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in which we go to Will Leather Goods for a holiday party (and make quiche)

will1I think at this point, you guys know the drill- open email box, find invitation, think if it’s cool or not, RSVP. This one was for a sweet little holiday party at Will Leather Goods in the chic Soho are of Manhattan. I was already going into the city to see Home Alone, so this was a bonus.

What? It’s the 25th Anniversary! Also, I have never seen Home Alone all the way through or on a big screen.

will2Will Leather Gods has a sweet little store that reflects the brand’s Oregon roots.will4will5will6They laid out a lovely spread with cheese, charcuterie, and a live oyster bar. I was bellying up to the bar for  Tin Cup whiskey cocktail, when I noticed that they detail oriented decor included braided leather trim on the counter.

will3aThe merchandise was just as appetizing. they have duffel bags, dopp kits, purses…will7Footballs, soccer balls, boxing gloves, wallets, wine carriers, coasters… will8And they have colored leather, which is lovely and fun and modern.

will92I really liked the leather goods that utilized Oaxacan wool rugs. Distinctive, original and a great gift for someone you adore. will91will9They also offer monogramming, so you can personalize your gift or personal indulgence. If you’re in new York, I’d definitely stop by. Not just for Christmas gifts. I mean, they’re open all year round. Don’t be a stranger.

As a parting gift, everyone that attended the party got these great leather handled carryalls. It doesn’t have pockets or anything, but it’s cool. I put all my stuff into it immediately and walked down to 14th Street to see my movie. Afterwards I bought a bottle of Pinot Project pinot noir and ate the quiche that I had made earlier in the day. Yes, I made quiche- you can too! Here’s a tip: quiche is scrambled eggs in a pie crust. Remember that.

This particular quiche helped me use up a pint of pimiento cheese that I had made. I added four eggs, about 8 ounces of ham, two handfuls of chopped spinach, one cup of milk and half a cup of Greek yogurt (the recipe was for fresh cream, but I didn’t have any). I topped it with cornbread crumbs that I had been saving for just such an occasion. I bought the pie crusts at the store because I didn’t feel like making dough from scratch.

I had enough filling for two pies. The oven was preheated to 375 degrees and I baked them for 35 minutes. Make sure you put a cookie sheet under them. My oven isn’t that big, so I put one quiche on the cookie sheet on the bottom rack and put the other quiche directly above it. Halfway through I switched their positions so that they cooked the same.

It was delicious. I dare you to try it!

Next up: Skincare Roundup

xoxo, Faith/SassyEthnicBohemian



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in which we go look see what’s new with Kangol, Dr. Martens and G-Shock

Hey there! It’s been a lttle while, but things were happening. 1. akangolootd

I got invited to ss2016 press previews for three brands But they were all in the same pr company’s showroom. I got dressed and headed to downtown Manhattan to check out what they had.

Kangol:  2. kangol2Cute baseball caps for next spring. Paint splatters are on trend, here in gold and silver- so thing white tee, micro-pleated metallic skirt, and this cap. You can also wear your pizza on your head. So that’s fun. 3. kangol1The classic Kangol bucket has updated by Stussy.  4. kangol3They gave away some fuzzy Furgora hats that they had lying around the showroom, here’s mine at Starbucks next to my PSL. It’s the Pom Spacecap with detachable pom. Cute, right?

It was a moment.

Dr. Marten: 5 doc martensThe favorite brand of the original punks lives on with swirly watercolor styles. There’s super street black and white collection.

G-Shock: 5a gshockI had to be downtown the next day, so I attended the Gshock press preview, kind of wishing that they had just brought out the watches the day before. I’m not really into these types of watches. They’re too complicated looking. I have enough problems telling the time. BUT! The colors are nice and they’re supposed to be rugged and durable. 6 gshockIn order to expose the brand to new audiences and create sales, they partnered with SUPRA Footwear for watch/sneaker combos and also did watches with companies like Burton. So if you’re into those brands, they have products you’ll love. 7 ootd

Afterward I went to the post office to mail a Poshmark package and got a reminder that Christmas is coming. Then I went to the library in my wet boots and listened o music and did social media and checked up on my ebay store, society 6 shop and poshmark boutique.

