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The Vintage Strapless Dress

Sweetly nostalgic photo by Shoott Photos, on location at the Nomo Sho Hotel. Get a 10% discount on your print order with this link:

I love the sweet and simple silhouette of this 50s floral strapless summer dress. Whisper light cotton strewn with pastel flowers faded by time. I didn’t have a strapless bra in my kit for this shoot, so I decided to make it more 2019 with visible bra. I liked the harder edge of the bedazzled denim vest, with a studded gold shoulder bag and laser cut metallic leather espadrilles.

With the proper undergarments you could do a summer princess look with a ballerina bun and coordinating ballet flats (soft aqua, blush pink, or fuschia would be the best colors). A strapless push up makes the most of the bares shoulders and collarbone, a waist shaper, and there’s room for a crinoline to fluff the skirt out. Plus some sweet little white gloves and a pastel colored clutch. Too cute.

This is a great summer in the city look, mixing that old fashioned floral with rocker chic edge.

See you next time!

Faith/SEB Market BK

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Strapless 50s dress, size M

Vintage strapless cotton floral patterned dress. 50s/60s era. Lace edging along to top. Cloth has mellowed to a cream color with age. Great condition, some wear near the base of the zipper in back. Super lightweight cotton. Fitted at the waist with full skirt. *Shipping is included in the price. *United States only. Measures 32 1/2 inches from top to hem, 17 1/2 from armpit to armpit. 16 1/2 across the waist. Skirt is 20 1/2 inches from waist to hem, flares out to 32 inches. 14 inch zipper down the back.


American rag denim vest, size M

American Rag embellished denim vest. Faceted studs and rhinestones scattered on each shoulders. Unfinished edges at armholes and hem. There's no waistband. Two side pockets. Soft, lightweight denim, 100% cotton. Measures 19 inches from shoulder to waist, 17 inches from armpit to armpit, 15.5 inches at the waist. *Shipping is included in the price. * United States only.


Disco style studded gold faux leather mini-bag.

Comes with detachable strap, so it can be a cross body or a shoulder bag. Chocolate brown polyester lining with one pocket. Take it out dancing, to the festival, or a formal thing. Measures 7x6x3. *Shipping is included in the price. *United States only.


Suggestion: Watermelon slice dangler earrings

Watermelon slice earrings. Enamel, brass and acrylic jewels. 1 1/4 inches long. Comes with gold lamé pouch. *Shipping included in the price. *United States only.


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The PUNK Jacket

Photo by Shoottphotos (use this link for a 10% discount:

Handpainted PUNK denim jacket by SEB Market BK, $150

This adorable jacket went from worst to first with some handpainting, embroidered patches, safety pins and sweet punk rock stars. It's an extra small, and measures 20 inches from shoulder to hem, 17 inches from armpit to armpit. 14 inches across the back. Sleeves are 24.5 inches long. Jacket comes with a pouch of extra stars for you to play with. *Domestic, American shipping only.


So while I was gone from blogging I started selling pre-loved and vintage clothes on platforms like ebay, depop and etsy. At first it was just straightforward selling, like I wasn’t altering the pieces, just posting them. Then one day I rescued a Coach bag that had worn patches on the front and a busted strap, but was perfect on the back and interior. I messed with it and it ended up selling on ebay. Then I played with a thrifted red leather vintage 80s crossbody that I had in my inventory for about 2 years. Then I sold a sweatshirt. So now I’m a fashion designer with my own label. Why fight fate?

The PUNK jacket started life as a mass produced item treated to look like an authentic punk rockers jacket. Soft, distressed lightwash denim with a screenprinted band poster on the back. Originally created by Bethany Mota, I saw it and knew that I could do better.

I decided to punch up the faded colors on the back panel with acrylic paint, and then adding a silver leather star I got at the fabric store. I used black paint to emphasize lines and to punk up the PUNK lettering. I used gold and black to create a frame, and then put a safety pin at each corner (because punk rock). I chose silver stars instead of pyramid studs for a girly touch. Recently I painted the arms and inside of the cuffs for more edge.

What I love about is that it reminds me of movies like She’s Gotta Have It and Desperately Seeking Susan, 80s films with cool downtown heroines that whipped up fashion frenzy in every scene. You can wear it with sparkles or dress it down with jorts. Layer it over a hoodie in the cooler months to keep that Nancy Spungeon look going.

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Jay x Jay Godfrey sequinned black dress, size 0

Halter style with spaghetti straps. Open back, side pockets in the skirt. Measures 34 inches from shoulder to hem, 16 from armpit to armpit, 14 across the waist. Brand new, never worn. *Domestic, American shipping only.


Converse All Stars white low tops, women’s size 8

Classic low-tops, already broken in. Measures 10.75 inches from toe to heel, 3.5 inches across the widest part of the foot. Can fit men's size 6. Shipping included in price. *Domestic, American shipping only.


HOB alligator embossed leather shoulder bag/clutch

Comes with detachable brass chain strap. Looks like vintage, some wear at top of flap. Measures 12.5 x 7, 19 in strap drop. *Domestic, American shipping only.


Red tank top, size S

Ribbed cotton/poly. 24 inches from shoulder to hem, 13 inches from armpit to armpit. Brand new, never worn. *Domestic, American shipping only.


SEB Market BK handpainted jorts, size 28″

Hand cut and handpainted denim shorts with one embroidered patch. They are folden in this photo to show the front and back paint colors (white, pastels). Super comfy premium cotton denim, perfect for summer days or wear with tights and combats in the cooler months. 28" waist, 12 inches ling from waist to hem in front, 13 in back. Waistband sits at waist. *Domestic, American shipping only.


Manas Designs leather motorcycle boots, size 41

Soft Italian leather boots with zipper trim. Round toes, lug soles, chink heel and side zipper. The type of boot that looks incredible with a sundress. Fits women's US 9.5/10. Price includes shipping. *Domestic, American shipping only.


See you soon!

Faith/SEB Market BK

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FASHION: In which we talk about AW2015 fashion trends

There was so much going on that when I think about fall style, I can’t even say- oh this is it, or that’s what you should do. So I went through the many many emails that I get from Polyvore and Boo Hoo Clothing. I went through my instagram, twitter and tumblr. I looked through magazines and just ripped out everything I liked. Then I had to put it all together, so that took a hot second.

So finally, in October, I have a kind of idea about what this year’s AW2015 trends are. I am basing these collages and mood boards on what kept popping up repeatedly, and also on what I liked. I skipped the plaid trend, even though it’s a definite thing, because I live in Brooklyn so I live in plaid.

Black and white:AW20152 You can not go wrong with black and white. You really just can’t. White, black skirt. White button down black pants. Black and white plaid (ok a little plaid) tshirt with white skort or culottes. Grey is black and white mixed together, so you can throw that in two. Lacy looks in angora or other plush knits is a go, hearkening back to that Victorian trend that happened in the 80s. AW20153

I found so much, that it took two mood boards to present this. All black, black and white, black white and grey, grey and white with a pop of black- all of that is a go. Not sure how those brown outfits snuck in. I think I was into showing how black and white and grey can slowly lead to monochrome dressing or how you can use small hits of a color like red to liven up the palette. Or maybe that was how I was leading to the next section…

COLOR, print, pattern:  AW20154

Like rich, saturated 70s color. Burgundy, orange, burnt orange, maroon or a stunning red. Metallics mix well, check out that gold shift. It’s rich, luxe, decadent, color. Work with the prints. Get some print into your life, paisley, op-art, dark florals, whatever. Get at least one thing, even if it’s just a handkerchief and work it into your life this fall. AW20151Don’t be scared. It’s totally safe to wear color. If you don’t want an all over thing, then do black and white (with grey) and colored tights. Teal, mustard, grape- great colors for this season.

Denim: AW20155

Denim. More denim. Denim on denim. Denim under denim. Denim.

Outerwear: AW20156

Camel is big. Classic shapes blown out of proportion, or cut into a simple peacoat. Camel is your go to if everything else is too scary. Also- camel goes with paisley, denim, black and white, metallics… Nice, right? Black, white, grey are always in for coats. But make sure you have bright scarves and gloves and fun hats to go with that choice so you can entertain yourself. Fur collars are a thing, that’s pretty 70s. Motorcycle jackets and camo jackets, military styles, good. But feminize them and have fun. Vandalize your coat like in the pic of Rihanna and the messed up fur.

Accessories: AW20157

Pretty, pretty, pretty. Rings, but stackables or ones that have things like stars and flowers in clusters. Bow ties are on the table, you can try that, but not just on the collar. A bow pin for the lapel, a bow in the hair, a bow on your purse? Why not glue a bow on your laptop case? I mean really, why not? It’s yours, right?  AW20159

Bag it! These were my faves. I love my faux Birkin, and I reccomend that bag to anyone. I don’t really like clutches, I love shoppers like the ones in the top row of this board. The two clutches included are cute, and I thought you guys would like them. Bags? Keep it classic, you have to be seen with that thing.


Booties are the thing. I mean, yes tall boots? But booties are coming on strong. Fringey ones, saturated colors, sequins- don’t underestimate the bootie. An ankle strap high heeled shoe is your friend.  Shoes can be colorful, and I suggest that you remember that when shopping, whether at Saks or Payless. Lace up oxfords don’t ever go out of style, but you can think about embellishing them a little, like the pale pink with flower ones here.

This is a mood board for you, a series of suggestions and things that I found interesting. Let it be a jumping off point for you to dream up who you want to be this winter.

Next up: Fall beauty trends

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian