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feet, footwear, and feet… (kind of a beauty post)

I found out something about myself 5 years ago- I have a shoe fetish. I LOVE shoes. Somehow this knowledge had escaped me for years. I only let myself have one or two pairs of shoes, always in serviceable black. Then one day, I was passing a 9 West outlet in Chicago and the shoes spoke to me… It was ON.


I love how heels can be tomboyish and ladylike…

I was working retail then, H&M, so that sharpened my hunger. I was always scheming for shoes. When I moved to New York I had to unload a bunch of shoes, only keeping a few favorites.


Yum… snakeskin, spectator style, patent leather and lucite…

Unfortunately, NY (obviously) opened up new opportunities at different price levels. You could even get designer shoes super cheap at thrift stores (See my instagram about the Underground Thriftstore in Brooklyn).


The collection in summer 2010

I went NUTS. Cheap flats from Rainbow all the way up to $300 leather boots from Nordstrom. Sigh.. but everything has it’s price, and when you start gathering shoes you also start gathering maintenance costs.


Boots! Not just a chemist’s shop in London…

 They have to be polished, soles need to be replaced, and rain damage needs to be repaired. If you spend $150 on a pair of combat boots, you don’t just throw them away when they get worn down, you send them to Luz’s on 23rd and pay $80 t have them resoled and winterproofed. It’s like, shoe stewardship. 


From 2990 to 2013- I never met a sandal I could say no to.

This week, I took stock of myself from head to toe and realized that my toes were less than satisfactory. While it’s only February, at some point sandal season will be here and since I love being almost barefoot, measures had to be taken.


The offerings at Duane Reade.

People are always going on about makeup, or hair, but if you don’t take care of your feet you’re dunzo. Calluses, corns, ingrown toenails, foot fungus, bunions… You’re feet carry you around all day, and obviously without them you’re in trouble. It’s not just about pedicures, it’s about the podiatrist, foot health, and taking care of you.


My go to is the salicylic acid do or die treatment. I got this bottle at Target, because it’s a tad cheaper than the Dr. Scholl’s version. You basically melt corns and calluses with the acid. It usually takes about 2 weeks. It looks like zombie feet, but it’s worth it. You should also be servicing the heels and ball of your feet with a good pumice stone. Once all of this is done, use a rich creamy foot lotion and softening socks.

Don’t let your feet make you look unfashionable.