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my leopardskin cardi, that latex designer on styled to Rock


So I was sitting around looking through my twitter feed and (late as usual) found out about a show called Styled to Watch. While I resent getting suckered into watching anything featuring Rihanna, there was  a major payoff: I actually worked with Laura Pulice from Vex.



Fetish model  Messy Stench in Vex (you may also have seen her in the Jane Austen Book Club)

I was a student at Columbia College Chicago and I was looking for something that would push me out of anonymity. Well, after 6 months of working the wilderness of the early aughts wilderness, I was Chicago famous, was getting freelance gigs, and my first tear sheet.


Me! Looking mad sexy, I must say…

I even got to wear the clothes one time when a model stood me up. bet that chick is biting herself now… Because after all my relentless promotion,   people were begging to work with me, lol! And I was still in school, still broke, and wondering what would be next for me.


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I even photographed Laura at her job to Coyote Ugly. That was fun, she and bartenders Silvia and Brianna were completely over the top. It was he last time we worked together. People move on.

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It sucks that Rihanna picked Sergio’s design, but Laura handle the situation with class. She’s the real rocker anyway.

I was gonna write about my leopardskin cardi but this was way more exciting.. So- next post: my leopardskin cardi. I have many things to say about it.