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The Beach

Just chilling at Orchard Beach…

So it’s looking like I ran around last summer just to have content for this summer (I have gone nowhere but JavaScript class and I haven’t seen the gym since early July). This one was before the Hamptons, but it’s the same deal…wanted to go to the beach but had no one to go with. It was funny because at the time I was ‘talking to’ some friend possibilities and thinking I might start actually having a social network and doing normal things and if the phone rang it wouldn’t just be that guy that gets mad at me for having insurance.

I have been wanting to go to Orchard Beach for the longest time. It’s just one of those things. I have a list of stuff that I’ve been meaning to do like the Statue of Liberty and City Island, but it takes forever for me to get it together to do anything. But I had the day off and it was perfect weather and I had a bikini so whatever. I go.

I feel like it took as long as going to the Hamptons. It takes about 2 and a half hours from my place in Brooklyn and involves changing trains and taking a bus. So when I got there I was prepared to lay out for at least as long as it took me to get there. I had a packed lunch and had a flask of wine and a book, so it was a party.

I’m not sure why, but I didn’t take a picture of my lunch that day. I guess since I was not really doing social media last year, just trying to live like it was just something happening not a world changing event. Or maybe it was something basic and I didn’t feel like it needed to be recorded.

This was me doing fake happy face, but in the end I was fairly satisfied. The sun was bright, the sky was blue, and there was that sound of waves lapping against the beach that makes the beach so super relaxing. And I wore a string bikini so I could get all of that healthy sunlight and air on my skin. I went to Orchard Beach, I hung out and then I went home. I almost went to City Island on the way home, but that would have been too much braveley hanging out alone stuff for one day.

Do you like going places on your own? What do you do if there’s no one to hang out with? What do you think or say about people that you see hanging alone? Drop a comment if that’s something you want to talk about.

See you next time!

Faith/SEB Market BK

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in which i find the friend i was looking for and can stop looking #dating

20161119_135614So here we are in December, after a harum scarum year chock full of strangeness and scandal. I have been working at this dating thing since January, starting online and finally ending up hanging out with someone I met at a beach meetup 6 months ago. The biggest hurdle to this process wasn’t not finding men, but not finding someone who could meet the basic criteria of being a friend, which is what I needed most. We had uber giddy romantic Flower Guy and then there was geek nerd guy who wasn’t as fun as I thought he’d be, and then finally I tried the person that liked me for me and won.

20161119_122325And I will admit that at first I was like ‘who is this crazy man?’, and there was other stuff going on so I couldn’t quite concentrate on him, but when I did I was rewarded with the thing I was looking for but couldn’t find: someone who would leave me alone and accept me as I am, with my weird jokes and puerile behavior and a propensity to wear ripped up sweat pants. I got the relaxing, no stress thing that I have always wanted. Love is this thing that I don’t get, because the meaning seems to shift constantly with no real way of knowing exactly what someone means when they say that word or act like they adore you. People can be super loving and attentive, then disappear, so how can you count on that?

20161119_141002There’s something amazing about just being left alone. Something incredible about someone who literally likes you as you are as a human being. Likes your spirit and personality. The body and face can be changed, you can alter your appearance with surgery or makeup or designer clothing, but you can’t change who you are. Every time I hang out with someone I feel a war inside myself, trying to be real but seeing that they can’t handle me in my entirety and don’t want to. Being around this person gives me peace and freedom, which is better than flowers (although I like those, too).  So that’s the end, I’m done. Terms and boundaries have been discussed, preferences have been noted, and an agreement has been struck. I don’t need him, don’t have to depend on him, can live without him…but don’t have to.

I met someone in real life who saw me as I was and chose me. Finally. I can finally settle in and work on being a happy woman.


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian



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The Meetup Adventure: in which we visit the Museum Mile Festival and have milk shakes


I actually got a little mixed up, so this is out of order- but it’s the internet so we can do what we want.

The meetup group that I went to the Whitney with were at it again, and since I had never been to Museum Mile I couldn’t wait to go. It was also nice to be meeting with the group again.


The day started with a workout- now preceded by the ceremonial trussing in the sport bra. Once I manage to wrangle myself into this thing, it’s a done deal- I’m going to work out. Strap on the Samsung GearFit, we out.

I also just wanted an excuse to show off my belly. It’s not flat? But it has visible muscle tone, and I’m proud of that. So, um, there you go.


I also wanted to share the gorgeous flower bushes that grow by the track. Pretty, right?


Once I got home, it was time to pull myself together and get clean.


As usual I went for reassuringly feminine. No big surprises, no fashion statements. This is a pleated strapless sundress that I got for $10 three years ago, and it’s always a compliment getter. I decided on my Parmana Designs Dream Awake bag ($420), Lisa Hoffman Beauty Vibrant Tuscan Fig Bracelet ($65) and Jade & Jasper Festive Harmony Necklace ($118) as the perfect accessories. I couldn’t decide on the shoes…


Until I remembered that not only would I be walking a LOT, but it was hot outside. I went with my Zosia sandals from Cat Footwear ($35.99). It was a good choice. It was hot and humid and sunny- I was melting, but at least my feet were ventilated.


I met up with Susan, the group leader, outside of the Jewish Museum to See the Revolution of the Eye exhibit- which centered around beloved shows from the grand heyday of television- meaning back when it was literate and creative. After attracting a few more meetup members, we just started running around the museum like maniacs. The Museum Mile festival is 3 hours long, and the consensus was that we would see as much art as possible.


I snapchatted the whole time. I snapchatted til my fingers hurt. I finally got snapchat.


When we left, there was a full-tilt block party going on. Fifth Avenue had been invaded by everyone in New York who wanted to do something free on a sunny Friday afternoon. They were giving out free chalk to do sidewalk drawings and I was mad because I thought it was food.


This was the only thing we saw at the Guggenheim Museum because their line LITERALLY wrapped around the block. I am not joking or lying. We actually followed the line, saw what it was and kept it moving. Who in their right mind would wait for one museum when all of them were free?

However- outside these people were doing some sort of an art happening. A completely naked girl was painted head to foot. She was very popular with the men. At first I thought there was a g-string involved- but nope! Nekkid.

So that was the art that we saw at the Guggenheim Museum.


Chastened, mollified, and slightly shocked we regrouped and headed across the street for the National Academy Museum & School.


I think this looks like a big poop.


It was super, crazy crowded in there, but I managed to snatch a look at some things that stirred me. I really liked this strange green sculpture by Judy Pfaff. It’s both gross and glorious.


We ended up at the Metropolitan Museum of Art just as the sun was setting on the view that has launched aspirations world-wide.

Also, Susan had a really cute skirt on.


The view again, which I shot as the guards were screaming at us to get out. I am going to print this and hang it on my wall.

Those guards at the Met can bite me.


Walking down a still-crowded Fifth Avenue, one of teh group members offered to buy everyone ice cream.

What? Free Mr. Softee? Yes, thank you!!! I wish someone would have a blogger event and have Mr. Softee at the event. I would die of happiness.


Of course I was the only woman in the group to take him up on it, but whatever. John and I stood perusing what Mr. Softee had to offer, but decided on a shake, influenced by the guy ahead of us. It just made more sense. The heat would melt the ice cream, resulting in a sticky mess. Toppings would slide around in a pool of softened, gelatinous goo and not taste as good…but a shake? John and I both commended the man on his decision making skills. I believe the word ‘genius’ was used.

That shake was $6.

I mean… I’m just saying.

Next up: Geeking out and networking at the Data Driven Inbound tech meetup!

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The Meetup Adventure: in which we venture out of the blogosphere in search of…friends

So here it is, my second blogoversary and I turn around and realize that I have no friends. I’ve met tons of people at events, but that doesn’t carry over into real life and I actually want to have one- real life, that is. I like doing events and I adore having so many fund products to write about, but who wants to spend all their time chasing a dream?

I decided that it was time to actually use my meetup profile and start going to things.


I think I picked my first meetup because it sounded like a blogger event.


I wanted to look like a grownup, but with a little sass on top so I went with my tried-and-true Kate Spade cocktail dress and threw on my Southern Tide summer cardigan. Accessories were this bright yellow Kensie bag and my Cat Footwear Squander boots (comfort). I also grabbed some of my Jade & Jasper loot,because a little shine never hurt anyone. Also it made me feel like I looked nice.


I got to the Rubin Museum pretty easily, but I had no clue that you could run all the way down 22nd Street before finding the entrance to the K-2 lounge. Now I know. When I got there, I found out that it was people sitting at tables and I’m not the type to just burst in on a group. I wandered around and found out that there was a theater in the basement. And I found this guy in that t-shirt (photo 3).


Of course, I ended up wandering into the gift shop. I saw so many things that I wanted! Not just clothing, jewelry or textiles- but the most gorgeous noodle bowls, a cheese board with a wooden knife, children’s tops, and the prettiest candles. I definitely need to go back here.


I got bored waiting for the Meetup group to head up into the museum, so I decided to go up and see it on my own. This is an actual temple reconstructed in a quiet corner, complete with flickering votive candles.


It turns out that there’s a tour every Friday at 7pm, so I joined the tour and learned about Bodhisattvas and stuff. IT was pretty interesting. I also fell madly in love with the spiraling architecture of the museum. Doesn’t this skylight look like an eye?


If you’re in New York, you may want to visit the Rubin Museum and see the Collecting Paradise exhibit, which is all about Kashmiri art. It’s up until October 19th.


Decided that I need to try again with that air plant thing, since I managed to kill the last one. I think a terrarium would be perfect in my apartment. I’m putting this on my list of things to get done.

I didn’t really ‘meet’ anyone, but I went out and I didn’t get scared and run home because the group wasn’t what I expected. I really enjoyed my evening at the Rubin Museum, and am happy that I got to discover it. I had literally never heard of them before. And even though I was alone, I was part of a group.

Definitely a good experience.

Next up: A meetup at the Whitney Museum!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian