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in which we go to Crunch Gym and mess with that personal trainer stuff


So, not too long ago I managed to get my hands on a Samsung GearFit bracelet, which works with your phone to monitor your fitness progress. At the same time, 3-Day Passes from Crunch Gym magically appeared in the computer room at my building. I took it as a sign. After six months of gradually building up to walking three miles a day, and doing exercises in the house (situps, leg lifts, etc) I felt that I needed a step up, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to join a gym. Now? NO EXCUSES!!!


I emailed Courtney at the 54th Street location and arranged to come by and work with a trainer just to see how I liked it. I grabbed my sweats and my SUPRA sneakers and took off- well, I ran some errands then headed over there afterward.


After signing a waiver and stuff, I went up to the workout area and met with my trainer. Then we talked about my nutrition (mostly good except the bacon incident- I ate half a pund in three days), then I got weighed, then he actually pulled out some callipers and measured my fat and then we looked at everything on www.NutritionData.com. We also talked about my best friend cracked bulgure wheat and compared it to qiinoa. I won- but everyone wins when you eat right.

Moving on…


This was my trainer. I’m not into young guys, but he is super cute, so having my fat measured wasn’t as bad as if it were an ugly guy. His name is Nate and he’s an Elite Trainer at Crunch Gym on 254 West 54th Street. Yes, we get ELITE trainers on this blog. I am not a people person, especially when it comes to doing something as intimate as exercising, but I liked hanging out with him and having all this attention focused on my fitness. Funniest moment? he asked me if I took vitamins and I was like ‘Why would I do that?‘. It just came out, ok?

Anyway, back on topic, we did burpees and jumping jacks, and then boxed. I boxed!! It was actually a lot of fun. If I had money? I would pay Nate to hang out with me two days a week to exercise and talkk about stuff. He was really cool. I can honestly say that their ‘no judgements’ policy was upheld, and that he treated me with the respect that you give any human being that you’re interacting with. He did his job, and he had great manners. He’s

Did I mention cute? Oh yeah, that, too.


Afterwards, we went downstairs to and Nate dropped me off with Courtney (she’s the membership Advisor at that location and she’s super nice) and we went over the hows and whys and therefores of being a Crunch member. basiaclly- if you email her (Courtney.Henry@crunch.com) she can give you the lowdown on that location. Then she gave me a goodie bag.

Yes. I went to Crunch Gym and they gave me a goodie bag. What can I say? It be’s like that sometimes. crunch6

On the way out I made a point t snap the items in their little Crunch Gym boutique. If you forget your stuff, they have shorts, sport bras, tshirts, tank tops and lots of other stuff. You can also get cups, locks- all of that. And I found out that they have Bliss products in the showersat all New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and Washington DC.   crunch7

Once I got home, I investigated my b=goodie bag thoroughly. It wasn’t just a personal present- they give this to everyone who joins at the 54th Street Crunch Gym. I got a dotFITkit containing a bottle of multi-vitamins, and four nutrition bars. I ate one on the train home.  there was a $40 giftcard to HelloFresh.com, they help with nutritious recipes and they shop for the ingredients then ship it to your home.And I got this most awesome and official Crunch Gym duffle bag to carry my schweddy clothes in.

I also got a slew of 3-day passes, and 1-Day Guest Pases so once you join, you can hook up your friends. In fact?

I’m gonna hook you guys up righ now- click HERE for a free 3-Day Pass + 1Training Session courtesy of the nice people at Crunch Gym. That’s right- just click the link and you’re in. Have fun!

Things I learned from Nate:

It’s been a week since my session. Did I learn anything? Yep!

1. Nate mentioned going on www.MyFitnessPal.com to check calories in food items, also to keep track of my meals and work on a meal schedule. I’m working that in, and keeping track of meals on my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active with the S Health App.

2. Nate said that it is not a good idea to skip meals, and that I should make sure that I get 104 calories in proten per day- like chicken, fish, etc. You can divide the number of protein calories vs the number of meals and that will give you a guideline to planning your meals.

3. Eat approximately two hours before bed.

4. I added burpees and jumping jacks to my workout at the park. I’m following his advice to start with ten of each, then add another set with one less, and so on until you get to one. I feel like it’s making a difference.

The funny thing about exercise is that you will see a difference. Even if you backslide, you can work the damage back off- and that will give you swagger.

Skin care corner: 


I don’t have Bliss products piped out of the faucets at my house, but I am trying something new that I think is perfect for those of us who are regularly working out and sweating all over the place. It’s a skincare line called Mirai Clinical from Japan. The idea behind these products, in addition to the usual anti-aging and beautifying, is that they are designed to combat body odor. Technically the odor that comes from older people, but let’s not split hairs.

The Purifying Body Wash ($29) is paraben free and contains exclusive Japanese persimmon extract, which is a natural odor eliminator. That means that you can shower after a workout and know that you don’t stink. The Purifying & Hydrating Face Wash ($25) will help wash away the bacteria in sweat that’s going to cause breakouts. The Purifying Body Serum ($29) smoothly moisturizes your whole body aand their 3-in-1 Multi-Tasking Face Serum ($45) tightens and smooths the skin and can work as a great makeup primer if you’re going to layer on cosmetics. There’s also a Purifying Body Spritzer ($14) that immediately kills odor. Keep it in your bag for freshen-ups.

*Hint- a tiny amount goes a long way! You get heaps of lather and bubbles from the cleansers- so don’t overpump.

Here’s a 10% Discount Coupon for you if you decide you want to buy anything:

Coupon Code Mirai Clinical

Next up: We take a trip to Ace Hardware and decorate with Hallmark Cards.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian