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in which we read an article about skin cancer, go to the dermatologist, and create a roundup of suncreen products


So I get my May Lucky Magazine and I’m all happy, just lying around reading it and then I read an article about a black girl who got cancer. Hello? Crisis mode. My mom was a registered nurse and I was born a hypochondriac. Black women get skin cancer? Nah, not this one.

 Check yourself:skincancer1

I proceeded to look at every inch of skin that I could see and decided that this spot on my breast, which has what to me are irregular edges and has doubled in size over the course of a year, was a melanoma.

I. Was. Convinced.

Then began the comedy of trying to schedule a skincare screening. For some reason their computer system was down (for 8 hours? I could be dying!) and then they were really snotty and gave me an appointment in JULY. No- I might be dying of skin cancer, so this is me filing a complaining and letting Lutheran Medical know that even a hypochondriac has feelings. My appointment was rescheduled for the next week.

Sorry, but I’m dying if I don’t have to. What would the world do without me?

I went in, checked in, and when I saw the doctor I showed them the article and asked for a skin cancer screening. This consisted of being gone over by eye and with light up magnifying glass, including my back and the soles of my feet. I showed her the thing on my breast, and she said it was nothing, but to make sure to make a skin-cancer screening a yearly addition to my checkup list.

So now that I wasn’t dying, I needed to do something about my situation. Meaning? I ransacked every drawer of skincare products and found no sunscreen anywhere in my house. Um, that’s not happening. So I reached out, did some emailing, did some nagging and voila! The Sunscreen Roundup is a thing!

That’s how I roll.



So this was my haul, not bad, right? I love PR ladies. Let’s do this!!


Equitance Sunscreen SPF 36 ($30) safeguards against UV rays and free radicals and also acts as a makeup primer. Goes on light and sheer, dries quickly.


This h20+ Green Tea Antioxidant Lotion from the Marine Collection ($42) is an SPF30 broad spectrum suncreen that tingles like fire when it first goes on. It feels like someone’s building a firewall on your face. Also lightweight, dries clear, and I love the scent.

Ok- I have to admit that h20+ is one of the first skincare brands that I spent money on. I felt so grown up. My bathroom smelled like the beach, which is ok because I lived in Far Rockaway (Coney island land) as a kid.


UPDATE: This one came in a little late, but I still wanted to reccomend it. Elemis Liquid Layer Sunblock SPF30 ($41.50). Elemis states that Liquid Layer ‘guarantees reliable sun and pollution protection’. I got it last night and smoothed some on this morning, 6/5/2015, before my workout. It doesn’t absorb into the skin, but sits right up top acting as a barrier to UVrays. It doesn’t feel greasy or anything, so even though it makes me look like a zombie because of the white Ttaniam Dioxide in the formula, I bet it could be covered with makeup like a primer without messing up my skin.


The Obagi Medical Professional-C SPF30 ($42) sunscreen comes out in a thin, almost powdery stream, so be prepared for that. I guess that you could use this anywhere, but I put this in the face category along with the Equitance and h20+ suncreens. I used all three of them in rotation, applying 15 minutes before going to the park for my morning workout. My skin feels soft, and I haven’t broken out, so there’s no downside so far.

The Obagi Medical Sun Shield (approx $30) is a thicker lotion that contains zinc oxide and left white smears all over my skin. It sticks, even after taking a shower, I still had white smears on my ankles.


This is so cute! Australian Gold has a Hello Kitty line, featuring this Mineral Sunscreen Lotion in Sweet Starfruit scent ($9.99). The Butterfly Bush Extract a native Chinese shrub is supposedly  providing the photo-protective activity. I slathered this all over my arms before hitting the track (all of these products ask that you wait 15 minutes before going out in the sun, so plan accordingly). About halfway through my workout, I had to stop and re-smooth the lotion over my skin because it had caked in the creases of my inner elbow.

I will continue to use this and the Obagi Medical Sun Shield for exercising, but I might just make sure to wear long sleeves for days when I feel that I need this much protection. I can use these products to protect my neck, the back of my hands (sun is so aging in that area!) and on my ankles if I have on cropped leggings or rolled up sweatpants. For those who run in Teva style sandals, I would use this on exposed feet.


