s a warm summer day and you’re relaxing and anticipating a tall, cool glass of lemonade form the giant lemons that came off of your tree.

I know, what a boring post!

What I took away from this class is that creativity never leaves you, and that having to build a presentation on the spot every Monday was a great exercise in discipline. I really like looking back at my shadowbox creations, and I can always use what I learned to improve my online stores or maybe go back to styling… Maybe. I’m definitely thinking of taking the large scale class where you dress mannequins. And I passed with an A, so I felt pretty darned accomplished.

Have you ever dreamed of doing something that was outside of your comfort zone, like taking an art class? Or learning javascript? Or cooking? What have you always wanted to learn?

See you next time!

Faith/SEB Market BK

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in which we end up on Cottonable #tshirtdesign

So in 2014/2015 I was all about my baking business, code name Chubby Chubs. After spending the summer in the street, the moving it to Etsy and actually scoring a few orders, I packed it in because I wanted to rethink the strategy and work on some other things.


So in addition to working more on my blog and writing projects, I re-tooled my online store at Society 6. I posted more images and designs, so now I’m a blogger/write/photographer/tshirt and legging designer. Yes, this is my collection of leggings. I kind of love them. I actually sold some stuff this year, which is gratifying. Yay!

I started branching out and trying my hand at real tshirt designing, more graphic, less image and this week two of my designs were featured on tshirt blog,


I designed a capsule collection around this LIFE Matters design, and the rainbow version is the one they wrote up. You can check out the lyrical review here.


They also reviewed my Basic Boss design ( I hate the way people throw around the phrase ‘basic bitch’. whose idea is that? it has zero chill and it’s misogynistic and snobby.)  which you can read here.

You can see my online store with photos, framed art, duvet covers and more at


xoxo, Faith/SassyEthnicBohemian



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The Meetup Adventure: in which we venture out of the blogosphere in search of…friends

So here it is, my second blogoversary and I turn around and realize that I have no friends. I’ve met tons of people at events, but that doesn’t carry over into real life and I actually want to have one- real life, that is. I like doing events and I adore having so many fund products to write about, but who wants to spend all their time chasing a dream?

I decided that it was time to actually use my meetup profile and start going to things.


I think I picked my first meetup because it sounded like a blogger event.


I wanted to look like a grownup, but with a little sass on top so I went with my tried-and-true Kate Spade cocktail dress and threw on my Southern Tide summer cardigan. Accessories were this bright yellow Kensie bag and my Cat Footwear Squander boots (comfort). I also grabbed some of my Jade & Jasper loot,because a little shine never hurt anyone. Also it made me feel like I looked nice.


I got to the Rubin Museum pretty easily, but I had no clue that you could run all the way down 22nd Street before finding the entrance to the K-2 lounge. Now I know. When I got there, I found out that it was people sitting at tables and I’m not the type to just burst in on a group. I wandered around and found out that there was a theater in the basement. And I found this guy in that t-shirt (photo 3).


Of course, I ended up wandering into the gift shop. I saw so many things that I wanted! Not just clothing, jewelry or textiles- but the most gorgeous noodle bowls, a cheese board with a wooden knife, children’s tops, and the prettiest candles. I definitely need to go back here.


I got bored waiting for the Meetup group to head up into the museum, so I decided to go up and see it on my own. This is an actual temple reconstructed in a quiet corner, complete with flickering votive candles.


It turns out that there’s a tour every Friday at 7pm, so I joined the tour and learned about Bodhisattvas and stuff. IT was pretty interesting. I also fell madly in love with the spiraling architecture of the museum. Doesn’t this skylight look like an eye?


If you’re in New York, you may want to visit the Rubin Museum and see the Collecting Paradise exhibit, which is all about Kashmiri art. It’s up until October 19th.


Decided that I need to try again with that air plant thing, since I managed to kill the last one. I think a terrarium would be perfect in my apartment. I’m putting this on my list of things to get done.

I didn’t really ‘meet’ anyone, but I went out and I didn’t get scared and run home because the group wasn’t what I expected. I really enjoyed my evening at the Rubin Museum, and am happy that I got to discover it. I had literally never heard of them before. And even though I was alone, I was part of a group.

Definitely a good experience.

Next up: A meetup at the Whitney Museum!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way


On the way to the grocery store…


On the way to the restaurant supply store…


On the way to a fashion event (detour through Madison Square Park)…


On the way into my building (the landscaper came!)…

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in which i just talk about stuff that happened in march and april #seinfeldianpost

I feel like there’s been too much excitement around here. Interviews, and events, and deliveries… I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. I’m just as boring as I ever was. Maybe even more!

Basically- I don’t want this to ba a ‘fashion’ blog, but a ‘stuff i like and do’ journal. Know what I mean? So while there are some exciting things coming up,. I feel like we need to get reaquainted with the more boring aspects of life.

 Walking in the street:street

This is stuff that I saw while walking in the street in Brooklyn. The 711 sign was the catalyst for heartbreak- as I ran in there and attempted to purchase the $2 deal only to find that I had grabbed a SUPER Big Gulp cup and disqualified myself. Total loss? $2, and I had a tummy ache later.


I really like this sign.

 Products, products, products:products

Here is a secret: I have a lot of products in my house. Sometimes? I collect them and photograph them and post a roundup. This was the skincare roundup. I like to take pics like this to show that I work really hard on my blog.  Then I go play with the products and generally spend a lot of time hanging out in the bathroom pampering myself.

Just so you know, I really and truly do use the stuff that people send me, like this Calgon Parisian Charm bodywash which powered a great many bubble baths before it was finished. I kind of want to get some more.


These got me through the winter. Especially that Karelen Sultry Black Castor Oil hand & body cream, which left my skin moisturized and gleaming. It’s like $5.99… febmrchgiveawaysI gave some stuff away, even though I didn’t talk about it. I gave one person these false eyelashes in February, and someone else got this Clarity MD acne treatment kit and my last tube of Bullet Acne Aid.

Why not, right? They asked, I gave, done deal.



It snowed…in March. Of course I refused to go outside, and ended up Vitamin D deficient which is not life threatening exactly, but I have to take a pill a week and go outside for 15 mins a day now.

Who knew?

I spent a lot of time hanging out in the house listening to music on my Samsung S5 Active. I’ve been using this Stylinity Selfie Stage to hang the phone off of- it’s got a suction cup and a little kickstand.


I had a massive fight with the post office because not only have packages not been showing up; once they actually delivered an empty envelope wrapped in a plastic bag that said ‘We’re Sorry’. They ripped open mail, and lost my Vistaprint business cards. I had to go online and complain vehemently.

But while the USPS didn’t bother to apologize, Vistaprint did. They actually re-sent the cards, a mere $5 order, and sent it UPS at no extra charge to me. That’s really stellar service.


I did some blogging and file organizing using my trusty Asus (which is getting glitchy, but I can’t let go) and the UME Drive bracelets they gave me. 8gb, equals color coordinated storage that I can wear if I need to. #nice


I put on a scarf and did some housecleaning. I didn’t really need the scarf? But I was bored. I did my laundry and washed my fave pink beanie and the seams unraveled on the top so I ended up with what could have been a scarf. I sewed it back up later on. About a month or so later. I mean, it was not the most urgent situation.


This was the beginning of the Spring Cleaning which has been going on for weeks. I started in March. technically I finished, but then I get more boxes or something gets dusty or the tub is dirty so then you’re right back where you started.



This was my Valentine’s Day backdrop from February. I decided that March was no longer time for lovey dovey hearts, so I decided to do a new backdrop.backdrop2

This is why I have a teacup full of crayons. I decided on flowers because even if there was snow on the ground, I knew that Spring would eventually come…toys in april

Then I bought this Easter Chick. He has a little solar panel in his shell and when you put him in the window he dances. He makes this cool ticking noise like a clock, too. I love my Easter Chicky. Then I found these weird toys in the street. They’re kind of ugly, but interesting. They made for a good snapchat photo. I don’t really sue snapchat that much? I just send random shots every so often.


These are some cookies I made for someone. They are Triple Coconut Drops- coconut flour, coconut sugar, and shredded coconut. I’m still working out different and new cookie recipes, but she ended up really liking them. I might add them to my Etsy later.


I baked some cookies to give away for my birthday month: Chocolate Chip and White Chocolate Chip with Candied Ginger.


So of course that was a project, too. Packing the cookies up, prepping the bags, and then running around dropping them off.


I decided on my big red Kensie Clothing cardigan, a Uniqlo silk and cotton shift dress,  my LL Bean True Shape jeans, and my brand new Cat Footwear Squander boots.  I threw on two Shop Jacqueline Rose necklaces, included the Aries necklace that she sent for my birthday. cokkiepuss4

I felt like an Aries Christmas Elf.


It got warm out- so I started walking in the park in the mornings. There’s a track a few blocks from my house, so conveniently located that I kick myself for not starting sooner.

the dead plant

Remember this plant? It’s dead now. I managed to kill an air plant.

That pretty much brings us up to date.

Next up: Real Simple Lifestylers Beauty & Balance event at the Andaz Hotel

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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Dating Diary 2015: the OKCupid adventure (part 1)

So, even though I broke up with that guy in December, I’m still interested in finding a nice man to spend time with. I mean, why not? Just because one thing doesn’t work out, doesn’t mean that I’m any less of a great person or any less of a great potential girlfriend.

So I decided to build an OK Cupid profile. Why? because it was January and I’m not going running around to dating meetups or whatever in the depths of arctic winter. I figured this was a good place to start, just to work out my dating muscles. Also? You can link your instagram to your profile, so you know, followers.

Gratifyingly, I did get responses and had conversation with a decent amount of men. The first guy I picked to date wanted to meet in the morning, so I told him to come pick me up (please remember that I have a security guard on duty in the lobby, cameras everywhere in the building, and two security doors- I’m not in danger if someone comes to pick me up).

Well. He came on one of those lie down bikes and that was weird enough. When I came down to meet him I saw this funny looking man wrapped in a shawl. When he stood up he was wearing a tomato read turtleneck (unforgivable), red/orange/green fluorescent jodhpurs (heinous), and knee high red lace up canvas sneakers (just go away). I politely observed that that was a lot of look for 9 am and he told me I better get used to it. I went back upstairs and security threw him out.

The next one that stepped up to the plate made it past online messages to three phone calls to an actual date. I didn’t think he was amazingly handsome or anything, but I did think that he wouldn’t make any unwise wardrobe choices. I wasn’t obligated to keep him anyway. We agreed to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is my favorite museum, so it was all good and no stress.


Started off the day by waking up and swiping down the bathroom with these discount store disinfectant wipes because i am trying to take housework more seriously. Then I picked out my toothpaste, because my other new habit is buying toothpaste randomly and stocking up. These are $1.29 at the discount store, and somehow there’s always just enough change to cover a another tube. I also committed to the big bottle of Listerine because grown ups use mouthwash. This was also the morning that I started using my Violife Slim Sonic Electric toothbrush ($14.95).


I decided on this comfy draped Aline dress ($59.99) from my Kensie Clothing haul, plus this supercute bright yellow bag also from Kensie Clothing. It was still winter, so it was black tights and my Irenea boots from Cat Footwear ($120). I didn’t want to be too dressed up, but I didn’t want to look ratchet, either. Just nice enough so that if I had to walk away from him and go be pissed at a coffee shop I might attract someone else.


I made sure to put some makeup on, because makeup shows that you respect yourself.


I met him at the train station on 86th and Lex and we went to the museum. He brought me some oatmeal cookies that he had baked, which was nice (I’m not gonna be mean and tell you what those cookies looked like. I ate one anyway, because that’s what grownups do.) We went to the museum and I practiced my people skills on him. I kept up a stream of chatter, was mildly flirtatious and asked questions. Was I interested? Not so much- but I was there so why be surly?

And have I mentioned that the Met Museum is incredible?


We walked around for a few hours and as usual the paintings, sculptures and historical objects blew me away. he actually didn’t seem to know much about art. I got the feeling he wasn’t really looking at anything, so maybe this was his usual first date spot.

He actually told me that he had never heard of the Virgin Mary, which is like…. let’s not even dwell on this because if he was lying, that’s even worse than if it were the truth. Not because it’s about religion, but because not to know what’s going on in the world culturally is weird. I know just enough about other people’s religions to be able to politely converse. That’s how you get along in the world.


This is me getting ideas for home decor. OMG- does this wallpaper not remind you of the photo Sam sent to Lila on How To Get Away With Murder? . This chandelier is to die for, and look at this amazing furniture! I am dying over the seat in the back of the image.


I loved this room. The sunlight streaming through it was absolutely perfect. I wanted to jujmp the barriers and live there forever.


Ok Cupid guy seemed to have a problem standing for long periods of time, so he was constantly looking for places to sit. We found this little corner, which apparently is where the guards come to use their cell phones. Nice view, though, right?


When we left the museum, he had wanted to go an eat, but I was so starved that I asked for a street gyro from the cart in front. I was ravenous. Then we went to the subway and before he left we decided to go out again. Why? because he said he owned a building in Chelsea and I decided that it was worth getting to know him a little better.


Next up: the OKCupid adventure (part 2)

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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NYFW Review: Desigual’s World of Creativity brings bohemian patterns worn by Behati Prinsloo and brand ambassador Chantelle Winnie

I love Desigual shows, I can’t even lie – I’m like a little kid when the invitation comes. I love the color, the music, and how they really work to delight the audience. It’s like going to the circus- you never forget how amazing it is and you can’t wait to go again.


There are always celebs in the audience, and this season was no different. Katie Holmes dropped in wearing a floral print Desigual dress with a sleek moto jacket. Adriana Lima shone in white Desigual coat and dress. Even Nigel Barker of the Face was there with wife Cristen.


Rapper Drake gave a hearty hug to Desigual Brand Ambassador Chantelle Winnie, who’s journey to the runway is an inspiration for all. While her features are beautiful, legs long and hair bountiful- Chantelle has vitiglio, a disease that creates a piebald pattern of dark and light skin. Here she wears Desigual’s swirling A-line dress with their embroidered burgundy carry all tote.


Behati Prinsloo opened the show in this embroidered bohemian folk-print coat that brimmed with life and vivacity. It’s a great statement coat and the cocoon shape is on trend for this coming year’s season. The folk-print was also extended to a bulky knit sweater with built up shoulders and a loose funnel neck, as well as on a slim maxi and mini-dress (the maxi is worn under the print sweater).

Desigual Fall 2015 34a

Look 34, in a strong Scandinavian print, is a cocoon-like wool tunic with a cowl neck that looks rich. This was actually a trend back in the 80s, sweaters that didn’t just skim the body, but created dramatic shapes on their own. pair this with leggings, tights that echo or contrast with the colors, or a slim pair of corduroys and you’re out the door in seconds without stress.


These brightly colored Nordic prints make me think of pixels. The runway styling shows how you make these bold prints work. Pairing the Nordic print sweater, now morphed into two prints side-by-side, over a floral print satin tulip skirt is genius. It’s so crazy that it instantly works, and you can take the same route of matching your boots to a color in the print. The sweater is thrown carelessly over a jumpsuit with forest green silky pants and a knit Mexican print top, with a forest green satchel bag and yellow ankle boots. easy chic.  Black on black is ok, but if you can juggle color like an artist? That’s REAL.


A little calmer are the free-form graphic print pieces that remind me of watercolors bleeding together or oil pooling on top of water. I am devoted to the puffer jacket in the center.


This is something that I’ve seen from Desigual before. The naive circle motif is a classic that works as well on a classic shift dress as on a tailored overcoat or a slim pencil skirt. If you’re afraid of the more outre prints, then you can always stick with this safer look.


The abstract ink stripe print pieces had me immediately. These are so sophisticated! The faux fur bomber jacket and the tunic dress are so plush that I could see the rich and touchable texture from my seat. I’m adoring the little A-line dress with slit pockets, which can be thrown on with a cardigan, tights and boots.


The next movement introduced velvet, as rich and touchable as the faux fur. The Velvet is imprinted with a baroque floral motif and then cut into a smoking jacket and wide leg trouser. Re-done in mustard the velvet trousers are then paired with a simple shell blouse emblazoned with a primitive floral print. Extend that print to a drop waist jersey dress- and imaging tying the burgundy smoking jacket around it.


For those who refuse to try color, they got you. This pullover sweater and geometric pattern skirt? Purely monochrome, unless you count shades of grey (wink). This wool-blend chain printed poncho could be your go to for insta-style, and who can resist a classic Cubist geo-print shift dress? All in no-color at all.


the show ended with a bang, with Behati coming back to model this Renaissance floral stiff satin jumpsuit with one shoulder floral embroidery sash. Hello? Knockout. You can also get this print on a sick little puffer vest (imagine this just casually done with a slouchy white tee and torn jeans? my heart…) and A-line skirt and this adorable drop waist dress.

Sigh… wake up, go back to reality dreaming of these Christian Lacroix designed pieces, waiting ntil the circus comes again.

Of note:


If you buy nothing else from this company, a Desigual coat should be the one thing you invest in. Why? The shape is pure femme and the pattern is pure luxury. They do GREAT coats. for aw2015, you’ll be looking for this midnight blue and teal baroque motif coat that just gleams. Or this circle print blazer dress coat with yellow accents. This black and mustard coat with baroque embroidery and quilted sleeves updates that tired olive green and black sleeved jacket that everyone has. You can wear that one under this new one and spiff up for 2015.


I wanted to pay special attention to the pants in the show- if you’re transitioning from skinny jeans, you may want to check out these woven trousers. Still slim and sleek, but a little more umph than a jean.


Chiara Legittimo of Desigual styled the show, while Langley Fox Hemingway designed the ethereal Cocteau inspired set. Hair was supervised by Edward Lampley and Gordon Espinet led the MAC pro team to create the naturalistic makeup.

Live the dream- check out the runway video:

Desigual AW2015 runway video

Next up: Son Jung Wan’s romantic tour de force

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian