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The Black Panther

I was super happy yesterday because some supplies came in for a project I’m working on and then I talked to my little bro and my mom and THEN I made a big sale of my handmade soap and soap samples. I was busting. Then I was checking my twitter to see was arguing and what new Trump outrage people were overreacting to and instead I got the shit knocked out of me. It was like a beat down.

The death was bad, but finding out that this man was suffering from cancer for four years. Filming arduous action scenes, acting his ass off, doing press rounds. Appearance after appearance, interview after interview, photo shoots, traveling all over the world for premieres and the whole time he had cancer. That is heroic. The amount of time and energy that it takes to prepare for and make movies, do deals, make travel arrangements is intense and he did it all while he had cancer.

Some people are already demanding that fact not be romanticized…but fuck that. I have days where I don’t feel like doing anything because I’m a little inconvenienced or annoyed. But I’ve never worked under the shadow of impending death. It takes a great deal of mental strength and right now, while watching Get On Up, I see the strength and dedication to craft. Chadwick Bozeman was an amazing actor. He set a high standard for himself and met it, then surpassed it. He played men like himself, who let nothing stop them. Black icons and role models. He gave us the thrilling and soulful Black panther performance that enthralled audiences everywhere and let little black kids see themselves as the hero.

I had a whole other blog post in mind, and I normally don’t care about celebrities, but I was teaching an afterschool class when Black Panther came out and I saw for myself how excited the kids were after seeing the movie. They needed that representation. They needed and wanted and loved Chadwick Bozeman as T’Challah. I needed to see this film. I needed to see black men and women being more than just victims or criminals. It was important enough for me that I paid full price to see it three different times, and one of those times was a pricey IMAX showing.

I’m sorry he died so young. I’m sorry he died during this horrific year. I feel like he deserved a blog post.

Wakanda forever.