This Austrailan Gold Lotion Sunscreen with Kona Bronzers ($8.99) is actually my favorite for body, since it enhances my skin color. I received SPF15, but it’s also available in SPF30 and SPF50. It’s thinner than the other sunscreens, goes on like a moisturizer and I’m probably going to end up buying the higher SPF formulas to use when I’m wearing a bathing suit, simply because it doesn’t leave the white smears.

Cooling lotions:


In case you do get a burn or start to or just need to cool down after being out in the sun all day, here are three cooling lotions you may want in your beach bag:

1. Red Door Professional Olive & Mint Cooling Gel- smooths on like lotion, creamy and luxurious.

2. Australian Gold Hello Kitty Frozen Aloe After Sun Cooling Spray ($7.99) is supposed to spray on like snowflakes, but maybe I just haven’t practiced enough to make that happen. Either way, it cooled me down after an hour and a half of running around outside, so I know I’ll be glad to have it when it gets really hot at the park or beach.

3. Aubrey Pure Aloe Vera ($7.95) the person who sent this over recommended leaving it in the fridge, so that’s a thought. You really can’t get much better than pure aloe vera for skin care or burns, so this is an instant win.

I’m hoping that you’ll take the hint that I did and make sure to use sunscreen, no matter how dark you are. Skin cancer is an equal opportunity disease, don’t forget,

Next up: Finally looking at those Closet re-organizing tips from Jennifer Eve Eisner and going to the Container Store (so many shoe boxes!!!)

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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Newsbreak: NEW fragrance from Lisa Hoffman Beauty, Red Door Spas is holding down SpaWeek, Cat Footwear ‘pops up’ in NYC, Josie Natori on HSN, and… #AlexanderWangxHM

Lisa Hoffman Beauty:


You guys know how much I love my Lisa Hoffman Beauty fragrance bracelets, right? Well guess who jumped for joy about the newest one? Uh- not me, I’m way too cool for that, ok?

There’s a gorgeous new bracelet and scent, released on October 15- Brazilian Begonia. isn’t that just the thing for when the weather gets grey and rainy? Here’s what they said:

“Like the lush scenic landscapes and rich tropical forests of Brazil, the sultry scent of the Brazilian Begonia is both beautiful and captivating. The flower captures the striking beauty of Brazilian nature, along with an innocent yet inspired passion with which the Brazilian culture celebrates the spice of life. The begonia can be found among the tropical wildlife that surrounds Igusassu Falls, one of the country’s most breathtaking waterfalls.”


So getting this bracelet and fragrance is cheaper than a plane ticket, and you won’t need any shots or anything.


The Brazilian Begonia sodalite and gold bead bracelet is $75 and the eau de parfum is $22 – $75. BUT you can get 25% until October 18th by using their facebook code. Winter is long, stock up!

Red Door Spas:

The Red Door -  Beauty Bar The Red Door - Signature

I cannot even improve on the copy they sent me- so here are the deets straight from them:

“Spa Week is back! Get pampered at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa during National Spa Week this month from October 20 -26. Red Door Spas, with locations across the country, will be offering 3 of their most luxurious treatments, as well as a hair pick-me-up, for just $50 each including:

  • Spa Week De-Stress Body Treatment (50 minutes) – Featuring deep skin exfoliation, an aromatherapeutic body wrap and relaxing scalp massage to melt stress away
  • Spa Week Essential Facial (50 minutes) – Skin is cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated for skin that is healthy and renewed
  • Spa Week Youth Restoring Pedicure (50 minutes) – Slough away dry skin, while replenishing and sealing in moisture to restore a youthful hydration for soft, smooth feet that are polished to perfection
  • Hair PickMe-Up – choose from a haircut, blow-dry and finish or single process color for the spa week price if $50″

Yes. Run there…now. Click here to find a location.


Cat Footwear:


Cat Footwear company  is poppin’ up! they launched a new pop-up store in Midtown Manhattan last night, and also unveiled some amazing artsy interpretations of their classic Colorado Boot, originally launched in the 90s.  The featured artists included Ivan Orama, James Gulliver Hancock, Liz Lomax, Amanda Dolan, and Misha Tyutyunik, who unveiled their one-of-a-kind artworks at the event.


Here’s what happened: The event celebrated the return of the brand’s original “Colorado” boot from 1990, which is available again for the first time in the U.S. this Fall season.  In keeping with this theme, Cat Footwear hand selected 5 New York City-based artists and challenged them with using the Colorado boot as their blank canvas. Models were on hand to showcase the new iterations of the Colorado boot from the AW14 collection, while guests enjoyed cocktails and sounds by DJ Jasper Stapleton.


The Pop-Up will be open to consumers October 21st – 28th, 11am – 7pm daily, and will feature 3 limited edition styles from the UK that have never been available to the U.S. consumer.  The pop-up will be the first and only place to get these styles, while supplies last.
The Cat Footwear Corner Pop-Up 
501 Lexington Avenue (@ 47th Street) 
Shopping Hours: 
October 21st – 28th (11am-7pm
*All photos provided by Shoot Me Peter

Josie Natori: 


Here’s an HSN exclusive! Josie by Natori fall sleepwear collection and fragrance will launch on Thursday, October 23rd. Between 7-9 PM, during the Beauty Report, the dynamic new JOSIE fragrance will launch. after that, Natori  debuts the ‘Josie by Natori Loungewear’ collection for HSN during The List Holiday Travel Guide between 9-10 PM.

imageServiceimageService (1) imageService (2)

Alexander Wang for H&M:

done 1. dayone1010 done 2. daytwo1011 done 3. daythree1012

done 4. dayfour 10135. dayfive1014 6. daysix1015 7. dayseven1016Get it? Watch here.

Catch you guys later!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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MBFW: backstage at Art Hearts Fashion show with the Red Door Spa team (part 2)

When we left off with Part 1, the models had been made up by the Red Door Spa team, and most had filed into the staging area for their clothing and last minute instructions from the design teams and producers. Of course I hung around as long as I could to glimpse the hair and clothing combinations!

Atlaf Maneeshia:



Designer Altaf Maaneeshia offset his sculpted designs with this messy, frowsy take on an updo. The makeup wasn’t overdone, just a great clean eye with a bright lip. Futuristic in an 80s way.

2. Furne Amato:



Furne Amato‘s beautifully ethereal clothing was featured on models with deep parts and ballerina buns. Severe and classic. So Black Swan it hurt.

Gregorio Sanchez:


gregs1Gregorio Sanchez’s colorful, feminine designs were accentuated by an Evita Peron style do. the whole thing was so Carolina Herrera!  Dignified, but punchy, and hot. Loved the Day of the Dead themed wrist cuffs, complete with skull figurines in papier mache.

Leghila:ieghabags1Che bella! Hello, can you say ‘love at first sight’? This table full of eye-poppingly colorful neoprene bags is from Leghila, an Italian brand that seems to have a lock on being the biggest Italian import since pizza. Ti amo, dammi uno, per favore!!!

Mister Triple X: 



Mister Triple X had the bubbly curls of the 50’s combined with the braide/faux shave look of right this second. Smokey eyes, a nude lip and black & white graphic nail art completed their vision for the women. the men? Just plain hunky. I was ok with that.

MT Costello:



MT Costello’s nearly naked slinky lace and dramatic gold lame creations needed sexy, slinky hair. In most cases wavy hair with gold flecks was seen, as well as gold foil and paint adhered to cheekbones and gold applied to models backs and arms. Beautiful. My fave? The shimmering golden fishtail gown on the dark-skinned model with the drop dead perfect body. She shimmered from head to toe, and the skin on her back was flawlessly smooth.  That’s why there’s Red Door Spa professional Products like Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub.



shrek2Shrekahnth had a total urban warrior thing happening with the graphically drawn eyeliner and braided hair. Fun, sporty clothing in unique, Africa inspired prints. As you can see, the clothes were fun, funky, and eminently wearable. Great collection!

You can view the entire show here:

Next up? Since everyone loves ‘model style’ Part 3- what do models wear to NYFW? coming soon…

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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MBFW: backstage at the Art Hearts Fashion show with Red Door Spas beauty team! (Part 1)

I woke up on 9/11 feeling that weird feeling that comes from remembering that one day in 2001, the Word Trade centers fell due to a terrorist attack. Life goes on, and now there,s a 9/11 Memorial to commemorate the loss of so many lives, but it still felt kind of weird to be running to a fashion show.

I mean it didn’t stop me, but I did have a moment of prayer about it. Respect.


It looked like a cloudy day, so I packed my ParMana Designs dream awake shoulderbag with my Vinrella water bottle umbrella.  Just in case.


As usual, even though I reminded myself over and over again not to be late, I ended up flying to get on the train. I was on the edge of my hard plastic seat until I was finally walking up ramp for Lincoln Center. As I crossed the courtyard, I saw these girls, who seemed to be in a Harajuku Girl walking class or something. Snapped a shot and ran on, since backstage was indeed…


in the BACK of Lincoln Center. A long, long walk from the front. Luckily, I was able to get checked in and found myself in the one spot everyone wants to be in: backstage, with an all access pass. YES!!


I got in and it was this- PANADEMONIUM. The re were models everywhere, tons of people in black Red Door Spas t-shirts doing various things to them, people running back and forth with cameras, and the whole place smelled like burnt hair. Heaven. I was definitely in the right place.


In short order I found my PR contact and the Lifeway frozen kefir treats. Armed with a look breakdown and some sweet sweet frozen relief, I was no calm and prepared to go forth and cover. Life is always better with frozen pear flavored kefir treats. Puts things into perspective.



This is me giving MBFW backstage realness. Love it. Skincare thanks to Red Door Spas Professional  products. I’ve been using the Calming sensitive skin range for the last few weeks for dewy soft summer skin. Eyes are Aquamatic waterproof glide-on eyeshadow in S60, butter LONDON Wink eye pencil in Union Jack Black, and Bobbi Brown everything mascara, pot rouge, and crystal lip gloss. I’m wearing the Ariel charm necklace from ShopJacquelineRose, along with her green oasis bracelet and my jade and silver bead Lisa Hoffman beauty fragrance bracelet in Clary Sage. My outfit is: Freeport field jacket from LL Bean, white button down Ann Taylor shirt, plum and grey embroidered novella skirt from Life is good, 3/4 signature leather belt from LL Bean in Guide Gold, ParMana Designs Dream Awake shoulder bag, and Cat Footwear Zosia sandals. Nail polish by Zoya in Carmen over a base coat of Probelle Beauty nail hardener.


the Red Door Spas team, Headed by Woody Michelb, Cesar Olivas, and Adeline Sarno, were in charge of creating looks for eight separate designer’s visions. Which meant that they had to be focused and on pint to deliver consistent results for each group of models. No pressure, right? arthearts8

 The look for show opener Mister Triple X was a head full of bouncy curls offset by a faux hawkian style braid on the side of the head. After setting hair with (you can use velcro rollers, pins, or hot rollers), the hair was misted with Kerastase Laque Couture to smooth and define waves. The makeup was all about a smokey eye and ripe pink lips. arthearts8a

 Guys were backs stage getting smooth, sideswept hair from Control Sector and Mister Triple X. No one was exempt from the Red Door Spas nail team- even the male models had their nails buffed and cuticles trimmed. arthearts9


The look for MT Costello was GOLD! Models were given loose 70s style waves (gorgeous on ANTM alum Jaslene Gonzales), and their faces and bodies were decorated with gold leaf. Pure glamour! The makeup was all smokey eyes and nude lips with glowing skin.


Furne Amato and Gregorio Sanchez featured models with deep parts and ballerina buns. Severe and classic.  Their nails were done in a soft pink, neutral shade. Makeup for Gregorio was clean, in a classic 50s way with luminous skin, and cateye liner with false lashes. arthearts92

 Designer Altaf Maaneeshia offset his sculpted designs with this messy, frowsy take on an updo. This was done by using a small curling iron to create loose curls, and then molding each section into waves by hand. Kerastase V.I.P Volume in Powder was used to create height and separation, then misted with Kerastase Laque Noir to set the style.  Pull tendrils out to frame the face and then finish with Kerastase Laque Couture. The makeup was clean and simple, with a bright lip and gold cream eyeshadow on the inner corners of eyes.


 Shrekahnth made a statement with a striking braided look. Hair is sectioned off, and a french braid is created down the center of the head, then more braid are created towards the back of the head and secured with elastic. An Egyptian-styled graphic was drawn around the eyes with liner, and the lip was completely nude.


One all the models were coiffed, buffed, polished, and made up they trooped off to get dressed before hitting the runway… bye models!

Up next: Art Hearts Fashion/Red Door Spas backstage review Part 2- some glimpses of the outfits! Models dressed for the runway in Furne Amatao, MT Costello, and more…

xoxo, Faith/Sassy EthnicBohemian