Next up: The Great Lattori Dress Kloutperk Styling Post

xoxo, Faith/SassyEthnicBohemian

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The Meetup Adventure: in which we go to the Neue Galerie and kind of celebrate July 4th

I forgot to screenshoot the meetup thing, but we were all going to head over to the Neue Galerie to catch the Gustav Klimt and Adele Bloch-Bauer: The Woman in Gold.

So of course I had to gild myself- who wouldn’t?


 I started with a Dash of Flash bracelet tattoo from the Arya collection ($25)- cuz of course I was feeling precious and pure that day.


I did my hair using the Aveda be curly co-wash ($24) and then conditioning with their detangling masque ($27) then flat twisted it. The result? Curls! Springy, energetic, reach for the ceiling natural texture curls, with not much effort on my part either.

I decided to be a woman in gold and wore my Kensie Clothing gold cocktail dress, but kept it patriotic casual with a denim shirt tied over it. Accessories were a snakeskin print hobo bag and my Jasmine wedge heels from Ami Clubwear.

I went with lips lined with Makeup Forever Aqua Lip lip liner in 8C with Rozge barcelona lip gloss ($25) patted on top.  Simple and natural, but with a little sass.


if you’ve never been to the Neue Galerie, this is what it looks like. It’s on the corner of 86th and 5th Avenue, so it’s really convenient but most people dodn’t go because of the line. The line outside is always prohibitively long. Like ridiculously long. Like urban legend long. The line is so long that it sparked needlsess debate on the meetup group page on what to do if the line is too long.

That’s how long that line is.


You’e not supposed to take photos inside, but I got this one by accident because I was messing with my phone while talking to people. This wasn’t even my favorite painting, that was a Kandinsky in the other room, which was super crowded and had guards lazer-eyeing you so that you wouldn’t take photos.

Hope I don’t get sued.


They had some really cute stuff in the giftshop, so I took pics of that (before someone yelled at me not to.


Afterwards, we migrated over to Shake Shack and I had a Narragansett Lager (deelish, I’m a beer girl latey because it seems healthy) and their amazingly crispy crinkle cut fries. It was fun, and I really enjoyed myself- and didn’t spend over $10. I think my bill was $7.


After that a few of us walked through Central Park and of course I had to show off how my makeup was holding up in the massive heat and humidity of July 3rd in New York. We ended up sitting by this massive walled in lake-ette (bigger than a puddle, I guess the size of a swimming pool?) and talking. A really cool thing happened when a bunch of cyclists streamed by with their lights blazing. I was too floored by that to even pull out my cameraphone.


I started taking pics of the water with my flash, just to see what was out there when one of us scremed and started jumping around. Turned out a bug had hit her in the back. I moved a safe distance away, as I have lived in New Orleans and one day one of these dropped out of my bedroom ceiling and right onto my leg. John, this sweet guy in my group, too the photo which I begged him for. I Would DIE if that fell on me. It has no face!!!!! What gets me is that the bug stood totally still to get it’s picture taken.

So that’s life in New York, beautiful parks and magical bike riders and giant pincer faced bugs.


One we all finally made it to the subway (with me looking for bugs everywhere) I managed to catch my train in a timely fashion and somwhere in Brooklyn looked up to see a stereotypical Hot Dude Reading and had to take a pic. Kind of an RDJ vibe, no?


Next up: we go to 230 Fifth and dance to the 80s…

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way


On the way to the grocery store…


On the way to the restaurant supply store…


On the way to a fashion event (detour through Madison Square Park)…


On the way into my building (the landscaper came!)…

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You’re invited: I’m giving a talk about styling at the International Fashion Interest Meetup!

5e. studio

Yes- it’s happening! I’ll be giving a half hour presentation on How To Style Yourself for a Work Event on Thursday, May 28th right here in NYC from 6.30 to 8.30 pm. You can sign up for the meetup here:

There will be another stylist on hand to do one-on-one consultations, and there will be an hour for networking. Refreshments will be served.

The meetup is conveniently located in Manhattan, so you have no excuse not to come and say hello.

See you here!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

I took two different views of this week’s movement challenge:

 Implied and Metaphorical Movement: wpc post Movement

These images are my movement under and past a flowering tree on a bright Spring day. You can see my movement in the background of the image and the shifting direction of light. There’s also the implied metaphorical movement of time- winter to spring, bare branches to blooming, day to night, life to death… So now it’s a whole thing.

Documentation of Movement:

wpc post Movement 2

This is a document of movement. This is my Phillip Lorca- diCorcia moment. Glaring mid-day sunlight casts a spotlight across a Manhattan street, capturing New Yorker’s mid-step. It’s a moment, and when those people move out of the frame and are gone, that’s a whole other movement. And funnily enough, there are four pairs of people, and in one pairing one person is stopped and another is moving, so that pairing juxtaposes two states of being.

This is why I am in debt for photography school. Thank you. Please buy some SEB Merch so I can pay back my loan.

xoxo, Faith/ Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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in which we go visit Warby Parker’s flagship store on Greene Street

So on a bright new spring day last week, I got my little (well, not so little these days) self together to go run around Manhattan all afternoon. My first stop was eyewear emporium Warby Parker, where I met up with my bff Brian Magida who does blogger outreach.


I decided that ladylike layering was they to longevity. I had too many places to go and I just wanted to look professional. I decided on my Kate Spade retro black rose dress (it has pockets), a black turtleneck, and my fave red Kensie clothing cardigan. Accessories? My Speedy handbag from Kensie and Irenea boots from Cat Footwear. The sparkly necklace came from my friend Kelly Hodrick who sells Cloe + Isabel online and it’s $58.

Was I ready? Yeah.


This is what the house looked like after Hurricane Faith got through dithering through skin, hair, and makeup.  After all that I still ended up with lipstick on my teeth.


I met up with Brian at the 121 Greene Street Store in Soho and got the rundown on Warby Parker. The decor was inspired by public spaces like banks and railway stations- solid, dependable places that usually echo greco-roman architecture.


The counters have timelines so that consumers can follow the development of the brands phenomenal rise to success.


This is that eyeglass store that you maybe dreamed of in some crazy ‘when I grow up’ style fantasy. You can walk up to the walls and pick as many glasses as you like, try them on in a full length mirror so that you can actually see how the glasses look with your style, and then? No one makes you put them back. Leave them on the counter, no stress.


I also immediately fell in love with the fact that WP remembers that most of us strained our eyes reading in the dark. There are books everywhere in this store. Books as part of the decor and books for sale and pamphlets telling you the best places to go sit and read them. Not only do the glasses make you look smarter, but they actually have books to um…make you smarter.


Brian told me that WP developed this appointment board to mimic the arrival/departures boards found in train stations and airports. It’s so Mad Men chic to me. This is a great shot right? Can you believe that I shot this with a cameraphone, because I’m still bowled over by how awesome my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active‘s 16mp camera works. I love the way the sun flares around the sign and how the cool and warm lighting is perfectly balanced.

Sorry, got a little photo techie on you guys. Onward!


I love this waiting area, which is in keeping with the 60s vibe of the front of the store. There’s a skylight , palm plants, and the kind of furniture only seen in banks and doctor’s offices. It’s serene, beautifully, and seriously playful. It’s like the portal to adult living. I love it. You know you’re in ‘official’ territory, but they don’t make you feel awkward or weird. It’s the accoutrements of stuffy society unstuffed.

duckworth newton warby1

Can you believe that these glasses are $99 and $145? That includes single vision lenses.

warby2warby3 warby4

This is me trying on glasses, cutting up. I have never been able to do this and it’s so much fun. Mots places have that little mirror and it’s only for your face, but I wear glasses with my whole body. I put them on and that’s the last note for my look, so it’s better to see how your frames will look with your style and your hair in a realistic manner.

I admit to getting a tad bit carried away, but I was feeling it, ok? If you’re not an exhibitionist like me, you ca always do the Warby Parker Home Try-On. You can pick out 5 pairs of glasses online and have them sent to your home where you can prance and preen to your heart’s delight.

Check out their new Basso Collection, and shop for their no-nonsense go with everything classic frames at

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian